PRESUM3VIL:  was talk with Matthias about it today(12:44pm) Me:  hey(12:44pm) Me:  gonna post this on facebook real

quick(12:44pm) Me:  one sec(12:44pm) PRESUM3VIL:  are you playing a session(12:44pm) Me:  no, was thinking of using some of the hands from last night, or we can just do general questions on position that apply to most games(12:45pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well my general question is starting requirements(12:46pm) PRESUM3VIL:  as in starting hands(12:46pm) PRESUM3VIL:  general you want to play a lot of conecting cards(12:47pm) PRESUM3VIL:  in pos(12:48pm) Me:  you can certainly play much more marginal holdings(12:49pm) Me:  I think the key to most of the hands I am playing(12:49pm) Me:  is that I am raising each hand(12:50pm) Me:  the think that annoys people in a major way(12:50pm) Me:  even more than post flop aggression(12:50pm) Me:  so when someone raises me, I typically KNOW that I have to catch up(12:51pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I find I normally am camping for the nuts(12:51pm) Me:  I do that too(12:51pm) Me:  but mostly from early position(12:51pm) Me:  in late position I am looking to catch up to the nuts(12:51pm) Me:  remember preflop aggression and a high VPIP annoys people(12:52pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well it annoys me for sure(12:52pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I use that approach for HU but find it hard to bring that to FR and 6 max(12:53pm) Me:  which is why you see me three betting and 4 betting, sometimes with marginal holdings because you can represent much more than you have(12:53pm) Me:  my vpip is usually around 50%(12:53pm) Me:  I am not sure I would suggest that for everyone(12:53pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah to lag for me(12:54pm) Me:  PTR grades me as an -F on preflop aggression(12:54pm) PRESUM3VIL:  have trouble when played back at and I have air(12:54pm) Me:  i do too(12:54pm) Me:  that is why they make that fold button(12:54pm) Matte86:  haha(12:54pm) Me:  and that is why you need to be in position(12:54pm) PRESUM3VIL:  when you know they are just playing back at you, with air as well

Me:  well now(12:55pm) Me:  if your instincts are telling you that(12:55pm) Me:  then move all in(12:55pm) Matte86:  but i read that if ur reraised with a pair in ur hand, just muck it up to QQ

Me:  I can tell you guys this(12:55pm) Me:  if I have an instinct I go with it 95% of the time(12:55pm) Me:  it takes a lot for me to ignore what I think is the right play(12:55pm) Me:  my god(12:56pm) Me:  QQ?(12:56pm) PRESUM3VIL:  so high pair with suited connectors are best(12:56pm) Me:  this is the problem I have with what you guys are reading(12:56pm)

Matte86:  yea in a vid on deucescracked by whitelime(12:56pm) PRESUM3VIL:  like hand QQT9 double suited(12:56pm) Me:  I would have to know context(12:56pm) Matte86:  he was on the button raised QQxx and was like this doesnt flop great against reraises muck that(12:57pm) Me:  oh yeah(12:57pm) Me:  PLo(12:57pm) Me:  dry QQ blows(12:57pm) Matte86:  right ok (12:57pm) Matte86:  were u guys talking holdem ?(12:57pm) Matte86:  i just joined(12:57pm) PRESUM3VIL:  no PLO(12:57pm) Me:  QQT9 would not be a fold IMO(12:58pm) Matte86:  with what sort of hands(12:58pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I think I lost $60 playing PLO when I first joined Aced(12:58pm) Matte86:  would u like allways get it in preflop(12:58pm) Matte86:  or try to(12:58pm) PRESUM3VIL:  so I have so much to learn(12:58pm) Hackett77:  Helloo(12:58pm) Matte86:  hi(12:58pm) PRESUM3VIL:  hey Hack(12:58pm) Matte86:  no no QQT9 he didnt fold either(12:59pm) Me:  what you guys need to learn is what your style is(12:59pm) Matte86:  He said in his vid dont play badugi hands and well dont play pairs in big hands unless KK or AA for set over set(12:59pm) Me:  why someone would want to call you or not call you(12:59pm) Hackett77:  i have no idea what im doing in PLO (12:59pm) Me:  well Hack(12:59pm) PRESUM3VIL:  what about bare AAxx hands(12:59pm) Me:  a big part of this discussion is playing in position and raising preflop to take control of the pot(1:00pm) Matte86:  i think those can only be played for setvalue(1:00pm) Hackett77:  i just raise and bet and everyone folds(1:00pm) Me:  AAxx is a very marginal hand in plo and not that big of a favorite over most hands(1:00pm) Me:  then you should do that every hand obv(1:00pm) Me:  well(1:01pm) Matte86:  haha(1:01pm) Me:  now you guys should know one thing(1:01pm) Me:  that you might actually not think(1:01pm) Me:  PLO is a bluffing game(1:01pm) Matte86:  yea it amazed me how he would preffer QJT7 one suit over aces and stuff like that(1:01pm) Me:  yeah(1:01pm) Me:  I think in the case of sublime(1:01pm) Me:  his opponents are a bit more sophisticated and aggressive(1:02pm) Me:  so you have to have good defensible hands(1:02pm) Me:  I have been thinking about why I am doing well on UB and not on Merge

Me:  on UB(1:03pm) Me:  while the mistakes that people make are not as big as say on Merge(1:03pm) Me:  they are capable of folding(1:03pm) Me:  the current style at higher limits is 3 betting and 4 betting a lot(1:04pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah its the he knows that I know that he knows(1:05pm) Me:  I have been toying with bet sizing and I think that would work better with PLO actually(1:05pm) Me:  actually(1:05pm) Me:  if you look at my heads up session from the other day(1:05pm) Me:  I was so in control of that match the whole time(1:05pm) Me:  and got him playing a lot out of position, which is obviously the goal(1:06pm) Me:  guys want to 3 bet marginal to disguise their hands(1:07pm) Me:  but they aren't expecting the caller to have a hand like 8h 10h(1:07pm) Me:  so when you hit that(1:07pm) Hackett77:  hands like 101043ss on the JH(1:07pm) Me:  you stack them(1:07pm) Hackett77:  on the HJ do u fodl there first in?(1:07pm) Me:  no(1:07pm) Me:  but I am going to play most of my hands with a raise(1:07pm) Me:  if I get reraised that is an easy fold(1:08pm) Matte86:  would u cbet that ?(1:08pm) Me:  you aren't trying to set mine in omaha(1:08pm) Matte86:  on a Ax5 board or something(1:08pm) Me:  depends on board texture(1:08pm) Me:  who called(1:08pm) Me:  the button or a blind?(1:09pm) Matte86:  blind(1:09pm) Matte86:  so he checks to u(1:09pm) Me:  most definitely I cbet actually(1:09pm) Me:  no matter what(1:09pm) Me:  I have a straight draw(1:09pm) Hackett77:  how big do u usually cbet flops, 2/3 or full pot?(1:09pm) Me:  slightly more than half(1:10pm) Me:  think about your bet sizing(1:10pm) Me:  if you cbet 60% or 75%, they are still folding no matter what right?(1:10pm) Me:  well those times they check raise you or you need to fold(1:11pm) Me:  you have saved 15% every time(1:11pm) Me:  over the life time of your poker game(1:11pm) Me:  that will add up a lot(1:11pm) Hackett77:  yeah, i mean i bet size like that, the same as i would in L(1:11pm) Me:  it also allows you to be in control for bluffs(1:11pm) Hackett77:  NLHE but everyone just pots so i wondered if i was missing something

Me:  I pot occasionally(1:12pm) Me:  it's usually bases on a read against a particular opponent(1:12pm) Me:  if you are going to be a calling station out of position(1:12pm) Me:  I will wear that ass out with pot bets all day long(1:13pm) Me:  but most people try to trap me(1:13pm) Hackett77:  yeah i get you(1:13pm)

Me:  think about it(1:14pm) Me:  this might not be the case in the games you guys are playing(1:14pm) Me:  but almost everyone is scared shitless to play post flop(1:14pm) Me:  when people are scared(1:14pm) Me:  they tend to do one of two things(1:14pm) Me:  avoidance or aggression(1:14pm) Me:  if someone is a big winner(1:15pm) Me:  you can assume they would default to aggression(1:15pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I tend to play really well for a long time build a nice stack then make 1 bad play and loose it all(1:15pm) Me:  that is probably the biggest difference between the games I play and the games you guys play(1:15pm) Me:  well that is because you aren't pushing the envelope enough(1:16pm) Me:  you are letting the cards dicate whether you win or lose(1:16pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah most times I am(1:16pm) Me:  you guys have to look at some of the hands I show down and go WTF, I can't even believe we listen to this guy(1:16pm) Matte86:  ok im out then :(1:17pm) Matte86:  haha(1:17pm) Me:  but the reality is I have a read on that player(1:17pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I have seen most of your sessions(1:17pm) Me:  so I am not just playing the cards I am dealt(1:17pm) Me:  I think the key to looking at my sessions(1:18pm) Me:  isn't to try and emulate what I am doing(1:18pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah i tired that experiment by covering my cards didnt go so well for me(1:18pm) Me:  it is to try and figure out why I am doing it and take pieces from what I do and incorporate it into your games(1:18pm) Me:  you have to push the envelope(1:19pm) Me:  don't be that guy that says "I read all the books and I can't figure out why I can't win"(1:19pm) Me:  books give you a base(1:19pm) Me:  videos give you a base(1:19pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol(1:19pm) Me:  what I say gives you a base(1:19pm) PRESUM3VIL:  grow a pair of BALLS is what your saying(1:20pm) Me:  it is your style and your instincts that will take you to the next level to be a winner(1:20pm) Me:  make some silly plays for sure(1:20pm) Matte86:  in a way he is yes(1:20pm) Me:  try and take some pots(1:20pm) Huntc02:  use the resources to build a stronger you?(1:20pm) Me:  yeah(1:20pm) Huntc02:  be you .. but use everything around to make you better?(1:20pm) Huntc02:  like ... fine tuning a ferrari ...(1:21pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well in my experince with HU games it certainly pays to be pushing the envelope(1:21pm) Me:  I watch a lot of the big hands you guys play(1:21pm) Huntc02:  always going to be a ferrari .. but with tweeks you can make it better


Me:  i would throw out a caveat(1:21pm) Me:  pushing the envelope in position(1:21pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah(1:21pm) Me:  pushing the envelope might mean calling a bit more in position too(1:21pm) Me:  if you are against an overly aggressive opponent(1:22pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well position is the key for sure you dont play J5 oop(1:22pm) Hackett77:  ok board is 5A982 - I raised BU with A9xx bet 3streets then get minraised on river, easy fold or crying call?(1:22pm) Me:  and you start 4 betting him(1:22pm) Me:  with marginal stuff(1:22pm) Me:  he will just move all in(1:22pm) Huntc02:  your getting amazing odds to call(1:22pm) Me:  I think I call(1:22pm) Me:  probably looking at 67 a lot(1:23pm) Hackett77:  yeah i called the turned a set of 8s(1:23pm) Hackett77:  hate calling minraises tho(1:23pm) Me:  lol(1:23pm) Me:  turned a set of 88's(1:23pm) Me:  wtf(1:23pm) Huntc02:  you gotta think ... how many times are you good there(1:23pm) Me:  how is he even in the hand at that point(1:23pm) Huntc02:  it doesnt have to be alot to make it a worth while call(1:23pm) Hackett77:  i dont know lol(1:23pm) Me:  check this fold I made yesterday(1:24pm) Me:  I have KKxx(1:24pm) Me:  flop comes K JJ(1:24pm) Me:  i let the guy lead(1:24pm) Me:  and I baby check raised the turn(1:24pm) Me:  which was a brick(1:25pm) Me:  when he calls(1:25pm) Me:  I know for fact that he has a Jack(1:25pm) Me:  river(1:25pm) Me:  a Jack(1:25pm) Me:  I fold(1:25pm) Me:  let's be honest(1:25pm) Me:  most of you guys would have to see it there, don't you think?(1:25pm) Hackett77:  id say to myslef, he has quads(1:26pm) Hackett77:  then call(1:26pm) Huntc02:  yup .. im with hackett ...(1:26pm) Matte86:  lol ye(1:26pm) Huntc02:  i would know he has them(1:26pm) Huntc02:  based on how i run(1:26pm) Huntc02:  and then call(1:26pm) Me:  check this(1:26pm) Me:  when you make that baby check raise(1:26pm) Me:  and he calls(1:26pm) Me:  he has the Jack, plain and simple(1:27pm) Me:  that is why you are making that play(1:27pm)

Me:  and since I bluff a lot(1:27pm) Me:  people don't tend to make amazing laydowns against me for some reason

Me:  which is why you guys need to start bluffing more(1:28pm) Me:  but huntc02 you need to lose that "I run bad" nonsense(1:28pm) Me:  that is how losers think(1:28pm) Me:  that is who you used to be(1:28pm) Me:  not who you are now(1:28pm) Huntc02:  yeah i guess ... it is hard though ...(1:29pm) Huntc02:  like a month ago(1:29pm) Huntc02:  within 24 hours(1:29pm) Hackett77:  i dont think there really is a running bad, its playing bad more than anything(1:29pm) Huntc02:  i had runner runner quads against me in hold-em(1:29pm) Huntc02:  3 times(1:29pm) Huntc02:  in a day!(1:29pm) Me:  ok(1:29pm) Me:  that happens(1:29pm) Huntc02:  that is surely a curse haha(1:29pm) Me:  but did you play the next day?(1:29pm) Me:  did you feel like a loser and still play(1:30pm) Huntc02:  no(1:30pm) Huntc02:  took 3 days off(1:30pm) Me:  see(1:30pm) Me:  then you are learning(1:30pm) Me:  you have to want to play, you have to feel like a ninja(1:30pm) Huntc02:  but it cost me like 2 weeks hard wor(1:30pm) Hackett77:  thing is tho, when that shit all happens in one day its a good thing, id rather it happen all in one session then a few every day for a week(1:30pm) Huntc02:  *work(1:30pm) Huntc02:  and the problem is(1:30pm) Me:  when you hit the tables you have to not have a black cloud over your head

Me:  what's two weeks(1:31pm) Huntc02:  when you dont have the bankroll to survive that kinda run(1:31pm) Me:  lol(1:31pm) Huntc02:  to my bank roll ...(1:31pm) Me:  check this(1:31pm) Huntc02:  alot(1:31pm) Huntc02:  lol(1:31pm) Me:  you don't have a bankroll(1:31pm) Me:  none of you guys do(1:31pm) Hackett77:  lol im getting destroyed at PLO (1:31pm) Huntc02:  true(1:31pm) Huntc02:  (1:31pm) Me:  when you can replenish your bankroll with $50(1:31pm) Me:  that is liberating(1:31pm) Me:  I know this sounds like the big money guy talking smack(1:33pm) Trifen22:  im ITM in the 1$ establishied(1:33pm) Trifen22:  establishing*(1:33pm)

Matte86:  yea(1:33pm) Me:  but I wasn't always a big winner online(1:33pm) Trifen22:  3 left, im chipleader(1:33pm) Matte86:  it is(1:33pm) Trifen22:  20$ so far(1:33pm) Me:  take er down(1:33pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well myself it is almost impossible to re deposit(1:33pm) Me:  ok(1:33pm) Me:  well let's talk about your specific situation ray(1:33pm) Trifen22:  i hope so(1:33pm) Trifen22:  that'd be + 50$(1:33pm) PRESUM3VIL:  so what I have is what I have once its gone sad to say my shot and dreams will be gone with my little BR(1:33pm) Me:  let's say your bankroll is $500(1:34pm) Me:  actually(1:34pm) Me:  what is your bankroll(1:34pm) PRESUM3VIL:  that part of the reason I hold myself back(1:34pm) Trifen22:  zero(1:34pm) Trifen22:  and im HU(1:34pm) Me:  I am asking Ray(1:34pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well over the 4 sites close to 2500(1:34pm) Me:  lol(1:35pm) Matte86:  wow nice ray(1:35pm) Matte86:  owned(1:35pm) Matte86:  i didnt know(1:35pm) Me:  your such a pussy ray(1:35pm) Me:  you are(1:35pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I know(1:35pm) Me:  dude(1:35pm) Me:  you were broek(1:35pm) PRESUM3VIL:  bro you need to meet my wife(1:35pm) Me:  you might be the best player on this site(1:35pm) Me:  if you can't take $500 here and there(1:35pm) PRESUM3VIL:  wow ty for the complement(1:35pm) Me:  and try to run that shit up you are doing it wrong(1:36pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well I certainly will try(1:36pm) Me:  you are too good to not try and see what you are a capable of(1:36pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well I will put in the attempt(1:36pm) Matte86:  but what should he try to play with the 500 then ?(1:37pm) Me:  you guys know the whole I made a million dollars in 1.5 years story(1:37pm) Matte86:  take a shot at?(1:37pm) PRESUM3VIL:  what Im best at obv(1:37pm) Me:  .50-1(1:37pm) Me:  right(1:37pm) Me:  $50 sit and go's(1:37pm) Me:  if you are going to take a shot(1:37pm) Me:  don't do it at badugi(1:37pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol Matthias tells me the same thing(1:37pm) Me:  or a game you don't know(1:37pm)

Me:  go to your strength(1:38pm) Me:  if I were to guess ray(1:38pm) Me:  your game is missing one thing(1:38pm) Huntc02:  beanie ... lets say your bankroll is really small .. like mine(1:38pm) PRESUM3VIL:  my trouble is I love so many varieties of poker(1:38pm) PRESUM3VIL:  the more i learn in one form I forget in another(1:38pm) Me:  are we really talking about bankrolls Hunt?(1:38pm) Me:  that's not how it works Ray and you know that(1:39pm) PRESUM3VIL:  Good Job Thomas(1:39pm) Trifen22:  i got it(1:39pm) Me:  boom(1:39pm) Trifen22:  w00 f***ing hoo(1:39pm) PRESUM3VIL:  nice(1:39pm) Trifen22:  im back in the game(1:39pm) PRESUM3VIL:  shipthechees(1:39pm) Me:  that is awesome man(1:39pm) Trifen22:  haha ray(1:39pm) Me:  congrats(1:39pm) Me:  so check this(1:39pm) Me:  tell me if this is right Ray(1:40pm) Hackett77:  ok i offically suck at PLO(1:40pm) Me:  lol hackett(1:40pm) Trifen22:  so do i(1:40pm) Hackett77:  (1:40pm) Me:  I think you probably get in a lot of situations where instinctively you think you can make a play(1:40pm) Me:  but you don't pull the trigger(1:40pm) PRESUM3VIL:  pretty much correct(1:41pm) Me:  that's where I was at(1:41pm) Me:  I deposited sooooooooooo many times(1:41pm) Me:  i thought online poker was rigged(1:41pm) Me:  and then I won a few tourneys(1:42pm) Me:  I remember this like it was yesterday(1:42pm) Me:  I was talking to Shawn Rice who is a very good friend of mine(1:42pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well I can feel with the work I have done here my game has improved by a huge margin from where my games was when I showed up on your doorstep

Me:  and even after I had won about 20k in a couple of weeks I was talking all this nonsense about one outers and such(1:43pm) Me:  and Shawn said something I will never forget for the rest of my life(1:43pm) Me:  "what's your opinion on the tooth fairy"(1:43pm) Me:  I was like WTF(1:43pm) PRESUM3VIL:  they really faze me ..................... lol(1:43pm) Me:  basically his point was(1:44pm) Me:  anything that gets you to point to anything other than improving your game

Me:  is just a waste(1:44pm) Me:  it's harmful to your mentality(1:44pm) Trifen22:  damn <3 that cash(1:45pm) Trifen22:  i started the day with 7 cents(1:45pm)

Trifen22:  lol(1:45pm) Me:  after that(1:45pm) Me:  I learned to trust my instincts(1:45pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well my frame of mind couldnt be better than it what it is now, the last few months thats mainly been my focus(1:45pm) Me:  I always was good at asking for help(1:46pm) Hackett77:  right im off for dinner, see u soon(1:46pm) Me:  l8r man(1:46pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah I a stubborn old fool and well muddle my way through life

Me:  avoid PLO like the plague for the time being(1:46pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well until I came here(1:46pm) Me:  nah, I don't want to hear that shit(1:46pm) PRESUM3VIL:  later Hack(1:46pm) Me:  dude you have worked your ass off(1:46pm) Hackett77:  yes i will and good point u just made beanie about mentality(1:46pm) Me:  it's ferrari time(1:47pm) Me:  let's make a run at durrrr(1:47pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well thanks to a few kicks in the ass(1:47pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well that would be sweet(1:47pm) Me:  well that or just bust up some .50-1 dollar guys(1:47pm) Me:  or some HU $30 sit and go's(1:48pm) PRESUM3VIL:  but I would be happy to be a steady grinder at $5-$10 games

Matte86:  5-10 is superhigh no ?(1:48pm) Me:  it would surprise me if you couldn't beat 1-2 for 50k a year(1:48pm) Matte86:  in online terms(1:48pm) Me:  it is(1:48pm) Me:  I don't play 5-10(1:48pm) Me:  why would I(1:48pm) PRESUM3VIL:  have to chat later(1:49pm) Me:  guys are 2-4 are making 300k a year(1:49pm) Me:  l8r(1:49pm) Matte86:  yea(1:49pm) PRESUM3VIL:  about some transfers(1:49pm) PRESUM3VIL:  not leaving(1:49pm) Me:  o ok(1:49pm) Matte86:  the real big guys i heard are on 2-4(1:49pm) Matte86:  well some(1:49pm) Me:  hold on(1:49pm) Matte86:  not like durr or some1(1:49pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah its totally do able(1:49pm) Me:  let me show you guys something(1:49pm) Matte86:  but like that guy i mentioned raszi plays mostly 2-4 and he's a boss lol

Me:  http://www.pokertabler...ui_88(1:50pm) Me:  he plays 2-4(1:50pm) PRESUM3VIL:  as I said 100 of time Dusty Schdimt is a midstakes grinder and make millions(1:50pm) Me:  guigui is aight(1:50pm)

PRESUM3VIL:  I believe I work as hard on my game as he does, at least I put in the hours of reviewing(1:50pm) Me:  won't blow you away(1:51pm) Me:  but he does the time(1:51pm) Matte86:  aight ? lol he makes 75k in rake alone(1:51pm) Matte86:  and wins 4bb/100(1:51pm) Me:  my bb's are higher(1:51pm) Me:  I just can't put in the volume(1:51pm) Me:  that's why he is a crusher(1:51pm) Me:  but if he would play me HU every day for 6 months(1:51pm) Me:  he would lose 200k easy(1:52pm) Me:  because that isn't his game(1:52pm) Me:  it isn't totally my game either(1:52pm) Me:  but that is the value of diversifying your portfolio(1:52pm) Matte86:  but thats not really in order yet for us is it(1:52pm) Me:  why not(1:53pm) Me:  why do you limit yourself(1:53pm) Matte86:  well we want to get good at one thing first right(1:53pm) Me:  what value do you get from that personally(1:53pm) Me:  oh(1:53pm) Matte86:  before we take on all sorts of other stuff(1:53pm) Me:  probably yes(1:53pm) Me:  i would indeed suggest to find a niche and tap it hard(1:53pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah I agree you should be good at one then branch out(1:54pm) Me:  but you guys should bookmark that page and look at it every day of your life

PRESUM3VIL:  but the tapping part is the key(1:54pm) Matte86:  i dont really know what my niche is tho(1:54pm) Me:  sure people want to be durrrr(1:54pm) Matte86:  i like to think its cashgames but idk(1:54pm) PRESUM3VIL:  time to take the skirt off(1:54pm) Me:  but that kid will be over a million soon playing 2-4(1:55pm) Me:  2-4 is the equivalent of $50 sit and go's IMO(1:55pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah well I belive I can beat the $20 - $50 Hu SnG(1:56pm) Me:  well take $500(1:56pm) Me:  and play $20's(1:56pm) Me:  that's 25 shots(1:56pm) PRESUM3VIL:  and well keep fresh with some MTT play, who knows maybe I will get to reward my self with some bigger MTT(1:57pm) Me:  I used to sat into every single thing(1:57pm) PRESUM3VIL:  yeah I'm learning the value of the sat's(1:57pm) Matte86:  are u playing the scoop btw paul ?(1:57pm) Me:  probably not(1:57pm) Me:  I don't know(1:57pm) Me:  maybe a few events(1:58pm) Me:  hard to block out the time(1:58pm) Matte86:  you should post if u do would be fun to watch(1:58pm) Me:  bobby almost certainly will be(1:58pm) Matte86:  yea i'll be looking out for im(1:58pm)

Matte86:  btw this might be a stupid question(1:59pm) Me:  no stupid questions, only stupid people without a filter(1:59pm) Me:  shoot(1:59pm) Matte86:  alltho there are no stupid questions : but what is a good way to know what ur niche is i mean u can have some succes but taht could just be variance

Matte86:  should i just try a big volume in all(2:00pm) Me:  I think it is kind of a feel thing(2:00pm) Matte86:  and see what i did best in(2:00pm) PRESUM3VIL:  for me its simple, what do you enjoy, what makes you want to sit and play(2:00pm) Me:  nothing will answer ??'s like data(2:00pm) PRESUM3VIL:  what peeks your interest(2:00pm) Matte86:  well i really want to be a cashgame player(2:00pm) Me:  yeah, you will typically be best at what you enjoy the most(2:00pm) Me:  right now I am loving NLHE(2:01pm) Matte86:  but ive never really like build my br like taht(2:01pm) Matte86:  but i want it so abd and enjoy that the most(2:01pm) Huntc02:  i dont always agree that you should play what you like the most ...

Me:  cash is nice(2:01pm) Huntc02:  i love plo ... bt im better at hold-em(2:01pm) Me:  because you can come in and out of the games so easily(2:01pm) Me:  PLO at the lower limits is full of nitty players that play the nuts(2:02pm) Me:  which is easy to exploit(2:02pm) Matte86:  yea but i havent ever in my "career" had like a nice showing for it and i will take the past as well u were just f***ign around but even the last half year it hasnt been like gogoggo u know(2:02pm) Me:  because not only will you pick up some pots bluffing(2:02pm) Me:  but you will occasionally make a hand(2:02pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well part of the trouble here is so many play other games so one starts to think hell I should try that as well instead of working on the game they enjoy playing(2:02pm) Me:  matte what you described just now was me at paradise poker back in the day

Me:  I just couldn't beat it(2:03pm) Me:  i had decent runs but I deposited a lot(2:03pm) Matte86:  yea(2:04pm) Me:  then I found UB and the rest was history(2:04pm) PRESUM3VIL:  if people just worked on the game they like best and didnt care what others thoughts as much we would have more successful players(2:04pm) Matte86:  but im on ub lol(2:04pm) Me:  some of it wasn't that I found UB though, it was all that time I put in on paradise(2:04pm) Me:  maybe paradise is your spot(2:04pm) Huntc02:  what if your a better tourny or sng player ... but need the rakeback ... to try and even out the bad beats?(2:04pm) PRESUM3VIL:  paradise is close isnt it(2:04pm) Huntc02:  or bad play?(2:05pm) Me:  sng's are great for rakeback(2:05pm)

Huntc02:  cnat all be bad beat(2:05pm) Huntc02:  really 0.0(2:05pm) PRESUM3VIL:  with volume they are(2:05pm) Me:  paradise is still open(2:05pm) Me:  just not in US(2:05pm) PRESUM3VIL:  ok(2:05pm) Me:  no one plays there(2:05pm) Me:  so I was kind of kidding(2:05pm) Me:  but the point is(2:06pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well traffic helps(2:06pm) Matte86:  well the site i enjoy the most is pokerstars but there is no rakeback or anything there but its where i have had the most succes like yesterday aswell in a small tourny i made 140$ in a plo8 tourny. Thats another thing i seem to do pretty well in these plo or plo8 tournies on stars but to start makin that my goal ? idk

Me:  maybe all of my struggles at paradise taught me something so that when I went to UB I was ready to win(2:06pm) Matte86:  plus ther is no rakeback or anything on stars(2:06pm) Me:  well you should play where you have the most success(2:07pm) Matte86:  and i dont even know what im really doing in plo8(2:07pm) Me:  but that is a lot of edge to give up(2:07pm) Matte86:  so obv the field is just superbad(2:07pm) Me:  I have said this to most of you(2:08pm) Matte86:  yea(2:08pm) Me:  the name of the game is to stay in the game(2:08pm) Matte86:  plus idk if that is what i want to play u know(2:08pm) Matte86:  i enjoy that(2:08pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol(2:08pm) Me:  if you can stay in the game(2:08pm) Matte86:  yea and thats what i try on ub and i like ub(2:08pm) Me:  take shots occasionally(2:08pm) Matte86:  but i jsut cant get off the ground not even hoover(2:08pm) Me:  you will break through(2:09pm) PRESUM3VIL:  hell your up to $200 thats something(2:09pm) Me:  difference between $200 and $2000 is not that much(2:09pm) PRESUM3VIL:  Rome wasn't Built in a Day(2:09pm) Me:  you guys want to become durrrr like tomorrow(2:10pm) PRESUM3VIL:  not me(2:10pm) PRESUM3VIL:  I can wait a week(2:10pm) Me:  trust me, you would be very happy to have my game and live a great life

Huntc02:  i actually think i got the patience to grind(2:10pm) Me:  I put in the time and effort and I still do(2:10pm) Huntc02:  just a case of getting a break to get started(2:10pm) Matte86:  i would be paul(2:11pm) PRESUM3VIL:  trust me I happy to have met you(2:11pm) Huntc02:  then you can take some variance(2:11pm) Matte86:  i dont want to be durr(2:11pm) PRESUM3VIL:  royal flush(2:11pm) Matte86:  id be happy playing 50nl with rakeback and be a winner(2:11pm)

Me:  well your problem hunt is you are too passive(2:11pm) Matte86:  then id be happy allready(2:11pm) Me:  you don't switch gears and you are letting the cards do all the work(2:11pm) Huntc02:  passive?(2:11pm) PRESUM3VIL: Matte86:  if i had ur game id feel blessed lol(2:11pm) Me:  bling blang blaow(2:12pm) Matte86:  another no show ray(2:12pm) Me:  wait(2:12pm) Me:  I will make it public(2:12pm) Huntc02:  cant afford to get stung i guess ... play in fear(2:12pm) Huntc02:  this is probably my problem(2:12pm) Me:  try now(2:12pm) Me:  let your freak flag fly occasionally hunt(2:13pm) Matte86:  post it again pls if i click taht link it goes to my homepage again(2:13pm) Me:  you brits are too conservative(2:13pm) Matte86:  lol(2:13pm) Matte86:  thats why the pelgrims moved !(2:13pm) Huntc02:  haha ...(2:14pm) Me: Me:  embrace your inner devilfish!(2:14pm) PRESUM3VIL: Me:  when you had that chip lead(2:14pm) Huntc02:  like i said .. its just a case of "if!(2:14pm) Me:  and the tables were 5 and 5(2:14pm) Me:  that is the time to take over and build enough chips to really take over at the final table(2:15pm) Huntc02:  i had a massive chip lead ..(2:15pm) Me:  trust me(2:15pm) Matte86:  well ray i think u won that hand because it was the Qc otherwise you wouldv just folded the turn right ?(2:15pm) Huntc02:  make squeezes and bluffs(2:15pm) Me:  I let the cards do the work too(2:15pm) Huntc02:  but then my 99's get sucked out on(2:15pm) Huntc02:  and its a whole diff ball game(2:16pm) Me:  I saw a lot of unraised pots(2:16pm) Huntc02:  i cant afford to get the downswing so i play in fear(2:16pm) Me:  limping and such(2:16pm) Huntc02:  probably why i prefer mtt(2:16pm) Me:  if someone limps into your blind raise their ass(2:16pm) Me:  you guys need to quit saying that(2:16pm) Matte86:  i really bookmarked that guigui guy now(2:16pm) Me:  you can afford it more than I can(2:17pm) Me:  that $50 or whatever won't change your life(2:17pm) Huntc02:  haha i suppose my dwnswing is 5$ yours is 50k$(2:17pm) Me:  yeah(2:17pm) Matte86:  i think u played the hand fine ray(2:17pm) Matte86:  btw(2:17pm) Me:  obv, he caught a royal(2:17pm)

Huntc02:  its my ticket to play the game though(2:17pm) Me:  hehe(2:17pm) Huntc02:  haha(2:18pm) Me:  hunt are you reviewing your play(2:18pm) Huntc02:  yes(2:18pm) Huntc02:  i find alot of floors trust me(2:18pm) Me:  do you read and post in the forums as much as you play(2:18pm) Huntc02:  i know im not perfect(2:18pm) Huntc02:  no1 is(2:18pm) Huntc02:  no(2:18pm) Huntc02:  i read(2:18pm) Huntc02:  dont really post(2:18pm) Huntc02:  i watch alot(2:18pm) Huntc02:  i wathc too much(2:18pm) Huntc02:  lol(2:18pm) Me:  just put in the time(2:18pm) Huntc02:  gf hates it (2:18pm) Matte86:  hahaha i didnt even see the royal(2:19pm) Matte86:  i was ust like nh ray wp (2:19pm) Matte86:  hahahhahah(2:19pm) Huntc02:  "your watching poker" so your not coming to bed or making me money "(2:19pm) Me:  can I tell you guys the secret to girlfriends and wives(2:19pm) Huntc02:  is usually the phrase she uses(2:19pm) Huntc02:  (2:19pm) Huntc02:  buy them pretty thigns with your winnings?(2:19pm) Huntc02:  to make them happy?(2:20pm) Me:  actually(2:20pm) Huntc02:  and put out more?(2:20pm) Huntc02:  (2:20pm) Me:  it's the opposite of that(2:20pm) Me:  my wife has no idea whether i win or lose on a daily basis(2:20pm) Me:  I went on a 250k heater one month(2:20pm) Me:  and she had no idea(2:21pm) Huntc02:  wow!(2:21pm) Me:  don't tell your GF or wives about the money(2:21pm) Me:  it just bothers them(2:21pm) Me:  but that isn't the secret(2:21pm) Me:  and the secret actually applies to all of your relationships in your life(2:21pm) Me:  when you are with them(2:22pm) Me:  be with them(2:22pm) Me:  don't surf while in bed(2:22pm) Me:  that is a formula for never getting a blow job(2:22pm) PRESUM3VIL:  and that would suck(2:22pm) Matte86:  touche !(2:22pm) Me:  wurd(2:23pm) Huntc02:  well actually ...(2:23pm) Huntc02:  this one time ..(2:23pm) Huntc02:   haha jokes(2:23pm)

Me:  poker should be secondary to almost everything in your life(2:23pm) Huntc02:  made you sweat though(2:23pm) Me:  if you can pull that off(2:23pm) Me:  you are doing it right(2:23pm) Huntc02:  (2:23pm) Me:  trust me man(2:23pm) Me:  I have been playing poker for almost 25 years(2:23pm) Me:  and I have never lived that particular dream(2:24pm) Huntc02:  hahah!(2:24pm) Me:  so to me it's like the Yeti(2:24pm) Huntc02:  cooler(2:24pm) Huntc02:  lol(2:24pm) Me:  people can say it exists(2:24pm) Me:  but until I see it in person I won't believe(2:24pm) Matte86:  are we still talking about blowobs in bed open ?(2:25pm) Matte86:  or what dream is that ?(2:25pm) Matte86:  (2:25pm) Me:  that's the dream I guess(2:26pm) Me:  but think of how silly that is(2:26pm) Me:  to have people in your life that you love(2:26pm) Matte86:  oh you were talking about taht (2:26pm) Me:  and you are telling them about some one outer you took(2:26pm) Me:  like they give a shit(2:26pm) Matte86:  exactly(2:26pm) PRESUM3VIL:  well 1 for 1(2:26pm) Me:  the people in your life want to support you(2:27pm) Me:  but they want you to support them too(2:27pm) PRESUM3VIL:  or make that 1 for 2 $20 HU SNG(2:27pm) Me:  holy shit ray(2:27pm) Me:  the rake is killing you(2:27pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol(2:27pm) Matte86:  lol(2:27pm) Me:  so now let me ask you guys(2:28pm) Me:  do you feel like you can crush PLO after this session?(2:28pm) PRESUM3VIL:  should be 2 for 2 I love cheese(2:28pm) Me:  hehe(2:28pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol hell no(2:28pm) Hackett77:  No i still suck at PLO(2:28pm) Matte86:  no but it was a great talk(2:28pm) Matte86:  (2:28pm) PRESUM3VIL:  but certainly can crush life(2:28pm) PRESUM3VIL:  and thats more important(2:28pm) Me:  one thing I really wish for you guys(2:30pm) Me:  is quit looking at $50 like it's your poker bankroll(2:30pm) Me:  50k is a poker bankroll(2:30pm) Me:  $50 can be found in the street(2:30pm) Me:  that should be liberating to you guys(2:31pm) Me:  you aren't all in(2:31pm) Me:  no pressure(2:31pm)

Me:  just do the work(2:31pm) Me:  Ray has $2500(2:31pm) Me:  how much of that did you deposit Ray?(2:31pm) PRESUM3VIL:  zero(2:31pm) Me:  I'll answer since he is probbly getting a blow job(2:32pm) Me:  zero(2:32pm) PRESUM3VIL:  lol(2:32pm) Me:  he just did the work(2:32pm) Me:  Hunt there is no difference between you and Ray(2:32pm) Me:  and Matte and Trifen your games are close to Ray's, I am sure you feel that

PRESUM3VIL:  yeah there is(2:33pm) PRESUM3VIL:  Im better looking(2:33pm) Me:  Hackett I don't know you all that well(2:33pm) Me:  yeah but you are Canadian(2:33pm) Me:  so I think it all evens out(2:34pm) Me:  do the work boys and girls(2:34pm) Huntc02:  lol(2:34pm) Huntc02:  thanks(2:34pm) Me:  I still study my opponents to this day(2:34pm) Matte86:  lol(2:34pm) Matte86:  thaks paul(2:34pm) Huntc02:  yea thanks(2:34pm) PRESUM3VIL:  tools are there(2:34pm) Me:  I can remember a hand I played against a guy from 2 months ago(2:34pm) Me:  act as if(2:34pm) Me:  think of yourself as a winner and that is half the battle(2:35pm) Me:  oh btw(2:35pm) Me:  guigui(2:35pm) Me:  was a break even player for years(2:35pm) Me:  I think you can see it in his graphs(2:35pm) Me:  he just stayed in the game and eventually got there(2:36pm) Matte86:  cool(2:36pm) Me:  but never EVER tell your gals how much you are making(2:36pm) Matte86:  there is hope (2:36pm) Me:  or buy them shit out of your BR(2:36pm) Me:  unless they plan on returning that shit when you lose(2:36pm) Me:  and if your gals won't let you play unless you hook them up with some kind of gift(2:37pm) Me:  then you need to man up(2:37pm) Me:  my wife trusts me 100%(2:37pm) Me:  I have never given her any reason not to when it comes to poker(2:38pm) Me:  motorcycle riding(2:38pm) Me:  now that is a different stroy(2:38pm) Me:  btw(2:38pm) Matte86:  lol(2:38pm) Me:  I am selling the bike back to the dealership(2:38pm) Matte86:  are u btw going to buy another bike now(2:38pm) Me:  and they guy is like "you should really think about keeping it"(2:39pm)

Matte86:  or are u dont with bikes now period(2:39pm) Matte86:  lol(2:39pm) Me:  done(2:39pm) Me:  like I told him(2:39pm) Me:  there is something about laying next to a curb with a motorcycle laying on you with your foot pointing in the wrong direction that provides you a manner of perspective(2:39pm) Matte86:  would he take it back ? i mean is a dealership obliged to ?(2:39pm) Matte86:  ....(2:40pm) Me:  nah(2:40pm) Matte86:  ouch(2:40pm) Me:  I am going to get crushed on the deal obv(2:40pm) PRESUM3VIL:  stick to the vespa(2:40pm) Me:  nah(2:40pm) Me:  new life, that dream is dead(2:40pm) Me:  besides(2:41pm) Me:  the hit to my sex life alone wasn't worth the risk I took(2:41pm) Matte86:  lol(2:41pm) Me:  ok guys(2:42pm) Me:  i think that's it for me, now go out and kick some PLO ass(2:42pm) Me:  hehe(2:42pm) Huntc02:  gl al(2:42pm) Me:  think I am going to try and post the transcript for this in the thread somehow

Huntc02:  *all(2:42pm) Me:  not sure how I can format it atm(2:42pm) Me:  peace(2:42pm)

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