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Kelly Nicole P.

Mangonon • BS Chemistry • Eng 10 – WFW4 • Concept
Body’s Beauty
Beauty is a strange thing. It can be found everywhere. It can take the
form of a living or a non-living thing. Many people desire beauty – they want
their bodies and faces to look beautiful. But what does it take for them to
consider their bodies “beautiful”? What can they do to achieve beauty in
their bodies? What exactly is beauty?
According to, beauty is a combined quality of
form or design that gives immense satisfaction from senses, most especially
the sight. It is how the rays of light trickle through the trees as a sign that
the sun is sinking in the horizon, giving the sky an enchanting palette of
red, orange and purple. It is how a magnificent, towering castle was
intricately built to give a framework and architecture of exquisite taste,
with tourists from all over the world taking photos to capture its glory. In
short, if something has beauty, it is visually appealing. What is visually
appealing for one person, can never have exact qualifications. One would
probably have his own idea of what beauty is for him, since only he alone
can feel its visual impact. If every living person in this entire planet has his
own perception of beauty, there would be more than seven billion definitions
of beauty at this moment. Every person in the past also had a different

there have been many groups. This is exhibited by the foundation of the Olympics with a primary goal to celebrate the male human body (History. what he does his pastimes with. there will always be the one that stands out. It is his tool to do whatever he needs. It is what he does his job with. In Ancient . or spend time with people with. communities and societies with many goals. Any individual from any time. Each culture also has their own ideal body type. The body type is deemed “the most beautiful or most ideal” kind of body. those would be the human body and people’s lust for beauty in their bodies. what he uses to experience emotions. But had everyone’s opinion on beauty ever been the same throughout time? If there were two things that surely had not changed through time. play sports.perception of beauty. But if one looks at the history of the great Ancient Greek civilization. Every person in that particular culture wants that body type. Since the start of human culture. aims. or era would know that one’s own human body is his identity. there are also different kinds of bodies and different Among the many varieties of bodies which come in many shapes and sizes. That is the culture’s ideal body type. he can realize the emphasis of the Greeks on the human body. or what he uses to live his life. period. which had further evolved through the years. One cannot deny that as many identities as there are in the planet. Their humanistic culture rejoices in the glory and beauty of the body. rules and unifying concepts. to adore the female body. and the beginnings of the beauty pageant.

With the influence of media. with destructive wars and evolving cultures. will definitely find it difficult to remain static. Beauty. A beautiful body can make one rich.Greek society. People could just simply upload a six-second video of themselves and the rest of the world could actually see them. Beauty should catch attention and make money. by the dictation of the people who approve that particular person’s beauty. Beauty can sell and beauty should sell. what people think beauty in the body should be can be easily seen throughout magazines. TV commercials and billboards. But in the present. A beautiful body should be Caucasian and include a fair complexion. with gods and deities who envied its beauty. or the lack of it. every day. communication and globalization have been giving everyone access to information in just a simple click of a mouse or a tap in the smartphone. can kill. People in the past have never been so unified or connected with other people form outside their communities. Everyone else can see these guidelines everywhere. Each societies’ ideals in a changing world. A beautiful body should be six-pack abs with welldefined biceps and buns. He should strictly conform to the guidelines to have a beautiful body. famous and powerful. . If information can reach the once unreachable parts of the world. it is not impossible for a lot of people to have the same principles. A beautiful body should be a 5’6 woman with big breasts and an hourglass body. newspapers. websites. the human body was already ideal. Everyone can easily be convinced to say that someone’s body is beautiful.

they would need an eyecatching face in order to gather attention.The qualifications for beauty in the body are in fact. the reason why supermodels are so skinny and tall is for further emphasis on clothing. maybe they’d be a step or two closer to attaining a body similar to the ones they see on TV or online. Being a supermodel. for example. It also isn’t a secret that some high-paying jobs also focus on the face value or body type of the worker. does the viewer really think of buying the underwear worn by the model. advertised by models. is one of the most notable examples of this. whitening products and tanning services imply what exactly the public thinks is visually appealing for them. not only seen in magazines and online media. Slenda and other weight-loss supplements. If these women were chosen to attract people to buy the products. The popularity and high sales of the make-up industries. an author from PaleoForWomen. Same goes for receptionists and cashiers who would be the first people the customer sees once he is inside the company’s establishment. Adding celebrities who endorse these goods and services to their advertisments will be telling the buyers that if they consume or partake in the said or how the model looked good in wearing the underwear because of her body? Another example would be salesladies in department stores. who have a lot of make-up on. But. after watching a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. According to Stefani Ruper. especially since clothing lines or underwear are. . in a way.

Silicone or saline breast implants on a woman doesn’t only give her bigger alienated from society – casted out. It can be fixed and altered in order to conform to the guidelines set up by society. If a nonconformist isn’t cast out by society. eating disorders like anorexia nervosa can result from this kind of alienation and peer pressure. in a sense. According to doctors from Helpguide. For example. fixing up the body doesn’t just happen with a snap of two fingers – one needs patience and a lot of money to use the advanced technology and dermatological services in order to “fix” himself. The way that society puts what is a beautiful body on a pedestal urges people to believe that the body is in fact. but are undeniably expensive. but it can also make her prone to the formation of scar tissue in the breast (Vallecillos).The problem with the excessive romanticism of the human body’s beauty. is the question of whether the human body’s beauty is natural or artificial. malleable. What about the people who cannot live up to the guidelines of body beauty? The people who cannot comply with the guidelines. such as Smith and Segal. tanning in salons can give people a less pale and more “exotic” skin tone. Exercise doesn’t have to cost so much if patience had overcome the temptation to take the easy way out and get “sexier” faster. But of course. Weight loss pills and programs are also especially overpriced – gyms for men and women offer programs that are said to be effective. due to their non-conformity to what is the “beauty standard”. will find it harder to participate in society. They are. they are either .

how can one be sure that the body he owns is still something that is expressed by him alone? Is the body still an identity that is uniquely his? Conforming to the so-called guidelines of the beautiful body does not encourage one to love or take care of his body in the way that it already is. which follows a girl with especially dark skinned. because resistance is futile. It is funny that one of her main suitors had only fully noticed her beauty only after she had magically straightened her back.made fun of. and sometimes because she could be a source of a fat joke or two. Disobeying the guidelines would result in his exclusion or some kind of ostracism. big eyes. who is used as comic relief. Another telenovela. Nita Negrita. In Philippine media. The Pitch Perfect movies. and improve from. The society is imprinted on its members. or turned something that people shouldn’t be. and a clear face. due to her lineage and her becoming of a hunchback. include an obese character – Rebel Willson as Fat Amy. actresses are usually endorsing whitening products and soaps. by . Kampanerang Kuba. The body he owns is not his body anymore. but to a lady with big lips. can be an example of this. follows a girl who grew up trapped inside a church. He chooses to become attracted to the magnetic ideal of a particular society. Although. The telenovela. implied in its plotline that someone’s attractiveness can increase if he loses weight. Looking back at these evidences of society’s qualifications on what is an ideal body type. one Filipino movie. but the concept of being dark-skinned is still not taken seriously. My Big Love.

" Greek Humanism. 2015. not only the actions of each member of the society – but also his entire human being. The ideal body type is the representation of what the body owners’ society wants from them. n. and what kind of body shape to have.d.html> . 24 Nov. The society’s ideal body type is a way to control. References "Greek Humanism.greekthesaurus. < N. Web.unconsciously telling them how to look like.p. what to wear.

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Casted out or feel left out / depressed B. <http://www. it has to follow a code .htm> Vallecillos.A. For Greeks. Introduction Definition of Beauty Bodies and Identities A.helpguide. Cultures can have different ideals A. The body cannot be ideal on its own." Sheknows. One's identity is his human body.<http://www. the body is already ideal. 2015. Where the guidelines can be seen B.sheknows.D. II. there is an ideal IV. Glenn. Out of all bodies. Or not taken seriously / made fun of IX. M.. 29 Aug. Globalization can help form similar societal ideals VI. Conclusion A. malleability of the body VIII. F. "The Pros and Cons of Breast Implants: Your Guide to Going Bigger. How do people conform to the guidelines? A. 2012.C. 24 Nov. Jobs requiring compliance to visual qualifications VII. Web. Alteration of body B. beauty-and-style/articles/968057/the-pros-and-cons-of-breast-implants> Kelly Nicole P. Mangonon • BS Chemistry • Eng 10 – WFW4 • Concept Paper: Topic Outline Body’s Beauty Formation of guidelines of beauty in the body A. People who do not follow the qualifications are either: A. V.

B. The ideal body type as a way society controls its members .