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L I R N E a s i a Annual Report 2006-07 06

The 2006-07 research program was based The invitation of almost all the LIRNEasia and staying connected. The study was
around the World Dialogue on Regulation six-country researchers as speakers (only conducted in Pakistan, India, the
(WDR) theme ‘Measuring ICT indicators and four could attend) at the Digital Opportunity Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand among
regulatory performance’, and provided a Forum 2006 in Seoul, South Korea, which a survey sample of 8,689. Data on daily
rich source of information relevant for policy was chaired by Executive Director Rohan usage was collected through a diary, placed
makers, regulators, operators and other Samarajiva, signified the level of recognition with 50 percent of the sample for a period of
stakeholders in the region. The findings of achieved by the young organization. two weeks – an innovative technique which
the 2006-07 research as well as the preced- LIRNEasia had no prior formal relations with has not been used in a study of this kind
ing work have been, and are in the process the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity before. The study revealed a potential for at
of being, published in several journals,1 and Promotion (KADO), and concluded that least 140 million new, mostly mobile,
compiled into books,2 and have made a the invitations were generated on the connections at the BOP alone between
substantial contribution to improving the strength of its work alone. In addition, mid-2006 and mid-2008, with more than two
policy environment in the countries that Rohan Samarajiva and Divakar Goswami thirds of this from the Indian BOP. A series
LIRNEasia worked in during the past year.3 were invited to chair prestigious panels at of media events were held in India,
ITU World Telecom 2006 in Hong Kong.5 Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore and Sri
Research centered on supply side studies, Lanka to disseminate the results of the 2006
vis-à-vis the indicators work, which system- Teleuse@BOP (2006), a demand side study,
Teleuse@BOP survey and the TRE study,
atically measured ICT sector and regulatory explored the use of telecom services at the
which sparked interest among regulators,
performance, post-liberalization across six bottom of the pyramid (BOP) in five
policy makers and media across the region.
countries in emerging Asia. The studies countries in emerging Asia. The study
contributed to a regional initiative, led by looked at the use of telephones among the The complex and path-breaking Last-Mile
Mid-Cycle Research Review Meeting LIRNEasia, to develop definitions and lower socio-economic strata, or BOP within Hazard Information Dissemination (HazInfo)
Sri Lanka procedures for the collection of standard- each country; it looked at what kinds of project is winding down after the completion
ized supply-side indicators. As a compo- access-modes people use, how they use of live tests in 32 tsunami-affected Sarvo-
nent of this program LIRNEasia them, and what benefits they gain. It also daya villages. This project is seen by many
implemented the Telecom Regulatory provided a detailed portrait of the non- as a successful multi-partner initiative and
Environment (TRE) instrument, a perceptual owning user, and issues relating to getting will be showcased at the Third Global
index which gauges regulatory perfor- Knowledge Conference in Kuala Lumpur in
mance across six dimensions, in six December 2007. A presentation on this
countries.4 A manual on how to conduct TRE project was given on invitation in Egypt and
studies has been drafted and will be tested presentations at several conferences in
out in Latin America. Once revised based on China, Europe, US, etc. are scheduled. With
the feedback, it will be published by supplemental funds from IDRC, LIRNEasia’s
LIRNE.NET. main funder at present, it is hoped to

Figure 1. LIRNEasia researchers Payal Malik, Lorraine Salazar, Joseph

Wilson and Divakar Goswami with panel chair Mike Minges

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