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Appendix A


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Vocabulary List

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Vocabulary List

we’ve assumed you already know words like simultaneous. followed by the word “idiom. dictate. saturate. dismiss. or simply Google the phrase in quotation marks. create a free membership. which offers simple definitions intended for English Language Learners. insightful. (adj.) for noun. noun – a metal container for cooking food in) as well as a less-common one (pan. literally. as well as detest. If you need to look up a phrase. for verb. peculiar. penalize. mystified. controversial. and we want you to learn the less common” For instance: Note for English Language Learners: In selecting which words to include. abhorrence abide abjure abode abound abreast of abrogate abscond abstruse acclaim accord accrue. If not. A few words are marked (n. naive.) for adjective. generalize. try and thefreedictionary. suitable. m-w. considerate. contemporary. please visit While you can look up words on online dictionary sites such as dictionary. We have done this in cases where a word has a common meaning (pan. hysteria. enduring. abate aberrant abet. abettor abhorrent. merge.thefreedictionary.Vocabulary List The following is a list of all the vocabulary words — as well as some expressions — used in this book. mandatory. wit. we also like learnersdictionary. superstitious. innovation. accrual acculturation acerbic acuity acumen acute addled . dampen. verb – to criticize harshly). and download our Basic Vocab List. which offers sample sentences and in-context usage for each word. or (v.manhattanprep.

addlepated adduce adept adherence adjudicator adjuvant admonish adroit adulatory adumbrate aerial aesthetics affinity aforementioned agglomerate aggrandize aggravate aggrieved aghast agog agonistic agrarian akimbo alacrity albatross aleatory alias alienate allegorical altruistic amateur ambiguous ambivalent ameliorate amenable amend amiable amicable amity amorphous amortize anachronism. anachronistic analeptic anathema anecdote anemic annihilate anodyne anomaly. anomalous anomie antagonism .

apocrypha apollonian apologia apologist appellant appellations appendage apportion apposed apposite apprenticeship apprising approbation appropriate (v.) archaic ardor arduous arid aristocratic arrant arresting artful articulate artifact artifice artisan artless ascent ascertain ascetic asinine askance to asperity aspersion assay assent asseveration assiduousness .antediluvian antipathy antiquated antithetical to apathy.) aptitude arbitrary arcadian arcane arch (adj.) apex aphorism apocalyptic apocryphal. apathetic ape (v.

benignant berate berserk beseech besmirch besotted biased bifurcate bile blacklist blandishments blatant blather bleat (v.) blithe bloodthirsty .assimilation assuage astute asymmetrical atrocious attest to auspicious austere autodidact autonomy auxiliary avail avant-garde avarice averred bald balkanize ballast banal baneful banter barbaric barbarous baroque base bask baying bedazzle bedizen bedlam beguile belie belletristic bellicose belligerent beneficent benign.

boorish boosterism bootless botch boycott brawl breach breadth brusque bucolic bureaucrat burgeon bustling buttress cabal cad cajole calibrated callous callow calumny candid.) boon boondoggle boor. candor canon canonization capital capitulatory capricious careen carnage castigate catalyst catharsis caustic cavalier celerity censorious censure chagrin champion (v.) chary chastity chauvinism chicanery chide .blunt (verb) bogged down boisterous bolster bombastic boom (n.

collusive color (v. contemporaries contempt contemptible contentious .) coltish commercial (adj.) communal compendious complaisant complement composure compound (v.) con artist concatenate concede conceit concentrated (adj.) conspiratorial construe contemporary.) concessions conciliatory condescending condone confabulation confounded.chilly choleric chronic chronology chump clamor clandestine claptrap cleave to coalesce coarse coda cogent cognitive collide collude. confounding congenial congruent conjectural conjure consanguineous consecrate considerable considered (adj.

debauched .) crackpot credence credibility credulous crescendo crucible crushed cryptic culmination culpable cumbersome cunning curb (v.contiguous contingent contortion contraband contrapuntal contretemps contrite contrivance contrived conundrum conventional conversance convivial convoke convoluted copious cornerstone corroborate cosmopolitan cosseted costive couched in counterargument counterfactual countless covey crack (adj.) cursory curt curtail cynical daft dally dated daunting dearth debacle debase debauchery.

debunk decipherable decor decry deface defame defeasible defector defer defile deflect deft degrade deification. deify dejected deleterious delimit delineate deluge delve demarcate dementia demonize denigrate denomination denouement depose depreciate depredate derivation derogate descent desecrate desiccated despot desuetude deter detonation detractor detriment devoid of devotee devout dexterous dialect dialectical dicey didactic diffident digress dilapidated dilettante .

diminutive din dionysian diplomatic dire dirge disabuse disaffection disclaim disconcerting discount (v. dissipation dissolute. duplicity dwindle dyed-in-the-wool dynamic dynamo dystopian earmark earnest earthy ebb .) disdain disenfranchisement disincentive disinclination disingenuous disinterested dispensation disquiet dissembling disseminate dissent dissimulation dissipate. dissolution dissuade distort divagate divergence doctrinaire doggedly dogmatic dotage doting doyenne draconian dramaturgy dross drum dulcet dumbfounded dupe duplicitous.

egoistic egregious elicit emblazon emblematic eminence empathetic empirical enamored encumbered. enigma enshrine ensure enthralled ephemera ephemeral epicurean epoch equable equanimity equity equivocal equivocate eremitic erode erratic erroneous ersatz erstwhile erudite.) effectual effeminate effete efficacious effusive egoist.ebullient eccentric eclectic ecumenical edifice eerie efface effect (v. erudition eschew esoteric espouse esteemed estrangement . encumbrances endemic enervate enhance enigmatic.

eulogy evanescent evergreen evocative evoke exacerbate excogitate excoriate excruciating exculpate executive exegesis. faddish fallacious fallacy famine fanatical fantastical farce. extortionate extraneous fabulous facetious facile faction factotum faculties fad. exegetic exhaustive exorbitant expedite expeditious explicate explicit exploits extant extemporaneous extenuate extirpate extort.ethos eulogize. farcical fascist fastidious fatuous faux-naif fawning fealty feasible feckless fecund fester fetid fettle fib .

forwent forte fortitude foster fractured frank frantic fraught fruition full-bore fulmination furnish (v.fickle fictive field (v.) figurative finite fissile flabbergasted flag (v.) gauche genesis genteel germane gibe .) flagging flagitious flagrant flamboyant flashy flawless fledgling fleeting flimsy floe flout flowery fluke flummox foibles forebears foresee forfeit forgery forgo.) gadfly gaffe gainsay gallivant galvanizing garlanded garner garnish (v.

) gregarious grievous grizzled groaning guesswork guileless hackneyed hale hallmark hallow hampered hankering haphazard hapless harbingers hedonism hegemony. gingerly gist glamorize glean glib gore grandiloquent grave (adj. hegemonic heinous hemorrhage hence herald heretofore hermeneutic heuristic hierarchy.) hyperbole hypocrisy . hierarchical high-handed hinder hinterland histrionics hodgepodge hoi-polloi homage to homely homily homogeneous hone hortatory host of humanize humbling husband (v.gilded ginger.

idealistic idealogues ideological idiom idiosyncratic idle idyllic ignominious immaterial immortalize impartial impasse impeccable impecunious impede impenetrable imperil imperious impious implacability implicated. incentivize inchoate incipient incomprehensible incongruous inconsequential inconsolable incorrigible indefatigable indelicate indemnify indeterminate indict indifferent indigenous indignant indiscretion indistinct indolent industrious inexorable . implication implicit importunate improbity impromptu impudent imputation inadvertently inane incendiary incensed incentive.

infamy infinitesimal infirmity inform ingénue ingenuity ingenuous inhibited inimical initially inkling innocuous innuendo inquisition inscrutable insidious insipid insofar insolvent insurgent inter interlocutor interlude interpolate intransigent intrepid intrinsic inundate inured to invalidate investiture iota irascible irate ironclad irony irreconcilable irredeemable irredentist irrefutable irrelevancies iteration. iterative jaundiced jejune jeopardize jingoistic jocular jouissance joviality jurisprudence keen klutzy .

layman leery legions of leitmotifs leniency libertine.) maudlin maxim mayhem .) loathsome lobbying lofty logistical loquacious lubricious lucidity lull lummox lurid lurk macabre magnanimity mainstream makeshift malfeasance malice.labile labyrinthine lackadaisical lackey laconic lacunae lament lapse lascivious lassitude laud lavish lax layperson. libertinous limpid lissome literati lithe loaf (v. malicious malign manifest manumit markedly marrow martial masquerade material (adj.

misanthropy miser mishap mishmash misnomer mitigate mock modicum modish mollify monarchy moneyed monological moot moralist mordant mores morose mortifying mote motley muckraking mundane munificent mushroom muster mute. mutinous myopic myriad myrmidon nadir nascent .means (n. muted mutiny.) meddling melancholy melange mendacious mercenary mercurial meretricious messianic metastasize meticulous militant mimetic minuscule minutiae mired mirror (v.) mirth misanthrope.

objectivity obliging obloquy obsequious obsolete obtuse obviate odious officious oft oligarchy olio ominous omnipotent. nominally nonchalant nonplussed nostrum notional notorious notwithstanding novel novelty novice noxious nugatory nuisance objective. omnipresence opine opportunism opprobrium orthodox ostentatious ostracize otherworldly oust outdone outlaw outpace outright outstrip override overrun overt overtake overture pacific pacifist .naysayer nebulous nemesis neologism nominal.

paradigmatic paradox.) pathogen patrimony. patrimonial patronize. parsimonious partial.) peppery perennial perfidy peril perilous peripheral pernicious perpetuity perquisites personable . paradoxical paragon parameter paramount paramour parlous parochial parody parsimony.paean painstaking palliating pan (v. patronizing paucity peccadillo pecuniary pedantic. partiality partisan parvenu passé pastime patent (adj. pedantry peddle pell-mell pellucid penchant penetrating penitential penumbra pepper (v.) panacea panache pandemic pander panegyric pantheon parable paradigm.

pithy placate placid plangent plateau platitude plaudits plenary plethora plum plunder poignant polemic politicize polymath ponderous pontificate populist posit posterity postulate potable poultice pragmatic prattle precedent precocious predicated on premeditated preoccupied preposterous prerequisites presage .perspicacious pert pertinent peruse pervade petty phased in philippic philistine physiology picayune pidgins piecemeal piety pilfering pillory pine pious piques pith.

prescient presumptuous pretentious preternatural prevalence priggish probity proclivity procure prodigal prodigy profane profligate profundity progeny progressive prologue promulgate proponent propound proscribe protagonist protean proverbial providential provincial prowess prude. prudish prudent prurient puckish puerile puffery puissant pulchritude pun punctilious pundit puritanical purported putative putsch pyrrhic quack quagmire quantum quarrelsome quiescent quietus quisling quixotic quotidian .

reminisce remorse remuneration rend render renege renown.rabble ramifications rampage ramshackle rancor rapscallion rapture rash (adj.) ratify ravish raze reactionary recant recapitulate recede recidivist reciprocal recondite recount recrimination rectitude red-blooded redoubtable redress redundant refinement regalia regressive reign rejoinder rejuvenation reminiscences. renowned replicate reportorial republican reputability requisite requite resolute resplendent restive restless resurrect retch retort retract .

satirical saturnine scanty scapegoat scintillating scorn scotch (v.). (v. scrupulous scrutiny scurvy seasoned sectarian sedulous seemly seething self-styled .retrograde retrospective reverent revisionist revivification rhetoric.) salubrious salutation salvo sanctimonious sangfroid sanguinary sanguine sap (n.) sardonic sate. rhetorical rife with rift rigor risible risqué robust rote roundly rousing rout rudder rue ruminate rustic sabotage saccharine safeguard sagacity sage said (adj.) scruples. satiate satire.

semiotic senescent sentries sequelae seraph sere serendipity shabby shortcomings shorthand shrewd shun shutter (v.) slogan smitten snub sobriquets soi-disant solace solecisms solicitous solipsistic somber sop sophistry sophomoric spare sparing spartan specious specter spendthrift spooked sporadically spree sprint spurious squalid stalemate stanchion .) shyster sidereal similes simpatico simulacrum sinuous siren skeptical skitter skulk slack slight (n.

) stopgap storied strong suit stygian stymie subjective subsequent subservient to subside subsidize subterfuge suffrage sumptuous superannuated supersede supine supplicate surplus surreptitious suspend sweeping swindle sycophant syncopated synergetic tacit taciturn tactful tactical.) steward stigmatize stipulate stoic stolid stonewall (v.standstill stanza stasis staunch steadfast stew (v. tactics tangential tangible tantamount to tarry taut taxonomy teeming temperate tenacious tenacity tendentious .

torpor tortuous torturous totalitarian touchstone tout tractable trademark traipse traitorous transgressor transient transmogrify transmute travesty treachery tremulous trenchant triage tribulation trite trove truculent trumpet trundle (v.tenet tepid tergiversate tether theses thwart timorous tirade titillation titular toady toil tome tony topographical torpid.) tumescence turgid turpitude tweak tyrannical ubiquitous ululation umbrage unbeknownst unbridled unconscionable uncouth .

) veracity verdant versatile vexed viable vice vicissitude vigorous vindicate vitiation vitreous vociferous volatile volley voluble vulgar wag wail wallop wallowing wanderlust . venerate vent (v.unctuous undercut undergirds undermine underpin underscore underserve undeterminable undue unforeseen unnerve unorthodox unpropitious unscrupulous unseemly unstrung unwavering upend upstanding urbane utilitarian utility utopia vacillate vainglorious vanquish vapid variegated vaunted venerable.

) well-heeled wend whet whimsical whitewash wholly wizened wracked wrongdoing wry zealot zealous “accepted as gospel” “at loggerheads” “bode well” “circular logic” “common cause” “fellow feeling” “fit the bill” “flights of fancy” “for naught” “gain currency” “given teeth” “gloss over” “gray area” “hinge on” “hold the line” “in a jiffy” “in cahoots” “in lieu of” “kept at bay” “laid at the altar of” “lay down arms” “limping along” “lose currency” “no holds barred” “of two minds” “on par with” “order of magnitude” “paid dearly” “part and parcel” “rack and ruin” “rail against” “raking in” “run the gamut” “run the gauntlet” “sea change” “separate the wheat from .wane ward off warily. wary wax (v.

the chaff” “single-handedly” “stems from” “takes pains to” “tipping point” “tit-for-tat” “to send up” “under the guise of” “vim and vigor” [something is] “lost on” [someone] .