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By: Wendy Loh

Parable 1 – The Illusion of Abundance

Once upon a time there was peace in a land named Hearth. All was so beautiful and
serene that no one ever experienced poverty or lack. There was an endless supply of
food, water, shelter and everything imagined. The life forms need not fight for
anything because wherever they turned there were fruit orchards, beautiful crystal
caves as homes and love was the only emotion that existed as a long spectrum of
colours. They lived as one with nature and communed with all kinds of existence. All
understood that everything is pure energy that is manifested in forms through

The concept of ownership was never heard of. The life forms did not own houses,
properties or corporatized any work. They communicated telepathically, no words
were formed and everyone’s thoughts and desires were openly shared. Privacy was
not necessary because there was no threat that motivated a life form to keep secrets. It
was a place that was referred to as Heaven.

Along the process of coming, going and beyond, the first fruit tree was contaminated.
It was known as the first corruption. How it happened was not revealed but it alarmed
all life forms demonstrating that total destruction was indeed possible. They suddenly
lost touch with the truth that all is energy and thus cannot be destroyed. A strange
feeling that was not known to the life forms crept in. They didn’t name it but began to
avoid what brought fear to them. This gave rise to the first denial and the first lie.

With the advent of the first corruption the life forms started to block their thoughts
and telepathic communication was flawed. The spectrum of love was divided and as a
result they started to feel the sensitivity of justice. Since the corruption injustice and
loss were played out. They appreciated what they owned and therefore possession and
territory were developed. The value of life increased and this gave birth to the
preservation of relationship with one another. This gestated the first marriage as a way
to seek companionship with another life form as the fear of separation was the
strongest motivation.

Love’s full spectrum was dissected in to incomplete pieces. Each fragment was given
a label such as; compassion, kindness, care, authenticity, patience and honesty. And
the life forms only held on to a portion of the love spectrum as they pro-created and
educated their progenies and they further corrupted the pieces with their own

The life forms built compartmentalized homes and arranged fences to fend off other
life forms that they were not familiar with. They were doubtful because the first
corruption, the first denial and the first lie were deeply ingrained in them. Work was
corporatized; schools were constructed to teach the life forms as education became a
necessity. This was the only way to bring them closer to the full spectrum of love.
Nevertheless most education systems were formalized to draw the life forms further
away from love.

The measurement of profits was another invention to monitor and minimize loss and
to maximize gain for the fear of lack seeped in stronger into the psyche of the life
forms. A symbol through paper and metal was initiated to control the exchange of
goods and services. Structures, governance and rules were enacted to manage one
another to ensure that the rights of the life forms were safeguarded. Hearth thus
became a stage and a soccer field. From the grounds of unlimited possibilities they
transformed into a limited game of winner against loser or winner against winner.
And yet all was compulsory for the life forms have chosen to no longer trust the flow
of love. The fragmentation of the spectrum facilitated the festering of systematic
living amongst the life forms. Heaven was no more.

A miracle was needed to salvage the life forms from further depletion. A magic tree
was grown. A tree that bore fruits through out the seasons; the life forms were at awe.
When the love spectrum was intact nature was in full communion with the life forms
and they never saw themselves as being unattached. They were nature itself. But as
the life forms assembled more concretized matter, nature was also extracted from
their living. Until one day warnings were given through fire, water, wind and earth
that collapsed the marvels of steel and bricks.

The life forms turned to the magic tree.

Some were inspired by the magic and wanted to empower themselves in observing
beyond the physical. They were enthralled by energies and mystical mirages. Some
wanted to protect the tree for fear of it decaying and that nature was dying. Some
thought it was a hoax like many institutionalized creeds. Some brought tourists to visit
the site and printed clothing bearing the emblem. Some wrote and made moving
pictures about the tree. But a group of young life forms approached the tree and
realized the potential that they too were the magic tree. It was the first tree that was
corrupted, one that the ancient life forms believed to have been destroyed. And yet the
tree merely went into hibernation.

The group of young life forms communicated with the tree and experienced a
breakthrough when they could hear each other’s thoughts. They surrendered to what
they didn’t understand at first to be the full spectrum of love. But they did it
nonetheless because deep within them as with other life forms laid the buried treasure
of unlimited possibilities.

They formed a community of like-minded friends near the tree. They did not worship
the tree nor was it consecrated as a holy object. The tree was respected equally as with
all other types of living beings. Peace started to infest the community and in no time
other life forms broke away from their regimes and joined them.

This was the Promised Land where there was an endless flow of food, water and
shelter. Everything else was easily garnered. Barriers were torn down, structures were
slowly forgotten and the feeling of lack was released. The spectrum of love was
completed. The life forms were bound into a higher level of telepathic communion.
Bliss and joy were restored for many generations in Hearth.

One day the insufferable thing happened. The magic tree began to die. The life forms
gathered around the tree and connected with it through the spectrum of love. They had

an unknown awareness within them that that the tree was merely leaving its current
form and that it was natural to do so. It was absolutely healthy. And this did not
interrupt with the flow of infinite possibilities that the life forms were enjoying. They
laughed and rejoiced that they discovered a new truth.

In the consciousness of the life forms the spectrum of love finally combined with the
age of wisdom. Until a group of life forms took a portion of the magic tree with the
hope of duplicating it for future use.

The first crack occurred.

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