The Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News (WA : 1848-1864), Saturday 26 February 18



AUSTRALIAN WÏW> MAN PF TP Wpop^-r-A creaturp described by the nasomething very similar to an ou tajjg'Putang, is supposed by many colonists to exist in the mountain ranges at the back it are gf Western Port, but their ideas of mjxed up with such a superstitious dread
as as


it only in io induce many to consider the light of an imaginary being, created by



fears, or




amongst themselves

strange and noticed in the ranges, recorded in the Port discoPhilip papers at the time they were vered, and many other circumstances, seem to indicate that there is some animal resident there which has not yet been seen by a and from the position of white man; this tract of country, being quite out pf
exist. very possible such a thing may An account of this animal was given me by Worrouge-toulon, a native of the Woe tribe, in nearly the following manWorpng is as big as a man ner ;-" He and shaped like him in respect, and is covered every with stiff bristly hair, excepting about the Cape, whiph is like an old man's, fujl of WriflkJes; he has long toes and fingers, and piles up stones to protect him from the wind or rain, and usually walks about with a stick, and climbs trees with great facility the whole of his body is hard and sinpwy, like wood to the touch," Wor also told me that many years ago rongbe of these creatures attacked a camp some pf natives in the mountains, since which period they have have bad a dread pf moThe only ving about there after sunset, killed one, he told person now alive who me, was Garbora, the great doctor, who had pucoeeded in hitting one in the eye with his tomahawk. On no other part of his able to make the least impresbody was he sion, this might be very probable, AH it is considered that in the time bewhen
; "


but the fact of some tracts having been

any road pursued by European it


National Library of Australia

when it is considered that in the time before the white people carne, their golbora not by narrok, or stone tomahawk, wa» ocOn one a sharp weapon. any means casion, when pheasant shooting about three days jpurney ni the mountains, in company with two natives and a white man, we con ptrupted a bark hut, and bad retired to re

when shortly afterwards, I




most peculiar cry, very any pf th© other noises which are beardy frqm the wild animals inhabiting these ranges, I sbpuld have previously mentioned, that the blacks, after the fafallen tigues of the day, had very soon but, on the noise rousing them asleep; they both started up and seized their guns, witu the utmost horror depicted on their countenances. Not a word escaped them, mysterious sounds still echoed and the amongst the hills. On my asking one, in rather a loud voice, what he was frightened that not to speak loud at, he desired me shouts whiph had aroused them prothe ceeded from a bundyilparno, or devil, which they have given this thing, }S the name in the distance, the noise shortly died

ed by




endeavored to sleep. Nether pf my natives would lie down for the night, and as soon as day dawned, they I
once more


insisted qn leaving the scene of this strange distant part. pcourrence, and going to some

Maydon's Australia


pers, (s. to


an4 jeers

SERPENT.-After all the jokes at the expense pf American skip-

appears that the Sea Serpent rank amongst the veritable of the great deep. marvels and monsters host qf other authenticated inW^tb a stances in which this animal has been seen, the Daily News gives the following :-" On beSaturday the 8th inst. in the course tween the islands of Sartor, Leer, and Tos, sea-serpent, $ sea-mpuster, supposed to be a
it now



seen by several persons. this day, just as the steamer




passed through Bognefiord, towing a ves fel to Bergen, Daniel Salomenson, a cotter,

searmqnster whose like he declares met with, although accustomed pe never to the sea and its inhabitants from his swimearliest years. The animal came in a westerly direcming from Bognefiprd tion, towards his dwelling at Gronnevigs Jçiçrç, in the northern part of the parish

head appeared like a geering boat (about twenty feet long) keel uppermost^ and from behind it raised itself fprwapd in three, and sometime four and fiye undulations, each apparently about 1$ fget long its rate appeared to be that of a, light boat rowed by four active men. pf ßound, The

reached Q-onnevigskioeset at a djsttocp of two rifle shots it turned with çqnsiflenablp noise and continued its course toward^ ^undences, Later about 11 «'clock the pâme day hu} wife' Inkehprg, in m Daniel's absence, heard aloud no|se in the



and she and two children saw q> great monster, such as described above, take &

northerly course, close by theiy place at such a rate that the waves were dashed ou the shore, in the same way as when a steamer is passing by, Neither of them
or say they saw anything like eyes or indeed anything projepting from its round form, but they declare that the colour of the animal was dark brown, and that it often rose up with gentle undulations, sometimes, however, sinking below the surface so that merely a stripe indicated the rapid course of the gigantic body, On the same morning, a lad by name Abraham

out fishing Hagenos, was in the Eognefiord, not far from Lundenoes and just ready to throw out his line, when he, as he asserts, that at became aware distance a monster with about 100 fathoms a head as large as a Eoring boat (about twenty feet long) and a long Dody lay upon the sea like large kegs and was nearing his boat-seized with a panic he exerted all his strength to reach the shore, and as the animal apparently following him was only


apparently him was only about 40 fathoms off, he leaped ashore, drew up the boat, and ran up the bank, whence he viewed the monster, which had by this time approached the shore within 20 fathoms. He says that that part of the body which was visible was about 60 feet in length, and that its undulating course similar to the eel; that the colour was blackish, shining strongly, of the back was and as far as he could distinguish, there was a whitish stripe under the belly,

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