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MHPP Mamasa

1 Introduction of Automation Systems
Hydropower stations are mainly located in remote mountainous area and
far from town, which use computer monitoring and control system instead
of manual operation and timing tour of inspection and record etc
miscellaneous labor to realize the unattended or less unattended.









monitoring control system and based on the basis of computer monitoring
and control system, which is used for the hydrological measuring and
reporting the whole hydropower plant, even the cascade hydropower
stations or the entire river basin(including start-stop control and operating
condition monitoring of the Unit, auxiliary and utility equipments, load
distribution), until the automatic control of transmission line in the whole










communicate etc with the scheduling department at the next higher level.
Generally it includes five subsystems.
SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system that
operates with coded signals over communication channels so as to
provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication
channel per remote station). The control system may be combined with a
data acquisition system by adding the use of coded signals over
communication channels to acquire information about the status of the
remote equipment for display or for recording functions. SCADA systems
are used to monitor all the parameters of the power plant and its
supporting tools. In principle, SCADA systems are used to maintain the
rotation of the turbine so that all the electrical parameters of both voltage
and frequency can be maintained. Rotation of the turbine is set by
adjusting the governor means regulate the amount of water into the
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Turbine Controller has state of art measuring & controlling function for speed regulation.AUTOMATION STRATEGY FEED MHPP Mamasa turbine. In general. to CW system & all other auxiliaries if present) to carry out the sequencing operation. Brake control operation is also been taken care by controller during starting & stopping sequence. controller will give necessary commands (to OPU system. Once start command is given to controller (by a Digital input or through touch panel or by Modbus command). Once all preset 2 | Page . Turbine Controller has special feature of “Energy measurement” for speed regulation. In Energy measurement the Turbine Controller not only monitors the rotational speed but also monitors the acceleration & deceleration part for regulation during ramping up & down of turbine. load measurement & control. Speed & load control. to LUB plant. Sequence Control. Besides other parameters that must be observed by the SCADA is vibration and temperature of the turbine itself. Turbine Control System Following is a typical block diagram which shows function & operation carry out by Turbine Controller. this SCADA system controls has 3 main part: 1.

If the trip level is reached then the circuit breaker open to 3 | Page . the alarm will sound and the system operator take steps to eliminate the alarm. or by Analog input or by Modbus command. Protection relays have two values. This power set point can be changed either by Touch panel. Text & protection set points for RTD are freely configurable from Touch Panel & can be changed easily. All the set points & time delay for protection function can be changed by Touch panel. It measures the voltage (of generator & mains) & current of generator & carry out the necessary protections. if it can not reached the nominal value then the parameter will rise to reach the rip level. namely limit values and alarm trip value.AUTOMATION STRATEGY FEED MHPP Mamasa conditions are met to rotate turbine. Mechanical Protection All the RTD connected to Turbine Controller are measured continuously & once Temperature rises above given set point Turbine Controller will give suitable alarm or Trip. If the parameters are detected has reached the value of the alarm. Electrical Protection Turbine Controller is built in protection unit in it. controller will take the machine to rated RPM. 2. controller will start synchronization & once all the condition are met. controller will close the generator breaker & regulate the machine to given power set point. LV and MV Control System Relay protection at low voltage (LV)& Medium voltage (MV) panel is used to limit the existing electrical parameters. Synchronization & load control Once reached to Rated RPM in Auto mode.

Parameters like vibration is also necessary to keep the turbine has been working without any interruption of the mechanical side. The water pressure is needed to determine whether the pressures of water is sufficient to run a turbine or not. some sensors are also used for detecting parameters to be detected. In addition to oil cooling system for the turbine. 4 | Page . It is used to secure the load / customers from excess voltage.AUTOMATION STRATEGY FEED MHPP Mamasa disconnect between the system and the load. Auxiliary Control system Auxiliary control system is a support system so that all systems can work well. There was also a sensor to determine the water pressure in the penstock pipe. 3.

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