Volume 1

The Teenage League of Superheroes: REVISITED

Episode 1: “The Start of It All”
By Nico Aaron Ugbaja
Ugbaja Comics: Scribd (2014)
Ugbaja Comics ©


Ugbaja Comics Universe

Drawing and Design by Ugbaja Media Group

The Characters for Volume 1 | the Members of the League

James Stamford / Aeroboy
Henry Metcalfe / Arrow
Scott Winchester / Tornado
Mark Leagrove / Hurricane
Harmony Stamford / AeroGirl
Kevin Walker / Microburst
Daniel Alexander / Gamma – Guy
Tanya Alexander / Gamma – Girl
Zara Harpenden / Ms Mayhem
Oliver Green / Zero Gravity
Takuma Aguri
Melody Ugbaja
Summer Williams (Girl at Underground Station)
Underground Assistant (London Underground – St Paul’s Cathedral)
Other characters in this episode not mentioned in this list.
Episode 1: “The Start of It All”
Written by: Nico Aaron Ugbaja
Story written for Ugbaja Comics and part of the Ugbaja Comics Universe
September 2014. Original Episode Release Date: Tuesday 19th June 2007

The Start of It All

16th June 2007
Takuma: I was nowhere near these incidents, I don’t know how you feel, I
cannot begin to explain or express what I want to say to you,
(James turns and looks)
James: All my life, I’ve just wanted to be loved, and I’ve had that, my
friends, Family and Katie. Then.....
(He tries to speak) (He loses his voice)
Everything has been destroyed, my life was fine until I put that poison on
(He runs into the house) Takuma: Where are you going?
[A minute and a half later...]
(He slides the door closed) (He walks to the barbecue patch)
(He lights the barbeque) (He looks at his super suit) (He throws it into the
Takuma: NO!
James: I’m done with this life
(He walks back and sits back beside the shed)
Takuma: Are you sure, I’m thinking of forming a league
James: I’m not leading it
Takuma: I asked Scott to do that
James: I’ll see, 6 months down the line, you’ll be the reason of the start of
it all
Takuma: In 6 month’s time, you’ll realise you made the right decision
(James looks away)
James: I hope so

1st July 2007
(James is flying above London) (He flies above Wandsworth Bridge)
(James’s mobile rings) (He presses the hands free button)
James: Hello?
Takuma: James it’s me
James: Hey, How are you?
Takuma: What’s with the wind?
James: I’m in the air
Takuma: Happen to be near Battersea, by any chance?
James: I’m flying over Putney so yes I am
Takuma: Meet in the park?
James: Give me 4 minutes
Takuma: See you in 4
(James turns and heads back the way he came)
[In Battersea Park….]
(Takuma waits on a bench) (James sits beside him)
Takuma: Hey, Thanks for turning back on short notice
James: No problem, was just heading home
Takuma: So what’s your decision about the league?
James: You want it now?
Takuma: I said I would give you till the 1st of July
James: Fine… I’m in
Takuma: Knew you would come around
James: One problem, I burned my super suit, remember?
Takuma: Just need to pick it up from your grandma’s
James: You don’t miss a trick do you?
(He gets up and walks away) (Takuma chuckles and continues to read his
Takuma: No I don’t

[Later that evening…]
(Mobile phone rings)
James: Hello
Takuma: My friends dad, got us a base for the league
James: Takuma, that’s compromising security!
Takuma: Don’t worry, he won’t tell, and he’s even had a team install gear
and design the interior. He’s part of the intelligence Agency
James: The Intelligence Agency? Who are they? Where is this base anyway?
Takuma: They are unofficially M.I.2! And it’s at Vauxhall, St Georges Wharf!
James: You’re joking right?
Takuma: No I am not! I am deadly serious, Last month we were lucky! We
need a response team and the Teenage League is just that!!
James: This I got to see, all we need now is a name for ourselves
Takuma: I thought The Teenage League has a nice kick to it
James: Sounds fun, anyway I’ll see you tomorrow
Takuma: Sleep tight
[The Next day – At the teenage league base…]
Microburst: This place is kitted out
ZeroGravity: The suits look mad! Look better all of us having one design
Microburst: At least we can kick ass, not like in Westminster last month
(Aeroboy looks at Microburst)
Microburst: Ahh sorry
Aeroboy: It’s cool
Microburst: So we’ve called ourselves the teenage league, what now
Aeroboy: The Intelligence Agency kindly gave us the gear and the décor
ZeroGravity: So we just wait for someone to need to be rescued
Hurricane: Sounds so thunderbirds
ZeroGravity: Are we expected to wait for the grass to grow?
Hurricane: Guess not!
Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert!
Red Alert! Red Alert!
Microburst: If it’s a gorgeous girl then leave this one to me
AeroGirl: What if it isn’t?
Microburst: Then they’ll just have to wait in line
Miss Mayhem: What is it with you?
Arrow: He likes the ladies
(They walk into the launch pods)

Aeroboy: I’ve heard we’re gonna love this bit
(Their super suits appear on their body)
Microburst: Whoa! How did that?
Arrow: Matter Teleportation
Microburst: The girls will dig this
Hurricane: Girls, Girls, Girls
Microburst: It’s all the girls
(Takuma runs to the control desk)
Takuma: Good luck, ready?
Macroburst, Aeroboy, Arrow, Hurricane, Tornado, Miss Mayhem &
ZeroGravity: READY!
Takuma: Off you go!
(He presses the go button)
(They take off upwards)
Whooooo Hooooo!
Takuma: James you there?
Aeroboy: Takuma? How are you?
Takuma: Telepathic radio communication transmits on frequencies only you
guy can hear
Aeroboy: What’s the situation?
Takuma: A driver has passed out on the central line, it’s a runaway
Aeroboy: We have got this one sorted
Takuma: That’s not all, Police report that a caped figure wearing green was
Aeroboy: Poseidon?
Takuma: That’s what I thought
Aeroboy: Thanks Takuma
Takuma: See you guys later
(He takes off his headphones)
Melody: How do you think they will do?
Daniel: They will do just fine
Tanya: But they haven’t done anything like this before, they are
Takuma: They will be fine

[In the sky….]

Aeroboy: Takuma told me there is a Central line in trouble heading towards
Stratford and that a caped figure in green was seen flying above central
Arrow: Poseidon?
Aeroboy: That’s what I thought, but we need to save that tube train
Microburst: I’m with the train
Miss Mayhem: Just to see if there are any “hot girls” on there
Macroburst: It’s all about the girls
ZeroGravity: Look, we don’t have time. Hurricane, Tornado, Myself and
Microburst will save the tube train
ZeroGravity: Calm down
Microburst: Sorry
ZeroGravity: James, Henry, Zara and Harmony go after Poseidon
Arrow: With pleasure
ZeroGravity: We’ll meet back at base

Everyone: Ok
(They split up)
[Later at Bank Underground Station…]
Hurricane: Has the runaway central line come through yet?
Underground Staff: No, I radioed a minute ago it’s just past Holborn, The
lines clear
Hurricane: Thanks
(Hurricane sees Microburst chatting up a girl)
Microburst: You know you are a stunning looking girl
Hurricane: Hey stop it!
Microburst: I was just saying hello
(Starts to talk to girl again)
Microburst: I’ve got to go
(He gives her a piece of paper)
Macroburst: Call me
(He runs down the escalator)
Microburst: I’m going ahead to slow the tube down it will derail if it gets to
the bends at Stratford
ZeroGravity: Ok
[At St. Paul’s Underground Station…]
(Tube echoes in the distance)
Microburst: Here goes
(Tube approaches) (He steps on the third rail) (Sparks fly from the track)
(The tube train slows down) (At the end of the platform Macroburst waits)
(He pushes against the train) (The tube grounds to a halt) (He jumps on to
the platform)
(He runs to the driver’s cabin)
Microburst: Are you ok in there?

Driver: Fine… (He breathes out) just fine
(Paramedics arrive on the platform) (Microburst signals them) (They run
Microburst: Get this man seen to he’s in a severe state of shock, bit of
oxygen should calm him down (Paramedic agrees) (He walks away)
Paramedic: Wait! (Microburst turns around) … Who are you?
Microburst: (He smiles) I’m Microburst (He walks away)
[Later that evening – at HQ…]
(Microburst walks out of
the pods)
Microburst: We stopped
the train
Takuma: Well done
(James walks over to the
(Zara spots him walking
away and gets up and
follows him)
[On the Balcony….]
Zara: You seem agitated, what’s up
James: My best friend turned out to be my enemy, my girlfriend is dead,
and agitated is not the word for it
Zara: I also know that you are annoyed about not catching Edward, but you
will one day
(He looks down at the Thames)
James: I hope so
The End

Next time on the Teenage League of Superheroes ….

[At teenage league base ….]
(James walks through the entrance doors)
Takuma: Hey what’s up?
James: I’m good
Takuma: You sure?
James: Yeah, I’m good
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! (James runs over to the desk) James: What’s going on?
(Takuma taps his keyboard) Takuma: Mugging, Glasshouse walk, CCTV online
(They watch two hoodies attack a teenage boy) (James walks into the pod)
(Takuma presses the launch button)
[In Bermondsey….]
(Six men sit around a table)
Unknown: The streets are not safe anymore… Our businesses are not safe
(He lights a cigarette) Because these superheroes have arrived (The other
men nod and agree)
Unknown: It’s time to take these superheroes down
[Back at Base…]
Takuma: Trouble at Battersea Power Station
James: Battersea Power Station
Takuma: That’s what I thought… take this one with caution
[At Battersea Power Station...]
(James looks around)
Aeroboy: Takuma there is nothing here
(Masked men put a sac over Aeroboy’s head)

Unknown: You are coming with us
[In a warehouse….]
(Aeroboy’s sac gets removed off his head)
Unknown: Well let’s see who it is behind the eye patch
(Unknown removes Aeroboy’s eye patch)
[At Teenage League Base…]
(Scott, Mark & Oliver run into the pods)
Takuma: James ambushed and kidnapped, cannot get a fix, just that he’s in
(They fly out the pods)
(A sky news window pops up on his computer)
“And now we are getting an incoming transmission” “See Aeroboy
Unmasked and killed at 7pm tonight if you have the bottle to tune in”
(The transmission cuts)
Takuma: Guys you have got to find him before 7 otherwise it is the end for
[At 6:58 pm…..]
(Aeroboy is getting punched with a knuckle buster)
(He groans in pain)
(He looks at his watch) Unknown: Time up!
All coming up next in Volume 2

The Teenage League will return in
Volume 2:

The Teenage League of Superheroes: REVISITED
Ugbaja Comics © 2010
Volume 1: Release Date: 1st May 2010

London, 2007
Aeroboy has finished fighting
his deadliest enemy.
London is not safe as
new enemies emerges from
the shadows.
Just when they thought they were safe...

From the creators of
The Adventures of Aeroboy
The Weather Team

The Teenage League of Superheroes
Next in Series: Ambushed

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