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have an illness/suffer from an illness
recover from an illness
serious illness
minor illness
short/long illness
childhood illness
acute illness (=an illness that becomes serious very
chronic illness (=an illness that lasts a long time and
cannot be cured)
fatal illness (=an illness which causes death)
terminal illness (=an illness which cannot be cured and
that causes death, often slowly)
mental illness
the symptoms of an illness (=the things that show that
someone has it)
through illness (=because of illness)


have/suffer from a disease
heart/liver/brain etc disease
a disease of the brain/stomach etc
catch a disease





contract a disease
ormal (=catch a disease)
a disease spreads/the spread of a disease
infectious/contagious disease (=one that spreads
quickly from one person to another)
a fatal/deadly disease (=one that causes death)
an incurable disease (=one that cannot be cured)
a degenerative disease (=one that gradually gets worse
and worse)
a cure for a disease
the symptoms of a disease (=the things that show that
someone has it)

opportunity to do something
ideal/perfect opportunity
rare/unique opportunity
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
ample opportunity
golden opportunity (=a very good opportunity)
wasted/lost/missed opportunity (=one you do not use)
take/seize/use an opportunity
provide/present/open up an opportunity
an opportunity comes (along/up)
an opportunity arises




COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 3 .1709@GMAIL.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS take the/this opportunity to do something (=use a chance to say something you want to say) at the first/earliest opportunity (=as soon as possible) at every (possible) opportunity (=whenever possible) land of opportunity (=a country where you have a lot of good opportunities) window of opportunity (=a time when you can do something) PROBLEM have a problem big/serious/major problem cause a problem deal with/sort out a problem solve/fix/overcome a problem address/tackle a problem pose/present a probem a problem arises/occurs/comes up (=it happens) economic/financial problems personal problem (=a problem in someone's private life) money/family problems drink/drug problem (=when someone drinks too much alcohol or takes too many drugs) thorny/knotty problem (=a difficult problem) KNOWLEDGE have knowledge acquire/gain knowledge (=learn something) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.

COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 4 .1709@GMAIL.KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS technical/scientific knowledge in-depth knowledge detailed knowledge specialist knowledge (=knowledge about a particular subject) first-hand/personal knowledge (=knowledge from experiencing something for yourself) background knowledge (=knowledge you need to understand or do something) general knowledge (=knowledge about a lot of different subjects) a thirst for knowledge (=when you want very much to learn things) UNDERSTANDIN have an understanding/some understanding of something G have little/no understanding of something gain/get an understanding of something a better/greater/deeper understanding of something a clear understanding of something a thorough/proper/full understanding of something a basic understanding of something CHANCE there's a chance (that) (=it is possible that) there's every chance (that) (=it is very likely) some chance little chance NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 5 .1709@GMAIL. but unlikely) within the bounds/realms of possibility (=possible) raise the possibility (=say or show that something may be possible) ISSUE the issue of something raise an issue (=say that an issue should be discussed) address an issue (=discuss or deal with an issue) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK. KNOW SUCCESS no chance a good/fair chance (=something is likely) a slight/slim/outside chance (=something is unlikely) a fifty-fifty chance (=the possibility of something happening or not happening is equal) a million to one chance/a one in a million chance (=something is extremely unlikely to happen) lessen/minimize/reduce the chance(s) of something (=make it less likely) increase/improve the chance(s) of something (=make it more likely) chances are (=it is likely) POSSIBILITY possibility (that) possibility of (doing) something a strong/real/distinct possibility (=something that is quite likely to happen) a remote/faint possibility (=something that is very unlikely to happen) not beyond the bounds/realms of possibility (=not impossible.KNOW ENGLISH.

KNOW SUCCESS resolve an issue avoid/dodge/duck/evade an issue (=avoid discussing an issue) confuse/cloud an issue (=make an issue more difficult by talking about things not related to it) important/key/major/big issue thorny/vexed issue (=difficult issue) complex issue sensitive issue political/social/economic/environmental issues something is not the issue s poken (=used to say that something is not the important part of what you are discussing) LAW break the law (=do something illegal) obey the law become law (=officially be made a law) enforce the law (=make people obey the law) by law (=according to the law) be against the law (=be illegal) within the law (=legal or legally) tax/copyright/divorce etc law (=all the laws about tax etc) criminal law civil law NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 6 .1709@GMAIL.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.KNOW ENGLISH.

KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS international law federal law American English (=the law of the US.1709@GMAIL. not of a particular state) SUBJECT change the subject (=start talking about something different) get onto a subject (=start talking about something) get off a subject (=stop talking about something) keep/stay off a subject (=not talk about something) drop the subject (=stop talking about something) raise a subject (=mention a subject and start talking about it) broach a subject (=start talking about something that people may be sensitive about) on the subject of something (=talking about something) subject of discussion/debate a lso subject for discussion/debate touchy subject (=something people are sensitive about) subject area VIEW have strong views (about something) have different/conflicting/opposing views share somebody's view/this view etc (=think the same as someone else) express a view NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 7 .COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

KNOW SUCCESS take the view that (=think that) hold a view strongly/deeply/widely held views in somebody's view (=used to show whose opinion it is) support a view (=help show that it is right) an exchange of views (=when people say what they think) the general view (=what most people think) IDEA have an idea get an idea give somebody an idea come up with/hit on an idea (=think of a new idea) the idea of (doing) something good/great/brilliant idea bad/stupid/crazy idea it is a good/bad idea to do something be full of ideas a lso be bursting with ideas (=have a lot of ideas) toy with an idea (=think about a plan.1709@GMAIL. but not very seriously) exchange/share ideas a lso an exchange of ideas NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.KNOW ENGLISH.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 8 .

KNOW SUCCESS fire ideas off each other (=discuss each other's ideas and think of good new ones) OPINION in somebody's opinion general/popular opinion (=what most people think about something) public opinion (=what ordinary people think about something) somebody's personal opinion difference of opinion a matter of opinion ask (for) somebody's opinion express/give/state an opinion strong opinion keep your opinions to yourself (=not say what you really think) contrary to popular opinion (=despite what most people think) ADVANTAGE have an advantage give somebody an advantage big/great/major/distinct advantage unfair advantage enjoy an advantage (=have an advantage) be at an advantage (=have an advantage) be to your advantage/work to your advantage (=something gives you an advantage) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.KNOW ENGLISH.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 9 .1709@GMAIL.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

KNOW ENGLISH. but not much) the risks involved in/associated with something risk factor the benefits outweigh the risks BENEFIT be of benefit (to somebody) (=be useful to someone) have the benefit of something get/gain/derive benefit (from something) reap the benefits (of something) (=enjoy the advantages of something) the full benefit (of something) for somebody's benefit be to the benefit of somebody mutual benefit (=useful to two or more people) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.1709@GMAIL. KNOW SUCCESS RISK risk (that) reduce/minimize the risk of something increase the risk of something carry/pose a risk not be worth the risk high/low risk increased/reduced risk (=a higher or lower risk than usual) a real risk a calculated risk (=a risk you think will have a good result) an element of risk (=some risk.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 10 .

KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL. KNOW SUCCESS with/without the benefit (of something) (=using/not using something) economic/financial/social benefits health benefits something outweighs the benefits of something (=something is more important than the benefits) HARM do harm (to something)/do something harm cause (somebody/something) harm suffer harm do more harm than good (=cause more problems rather than improving the situation) serious harm physical harm psychological/emotional harm there is no harm in (doing) something (=used to say that something seems reasonable) where's the harm in that? s poken (=used when you think that something seems reasonable.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 11 .COM Facebook: FACEBOOK. although other people may not) no harm done s poken (=used to tell someone not to worry about something they have done) INSPIRATION provide inspiration (for something) seek/look for inspiration NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.

KNOW SUCCESS draw/take inspiration (from somebody/something) (=get inspiration from someone or something) inspiration comes from somebody/something have an inspiration flash of inspiration source of inspiration (for/to somebody) divine inspiration (=inspiration from God) creative/poetic/artistic inspiration chieve/fulfil/realize an ambition lifelong ambition He always had this burning ambition (=very strong desire) a n ambition to do something/of doing something cherish/nurse/harbour an ambition (=have it secretly for a long time) TALENT have talent show talent talent contest/show/competition (=a competition in which people show how well they can sing. dance etc) (a) natural talent a hidden talent musical/artistic/creative etc talent a man/woman of many talents (=someone who can do many things well) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.1709@GMAIL.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 12 .KNOW ENGLISH.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

KNOW SUCCESS a wealth of talent (=when there are a lot of people with talent) WAR win/lose a war fight a war/wage (a) war (=used about countries or groups) fight in a war (=used about people) be at war (with somebody) go to war (with somebody) declare war (on somebody) war breaks out a lso the outbreak of war civil war (=a war between opposing groups within a country) world war nuclear war the war years JOB apply for a job offer somebody a job get/find a job (as something) land a job i nformal (=get a job) take a job (=accept a job that you are offered) hold down a job (=keep a job when this is difficult) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 13 .KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.1709@GMAIL.KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS lose a job leave/quit a job be out of a job (=not have a job) temporary job permanent job part-time job full-time job steady job (=a job that is likely to continue) job satisfaction (=the enjoyment you get from your job) job security (=how permanent your job is likely to be) HABIT good/bad habit become a habit be in the habit of doing something also have a/the habit of doing something (=do something regularly) get into/in the habit (of doing something) (=start doing something regularly) get out of the habit (of doing something) (=stop doing something regularly) develop/form a habit change a habit break/kick a habit (=stop doing something which is bad for you) change/break the habit(s) of a lifetime (=stop doing what you have done for many years) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 14 .

KNOW SUCCESS out of habit/from habit (=because it is a habit) (by/from) force of habit (=because it is a habit which is difficult to change) eating/drinking habits (=the kinds of things you eat or drink regularly) buying/spending habits (=the kinds of things you buy regularly) viewing habits (=the kind of television shows you regularly watch) social habits CONTROL have control (over/of something) take/gain control (of/over something) fight/struggle for control (of/over something) lose control (of/over something) be under control keep something under control (=keep something happening in the way you want) get/go out of control (=stop happening in the way you want) beyond/outside somebody's control (=impossible for someone to control) full/total control LUCK not have much/any luck have no luck have good luck NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 15 .COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

KNOW ENGLISH.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 16 . without you planning it at all) DEBATE heated/fierce/intense debate (=one in which people express strong and very different opinions) widespread debate lively debate public debate a debate rages (=it happens over a period of time and people have strong feelings about it) long-running debate ongoing debate (=continuing debate) provoke/trigger/spark off a debate (=cause a debate) DISPUTE be involved in a dispute get into a dispute (=become involved) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC. KNOW SUCCESS have more/better luck have the luck to do something can't believe your luck sheer luck (=used to emphasize something happened only by luck) a piece of luck a stroke of luck (=very good luck) an element of luck (=used to say that luck is involved in something) dumb luck American English (=good luck that happens by chance.1709@GMAIL.

1709@GMAIL. KNOW SUCCESS settle/resolve a dispute bitter dispute long-running dispute (=one that lasts a long time) political/legal dispute pay dispute industrial dispute British English labor dispute American English (=between workers and employers) territorial dispute (=about land) domestic dispute (=between a couple who live together) be in dispute with somebody (=be involved in a dispute) a dispute arises (=it starts) CRIME commit crime combat/fight crime turn to crime (=start committing crimes) crime rate (=the amount of crime that happens somewhere) crime figures/statistics crime prevention violent crime serious crime petty crime (=crime that is not very serious) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 17 .KNOW ENGLISH.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

1709@GMAIL.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 18 .KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS car crime British English street crime victim of crime juvenile/youth crime (=by children and teenagers) tough on crime (=always punishing crime severely) HEALTH damage your health improve your health good/excellent health poor/ill health failing health (=when someone is becoming more ill) be in good/excellent/the best of health be in poor health be good/bad for your health somebody's state of health mental health health care health problem health benefits (of something) health risk/hazard (=something that could damage your health) health warning (=a warning printed on a product that can harm you) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

KNOW SUCCESS LANGUAGE speak a language master a language (=succeed in learning a language) language teacher/student/learner foreign language somebody's first language/native language (=the first language someone learned) somebody's second language somebody's command of a language (=someone's ability to speak a language) the language barrier (=the problem of communicating with people who speak a different language) the English/Japanese/German etc language the official language modern languages (=languages that are still spoken) dead language (=a language that is no longer spoken) SCHOOL go to school attend school f ormal (=go to school) a new school (=a school that you are going to for the first time) somebody's old school (=the school someone used to go to) school children/pupils/teacher school uniform NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.1709@GMAIL.KNOW ENGLISH.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 19 .COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 20 . so that a business owes more than it earns) cost money/cost a lot of money save money lend/borrow/owe money waste money (on something) be a waste of money charge (somebody) money raise money pay money (for something) give somebody their money back/refund somebody's money a sum/an amount of money get/earn good money (=be paid good wages) FAMILY the whole family/all the family member of a family/family member NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.1709@GMAIL.KNOW ENGLISH. KNOW SUCCESS school playground/library/bus etc school meal/dinner British English school holiday(s) MONEY spend money make/earn money make money (=make a profit) lose money (=not make a profit.

COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 21 . KNOW SUCCESS a family of three/four/five etc a close/close-knit family (=a family whose members have a close relationship) immediate family (=closest relations) nuclear family (=a family consisting of a mother.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL. a father. and their children) family background (=the sort of family someone comes from) one-parent family/single-parent family the Royal Family (=the King or Queen and their family) family home/car/holiday etc a family film/show etc (=that is suitable for children as well as adults) family life family resemblance (=when members of the same family look like each other) family gathering (=when members of a family who do not live together arrange to meet) family unit BEHAVIOUR good/bad behaviour violent/aggressive/criminal etc behaviour human/social behaviour pattern of behaviour/behaviour pattern behaviour problem (=when someone often behaves badly) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.

1709@GMAIL.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK. KNOW SUCCESS change/modify your behaviour influence somebody's behaviour FRIEND a friend of mine/yours/Billy's etc best friend (=the friend you like the most) good/close friend (=one of the friends you like the most) old friend (=a friend you have known for a long time) trusted friend lifelong friend (=someone who is your friend for the whole of your life) friend of a friend circle of friends (=all the friends someone has) a mutual friend (=someone who is a friend of both you and someone else) a childhood/boyhood/girlhood friend DUTY do your duty it is somebody's duty to do something have a duty to do something have a duty to somebody/owe somebody a duty sense of duty moral duty legal duty fail in your duty (=fail to do something that you should do for someone) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 22 .KNOW ENGLISH.

COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 23 .KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL. KNOW SUCCESS be duty-bound to do something formal (=have a duty to do something) INTEREST have an interest in something show interest (in something) express (an) interest (in something) (=say that you are interested in something or want to buy it) take an interest (in something) (=be interested in something) have no interest in something lose interest (in something) (=stop being interested) arouse/generate/attract interest (=make people interested) pique somebody's interest American English (=make someone interested) great/keen interest abiding interest (=an interest you have had for a long time) lack of interest with interest LACK a complete/total lack of something an apparent lack of something for lack of something (=because something is not present or does not exist) a distinct/marked lack of something no lack of something (=plenty of something) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 24 . not for practical reasons) for the simple reason (that) for obvious reasons for reasons of something for reasons best known to himself/themselves etc (=used when someone does something surprising) no/any reason whatsoever have your reasons (=have a secret reason for doing something) see no reason why/to do something NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL. KNOW SUCCESS a relative/comparative lack of something no lack of something (=plenty of something REASONS reason (that) reason why reason for (doing) something reason to do something a good reason a compelling reason (=a reason that persuades you) give a reason (for something) for some reason (or other/or another) (=for a reason that you do not know) for personal reasons for sentimental reasons (=because of your feelings.COM Facebook: FACEBOOK.

COM Facebook: FACEBOOK. KNOW SUCCESS by reason of something f ormal (=because of something) NGUYỄN KHẮC THỨC DANANG 2015 Email: KHACTHUC.KNOW ENGLISH.1709@GMAIL.COM/KHACTHUCENGLISH 25 .