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Most Important Interview Questions &

1. How are you today?
Im fine, thank you. And you sir?
X So, so. Im rather nervous actually
2. Did you have any trouble finding us?
No, the office isnt too difficult to find.
As a matter of fact it was very difficulty. I missed the exit and had to
return the highway. I was afraid I was going to be late for the interview.
3. Describe yourself?
Self introduction. Name / school/college/
family/hobbies/strengths/weakness/physical fitness/social
services/goals/achievements/likes-dislikes/career objective.
4. Why did you select your college or university?
a) I was glad to be accepted at my number one choice of college. I spent
quite a lot if time researching colleges with ____________ faculties. It
became obivious that this college commanded a tremendous reputation
for its pioneering work and is one of the best in its field in the country.
b) My college is one of the colleges in the city. It has sophisticated
infrastructure and experienced and helpful who guide us beyond our class.
c) More than anything else the college is affiliated to JNT University which
revises its syllabus continually to keep pace with the industrial norms.
d) My college has the best placement cell in the university, moreover our
academic program is integrated with the industry.
5. What did you like least about college?
Dont be too negative
I enjoyed my college experience, so its difficult to pick out something I didnt
enjoy. If there iss really something which was lacking, it was theoretical basis
of the curriculum. However my project work during my third year ABC corp.
helped me in integrating what I learnt theoretically into practice.
6. What did you like most about college?
I enjoyed many things about college. It was a new challenge and an
opportunity for me to expand my horizons both educationally and personally.
Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of college was immense fun, but I also
relished collaborating with other people with different specializations from
7. Why did you choose your college major?
The interviewer is likely fishing to se if you are interested in your field
of work or just doing a job to get paid.
Explain why you like it.

Besides your personal interests, include some rock-solid business

reasons that show you have vision.
8. Do you enjoy working?
a) Of course! I do something I enjoy very much. Ive been lucky enough to
work with some great people, and each day brings new challenges and
new experiences, Id hate not to enjoy work.
b) Sir Id enjoy working as I get an opportunity to apply the knowledge I have
acquired from my education and at the same time to learn from
experienced people around me.
c) Certainly sir, this is my choice of career and I wm passionate about my
work. I look forward to making a significant contribution to the organizing.
9. Do you get along with your co-trainers?
a) Yes, always. Im a very social person. Ive never had a problem in getting
along with any of my team members during my project.
b) Yes, of course. I, being an extrovert, never had a problem in getting along
with any kind of person so far.
10.Do you interact with people?
Im a very social person. I enjoy being around people and I get on very well
with people.
11.Are you competitive? Is that good or bad?
a) Im quite a competitive person, but no0t overly so. Id say the person I
complete with most is myself. I work hard to achieve the goals and targets
I set myself.
b) Im quite competitive. I believe in healthy competition. I compete with my
peers and endeavor to be the best/to excel. Moreover competition delivers
increased out puts and increases efficiency.
c) Well, I am competitive and feel competition drives one towards efficiency.
12.Do you fear criticism? Why?
I certainly dont fear being criticized. Constructive criticism is an invaluable
way to learn what Im doing wrong and to find out from supervisors and
colleagues how I can improve.