Newsletter - May-01-2010

5th Ray of Deity - Green Color - Healing Ray (Archangel Raphael/Hilarion as
Master Guard of the Ray) - composed of “The Many Healing Ways” - the Asiatic Way (Acupuncture etc), Energies of Stones as Healing Tools, Essences as liquids from plants and living organisms, Music and Dancing as Healing Tool, Spiritual Medicine, Trainings of Third Eye Activation, Telepathy and Guide for all Healers, Healing Ways and Therapists. The 5th Energy Ray of 12 holds all the frequencies and the wisdom of Healing Arts and no matter what way we are choosing to apply - all is covered and integrated as divine diversity in unity. Every kind of “Healing Way” is coming from the same Divine Source. So there is no wrong method - everything is available to be used for the best of people depending on the situation a patient is experiencing or the disease that needs to be healed. Healing is such a vast field and a newsletter is not a medium to learn about, just to give general information. As this month is dedicated to the Power and the Essence of Healing I prefer to offer you some insights about the 5th ray and the energies available for all of us to choose from. In Atlantis the Wisdom of Spirit and all the other realms of divine truth still were known as part of the One Being, applied on daily base for self control, harmonization and to maintain the vibration on a high and pure level. This wisdom of eternity has been passed from generation to generation using the frequencies to maintain the balance, inner peace, health, happiness and joy as well as prosperity, self expression, and way to life for the best and the good of all. In that time the 12 DNA strands were active within every person and pattern of separation did not exist until the time came that lower energies of some people wanting more as the best for all interfered in the harmonic life and ego was born. With the time a moment came where negativity was grown so big that the 2 powers got involved into a fight of good and bad and as the destructive power won, the ancient civilizations disappeared (only for the visible eyes of people). After that time the surviving part of civilization had lost the connection to the inner wisdom, the knowledge of eternal and cosmic laws and the mind was taking over the powers closing the heart down due to the their own frequencies and the decision of the Masters to leave the realm of heaviness. Today we live in a wonderful time, because we all are part of the process going back home to that inner eternal wisdom, the teachings are available and those who are seeking the sense of life, true healing, inner peace, world peace, abundance, happiness and joy of life are opening up to learn again what has been hidden for so long time. The global population is sick of suppression, of manipulation of all kind, of disease, of corruption and all the patterns we are confronted with in our daily lives. This is the reason there is so many turmoil on our planet - it is the Planetary Healing Process from inside out and this healing

process is a wakeup call for all to become aware of oneness and to seek the shift within us, to become conscious again of what holistic life means, of individual Missions to accomplish, of responsibilities to take for the best of all, to transform the ego and to allow that the heart takes over again so few after few the 9 cut DNA strands can find their dead ends and reconnect to restore lost access and to re-gain new life powers, new horizons, new abilities, we had lost so long time ago. So Healing with the 5th Ray of Deity is kind like Healing LIFE itself!!!! not only the physical body. The body is just one part of our vast and multi-dimensional being, most of earth population is not aware of. Healing means awakening to the ancient powers and to regain the wisdom of the essence of who and what we are embedded in the whole of ALL there is. Let’s look at Acupuncture - as example this way of healing is a way to reactivate the blocked energy flow within the body system - all is energy and when it does not flow freely and constantly with the same frequencies the energy get stuck and we get sick. Stuck energies are the origin of all what exist as disease. Harmonic energy flow is created by a harmonic life style in awareness of all the components that maintains the harmony in our lives. Today that is a great task as we all are exposed to nearly permanent stress, to toxics in waters, air and food, in abusive pattern our societies have established to educate us and to hold us under control. The biggest issue is to heal our relationship with money - We became un-free in many senses - just let’s look at out monetary system, no matter in which country we are living in, we are not allowed to take more as 10.000 USD with us; when we wish to invest somewhere there is first a control system set into motion to verify different factors of our lives, the permanent insecurity to keep the job, or to get one when the students are graduated. Our daily life is like a naked and exposed body - the meridians of the various systems we live in have cross points and when the flow stops somewhere, our life is hit by a kind like earthquake, fears come up creating pain and we finish with pattern of imbalance ending in disease. Acupuncture is the science to get the needle right into the center of the block and that re-opens the flow so the body can receive again the energies needed to function well. The case the problem gets solved also within our being the energy keeps flowing freely, the case it is not solved the block will be re-created and people have to go back to repeat the treatment again and again - only nobody tells anybody about that simple truth. Acupuncture is the Tool to learn that our body is energy and that we have to learn how to understand, to feel, to handle our energies in order have the power over them healing is shifting the energy level, to shift those pattern that create the blocks. Next Tools are the Healing Stones: as everything is made of energy (atom = energy vibrating in different frequencies) - all what is in nature has some kind of power available for use to use it to restore some kind of disharmonic energy pattern within our body, in many cases even to heal disease. The Wisdom of Healing Stones is a Science and ancient wisdom about the frequencies held within each different kind of stones. Hyper sensitive people can take a stone in their hands and the stones transmit the energy and purpose of how to use it. Crystals are much known as healing stones but there are also others that serve to heal body energies. The stones are a call from Mother Nature to experience HER as a living being and not just as a dead subject we can take away what we want without hurting the living organism as source of life. All what we do as single persons has consequences and teachings of today’s education creates life in separation telling us as more as we get as better for our life. That is the power of ego will and power OVER everything without respect of anything or anybody - that is the world we experience because WE

created it with our free Will. Look at the ruling people - who has the most, is ruling…. The wisdom of the One Organism, of One life everything is part of has been excluded of education, but the worst thing is that the ruling class are just using the wisdom and education to maintain populations under their control. Healing Separation within brings the wisdom of nature back. Stones are not dead, they are alive and they are able to respond and when people see what ever nice stone on the way, they like it and they take it home, they heard the call of nature, there has been an inner connection between the inner wisdom of the heart and the vibration of the stone - the vibrations are matching and opens the energy flow between the heart and the stone reaching the mind and some people are wondering themselves why they even are picking up a stone; others know about the hidden powers of nature and are using them. I also own some beautiful crystals I am using when I am working on planetary healing. When I take them in my hands they are getting warm immediately and sometimes they are so hot that my hand starts sweating. One day I got visit from Germany - a Family of Therapists. As the Lady saw me with one of my crystals in my hands she said that she also knows about the powers of the crystals and if she could hold mine in her hands. I replied that I normally do not hand them over and that they are heating up in my hands and she said oh how interesting let me feel it, so I gave her the crystal and she said wow and within 3 more seconds the crystal was ice cold as it had come out of a refrigerator - she was wondering about that and asked me - wow, I said, I never experienced that and we tried it out several times and it went from hot to cold in seconds. Later I took the crystal in my hands and I asked it to transmit me what happened - the answer was: You are charging me with love and we have the same frequencies so I can reveal my powers to you as we are one, she absorbs my energies so I give her what I can but she is not giving anything back - she is not in harmony with her self and does not create the love she needs within. That makes sense doesn’t it??? Stones are alive as they are made from energies too - all is made of atoms and atoms are vibrating life and can communicate when we learn again and heal our eternal connection to life itself. Next Healing Tools are the Essences made from plants, flowers and trees as well as natural remedies. Source has created everything we need to keep ourselves in a healthy sate and when we fall out of balance there is everything we need available in the huge and never ending “Pharmacy” of Mother Nature. The Modern Civilization is re-discovering the healing powers of Nature and there are already many herbs on the market to choose from the situation is that our education does not integrate yet the wisdom of healing powers of nature, we just learn about the species itself and when we wish to know more we have to take initiative to study by interest. Native people are masters in healing by education and only the last decades their wisdom has been re-discovered and we are learning again what we denied during centuries. The Rainforest has the power to heal the entire world even cancer. 30.000 Healing plants have been registered and only 10.000 have been analyzed until today and what do we do with that wonderful and amazing source of life and healing? We (mankind) are burning 1000square miles minimum each DAY!!!!! Destroying the source of life as producer of oxygen we need and of the healing powers from the plants. Does that make sense? Just to mention one of the fruits that contains a substance called “Acetogenin” that is 10.000 times more powerful as the drug “Andriomizin” used for the Chemo Therapy and the National Health Institute (USA) knows that for more then 30 years now and did not publish it because the plant DOES NOT ALLOW ANY CHEMICAL

PROCEDURE without losing its healing Powers. Why is it not known? Because a Natural Plant cannot be patented and cannot be owned by some people in this world so they let it go and people can continue dying for nothing causing unnecessary pain of 1000s of people. The Amazon is the Garden of God, still intact and God guided me to find it and the results of healing cancer is shifting from 90% to 10% survivors from 10 to 90% survivors without any side effect, no hair loss, no nausea etc, when people are undergoing Chemo using the juice (only the active principles) they are protected as the plant has also a factor that protects the healthy cells and does not allow them to be burned. So a lie that is fatal for mankind - nobody should even die from cancer anymore since long time - but drinking a juice of life does not bring any income…(I will give a report out next week and inform you) God’s Pharmacy has all we need to get well…… we have to shift our educational content and when we are not learning about life in school we have to seek the truth and the sense of beingness somewhere else so we overcome the wisdom and take our powers back stepping out of beliefs and dependencies. That is one of the biggest Healing Processes need in the world of today -…. Next Tool and Healing Energies are rising up form Music - why music can be a tool of healing a part that we like to hear it, enjoy the sound we feel connected with, the words, the melody and the feelings? What is the reason? As we are all made of atoms, we consist in energy waves and music are energy waves and when we find a music that we like that means we found a frequency that matches with our energy pattern and we start singing and dancing and joy is coming from inside out and as real healing is coming from inside out the music sound and dance as therapy is very powerful as it created joy of life and that joyful energy is a powerful healing frequency equal as laughter. It releases energy blocks within our meridians and the flows will rectify. The 5th Ray contains a energy wave for spiritual healing - the spirit of mankind has been captured of established systems and we are not taught how to let our spirit fly and how to use our spiritual skills. Also this kind of life powers we have to seek again before we get to know about it and we start to understand how separated we are from our real being and why so many awakened people are trying to shake the rest of the world to awaken them to their true potential, because it is the only way out of dependencies of any kind. Just a little story of mine: In the early 90s I went to a UFO Congress in Basel, Switzerland - a Medicine Man of the Hopi Indian tribe was one of the speakers and he said: the difference of a white man and an Indian in education is: when we are sitting around the fire and I am telling the story that I am flying like an eagle the reaction of the white man is - I don’t believe that and the Indian says, wow that is great, can I learn that too? Can you teach me? I never forgot that little example and as I already was “flying “at that time I smiled and felt kind like hidden secret white Indian, lol….born to teach the white man how to fly again and how to reconnect with the “Power of Spirit” and all the Golden Keys of Teaching that have been hidden from mankind to keep them feeling small and powerless, sick and worthless, un-free and stressed. TIME TO WAKE UP !!!!! - MOVE AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF Training of the Third Eye Activation and Telepathy - what does that has to do with Healing? That is a huge part of the healing process because when our third eye is closed we are separated from our inner and higher self, depending on others to teach us and to show us what is “right” and “wrong” we are living in a world of judgements and that is the biggest part of healing when we want to set us free. Telepathy goes hand in hand with the third eye

activation because as more as we get connected as more abilities we increase to reconnect with the subtle realms of truth and all creation. Lots of people have telepathic abilities and are not aware of it - EVERY MOTHER has telepathic skills!!!! - the inner connection to the own child is so strong that the energy flow between both is very high and this flow is the wavelength of thought transmission as well as transmission of deep feelings. When something happens to a beloved one we just KNOW it - we feel it and that happens through the heart and the love. And again you see all is only about energy and the wisdom how to sense it, how to recognize it, how to feel it, how to work with etc, etc, etc…. It is about LOVE - It is all there available for us all the time and we just have to wake up to those powers that are sleeping within. In my case I figured out as a child - I knew things before they were happening, was wondering and already seeking why. As College Teacher and Sport Trainer I picked up several children each day and I always knew when I was driving a bit too fast leaving the city area I announced loud - oh my God , today the Police will be in the next village and that gives a ticket - the children laughing but so it was….. then they asked me - how do you know that always when something will happen? - I have no clue I answered - it happens and I just know. And Some day a person got to know me; he gave me one book and that was like a fingertip of God touching mine - like on this beautiful picture of Michel Angelo and I knew consciously and that was a moment where I got very humble as the insight opened up to the hidden causes beyond the so called reality. The personal mission reveals and you take on your part of responsibility to serve the Whole and then you will know and feel that all life is holy. Now you know why the third eye activation is part of the Healing ray - we have to heal that part within our self and then manipulation will lose the power over the population because we can perceive be telepathic powers what the true intent is of somebody who presents him or herself, even the ruler of a country. As long as this part is not heal within us we have to believe their words or not- when you are connected to the one and the energies you can read the energies and the intentions are transmitted like a radio wave - you just know from inside out and that is the wisdom inside talking to you. Jesus said: seek and you will find - learning never stops. Nobody ever will know everything , so even those who Know that they Know, Know that they don’t Know and they accept that the don’t Know what they don’t know and the last part opens a never ending evolutionary field that is just there for us to be explored and discovered. Life is a journey and we are the drivers - it depends on us what we choose to discover and what we wish to experience in our life - All realms are there to be explored and it is wonderful to discover what eternity is… So don’t connect too much to your brain, connect to Life itself and learn how to follow your heart and your inner flow. Solution is ALWAYS available for every situation. Start driving into a direction where you can find Abundance, Joy, Happiness and True Healing. That means to let go old pattern, issues belief systems that did not serve you so far. Letting go means to clear space and open the doors wide so new energies can increase and manifest a new life with all desires we ever can imagine…… The way never ends we just have to stop running in circles where nothing can change - brake the pattern and get well. You are Driving !!!!! I am just kind of Stop Sign on a cross road reminding you to chose the best way to reach your dreams - unite your heart with your spirit and your mind and chose well and to touch you with my finger to remind you that you are a Holy Being part of the Whole of Creation. The Heart and the Arms of God are always open for everybody to come home. Love and light and remember the monthly Angel Teachings are waiting to welcome you

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