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Volume 26 Number 9
November 2015
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You made the Cat 740B an industry leader. But then you demanded more. More power. More payload.
More profit potential. Our response: the new Cat 745C, a 45-ton hauler that raises the bar on performance
and fuel efficiency. Sized comparably to the 740B, the new truck can go straight to work on your current
site with your existing loading tools. A brand new benchmark. Built to surpass your highest standards.
• High productivity: Cat C18 engine, advanced
transmission technology and higher capacity
body boost production by up to 12 percent

• Easy to operate: Comfortable cab, Automatic
Retarder Control, Automatic Traction Control
and other features improve operator performance

• Low operating costs: Integrated power train with
high-efficiency hydraulics increase fuel efficiency
by 10 percent or more

• Backed by the best: Cat dealer-delivered parts,
service, rental and used options, work tools,
financing and equipment management solutions
make you more successful

© 2015 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective
logos, “Caterpillar Yellow,” the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product
identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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Volume 26 Number 8 NOVEMBER 2015


Volume 26 Number 9
November 2015

ISSN 0964–0665
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The Bosporus road
tunnel in Turkey.
See the Tunnelling
feature starting
on p31
ww.constru i
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Improved performance and comfort are
high on the priority list as the utilities
sector continues to boom. There has
been 64% growth since 2008. Fuel
economy and durability are also key
factors for success. Joe Malone examines
the latest features to hit the utilities

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High speed, conventional and metro rail
continues to be a major driving force
for tunnelling across Europe. However,
road schemes are pushing forwards too,
according to the latest forecasts. Adrian
Greeman goes underground to find out



The requirements for falsework and
formwork are almost endless, and so
the systems’ manufacturers need to be
flexible in order to achieve the highest
standards. Sandy Guthrie looks at some
recent projects around Europe to
discover what is new


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The paper in this magazine originates from timber that is sourced from sustainable forests, managed to strict environmental, social,
and economic standards. The manufacturing mill has both FSC & PEFC certification, and also ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

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World Crane &
Transport Summit
November 4-5, 2015
the Netherlands
World Demolition
November 6, 2015
the Netherlands

World of Concrete
February 2-5, 2016
Las Vegas,
International Awards
for Powered Access
March 17, 2016
April 11-17, 2016
ESTA Awards of
April 14, 2016
June 28-30, 2016

Eiffage chief passes away
Changes planned at French contractor as former chairman
steps back into old role on a temporary basis


he posts of chairman and CEO at Eiffage are to be
separated following the sudden death of Pierre
Berger last week.
Berger, who was chairman and CEO of French-based
contractor died of a heart attack at the age of 47. He
joined the company in 2011.
A committee chaired by director Thérèse Cornil has
been charged with finding a successor to Berger by the
end of February 2016.
A board meeting after his death decided to separate
the roles, with vice chairman and former chairman JeanFrançois Roverato taking on the role of chairman again
for the time being. He recommended the appointment
of Max Roche as CEO, again until a permanent successor
is named.
The board paid tribute to Berger, saying, “His
exceptional human and professional qualities were
crucial to the development of the group, improving its
profitability and advancing Eiffage shares.
“Pierre Berger was animated by an exceptional energy
and a passion for the group.”
He took over as CEO in July 2011, having previously
worked for another French contractor, Vinci.
Eiffage was Europe’s sixth-largest contractor, and
number three in France, in the CE-100 league table
this year.

Growth predicted for Poland
The Polish construction
industry is set for three
years of uninterrupted
growth, according
to market research
company, PMR.
Growth is said to reach
6% for 2015, despite
hopes of achieving
9% earlier this year.
It anticipates that the
industry’s performance
will be driven by

February 22-25, 2017
April 4-7, 2017


Berger was a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and
of the Corps des Ponts & Chaussées. In 1991, he resigned
from the Corps des Ponts & Chaussées to form his own
engineering consulting firm, Sigmatec Ingénierie.
In 1995, he was appointed to head up SEFI, a subsidiary
of Ménard Soltraitment – itself a subsidiary of Freyssinet,
part of the Vinci group. In 1999, he was promoted to
CEO of Ménard Soltraitment, and became director of its
soils division in 2003.
He moved to Vinci Construction Grands Projets in
2004 as CEO and became its chairman in 2005. In 2007,
he was also appointed as deputy managing director
in charge of civil engineering at Vinci Construction
France, and in 2009 he assumed responsibility for the
group’s Central European subsidiaries and its oil and
gas division.
He was appointed to the Vinci executive committee in
January 2010.
Xavier Huillard, Vinci chairman and CEO, said, “On
behalf of the Vinci Group and in a personal capacity,
I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to Pierre’s
family and friends and to the 70,000 Eiffage employees.
“As he demonstrated during the years he spent with
the Vinci Group, Pierre was a man of exceptional energy
who was driven by a passion for our business activities
that is the hallmark of an outstanding leader.”

increased growth in the
second half of the year.
Predictions for 2016
are more optimistic,
with growth expected
to be 8%, meaning
output could reach
approximately PLN 101
billion (€24.8 billion).
On the other hand,
predictions for 2017 are
even stronger, driven
by a number of large-

scale road contracts. The
market may still expand
in 2018, but the company
believes growth will slow
down from 2019.
Importantly, in the
absence of mega
projects, such as those
required to hold the
Euro 2012 football
tournament, PMR does
not expect any dramatic
upsurge in investment

in the coming years, but
rather a stable stream of
new projects until 2022.
Figures show that civil
engineering construction
will remain the largest
market. It is expected to
represent 57.1% of total
construction output, and
its share will increase
at the expense of nonresidential construction,
predicted to be 30.6%. ce

APR acquisition
Temporary power rental specialist APR Energy is to
be acquired by a private equity consortium in a deal
which values the company at £165 million (€229
The Apple Bidco consortium, controlled by Fairfax
Financial Holdings, ACON Equity Management, and
Albright Capital Management, paid £1.75 (€2.43) per
share for the company.
On top of that, the consortium said it would supply
additional funding of US$200 million (€181 million)
to recapitalise the company, around US$150 million
(€136 million) of which would be used to repay a
loan that APR Energy took out.
APR Energy reported a half-year loss after tax of
US$64.5 million (€56.5 million).


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YIT in Russian restructuring
Finnish-based contractor YIT has restructured its operations in Russia and has
estimated €10.4 million of non-recurring costs for the third quarter of 2015.
The company has said it will reduce its risk level in Russia by scaling down its
production, but will continue to operate in all current locations, which it said would
ensure greater flexibility to maintain cost-efficiency and competitiveness. The
structure of YIT’s Russian operations will also be revised.
From 2016, the business will be split into St Petersburg, Moscow, and other Russian
regions. In addition, a new business unit for YIT Service Russia will be established
to exploit the opportunities in serving its 20,000 customers, the company said. The
business unit  is responsible for the maintenance of YIT projects in all operating
cities. All live projects will continue as planned.
The company will reduce fixed costs related to the Russian operations to match
the decrease in sales and production. The number of employees is estimated to
decrease by a further 200. The company targets savings of €10 million between
now and January 2016.
A €2.7 million non-recurring cost will be recorded in the third quarter of 2015, as a
result of its restructure. In addition, it recognises a further €7.7 million impairment
charge in the third quarter of 2015, as a result of its development costs for projects
in the Moscow region.

Bilfinger reorganisation
areas with an output of
approximately €1 billion
which would no longer
be part of the core
Bilfinger restructured its
executive board in July,
prompting changes in
the company’s outlook.
The company now
focus its industrial
segment on its profitable
markets in central and
northern Europe, with
the goal of becoming
the leading industrial
services provider in these
regions. The focus for
its building and facility
segment will be on realestate services.
It said the new strategy
was based on three
objectives – increasing
profitability, improving

German-based Bilfinger
has announced it will
restructure the company,
following a review by its
executive board.
The German contractor
will look at services,
industries and markets
in two independent
segments – industrial,
and building and facility.
The board decided
there was no link
between the industrial,
and building and facility
sectors, and therefore
agreed to operate them
as two segments, as it
said this would allow
each greater freedom
as a result. It said the
freedom would help each
segment become more
focused on its strengths.
The board also identified

cash conversion and
reducing complexity.
Bilfinger appointed
Per Utnegaard as its
new chairman of the
executive board in April.
Utnegaard said,
“Bilfinger is facing farreaching changes. We
will focus our business
from three to two
segments, concentrate
activities that are
currently spread
around the globe on
our home market of
Europe, and replace a
complex structure with
a transparent and fastmoving organisation.
On the basis of this
strategic repositioning,
we will sustainably
increase Bilfinger’s

UK-based Great Western Developments has
announced development proposals for 31
London Street, next to London’s Paddington
Station, to help with the arrival of the Crossrail
rail project in 2018. The proposal is for 200 new
homes, more than 150,000m² of new office
space, and approximately 50,000m² of retail,
restaurants, and cafés. A planning application
will be submitted later this year, according to
the company. London Paddington Station is
predicted to become London’s fourth busiest
station, with the arrival of Crossrail, it said. Sellar
Property Group, the development partner for
the proposed development, and architects Renzo
Piano Building Workshop, have designed over
0.5ha of development to complement London
Paddington Station.

French-based Vinci’s
contracting sector
revenue increased 1.6%
during the third quarter
of 2015, after falling
for the previous five
quarters. The growth
was driven by business
outside France, as well
as acquisitions at Vinci
Energies, according to
the company.
Sales at Manitou
dropped by 7% in the
third quarter to €273
million, compared to
the same period last
year, buoyed by a 2%
sales increase overall
in the nine months
leading up to the end
of September. Order
intake also dropped
in the third quarter
to €189 million, from
€207 million in the third
quarter of 2014. 
Caterpillar has recorded
revenues of US$11.0
billion (€9.95 billion)
for the third quarter
of 2015 – a decrease
of US$2.5 billion (€2.2
billion) from the same
quarter last year. It
claimed to have a
“strong” balance sheet,
which was “important in
these difficult times”.
Manufacturer Wacker
Neuson reported record
revenues of €1.02 billion
for the nine months to
the end of September,
up 8.7% year-on-year,
while earnings before
interest and taxes (EBIT)
fell 21.5% to €81 million.
For the third quarter,
revenues were down
4.4% year-on-year to
€311 million, while
EBIT sank 61% to €15.5
Terex’s revenues for
the third quarter of the
year were down 9.3%
on the same period last

year to US$1.64 billion
(€1.48 billion). The
company’s net profit for
the quarter fell 32.1% to
US$43.6 million (€39.4
million). In the year to
date, Terex’s revenues
were 10.1% lower than
for the first nine months
of 2014, at US$4.97
million (€4.49 million).
Its net profit was some
45.9% lower at US$129
million (€116.7 million).
Sandvik Construction’s
revenues for the third
quarter of the year fell
15% compared to the
same period last year, to
SEK 2.04 billion (€217.1
million). However,
there was a turnaround
in profitability, with
operating profit hitting
SEK 99 million (€10.5
million), compared
to just SEK 1 million
(€106.4 million) a year
UK-based Carillion has
secured contracts worth
£1.7 billion (€2.2 billion)
since June 30, 2015.
In UK construction,
Carillion has secured
contracts expected to
be worth £311 million
(€419 million), which
includes the A14
upgrade being carried
out by a Carillion joint
venture for Highways
England, estimated to
be worth some £146
million (€196 million).
Volvo CE has
announced that net
sales for the third
quarter of 2015 are
down 6%. It said global
demand was the cause.
The fall equates to SEK
11,884 million (€1.2
million), compared with
the SEK 12,582 m (€1.3
million) drop in the
same period last year.
It said it has at least
grown in its share of
the market for larger


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28/10/2015 12:04:43

The keynote address will be given by David Sinclair. The 2015 World Demolition Conference will build on the success of the six previous years’ gatherings with a top level programme made up of a mix of reports detailing how some of the most challenging demolition projects from around the world were successfully carried out. A shortlist has been produced by the international judging panel.khl. he will take as his topic A Life in Demolition.NEWS Consortium signed up for major UK nuclear project Chinese to provide backing for €25 billion project at Hinkley Point in England A Laing O’Rourke and Bouygues consortium (BYLOR) has signed the main construction works contract for the £18 billion (€ CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 News. according to EDF.5% share. the Netherlands. the seventh outing for this annual event for the global demolition industry. go to: www. BYLOR has spent the last four years completing the civil works for the nuclear power station.  This month’s podcast for Construction Europe will be available online within a few days of the magazine’s publication. The appointments have been made following EDF and CGN sealing a funding deal which sees EDF take a 66. which it claims will allow construction to start within weeks. he is among the best known “elder statesman” of the industry on both sides of the Atlantic. CIC noted that uncertain economic developments in the Eurozone and poor economic growth in Norway and Finland will impact on the industry’s development. EDF confirmed the final investment decision.05 billion) by 2019.   In Amsterdam. BYLOR project director.5% stake in Hinckley. Martin Westbury. which is run by French-based EDF Energy. an EDA past president and an NDA board member.3 billion) by 2019. so that we can look forward to the increase in project activity with confidence.5 billion) Hinkley Point C nuclear project in Somerset. 6 It is expected to record a 2. down from 3. The decline in mortgage interest rates along with an increase in disposable resulted in an increase in demand for housing of 3.33%.5 billion (€60. and increasing public and private sector investments. is being held this events/exhibitions. To listen. the 2015 World Demolition Conference and the 2015 World Demolition Awards.COM Demolition Summit this month The 2015 World Demolition Summit. The 2015 World Demolition Awards will once again celebrate the best that the demolition industry has provided its clients in the construction sector over the period from June 2014 to June 2015. said. and its Chinese partner. Commercial accounted for around 17% of the industry’s total value in 2014 and was the second-largest market in the overall construction industry.4 billion (€7. The event is organised by CE sister publication Demolition & Recycling International (D&RI) Once again. ce KHL.3 billion) following a visit to the UK by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.” A Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey joint venture has been appointed for the power station electrical package in a £460 million (€630 million) contract. and the venue for this year’s event will once again be the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in the heart of Amsterdam.indd 6 28/10/2015 12:04:52 . the industry’s value is said to increase by SEK 65. worth some £203 million (€278 million). UK. ce Work at Hinkley Point will start within weeks Healthy forecast for Sweden The Swedish construction industry will be worth SEK 559.37% during the review period. As a result. Other speakers include Henrik Bonnesen of COWI. and a growing population will provide an extra boost for the industry. or by scanning the QR code. Residential was the largest market worth around 46% of the industry’s total value in 2014. As one of the founding fathers of the UK’s NFDC. Residential and commercial markets will drive growth. along with papers covering more general topics of specific interest to the world’s demolition industry. However. according to Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC). Bam Nuttall and Kier are also waiting to start on the £100 million (€137 million) earthworks contract which was wound down earlier this year pending financial approval for the project. “We have cemented a truly collaborative working relationship between BYLOR and EDF.khl. This can be seen by visiting www. and Clinton Dick of Liberty Industrial. while a Kier BAM joint venture has been chosen to provide the enabling works for the project. where he will touch on some of the more momentous developments and incidents that the industry has seen and take a look into the future of the industry. reports CIC. the Summit will be made up of two main components. the stateowned China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) which agreed to pay £6 billion (€8. with CGN taking a 33. disposable income.49% annual growth rate over the forecast period of 2014 to 2019. Peter Craven of CDE Global.

send details about your business experience to LiuGong Machinery Europe info@liugong-europe.COME JOIN THE FAMILY LiuGong invites applications for dealerships in Europe.. Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:18:54 . T OUG H E QUI PME NT.LIUGONG. START EXPLORING WHAT EXTREME DUTY CAN MEAN TO YOU S TA RT EXPL ORIN G AN D B E AMONG TH E FIRST T O SHARE YOUR ST ORY FA CEBO O K.COM T O U GH W O R L D. To be a part of our growth T +31 (0)36 529 0006 WHY DISCOVER LIUGONG.E UROPE .COM/ LIU G ON G EU ROP E | WWW..

Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:19:35 .

Garrison was President of Textron’s Industrial Segment and E-Z-GO. A statement from Murray & Roberts said. ce SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh Metro breakthrough The FCC-led FAST consortium has broken through on the first tunnel section of line 5 (green line) of the Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia. The Dubaibased developer – noted for ambitious reclamation projects within the emirate. the Global Built Asset Wealth Index calculates the total wealth based in all buildings and infrastructure that add to productivity. Several other people were injured. DUBAI Nakheel has awarded construction contracts worth close to AED2. LiuGong said it showcased EU Tier IV-compliant excavators.1 million). We also do not want to speculate on possible causes.8 million).indd 9 9 28/10/2015 12:06:15 . The consortium is also responsible for lines 4 and 6 of the project. is valued at AED 1. including the Palm Islands. Dubai Waterfront and The World – has confirmed builders for Deira Islands Night Souk. “At this stage. The 1. and has outlined plans to introduce what it called “value for money” machines to the French market.  Work will now continue on the north section of line 5 to take it to Riyadh Airbase Roundabout.WORLD NEWS WORLD IN BRIEF CHINA Chinese manufacturer LiuGong has partnered with a new dealer in France. the report estimates the built asset wealth of China at US$47. depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) reached US$677 million (€603.7 billion (€3. Published by design and consultancy Arcadis. clear debris and gather evidence for the investigations. taxes. CHINA China has leapfrogged the US to become the world’s richest country in built assets." BRAZIL The Brazilian construction market will see limited growth over the next five years. while its sales in Asia saw a 7% increase to US$162 million (€146. Several investigations are underway into the cause of the collapse. wheeled loaders and dozers. A further 12. including an internal investigation by Murray & Roberts. a weak property market. Prior to that. At a customer demonstration event in October.9 km tunnel on line 5 is being excavated by a second TBM. we do not have any information on the cause or causes of the incident. The largest contract. sales decreased 21% to US$829 million (€750.3 billion (€204. and that hasn’t happened in France for decades. Ginco General Contracting LLC and Gulf Technical Construction Company LLC were awarded the other two contracts. while its revenues decreased 17% to US$669 million (€605.1 trillion). The cause of the collapse is not yet known.8 million).8 million). according to Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC). Petrobras. which was an increase of 5% compared to the same period last year. awarded to United Engineering Construction LLC (UNEC) for Deira Islands Night Souk and Boardwalk. SOUTH AFRICA Two killed in temporary footbridge collapse Pedestrian structure crashed down onto major Johannesburg M1 motorway T wo people were killed after a temporary pedestrian footbridge over the M1 motorway in the Sandton suburb of Johannesburg. across three of its major Dubai. who is retiring. and its Mediterranean sales fell 5% to US$348 million (€315. He was also President and CEO at Azurix Corporation and held senior leadership positions at Case Corporation.6 trillion (€43. Its US operation sales increased 9% to US$1. the network will comprise 176 km of lines and 85 stations CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 World News. DiviMat. It says the deteriorating economy. This was due to a budget deficit and the ‘Operation Lava Jato’ (Operation Carwash). M. Central America and the Caribbean sales decreased 19% to US$476 million (€430. US John L Garrison Jr has been appointed president & CEO of Terex. “We are introducing a new value proposition on a pretty saturated market. Produced by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).3 trillion) of the US. The Circle Mall and Warsan Souk.” ce MEXICO Cemex sales increase 5% Cemex recorded net sales of US$3.3 billion (€566.40 pm on October 14.17 billion (€288.6 million). and served as an officer in the United States Army. He takes over from Ron DeFeo. effective from November 2.8 billion) in 2013. President of LiuGong Europe Yuanxiang Xiao said.9 billion (€194. according to a new report.3 billion) for the third quarter of 2015 – an increase of 5% from the same period last year. In Northern Europe. but will continue to serve as executive chairman until the end of the year. ce When complete in 2018. to US$214. The structure – described as being made of scaffolding and formwork .8 trillion (€33. The M1 was closed for about 24 hours following the incident to attend to the injured. South Africa collapsed around 3. significantly greater than the estimated US$36. Finally. This resulted in low confidence and a delay in projects. The company’s earnings before interest.5 billion) in 2014. and a lack of investor confidence will be the reason for its shortfall. its South. completing a 5 km section of the line.3 million).2 km tunnel was completed using a tunnel boring machine (TBM).8 million). Excavation of the tunnel began on June 30 at the new central office for the Ministry of Education.09 billion (€986. an investigation into corruption at the state oil company.9 million). UAE developments.6 million). The industry’s output value fell from US$226.was part of a project being undertaken by contractor Murray & Roberts’ Infrastructure & Building business. Robustly establishing the brand positioning will be crucial. Mr Garrison joins Terex from Textron where he served as President and CEO of Bell Helicopter.

WORLD NEWS Artists impression of Al Bayt Stadium WORLD IN BRIEF INDIA bC India.2) per barrel. Charges were originally laid against SNC-Lavalin this February. The current lull in the oil price is also reinforcing the region’s need to diversify away from hydrocarbons and develop a broader economic base. Dr Nasser Hamad Al Hajeri. The reasons for the latest postponement were not given. UAE. Al Bayt has been earmarked as one of the Fifa World Cup 2022 quarter-final venues. has changed its name to Bauma ConExpo India. have won the AED 819 million (€201. So the current oil price of less than US$50 (€45. confirming that the design will recall a traditional Bedouin tent.7% to 780 billion yen (€5. building material machines. ce TANZANIA Construction is underway on the US$10 billion (€9.000 following the World Cup. the first phase of Bagamoyo port will have capacity to host container vessels of up to 8.000-capacity of the stadium will fall to 40. CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 World News.000 residents. and will be held at a new venue. as the top tier of seating will be removed. having been postponed from July while both sides sifted through evidence.7 million). said. and it will have a variety of dining and leisure facilities. Kenya. Located in Al Khor City. is having a big impact on the regional economy. PANAMA The project to increase the capacity of the Panama Canal is 95% complete.5) two years ago. business premises and shops.6 million) to government officials in Libya and also defrauding construction clients of as much as CA$ 129.8 billion). An example of this is the Kingdom City development on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast. According to government officials.7 million (€419. overseeing the development of the stadium. at the Huda Ground in Delhi. with some truly ambitious schemes underway.000-capacity Al Bayt football stadium in Qatar. as well as East Africa’s current largest port in Mombasa. which has seen three trade shows since 2011. However.7 million (€32. the company also cut its sales forecast by 3.8 million (€88. In the first half of the year. compared to around USD$100 (€90.018 visitors from 25 countries.9 million) contract to build the Palm Tower on the Palm Jumeirah artificial archipelago in Dubai. The client for the 52-storey. Prices for these start at AED 1. which ended in September. ce JAPAN Hitachi downgrades forecast Hitachi Construction Machinery has slashed its operating profit forecast for the year to March by 44%. The fourth International trade show for construction machinery.000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). QATAR Football World Cup work to begin Construction set to start before the end of this year on Al Bayt Stadium C onstruction will be underway before the end of the year on the 60.indd 10 28/10/2015 12:06:27 . UAE A joint venture between two UAE-based contractors. CANADA The criminal case against SNC-Lavalin for alleged corrupt activities in Libya will be heard in Montreal. The group said the structures were being tested ahead of the planned opening in April next year. Located between central Jeddah and the city’s King Abdulaziz International Airport. five star hotel and residential complex is developer Nakheel. which comprises Sacyr of Spain. The Palm Tower will comprise 504 luxury residences. President Jakaya Kikwete said the port’s construction would help the government achieve bringing about “an industrial revolution in Tanzania”. Jan de Nul of Belgium and Cusa of Panama. there is still enough money to drive investment in construction projects in hot-spot countries like Saudi Arabia. The trial had been due to resume last week. A shopping mall and wedding venue will also take up residence within the stadium’s shell. “We expect the first concrete activity to take place before the end of this year. The change was made following a joint decision between Messe München and AEM – the two partners for the show. according to Hitachi. including a rooftop infinity pool.05 billion) Bagamoyo port in Tanzania. The multi-phase project – to include the port and a special economic zone – will dwarf the country’s current main port at Dar es Salaam. mining machines and construction vehicles will take place between December 12 and 15 next year. according to the contractor consortium Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC). the 2km2 development will include homes for 210. In a statement to the 10 Tokyo Stock Exchange. while revenue was said to be down by 6%. with the shell of the structure made from a coloured polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). 50km north of Doha. The project has taken seven years and 100 million working hours according to GUPC. Trojan General Contracting and National Projects & Construction. The last trade show attracted 26. SNC-Lavalin is charged by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with paying bribes totalling CA$ 47. according to the development’s project director. The hotel will occupy the first 18 floors of the building. 75km to the south. Qatar and the UAE.” The latest renders of the complete stadium have now been released.000) for a studio apartment. net income had reportedly fallen by 48%. Salini Impregilo of Italy. The offences are said to have taken place between 2001 and 2011 in Libya. Canada in February 2016. ce MIDDLE EAST Middle East still booming Oil and gas are the mainstays of many economies in the Arabian Gulf. The 60. and this too is providing some impetus to the construction sector.

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Bridges | Tunnels | Highrises | Residential Construction | Energy Doka GmbH | www. Starting with the project development stage. Competent solutions for your tunnel project.The Formwork Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:20:42 . our Competence Center Tunnel experts ensure that formwork solutions are perfectly geared to your requirements. time and expenses are crucial for system selection and an important success factor in your tunnel project. Solutions that connect Formwork systems and services for your tunnel project Customised solutions Focused project support Efficient and fast thanks to modular systems – geared to your project requirements resulting from years of experience at the Competence Center Tunnel with rentable formwork systems – available for any type of tunnel construction Potential for savings in materials.

53% Wacker Neuson € 13.99% Tadano YEN 1392 1424 32 2.61 2.91 5.20 2.33% Metso € 17.14 30. Third quarter results season was just starting as CE went to press.12 1.25 14.52 241.90 63.25 5.29 -2.09 9. At this level.96 15.72 6.57 2.40 -3.19% € 76.03 12.22 0.50 6. Its results did not make for very cheery reading.24% € 2.19 2.05 1.30 0.20 6.20 -0.20 2.65 10.94% SEK 57. October saw something of a rebound.80 89.40 21.16 15.53% UK£ 2.27 4.39 57.33% CEC Index Acciona ACS Astaldi Balfour Beatty Ballast Nedam Bam Group Bauer Bilfinger Bouygues Carillion Eiffage FCC Ferrovial Hochtief Salini Impregilo Keller Group Kier Lemminkäinen Morgan Sindall Mota Engil NCC (B) OHL Peab (B) Sacyr Vallehermoso Skanska (B) Strabag SE Taylor Wimpey Tecnicas Reunidas Trevi Group Veidekke Vinci YIT Period: Week 39 .25 12.12 0.43 EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Company points at the end of week 43 was welcome.11 -0.54% € 11.99 -34.83 14. and the first to report was Caterpillar.13% € 3.23 7.20%.42% Volvo (B) SEK 79.04 10.88 5.67% € 57. All the major indicators around the world more than recovered the ground they lost in September.11% € 6.46 9.20% Haulotte Group € 13.81 79.04 2.99 2.64 40.16% Bell Equipment ZAR 8.66 -0. which climbed 9.30% € 20.94 18.40 0. However. German shares led the way. falling from an all-time high above 300 points in April to as low as 218 points in late September.95 -2.54 7.15% € 8.07 0. although some of this was due to one-off restructuring Currency Price Price Change Change at start at end (%) 208.30 3.60 59.61 12. with the DAX Xetra putting on some 10.39 9.78 -2.56 CONTRACTORS Company Currency Price Price Change Change at start at end (%) CEE Index 219.40 78.50 9.11 12.39 31.04% Astec Industries US$ 34.72% between weeks 39 and 43.29 2.08 75.FINANCE Shares rebounding Share prices around the world improved in October.35 -3.43 -3.59% Deere US$ 75.56 22. Still.83 -6. And the rebound was all the more surprising given some of the financial results which have come out.70 7.16 19.04 1.28% UK£ 7.92 1.02 11. It is still in in a low area.58% € 32.27 4.00 8. although this was also around its level at the start of the year.68% € 4.89 6.86% € 1.40 -5.71 3.04% in value between weeks 39 and 43.93% € 26.10% Atlas Copco (A) SEK 194.63 42.09 4.80% Kubota YEN 1702 1867 165 9.10 266.31% NOK 97.57 5.12 3.11 3.96 21.03 3.37% CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Finance.16% € 0. In other words the sector lost about 30% of its stock market value in the space of five months.80 10.80 158.indd 13 13 28/10/2015 12:11:56 .70 0.54 4. Other indexes also did well – the Dow was up 7.07 18.73 8.90 2.24 4.64 9.10% € 11.08% CNH Industrial € 5.90 24.18 2.90 9.01 0.67% Doosan Infracore WON 6660 6740 80 1.69% and the FTSE 100 5. despite some downbeat third quarter financial results towards the end of the month I All the major indicators around the world more than recovered the ground they lost in September.30 0. which is the bellwether for the sector.21 5.44 -7.98% UK£ 3. with the CEE gaining 10.96 11.25% SEK 163.76 points. The ups and downs of 2015 have resulted in no real net losses or gains in the year to date.90 13.65 11.29 0.90% € 56.08 219.43 Period: Week 39 .21% Hitachi CM YEN 1612 1941 329 20. but remained some way from the highs set in the early summer.83% UK£ 13.03% € 21.58 1.11 25.42% € 1. this was the section of the construction industry which was hit hardest over the summer. The recovery was led by the equipment sector.35% Caterpillar US$ 64.08 0.56% € 63.50 14.62% SEK 248.12 1.54% Kobe Steel YEN 144 156 12 8.25 23.57 23.41% Hyundai Heavy Industries WON 97500 99000 1500 1. So the rebound to 241. the gains were robust. but the sector still looks weak.12% € 17.69% Manitou € 15.80 7.30% Terex US$ 17.15 0.29 0.02 82.31 11.93 -0.37 0.11 -5. regaining the ground which was lost in September.00 0.35 2.33% Manitowoc US$ 15.75 20.92 35.19 9.11% to take it to 194. but remained some way from the highs set in the early summer n contrast to September.33% Komatsu YEN 1805 2036 231 12.69 0. and is back to the kind of levels not seen for two years or so.16 0.49 3.18 8.68%.00 6.00 12.56 0.50 8. with the CET Index for the whole industry gaining 7. it was back to where it was in late August – again. when share prices around the world took a plunge in the face of poor economic data emerging from China.50 104.34% € 39.42 7.71 1.99% UK£ 2.35 3.99% € 4.10 3. Revenues were down 19% from the same period last year and net profit was 62% lower.35 9. the Nikkei 225 6.70 27.55 7.04% Sandvik SEK 68.98 70.00 -0.88% Palfinger € 23. The European construction segment saw a similar improvement.91% UK£ 9.89%.20% € 31.12 -13.05 -0.82 -0.20 221.63 0.80 18. This was closely followed by the CAC 40.

09 6.19% Cimpor € 0.75 3. Other strong climbers in October were Acciona.72 14.5 billion restructuring programme.78 1.19 57.indd 14 www. The company operates the M-12 toll road linking Madrid with its Barajas Airport.33 0. bringing up other companies in the CEE Index perhaps says that the figures were not as bad as investors had expected.57 7.83% Vicat Group (Common) € 57.87 11.98 37.26% Wolseley UK£ 41.56 20.2300 kg Ylötie 10 FI-33470 Ylöjärvi. The slump came in week 43 as the company announced that two of its concession businesses. What’s more.43 results announcement. the Construction Industries segment was also down.95 15. rather than soft economic landing.60 -0.20 2.26 148.58 3. the biggest faller during the month was Spain’s OHL.68 7.FINANCE costs. One of the stand-out performances was from Bilfinger. three of which are Spanish contractors. However.56 1. which was up 24. CONTRACTORS The growth for contractors’ share prices was more measured.97 37. +358 3 347 6400 leguan@avanttecno.56% over the four-week period.60% Italcementi € 9. working height 15. so the question now is when it will reach the low point.31 0.000 job losses globally.55 3.9 m • Max.10 66. However.15 6. Finland Tel. The fact that its share price went up following the Q3 figures. which could see 10.25 4. with the announcement of a US$1.31% Saint-Gobain € 38.70 4.11 0. and buildings & facilities management. Lemminkainen. outreach 6.50 152.97 0. Caterpillar had prepared the ground for its MATERIALS PRODUCERS Company Currency Price Price Change Change at start at end (%) CEM Index 141.68% LafargeHolcim € 46. which sells equipment to the mining.82 3. and whether this will be triggered by some sort of crisis Made in Finland Access platforms • Platform capacity 200 kg over the whole working area • 4WD or Crawler • Max.17 0.49% Schneider Electric € 50.37% Heidelberg Cement € 62.62 0.88 -4. The company plans to focus on just two areas – 28/10/2015 12:12:06 . with the CEC Index rising 5. Sacyr and Trevi.09 -9.41 3. and oil and gas segments.8 m • Weight 1500 kg . which lost 34. Aeropistas SLU and Autopista Eje Aeropuerto Concesionaria Espanola SAU had gone into liquidation.01% Kone (B) € 32. It feels increasingly like China is having a hard. ACS.36% Wienerberger € 16.30% on the news of a new restructuring plan.60 7. But having broken more bad news earlier in October.90% CRH € 24.10 10.20 1.75% Period: Week 39 .50 25. reflecting an overall slowdown in business.25% Buzzi Unicem (Ord) € 14. Much of this is due to the downturn in Caterpillar’s Resources Industries business.02 -2.44% Schindler (BPC) CHF 141.26 -2.53 0.leguanlifts.97 10. the company says its revenues will fall another 5% next year from 2015 levels.16 7.94% of its value.61 -0. Low commodity prices here are deterring capital investments in the face of weak global commodity 14 CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Finance.88% Cemex (CPO) MXP 11.14% Titan Group (Common) € 19.42 5.56 39.04 17.32 53.98 50. and it would look at the options for these. It also said there it had businesses with annual sales of about €1 billion which did not fit into either category.

The stand-out performance came from escalator and elevator manufacturer Kone.0958 0.69% 10.69 11.84% 7.260 Danish Krone 7.1175 0.cebarometer.57 13. Both would tend to lower the value of the Euro – indeed. So any major credit crunch would probably be limited to China.0147 -0.0958 1.56 161. CURRENCIES October saw the Euro generally lose value.indd 15 15 28/10/2015 12:12:14 .9% said they expected activity levels to be higher in a year’s time than now. Part of this was due to hints from the European Central bank (ECB) that it would try more stimulus measures such as interest rate cuts or more quantitative easy to lift the Euro-zone economy. These mixed results pulled down the overall CE Climate figure to +9.4403 Swiss Franc 1.0230 0.FINANCE CE BAROMETER VALUE OF €1 Beginning End of period of period Change (%) 0. if growth returns to this economic powerhouse. which ultimately triggered the global economic crisis. but not on the scale of the Lehman Bros collapse.060 7.25% to 169. Its weakness reflects the mixed picture in Europe during October as far as construction markets were concerned.76% 5.89% 6. This was the first time since March that the CE Barometer has indicated a drop in the market.0811 1. Most of the other companies in the CEM Index saw fairly subdued single-digit share price movements.30% -0. ■ Full information can be found at www.0036 -0.04% 4.3%.7210 1. so the question now is when it will reach the low point. that is the most pessimistic view.9522 27. OUTLOOK With expectations for global economic growth now looking a little bleak. with more moderate losses against the other major reserve currencies.0147 -2. The only exception was UK building materials merchant Wolseley.4080 Swedish Krona 9.01% -0.0148 -0. results of the October CE Barometer survey showed shakiness in the market. This was on a par with September’s figure of +38.7%.69 1. most notably the Norwegian Krone.0811 -0. this was the lowest it has been since March. ce Any major credit crunch would probably be limited to China.62 9.5712 Polish Zloty 4.01% against the UK Pound between weeks 39 to 43. rather than soft economic landing.54% 0. and whether this will be triggered by some sort of crisis.89 16315 17489 6066 6423 17645 18825 4439 4869 9612 10643 Change Change 22.2447 4.48 169.31% over the four week period.7210 133. However.1104 -0.9558 Czech Koruna 27.34% Period: Week 39 .7610 -0. with the CEM Index rising 5. A positive figure indicates growth.4211 9.56% 6. share prices could stay in the doldrums for some time.4028 1.08 219. It also lost ground against many other European currencies.2217 Romanian Lei 4.0375 -0.7358 Bulgarian Leva 1.2% of respondents said activity levels in October were higher than in September.84 203.85% 0. It feels increasingly like China is having a hard.47 1.01% -1. which takes just a one minute to complete.72% (%) more insulated from the global system than the US banks were and are. which warned of a slowdown in its domestic market at the start of October.2030 4. However. This would still be bad news.18 points.40% -1.51% -3. However.34% -0. but rather than strengthening further. The balance figure is the percentage of positive responses minus the percentage of negative responses. it will start to consume more goods (from Europe) and commodities (from emerging markets) and the global picture should turn around. but not on the scale of the Lehman Bros collapse CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Finance.38 Norwegian Krone 9. But back on the down side. A positive balance of just +1. because a low Euro would make exports cheaper and/or more profitable on foreign markets. is open to all construction professionals working in Europe. That compares to a figure of +10. It has uncomfortable parallels with the US sub-prime mortgage crisis of the mid 2000s. In addition.01% -0. The CE Barometer survey is open from the 1st to the 15th of each month on our website. Chinese banking is smaller and KEY INDEXES Index WN TURN DO British Pound Japanese Yen Swiss Franc US Dollar Change U UP T R N RESERVE CURRENCIES Beginning End of period of period 219.0148 -0.4599 Hungarian Forint 314.43 CESSION TAKE PART The survey. There are certainly concerns about bad debts in the Chinese More wobbles September saw a bounce-back in European construction activity from the seasonal summer lull. the currency seems to have fallen just on the hint of such measures – and this is one way they would help businesses. This would still be bad news.5% in September for the same measure of confidence. A resounding balance of +34.2005 -0. along with the announcement of its third quarter results in week 43. the materials sector saw more measured growth.1%.7358 134.0007 -4.74% -0.64% EUROPEAN CURRENCIES British Pound 0.04 7. which was up 14.0131 -0.4592 309. One school of thought is that China has sneezed and the world has caught a cold.3682 0. and that these link back to an unsustainable real estate bubble. This was linked to some major orders announced in October. It was down 2. survey respondents said they were less busy this October than a year ago.06 1174 357 1180 430 38 10. This prompted a near 10% net decline in its share price over the course of the month. ce BOOM RE CEE (Equipment) CEM (Materials) CEC (Contractors) CET (Total) Dow FTSE 100 Nikkei 225 CAC 40 DAX Xetra Period: Week 39 . with a negative balance of -8.0071 -2.78 -0.43 Meanwhile.65 190.58% -1. respondents to the survey remained bullish about future prospects. a negative one contraction.52 banking system. Although it remained well in positive territory.18 208. Arguably the key to it all is the Chinese economy.18% -0.69% 9.20% 5.

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All other administrative charges as contained under the 2004 Rules remain the same. prior to starting enforcement proceedings before an arbitration or court. as it normally issues recommendations. the Gulf and Asia. facilitate the enforcement of a binding conclusion and make a DB a more attractive means for resolving construction disputes.LAW AND CONTRACT Introduction to the ICC Dispute Board Rules With a new set of Rules just out. the DB can intervene with informal assistance to help the parties resolve the matter by agreement. becomes final if no expression of dissatisfaction is issued within 30 days of its receipt. and a new set of Rules were released on 1 or +44 (0)20 7490 6498. The essence of this Rule is to maintain the integrity of the process. notwithstanding any expression of dissatisfaction. 2015. DB POWER Specific provision has been made in the 2015 Rules empowering the DB to appoint. These introductions to the Rules are commendable. however. on the other hand. Dispute Review Boards (DRB) issue recommendations. Provisional reliefs are made to protect the DB process and to facilitate the enforcement of a binding conclusion. too. the services they provide and the compensation they receive. on perceiving a potential disagreement. which are not immediately binding on the parties.and mid-range contracts. Combined Dispute Boards (CDB) offer an intermediate solution. Pinsent Masons LLP is ranked No 1 for construction law by all legal directories in the UK. Recently. If avoiding the dispute is impossible or the disagreement too entrenched. must be within the shortest possible time and must not exceed 20 days in total. It provides that. or determine the dispute through a recommendation or a decision issued after a procedure of formal referral. DBs are commonly used in construction projects. or if the DB so decides. The DB can also issue provisional reliefs such as interim or conservatory measures. as may be required during the DB process. and Ngo Martins Okonmah. Under the 2015 Rules. as it disallows objections on the merits as a defence to non-compliance with any conclusion in enforcement proceedings before an arbitral tribunal or court. ce CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Law and Contract. This concern has been addressed by the 2015 Rules. The 2015 Rules provide for certain circumstances in which a binding conclusion of a DB shall become final – the effect being that the dispute cannot be open to contest in future by either of the parties. A DB is not allowed to engage in informal conversation or to attend separate meetings with the parties. The 2015 Rules make express provision prohibiting all forms of informal assistance by a DB on a formal referral. associate of Aluko & Oyebode (on secondment at the London office of Pinsent Masons). as parties are required to comply with the decision. The effect of this provision is to facilitate the enforcement of a binding conclusion. as their implementation will aid parties to avoid dispute. if parties are unable to agree. the DB may identify the disagreement and encourage the parties to resolve it on their own without further involvement of the DB. take a look A Dispute Board (DB) is a standing body comprised of one or three DB members. Under the 2004 Rules. Dispute Adjudication Boards (DAB). however.720).500 (€2. Under the ICC Dispute Board Rules. However.270) to US$3. but may issue decisions if a party so requests and no other party objects. the inability of parties and DB Members to agree on fees was a major reason for delay in setting up a DB process. a request for the Centre to fix the fees of the DB Members attracts a filing fee of US$3. please contact Virginie Colaiuta at virginie.indd 17 17 28/10/2015 12:12:43 . parties have a choice between three different types of DB. Among the introductions to the revised Rules (2015 Rules) not contained in the 2004 Rules concerns dispute avoidance. The parties are bound by the Centre’s determination on fees and the DB Members can either accept the determination or decline the appointment. The filing fee for the registration of a DB member and a request for a review of a decision by the Centre have been increased from US$2. Another new Rule is the prohibition of informal assistance on a formal referral. The 2015 Rules eliminate common procedural challenges to the enforcement of conclusion issued by a DB. in respect of any of the issues covered by the referral. Danielle Griffiths. solicitor at Pinsent Masons. Compliance with a recommendation of a DRB is initially voluntary.colaiuta@pinsentmasons. Also. a DB has the power to extend time for issuing a conclusion. the Rules were revised under the guidance of experts from multiple fields around the world to address the realities of modern long. a recommendation also becomes binding and final if no expression of dissatisfaction is issued by the parties within 30 days of its receipt. It is an international law firm with offices across Europe. ■ For more information on any legal or contractual issue. The decision of the DB being final is new. referral requires the DB to act in a judicial capacity. typically set up at the signature or start of performance of a mid. A notable introduction in the 2015 Rules is the emphasis on dispute avoidance as part of the basic function of a DB. given that a formal Pinsent Masons LLP is the world’s leading construction law firm with a true infrastructure and energy sector focus. and are used to help parties resolve any disagreement or dispute that may arise during the implementation of the contract. one or more experts to give evidence.or long-term contract.000. A decision issued by a DAB is ordinarily binding on the parties. The appointment of expert/ issue of interim or conservatory measures is another new addition. The Rules consist of a comprehensive set of provisions for establishing and operating a DB. It also disallows any objection relating to a requirement on a party first to refer noncompliance with a conclusion to the DB. issue decisions which must be complied with immediately.000 (€2. even if the parties are unable to agree to the extension. in agreement with the parties. each distinguished by the type of conclusion it issues on a formal referral by the parties. They cover such matters as the appointment of the DB Member(s). A binding decision of a DAB. The extension. as it empowers the ICC Centre to fix the fees.

energy-saving in-tunnel crushing #TheMetsoWay Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:22:33 .8 km Koralmtunnel. keeping the demanding project right on schedule. That’s how we make the big difference. we created a flexible stationary crushing plant and a mobile. Find out more about the Koralmtunnel and how Metso makes the big difference at metso.8 km tunnel was built from its own rock. the Metso Way For the 32. This included a customized Lokotrack system specifically designed for the Koralmtunnel drilling dimensions and process.A 32.

the hub is neither directly linked to the Juncker Investment Plan. it can be wondered whether project promoters will still be interested in having their projects presented on the web portal. we understand that project promoters should address directly to the EIB “as usual” and the EIAH is supposed to help them. but the details on how this investment will materialise remain SMEs and mid-cap companies. of €240 billion for long-term investment in infrastructure and €75 billion for FIEC Avenue Louise 225. broadband. it is still hard to respond to contractors’ main questions. Spain. Member States were asked urgently to present their wish list of projects. More recently. In spite of criticisms from many stakeholders. Luxembourg. which should be operational in January 2016. This plan is not supposed to increase Member States’ public debt either. For SMEs and smaller projects. use of financial instruments and capacity building. and the UK. As the issue of poor preparation of projects was one of the barriers to investment pointed out by FIEC. Poland. However. ce CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 FIEC. only nine Member States announced that they would contribute to the plan. Tel: +32 2 514 55 35. the leverage effect could achieve a ratio of 1:15. up to €400 million. access to finance. and projects in the field of energy efficiency. for now. Interestingly. China could invest between €5 billion and €10 billion. preparation and implementation. For smaller projects in particular. but no in-depth assessment which would guarantee that the projects presented on the portal would benefit from the www. up to €8. involving various experts’ teams within the EIB. Juncker encouraged Member States to put money in the EFSI by excluding it from the calculation of their public deficit. where every Euro in public money invested in the fund would raise €15 in private investment. In theory. up to €8 billion. B . However. e-mail: info@fiec. we can be happy that the EIB took this aspect seriously. before presenting them on the web portal. Support to SMEs is also a clear target of the EFSI. SME SUPPORT The new fund will benefit infrastructure projects. However.5 billion. notably transport. It might be remembered that. up to €80 million. it corresponds to the general principle outlined by Commissioner Pierre Moscovici last year. up to €8 billion. part of this guarantee has been taken from a budget line already dedicated to infrastructure. A specific assessment and selection procedure is currently being set up to determine which projects will eventually get an EU guarantee. as most priorities promoted by FIEC have been secured in the legislative text. up to €1. In spite of this complexity. Bulgaria. At present. France. The EIB states that it offers a single access point for project identification. up to €8 billion. the third part of the plan consists of a European Investment Project Web Portal. Slovakia. we do have some concerns about the implementation of this hub. Companies are invited to go to their usual intermediaries at national level and find out what is available for them. including FIEC.FIEC Juncker plan to give more opportunities €315 billion will be injected into the EU’s economy by 2017 as part of a three-fold plan by President Juncker to revive investment A few months ago. The adoption of the EFSI by the European Parliament and the Council was very good news for the construction sector. the European Investment Bank (EIB) is expected to secure investment and attract private money into riskier projects. China has declared interest in contributing to the Juncker Plan. this clearly restrained the few Member States interested from putting their own money directly in it. According to the latest information. The second part of the Juncker Plan is the creation of a European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH). energy.1050 Brussels. last winter. but has no direct link with the EU guarantee. based on €5 billion made available by the European Investment Bank and a €16 billion guarantee from the EU budget. if they have no guarantee of an efficient return. Indeed. Moreover. so that the EU Institutions could promote a pipeline of projects to investors. the EIB encourages grouping them together via national investment platforms to create a critical mass that is more attractive for investors. The objective of this plan is to inject at least €315 billion over the period of 2015 to 2017 into the EU’s economy. up to €8 billion. Based on a guarantee brought by the Commission. These include Germany. For the bigger projects. The first part of the plan is the new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). nor specifically dedicated to benefiting from the EFSI. without losing its triple A rating. Belgium.indd 19 19 28/10/2015 12:13:05 . as well as national experts and private consultants. the whole mechanism presented in the framework of the Juncker Investment Plan is quite a complex one. we understand that it will remain business as usual. the Commission stresses that the web portal is just a promotional tool for investment opportunities in the EU. Finally.fiec. where public money would be used only where necessary. Italy. and private money would be mobilised as much as possible. Consequently.5 billion. but only at national level and mostly via their national development banks. as the EFSI does not foresee any specific quote per sector or country. The EIAH aims to strengthen Europe’s investment and business environment by enhancing the capacity of public and private actors to structure financially sound projects in order to bring them to maturity. The total EFSI fund of €21 billion is expected to allow the EIB to issue around €60 billion in bonds. we reported on the brilliant new vision that President Juncker had elaborated in order to revive investment in the EU and come out of this gloomy post-crisis situation. And. All in all. So far. up to €100 million. it was made clear that the near 2. That is then expected to trigger a total of €315 billion in loans over three years. It appears that it will be decentralised.000 projects which came out of this exercise would not automatically benefit from the EFSI. we believe that contractors have good opportunities ahead. LIGHT SCREENING The EIB explained that it would undertake a very light screening of the projects proposed.

it FMIB-CWM www. it is difficult for a machine operator to visually judge the condition of the milling machine. improve the driver’s AGORIA www.comamoter. and according to Caterpillar.vdma.fme. Machines with this concept are already on the market. PTS TECHNOLOGY The PTS technology developed by Wirtgen ensures the machine to road surface is parallel during the entire milling process. said Christoph Halbrügge. who introduced the project. A separate actuator is no longer necessary as it uses the travel drive for the pivoting movement of the drive unit. which is carried out by a team from the Technical University of Dresden. Compared to other technologies. In the regular operation of a milling 20 six construction equipment and engine manufacturers. in collaboration with CECE Secretariat Diamant Building – Bd A Reyers 80 B – 1030 Brussels www. a power-split transmission for the travel drive. remaining parallel is ensured even during interruptions like lifting the machine up above a manhole.anmopyc. to create what is described as “a zero side of the road milling machine”.eu Tel:+32-2-706 82 26 Fax: +32-2-706 82 10 AEB www. Closed loop proportional speed control was implemented. Customer feedback is also positive for the pivoted drive unit of a road milling machine which was put on the market by Wirtgen last year. Operator jobs will become easier through the supporting of planning and implementation. while still being able to achieve maximum run out speeds. the compaction process has a comparatively low degree of CEA www.imder. CECE is looking to repeat the contest at future editions of the summit. Thanks to this.CECE Engineers are seeking to improve efficiency September’s summit in Brussels saw seven engineers present their findings and developments in the engineering of construction equipment M achinery manufacturers are striving constantly to increase productivity. This is possible because a defined function is implemented in the LEVEL PRO onboard levelling system.indd 20 28/10/2015 12:13:51 . The prototype was presented to the public for the first time earlier this year. the manoeuvrability of the machine and the quality of the work process. The reliability and efficiency of the process could be improved significantly thanks to standardised planning methods and precise implementation of the planning results. according to René Müller.techind. ran a project to increase fuel Unacea www. Accelerating the operation process. This allows the operator to restrict the engine to run within its most efficient speed SVSS Teknologiateollisuus www. operator comfort and enhance energy efficiency and compliance to exhaust emission regulations.sace-se. they have a significant presence in North America. Gemany. as well as having an adjustable height travelling unit. Henry Hudson and Niall PTS helps to reduce the complexity of work and therefore minimises the risk of CISMA www. a displacementcontrolled attachment drive and a hydrostatic parallel hybrid system.unacea. The conventional drive train was replaced by a diesel SACE www. and roller manufacturer Hamm. There is a focus on automation solutions for asphalt compaction by the Department for Agricultural Engineering & Mobile Machinery of the University of Applied Sciences. The young engineers have developed an approach to process algorithms that permit automated machine guidance behind the road paver. two engineers at Caterpillar. which is held every two years. Germany. numerous new electronic and hydraulic components were used. As part of the project. The travel unit is connected by a pivoting arm and can be moved from an outer to an inner position. small milling machines need to be able to turn.agoria. The aim of the project is to improve the efficiency and quality of the construction process through automated processes. the most promising technology available was incorporated into a wheeled loader. according to Oliver Koch and Markus Schneider who spoke at the CECE UCOMESA www. machine performance and component life in pumps and motors. This is why reliability on road construction sites is dependent on the knowledge of the operators driving the machine.ucomesa. The team engineered a new energy efficient hybrid drive train for a 24 tonne class wheeled loader with 200kW installed engine power.coneq. the hydraulic clutch. According to Wirtgen. Japan and Europe. allowing the operator to set a maximum speed limit as well as giving the added benefit of an extended life component. The W50Ri is the first machine using this concept on the market. This is also good for the IMDER www. or soft verges. Within the research project TEAM – Green Wheel Loader. Osnabrü APCEMP www. in Caterpillar’s K series wheeled loaders. such as the electronic throttle pedal. ce CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 CECE. therefore reducing fuel ANMOPYC COMAMOTER www. In order to be able to work effectively in situations such as a cramped VDMA www. cutting costs and increasing the quality has also helped develop the parallelto-surface (PTS) technology for road construction. Young engineer Tobias Stinner was part of a team of four engineers who set out to increase the efficiency of the milling process. The new hardware also allows the introduction of software features such as eco mode. The team demonstrated that a 10% fuel saving is possible compared to an efficient state-ofthe-art machine. The PTS system has been introduced successfully into the market. durability has been proved by machines being in operation for more than two years and the benefits have been proved under jobsite conditions. held in Brussels in September.apcemp. operator modes and drive pressure sensors.cece. who presented the project.

are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without R QEXC1901 © 2015 Caterpillar. youtube. CATERPILLAR. Better displays. All Rights facebook.#$TOUCHSCREENDISPLAY )NTEGRATED'RADE#ONTROLSSTAYONTHEMACHINE 7ATER RESISTANTCONSOLESWITHhMILLION CYCLEvSWITCHES 2EMOTEPENDENTCONTROLS Learn more at www.” the “Power Edge” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein. their respective logos. “Caterpillar Yellow.® CAT F-SERIES PAVERS THE NEW STANDARD Improved controls. s s s s . Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:23:19 . BUILT FOR

the show is the equivalent of the Olympic Games for the construction and mining industries. “and it’s very international – visitors are coming from 200 countries in the world. to invite your sales people. for the most part. too. but it’s maybe the final step to invest.” He described it as “the largest show on earth” in terms of size. Africa. there will be a mobile phone app that can be downloaded. “You cannot describe it. He recalled visiting the Olympics as a teenager when they were held in Munich in 1972. hall diagrams and other data designed to help visitors plan and make the most of their time there.” He pointed out that many companies develop new products with an eye on Bauma. the people from India. “It’s also a marketing platform to show the brand. as well as restaurants and other infrastructure of that sort. “Big customers are visiting these exhibitors and buying – not just having seen it at the venue. “It doesn’t come by itself. You will get free wifi in the whole of the venue. That means you have to invite your customers. “It wouldn’t be right to say now you shouldn’t try to come to Munich. in April. Klaus Dittrich. and he talks to Sandy Guthrie about what to expect at next April’s edition B auma is the show that will dominate the construction world next year. and to book the flights and rooms. This will provide visitors with information related to the show. all continents are represented and that’s unique in this industry to have such a worldwide meeting point. I would say. He said the number of exhibitors meant that it was a good idea to start working out who to visit. “You have to invest time in preparing a visit carefully. The app was tried at the last Bauma. to be there. we have more than 3. From next February. “It’s quite late. “There are no big changes but we have made some improvements to the service. Germany. having started in 1954. This really makes it unique. this investment has a return for every exhibitor – if he is preparing it very well. But I’m pretty sure that with a mid-term perspective. That is the precondition. it’s still possible. including exhibitor lists.” he said. exhibition space. but there’s still a chance to get one.indd 22 28/10/2015 12:16:13 . South America. Bauma is the place that is chosen to launch these new products to the world market.” said Dittrich. “You have to see it. to keep the customers motivated to go 22 Bauma is the biggest trade show in the world with this brand. wherever. “I would say it is a firework of innovations there.” he said. Held every three years. do PR. and he added that for the last 60 years it had grown steadily.” he said. The next edition is the 31st Bauma. It is mainly increased space for traffic and visitors.INTERVIEW Feel the spirit Bauma’s CEO is passionate about the world’s largest trade show. Dittrich is clearly passionate about Bauma.” It is not surprising that he is convinced that the investment from companies exhibiting at the show is well worth it.” He advised. Initially it was an annual show. and for the CEO of Messe München.000m2 gross space.000 exhibitors here – but you have to feel this Bauma spirit. “The world was here. but Dittrich said that it was not. “So try to get a room.” he added. “This should all be done already now. all the other things to make it really a success. with the next edition of the fair to be held in Munich. Dittrich advised visitors to start their preparations for the show now. marketing. from China. that’s clear. A feature of the next Bauma show will be CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Interview. to see the whole industry there.” MORE SPACE THIS TIME There is more space this time. When it came to booking rooms. You can talk about figures – we have 605. he added. and the new version promises to be more extensive. “and I think it is the same feeling at Bauma – the construction and mining world is here from all over the world.” he laughed. including the outside area. then it became bi-annual and after that it has been held every three years.” He said the main layout of the show would be similar to the last Bauma.

so there are presentations and discussions which is added value for the visitor if he is interested in specific topics.” The waiting list for exhibition space shows Bauma’s enduring appeal.indd 23 23 28/10/2015 12:16:21 . I think that this is definitely clear that it won’t be a substitute for trade fairs. It’s interesting ting that they are using young people e who have already been trained ed by the company to explain n to their colleagues what they hey are doing – so it’s nearly rly the same age level. ies. with one of the best airports in Europe so you can come in from nearly every part of the world. “The over demand in the halls is higher than the open air space. the question was asked several times whether the internet would replace trade fairs. It’s very wonderful. “It’s not only the exhibition – which is worth it in itself to come here – but it’s also the hotels. but I suppose also in other countries. try.” he said.und Anlagenbau). “It is a firework of innovations” CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Interview.” Dittrich said that 10 years ago. the landscape around Munich.” Dittrich said that Messe München was ready for Bauma. museums. with even more exhibitors ors in this programme this year. “This was very successful uccessful last time. Africa or Russia.” ce Dittrich. so we can offer two additional halls to the exhibitors for Bauma 2019.” NO SUBSTITUTE a chance for companies panies to attract young people to the industry. has led to a hall where present e exhibitors exhibi bito bi tors can p resent themselves to young ng people pe eople as a company to work for.” said Dittrich. the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinenen. “We were already talking during Bauma 2013 about who would be interested to use these halls and I can tell you there’s a lot of interest to go into the new halls. because the personal communication – the face-to-face communication – you cannot substitute that.INTERVIEW The gates open at the last Bauma And there is also the Bauma Forum “Here we will have specials for different regions in the world. and competition petition between the different segmentss of the industry. we are starting to build two additional halls. “After Bauma 2016. An initiative from the German m manufacturers’ anuf u actu t re ers’ trade association. You can practise actise it. and that’s very important. Anlagenbau). restaurants. That’s very attractive.” said Dittrich. “Today. “It’s a big topic in Germany. “Munich is a wonderful place to stay. using a simulator lator to drive a cranee or whatever. He said the demographic mographic development was similar in that there here are fewer younger people. “It’s not just talking alking about it.

The oil-disc brakes ensure a positive retention of boom and hook positions. Joe Malone examines the latest features to hit the market 24 C ompanies operating in the utilities sector are looking to increase standards of machine performance. leading to companies improving all aspects of their machines to ensure their products were keeping up with the game.823kg. said the company. ease of operation. the new purpose-built pipelayer cab is pressurised. Rated lift capacity at tipping point for the PL72 is 40. The new pipelayers were designed to meet the demands of the pipeline industry for increased lift capacity. which has designed new features for its PL72. Growth of 9% in the utilities sector last year – according to AMA research – suggested competition was strong. Counterweight segments are contoured to provide optimum lifting performance and are extended hydraulically for efficient load balance and clearance. and a counterweight system ensuring a low-centre of gravity for optimum performance. and the PL87 capacity is 97. comfort.111kg. CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Utilities. The lightweight. A new electronic kick-out switch for the PL83 and PL87 means that counterweights are retracted to the correct position.UTILITIES Doosan’s DX235LCR-5 excavator has a maximum digging depth of more than 6. One such company is Caterpillar. it said. and 270kW for the PL83 and PL87.972kg. placing total control of lifting functions into one single joystick. A new roll-over protection structure (ROPS) provides safety for both open and closed operator’s stations.5m The DX140LCR-5 excavator from Doosan has four power and work modes High standards Improved performance and comfort are high on the priority list in the utilities sector. enhanced slope capability. and PL87 pipelayers. according to Cat. All the engines meet EU Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emissions standards. while the PL83 capacity is 77. performance. And. fuel economy and durability. PL83. The engine power rating for the PL72 is 192kW. They have an all-Cat power train with differential steering and an electronicallycontrolled hydraulic system. Replaceable boom-mount bearings are said to be designed for long life and easy service. and transportability. incorporating new operatorcomfort and convenience features.indd 24 28/10/2015 12:20:36 . durable boom features high-tensile-strength steel construction and a narrow design that enhances visibility of the work area. it added. It has variable-speed winches for the boom and hook to provide control.

The cab is fully sealed and supplied with filtered. Delvator. a variety of aftertreatment systems are available as part of the Tier 4 compliance. pressurised air for a clean interior environment. and improved serviceability. said Hanix.53m configurations. yet providing enhanced access and manoeuvrability on urban work sites. The new Cat pipelayers offer added operator comfort features. it said. CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Utilities. it claimed. Both the DX225LC-5 and DX235LCR-5 Tier 4-compliant machines replace the Tier 4 Interim DX225LC-3 and Tier 3 DX235LCR models. The Doosan excavators comply with Tier 4 emission standards with modified diesel engines and aftertreatment technologies. and provides access to multiple switch-controlled functions. A new selectable feature.indd 25 25 28/10/2015 12:20:46 . They come standard with permanently sealed and lubricated track links. The PL72 also features two booms which are 6.1m and 7. All its functions come with no cables or linkages. meaning performance is constantly optimised to match the workload. the company said. it said. The H17D claims to be an extremely compact and well-balanced machine with a shortened turning radius for digging on space restricted sites. which is used with SCR technology.3m and 8. Additionally. Thumb-operated controls integrated into the joysticks regulate boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic functions. They also come with 178mm liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen that allows operators to continue monitoring the excavator parameters while viewing the rearview or optional side-view camera image. and the bushings and hard-wear disks are designed for reliability as well as extended service intervals to increase uptime. and enabling rapid transfer by trailer between locations. claiming improved performance. allowing truck transport with the ROPS in place. and ventilated seat options. without sacrificing performance. It features two-speed travel and an extendable track frame and dozer blade – giving maximum stability when digging. Boom mounted two-way proportional control auxiliary hydraulic lines are fitted. Doosan has added the DX225LC-5 and DX235LCR-5 crawler excavators to its Tier 4-compliant lineup. allowing operators greater flexibility in tight spaces.3m. adjustable arm rests. The DX140LCR-5 model offers a shorter tail swing. said Doosan. the crawler excavators have Improved anti-skid plates. such as a quieter cab. It uses a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to reduce particulate matter (PM) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx). A dash-mounted LCD display provides on-board diagnostic information for the operator. such as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). operator-focused comfort. allows operators to create individual profiles and operational settings. is available on both models and consists of two systems – variable speed control and pump torque control – that work together to improve machine efficiency while maintaining productivity and reducing fuel consumption. smart power control (SPC). it added. and a large skylight with sliding shade provides a clear view of the boom and block. Expansive glass surfaces allow unhindered visibility around the machine and into the trench. Both the DX140LC-5 and DX140LCR-5 excavators are designed for long life with The Hanix H17D claims to be suited for operation on utility works an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure. The available enclosed cab is new and designed by Caterpillar specifically for pipeline applications. In addition. JOBSITE DURABILITY Meanwhile. an emergency engine stop.UTILITIES The PL83 and PL87 now use two booms in common – 7. The engines are optimised for use with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) system. ensuring an easier set up. fuel economy and jobsite durability. Swedish contractor Steffes Schakt is using Hitachi’s ZV350LC-5 SLF The ZX180LC-5 was supplied by the Swedish Hitachi dealer. making it quick FUEL EFFICIENT Mini excavator firm Hanix has the H17D excavator. which features a combination of a fuel-efficient Kubota engine and variable displacement piston pump.

L Learn more at ditchwitch. Untitled-1 1 with less downtime. A Charles Machine Works Company 28/10/2015 14:06:39 . Engineered with more torque. thrust and pullback to help you work more efficiently JT60 ©2015 The Charles Machine Works.A GREAT DRILL EXPERIENCE BEGINS WITH GREAT EXPERIENCE.

In addition. while the engine and its components are easy to access for any maintenance and service programmes. “It features a newlydesigned spacious cabin and a deluxe interior. The U27-4 also delivers exceptional fuel economy and a driving experience that is “second to none”. It also claims to provide excellent stability without the need of additional weights that are often required by other zero-tail swing excavators. “The U27-4 was introduced following extensive research and development with operators across the UK and worldwide. protective engine frame. It is also powered by what Kubota described as its own “world leading engine”. general manager of Rohrbau Gmünd. Thanks to the certified roll-over protective structure. “In addition. This process enables continuous high performance digging and dozing. “The Volvo PL4809D is the ultimate construction machine.” He said the Kubota U27-4 machine was manufactured to exceed these requirements. FIRST IN NORWAY Dobloug has purchased the first piece of Hitachi light compaction equipment in Norway from the country’s authorised dealer. “For a young company like Rohrbau Gmünd. bucket and swivel are required. excavator-based platform. The electric ZV350PR-De model is also equipped with the recoil starter as a backup CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Utilities. the machine provides heavy equipment performance that both enhances the customer’s pipelaying capabilities and profitability.” He continued. The Volvo PL4809D pipelayer claims to have an innovative load management system. the innovative pipelayer is already said to be an in-house favourite for Rohrbau Gmünd. while not compromising on performance levels. and the boom cylinder located above the boom provides added protection against accidental damage. enabling the machine to turn throughout its 360o radius safely and with precision control. said Kubota.indd 27 27 28/10/2015 12:20:57 . Anti-theft technology increases fleet security.4km route from Niederalfingen to Oberlengenfeld in Germany. high stability and 360° upper structure swing capability. it also offers the maximum level of safety. which exceeds the current emission levels required by European legislation. said. Hanix said.495m and dumping height of 2.” He added. where more than 20. has resulted in an excavator being designed to meet and exceed the needs of the market. which really maximises how the machine can be utilised. The durable base plate helps to absorb shock. “The feedback we received in the 2. when the simultaneous operation of the boom. Winfield said. It has steel body panels and a wrap-around counterweight to withstand everyday site knocks. Built on a stable. The Kubota U27-4 can turn throughout its 360o radius safely and with precision control ZERO TAILSWING Kubota describes its U27-4 excavator as a compact and tough zerotailswing mini.UTILITIES and easy to change between attachments such as breakers and augers. according to Kubota. In the 2 to 3 tonne weight category. This 3.” The U27-4’s tail provides minimal protrusion outside the track width. said Volvo. The Volvo PL4809D features a hydraulic. said. Markus Eichele.435m. The U27-4 delivers a powerful and wellbalanced digging force. a wider and lower entrance aims to make the cabin simple to enter and exit. including a relaxing suspension seat that reclines to accommodate an operator’s posture and offers weight compensation. particularly over extended periods of use. combined with Kubota’s manufacturing expertise. Kubota’s intelligent digital panel with diagnosis function is located towards the front side of the operator for better visibility and accessibility. “This.6 tonne water pipes along a 3. “This helps to reduce strain. along with a wider working range that rivals higher-end excavators. there was no alternative pipelayer that could offer the precision and flexibility that is imperative for this job. minimise fatigue and increase operator productivity. Neil Winfield. To complement this. resulting in a longer life for the machine.5 tonne class highlighted that users wanted Volvo machine aims for precise performance in Germany German-based Rohrbau Gmünd is looking for precision in the performance of Volvo Construction Equipment’s PL4809D pipelayer for laying 2. The Hamar-based contractor has added the ZV350PR-De reversible vibratory plate to its fleet of Hitachi machinery for its construction projects. All models are fitted with a standard recoil starter to enable efficient and safe starting of the engine. Nasta. Rohrbau Gmünd is working in the Ellwangen Waterworks construction area. Kubota Construction’s business development manager. meeting all the criteria and requirements for pipelaying. The long dipper arm provides the H17D with a maximum digging depth of 2. deeper and more efficiently. Having been fully tested by the conditions. two variable pumps distribute an accurate amount of oil to each actuator according to the lever stroke.000m3 of earth had to be moved so that the pipes could be embedded securely.” The pipelayer delivers innovative features that oil and gas industry customers demand when working with heavy materials. which it claims features the largest and most luxurious cab in its class. It has been designed to produce a dynamic impact force thanks to a compact body and hightensile. offering the best possible comfort and all-round visibility for the operator. “The highlight that really makes this machine stand out from the crowd is that it is the only pipelayer that can be converted into an excavator with very little effort. arm. it said. height-adjustable cab as standard. The Hitachi ZV-PR compactor range offers the highest centrifugal force in its class. This allows operators to dig faster. the U27-4 is said to ensure operators have strong visibility for greater productivity and increased safety.4km long construction stage includes 10 manhole shafts for access more space in the cabin and increased comfort levels.

By reclaiming. the after-sales support they offer is the biggest advantage that they have over the competition. Delvator. said. Renewables generation will continue to be a key driver for growth for electricity output in the medium term. It is a self-contained unit that can mix and recycle drilling fluid. are stronger than other conventional SLF machines. according to AMA. ce 28 CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Utilities. Swedish contractor Steffes Schakt has also expanded its fleet of Hitachi construction machinery for increased versatility across a wide range of challenging projects in the Stockholm area.UTILITIES so work can continue even if there isn’t time to charge the battery. Ditch Witch has released the MR90 mud recycler which offers “the fastest set-up time” – the only mud recycler that can be transported full of fluid. I believe that Hitachi’s compaction equipment has the Utilities sector in Great Britain is continuing to grow Construction output for utilities in Great Britain during 2014 grew 9%. as well as handle spoils. representing a significant increase on the previous year. In such a competitive market. “Fundamental to this positive forecast remains the influence of government policy commitments in a number of areas such as the Renewables Obligation. part-owner of Dobloug. recycling and reusing drilling mud. “We have an excellent working relationship with Nasta. Construction output in the utilities sector in Great Britain has experienced overall growth of 64% since 2008. which has released its latest results and forecasts for the utilities sector.” He said another key effect was the influence of the regulatory environment in the water and energy sectors. and so we have also been able to update our fleet with the latest technology. These include the ZX350LC-5 SLF (super long front) and the ZX180LC-5. The market has been strengthened by ongoing asset renewal programmes and by the very strong performance in the electricity sector. Joar Grini. Automatic pit pump control helps prevent overflow. “The Hitachi SLF machines have been designed specifically for the European market. “They have been reinforced. Magnus Hansson.” Dobloug already owns several Hitachi Zaxis5 medium excavators and a ZW wheeled loader. The MR90 is 18.” He went on. “I first saw the new range of light compaction equipment on a visit to Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) in Amsterdam.6 billion) by 2019. “Current prospects for the utilities sector into the medium term remain optimistic. energy security and the rollout of superfast broadband. This means that with the addition of the reversible vibratory plate to its fleet of construction equipment. which were supplied by the Swedish Hitachi dealer. said. and has outperformed the wider infrastructure market over the past two to three years. and has contributed strongly to the overall improvement in the utilities construction sector in recent years. particularly from offshore wind farms. Current prospects for the utilities sector remain optimistic with output set to increase to around £11. drill operators can save on disposal and transport costs.” added Grini. director of AMA Research. Keith Taylor.indd 28 28/10/2015 12:21:04 . said. with output set to increase until 2019. Construction output in the electricity sector more than quadrupled between 2008 and 2014. “Our previous supplier’s machines aren’t as modern as the ZV350PRDe. but its share slipped back dramatically in 2014. according to AMA Research. Delvator’s technical product specialist engineer. Water was the leading sub-sector up until 2011.” MUD RECYCLER Meanwhile. it said. and are ideal for digging and levelling jobs. Positive influences on this sector have been found to include the government’s commitment to renewable energy and the country’s energy security. The company now has 15 Hitachi crawler excavators working on construction and civil engineering projects in and around the city.7kW and is equipped with a hydraulic pit pump that can be controlled by an optional remote control – a Ditch Witch feature – which can simplify operation for smaller directional drill crews. “We use this type of compactor on a regular basis and I wanted Dobloug to be the first company to be supplied with one of these machines in the Norwegian market. Our Hitachi dealer is the best supplier in the Norwegian construction industry. and the ZV350PR-De was delivered in March 2015. according to the company. Construction output in the utilities sector in Great Britain has experienced overall growth of 64% since 2008 The MR90 is a self-contained unit that can mix and recycle drilling fluid same high level of quality as its excavators. its aftersales requirements are being managed by one of its existing suppliers. which provided an underlying motivation for medium-term programmes of capital investment.9 billion (€16.

their respective durability. Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 12:27:04 . flexibility and strong Cat dealer support that you expect. © 2014 Caterpillar. BUILT FOR IT. “Caterpillar Yellow.4 ACERT engine is an integral part of our full range of industrial power solutions. CAT. this new Tier 4 Final.5 bhp) U.S.5-129. See the full product range at CatIndustrialPower. CATERPILLAR. EU Stage IV The Cat® C4. Included in a medium power range of 45-225 bkW (60.4 ACERT ™ Industrial Power Unit 74.4 bkW (100-173. All Rights Reserved. EPA Tier 4 Final. Stage IV engine has the fuel efficiency.3-302 bhp).” the “Power Edge”trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein. are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.BUILT FOR YOUR APPLICATION C4.

9800 Deinze (Belgium)  / catalogus op onze website www. “Landini” (‘67).com W: CONTRACTORS’ TOOLS tel: +44 (0) 1246 299 100 www. AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS “Deutz-Fahr” and “Fendt”. ROCK DRILLING DEMOLITION TOOLS TOOLS sales@padley-venables.ENERGY CLOSING: Tuesday 17 NOVEMBER from 14h00 Alsina Group Visiting: Saturday 14 November from 10h00 till 13h00 Monday 16 November from 09h00 till 16h00 Vaart-Rechteroever 43 . SKID STEER LOADER “Bobcat” S770 (‘13).COMMERCIAL CIVIL WORKS . On your site. low loaders “Gheysen Verpoort”. fertilizer spreaders “Amazone”.com Untitled-1 1 E: alsinainfo@alsina.Padley & Venables make some of the finest tools available in today’s market. Fact. 250 IMPORTANT ONLINE AUCTION by order of the interested.padley-venables. “Ferguson” (‘48).ENGINEERING FORMWORK & SCAFFOLDING RESIDENTIAL . We’ve spent over 100 years perfecting our manufacturing methods and our production processes to ensure you have the best possible product where it matters most. FORK LIFT TRUCKS “Daewoo” Outstanding Projects Alsina Formwork Engineering 28/10/2015 12:29:51 . baler “Vicon”. “John Deere”. hydraulic hammers and pulverizers.SERVICE .TroostwijkAuctions. “International”. Agricultural and Earthmoving Equipment EXCAVATORS “Kobelco” SK160 and “JCB” JS150W. various demolition equipment a. OLDTIMER TRACTORS “Lanz” (‘57). “Jungheinrich”.alsina.WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRY . “Linde” H30. power generators cap. EXPERIENCE .o.

mostly underneath the river.8 billion (€20. 7. and the associated Stuttgart-Ulm high-speed rail project. they are costing around €10 billion. Six 7. There are expected to be 200 million passengers annually. meaning that 21km of new twin bore tunnel has now been threaded through complex cluttered ground beneath Britain’s capital.5km hard rock Filder tunnel which is currently being driven. and fitting out for both stations and rail. Victoria.1m diameter EPBs (earth pressure balance) worked on the project which also used two slurry type Mixshields for a crossing under the River Thames. Both are now significantly into construction after years of controversy and protest.5km hard rock Filder tunnel in Germany is currently being driven High speed.2 billion (€5. the through nature of the station was quicker and faster than the existing in-out terminus. But road schemes are pushing forwards too. overseen by specially-created independent company Balzagette Tunnel for utility company Thames Water. Contractors selected include major European firms BAM Nuttall. as the last of eight Herrenknecht TBMs (tunnel boring machines) broke through in May. underground in the heart of the city. CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Tunnelling. Work continues on station caverns.5 billion) project which forms a new 118km long link from the east to the west of London. which is enclosed by hills on three sides. primarily with spray concrete methods.2m diameter running up to 65m deep. as Adrian Greeman finds out C ompletion of running tunnels for London’s huge Crossrail scheme was a major highlight this year. The city project is building a new central station. Ferrovial Agroman. The seven-year construction starts next year.8 billion) Thames Tideway interceptor. with eight tracks running at 90º to the orientation of the 15-platform existing station. a 25km long sewage overflow storage and transport tunnel. Deutsche Bahn. which funnels into just five exit lines.3km bores from the east to Farringdon Station in central London – the longest drives.indd 31 31 28/10/2015 12:25:54 . Work to dismantle Victoria began in the summer. The tunnels are the central element of the overall £14. said that despite fewer lines. Taken together. Balfour Beatty. The project involves reconfiguring local and regional lines with a series of radiating soft ground tunnels in the city. conventional and metro rail continues to be a major driver for tunnelling across Europe. The client. completed one of two parallel 8. The last TBM. London’s tunnellers have another project to occupy them – the huge £4. SECOND LARGEST The second largest project in Europe is the Stuttgart 21 underground station and rail scheme in Germany. Complex work is needed beneath buildings and a river crossing.TUNNELLING Going underground The Stuttgart-Ulm high-speed rail project involves multiple tunnels The 9. Costain and Vinci Construction. It will eliminate storm overflow into the river from 34 existing sewers. both of which involve multiple tunnels. There is also a new high-speed rail link running out southeast through the largest of the tunnels. Trains are due to run at the end of 2018. the 9.

3m Herrenknecht TBM.4km long twin-bore Ceneri tunnel Portuguese road project Volvo Construction Equipment has been helping open up the remote Portuguese regions of Douro and Trás-os-Montes for development.7km in length.5km long Albabstieg. using TBM drives and a central 1. totalling 14km take the line upwards and another. After its second drive the TBM will be hauled through the conventional sections for two more drives at the far end. It has also just completed the 4. The drill and blast is needed to pass through anhydrite Keuper gypsum which must be kept dry to avoid expansive reaction with water which could trap a machine. takes a route straight through the mountain. Some five major tunnels are required.TUNNELLING The cutterhead on the final Crossrail TBM in London. several in construction for the last three years. The biggest are under the Schwabian Alps. and for link tunnels into the station. Part of this is driven by an 11.5km is just finished. There are two tunnels.5km long section of drill and blast. A new government-funded project to extend the A4 motorway from Porto all the way to Vila Real near the Spanish border. 13 of which were purchased shortly before the project began. Spoil goes to the surface with a Swiss Agir conveyor for immediate loading for truck disposal from a tightly constrained worksite. Special water seals have to be installed around the tunnel bores. To save space. each measuring approximately 5. The same Porr-led joint venture is doing this work. the 5. and the TBM is being dismantled and moved to the portal for a parallel drive beginning next spring. one of the largest road tunnels in the Iberian Peninsula.indd 32 28/10/2015 12:26:19 . The Túnel do Marão will be the longest road tunnel in Portugal. this twin bore has gone well and The 15. which continues the upward climb after a 485m bridge over a narrow valley. Difficult karstic limestone and squeezing conditions are being tackled for the first ascending tunnel – the Bossler. It used 22 pieces of Volvo construction equipment. Work on the first bore began in autumn last year using a 10. Sophisticated compensation grouting is needed to stop the settlement of buildings above the tunnel. At this city end. Work on the Brenner Pass base tunnel is well under way 32 Volvo equipment in the Túnel do Marão CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Tunnelling. in EPB mode. Victoria.82m Herrenknecht multimodal machine. Specialist consultant Professor Walter Wittke is advising on the tunnel and this work. is dismantled Austrian contractor Porr is working from the southern portal. Atlas Copco rigs are starting the centre sections. Despite further difficult karstic limestone sections. EPOS (Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas) began work on the twin tunnels in October 2014 and plans to finish the concreting and paving stages of the project by February 2016. descends into Ulm. meanwhile. FIVE TUNNELS He is also working on the high speed link to Ulm.8km long Steinbühl tunnel. a highland national park where two tunnels. while the remainder is using drill and blast methods. segments arrive on a just-in-time basis by train from precast works operated by contractor Max Bögl near Berlin. large NATM (new Austrian tunnelling method) caverns are being made for the TBM reception and turn. which continues from where the Filder finishes at the airport with another 60km of new line. The first 4. thanks to its role in the Túnel do Marão project.

The AlpTransit scheme includes a second tunnel further south. You will love the new operator interface which assists you safely. where track laying is complete and the opening is expected to be in June next year. forms part of the TransEuropean Network (TEN-T) route from Berlin to Palermo. it is possible! The MRT 3255 is a 3-in-1 machine. Between two single-track main bores of 8. the Austro-Italian Brenner Base Tunnel company.800m. This was one of the first major projects for Agir conveyors. it breaks all performance records.500m deep. up to 2. from Tyrolean capital Innsbruck to Fortezza in Italy. attention has moved to Austria and Italy where not only the great Brenner Pass base tunnel is well underway. Two southern drives were completed in March and more difficult 8km northern drives will finish by the end of the year when rail and signalling work begins. It serves for later maintenance and drainage but is also vital for exploration and geological investigation.indd 33 33 28/10/2015 12:27:01 . Preparation for the main tunnel drives has been underway for several years. If taken together with a 9km linked bypass tunnel at Innsbruck for trains heading onwards. A further soft ground tunnel of 7km is still in preparation along the line.TUNNELLING Drill and blast work on the Ceneri tunnel is almost complete breakthrough was due to be celebrated on 6 November. The Koralm tunnel is a key part of the Vienna to Graz line in Austria The Brenner. Even bigger high speed tunnels are underway through the Alps linking northern Europe to Italy. the 15. It is comparable to Gotthard at 55km long and has a maximum cover of 1. six month ahead of schedule. With its 5. Telehandler. according to the client. it will claim a world record length of 64km.1m in diameter there is a smaller central service tunnel of just under 5m inner diameter and running 12m lower.5-tonne capacity and 32-meter lifting height. the smart choice for your working day! MRT 3255 CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Tunnelling. with VERSATILITY SIMPLICITY PRODUCTIVITY BE MANITOU Being able to work on site without limits. crane and platform: 360° versatility. Manitou. AUSTRIA TO ITALY Meanwhile. but two more base tunnels as well – Koralm and Semmering.4km long twinbore Ceneri where drill and blast operations with Sandvik rigs and a Rowa backup system are nearly complete. With Manitou. The largest is the world record 57km long Gotthard Base tunnel. The Ceneri will shave a further 10 minutes from the Zurich to Milan route when complete.

com/android-ce www. Munich www. This is where the world comes Compatible with: n Apple n Android n Windows 8 FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION To download the app please use the links below: www. innovations and enthusiasm up close at the industry’s most important international April 11–17.cconstru AK KHL Group publication Compact loaders p24 Auctions & used equipment p20 Surveying p31 C O N S T R U C T I O N THE MAGAZINE FOR EUROPE’S CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY A KHL Group publication Available to download from: 31st Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery.khl. so you can’t miss out! Prepare your business success and look forward to: w ww.Connecting Global Competence MORE THAN A MAGAZINE DOWNLOAD THE LATEST ISSUE OF CONSTRUCTION EUROPE ON YOUR IPAD OR ANDROID TABLET NOW! C O N S T R U C T I O N THE MA MAGAZINE AGAZINEE FOR R EEUROPE’S UROPE’S C CONSTRUCTION CTION IN INDUSTRY NDUSTRY Volume 26 Number 7 September 2015 Mining Machines.000 m² of space Get your ticket now: w ww. Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment www.cconstru AK KHL Group publication Compact loaders p24 Auctions & used equipment p20 Surveying p31 Foundations p38 The world speaks Volume 26 Number 6 July-August 2015 C O N S T R U C T I O N Foundations p38 CE-100 p14 Engines p45 Rental p37 Attachments p27 THE MA MAGAZINE AGAZINE E FOR R EUROPE’S EUROPE’S CONSTRUCTION C CTION IN INDUSTRY NDUSTRY Volume 26 Number 7 September 2015 bauma Official Untitled-2 1 29/10/2015 09:55:43 . Building Material Machines.400 exhibitors More than half a million visitors 605.bauma. Join the conversation! Experience

200m. Cutting under the historic but speed. A fourth access and exploratory adit on the Italian side is still in excavation and about half complete. including a 6km length of the exploratory from Innsbruck.TUNNELLING though the contractor is pleased with its two “tough” CREG-Wirth TBMs now over 11km in. completed this year also excavated and lined the first two 1. This Maddalena tunnel site still has a police guard.8km Koralm tunnel with maximum cover of 1. mostly to be built by conventional means. It began later in 2013 because work had previously been disrupted by hostile demonstrations.8 billion cost. a Herrenknecht hard CROSS BORDER One final trans-European base tunnel route is the 57km Lyon to Turin cross-border project. and like other base tunnels it has a very flat gradient.3m diameter Robbins main beam TBM both to test possible TBM drive conditions and gather rock data. and is being driven by drill and blast b tthrough hard gneiss and softer phyllite claystone. the tunnel is divided into several sections. This tectonically crumbled rock was potentially a major obstacle. The €380 million multipart contract was let to Austrian contractor Strabag with Salini Impregilo from Italy in September last year. both with segmental linings. Austria has another trans-European high speed link underway. starting from a cavern at the base of a 400m deep shaft currently under construction by a joint venture of Implenia and Svedelski. Implenia Austria and Thyssen Schachtbau for €457 million. upgrading the line from Vienna to Graz. years but full commitment to the scheme has been uncertain until now. Final go ahead was agreed in February between France and Italy. the 27km long Semmering is just starting. and is being driven by conventional methods in one tube. conventionally excavated section across the Periadriatic fault on the Italian side. Apart from a small 1. The tunnel between St Jean-de-Maurienne in French Savoy and the Susa valley in the Piedmont will have twin bores with a separation of 30m. An even bigger and deeper road tunnel from Stavanger northwards. another test tunnel contract has just been let to Spie Batignolles. The most important work recently has been a 1. is currently in design.indd 35 35 28/10/2015 12:27:40 . A first section of around 3km was in soft ground while the rest is parallel hard rock drives – one of 16km and one 17m.4km section from Gloggnitz at the east portal has been let to Hochtief Infrastructure Austria. it will also provide a flat gradient for high speed trains.and gradient-limited Semmering mountain railway. meanwhile. but while the fractured rock was difficult going. supplied by m sister firm. and by a multimode Herrenknecht TBM on the full length of the other bore. There had been work on  access and exploratory tunnels completed in recent TBM assembly at Bergen – the first TBM drive for a rail tunnel in Norway CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Tunnelling. An EU subsidy of 40% of the €8. Work will go from the portal and an access shaft. Marti Technik. The same contract. and with an entire new line section onwards to Klagenfurt. Because of exceptionally complex geology and high water heads. North of Graz. It will use an NFM TBM with overcutting facility to explore rock conditions and possible squeezing ground. Austria’s Federal Railways civil engineering company ÖBB Infrastruktur. a conveyor muck system. Only one central section of 9km can be done by TBM. Moving further north.5km sections of the main bores. It is using a 6. for the first ttime in Norway. Norway is currently excavating the deepest ever undersea road ttunnel – the 14. it has proved passable. It started this October after assembly in an underground cavern.5km portal section begun in 2011. Contracts are currently being let. over the last decade.5km long.4m – slightly larger than Gotthard and Brenner – allowing clearance for lorry shuttle trains.4km of conventional drive will head in the other direction from the shaft cavern. Some 4. the Rogfast. investigated in detail Swiss firm Marti is using drill and blast on the eastern section of the Solbakk tunnel in Norway The Solbakk tunnel will be the deepest ever undersea road tunnel five major access adits virtually complete. A key feature of the link is the 32. The remaining approximately 12km of tunnel was let last year to Porr. A 7. On the French side. it is being driven in two main contracts. and a long 9km drill and blast drive parallel to the bypass tunnel as a safety tunnel. where half was excavated in the investigation stage. at Bergen.3km Solbakk ttunnel at Stavanger – reaching 290m depth. The inner diameter will be 8. The next major work is an additional 15km of exploratory tunnel being made with a Herrenknecht gripper TBM southwards from the initial Innsbruck section. It is part of a 2 tthree tunnel scheme for the ccoastal city. has said that things are within the parameters of the contract for the eventual 2018 completion. was agreed in July. Work also includes completing more access points in the Innsbruck area. p Atlas Copco rigs with Volvo lloaders and trucks are in use ffor one of the two contracts while Swiss firm Marti on the w eastern 7. Begun two years ago.8km section is using e SSandvik rigs and. The client. Meanwhile. the Ryfast. The largest is by contractor Strabag and joint venture partner Jägerbau with 20km to do. for a 9km section of one of the two main bores. these have proved slow going in hard and often blocky rock.

4km long Eurasia tunnel. Contractors Acciona and Ghella have ordered four Herrenknecht TBMs to begin excavation work late next FOR TOUGH JOBS UNDERGROUND 36 CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Tunnelling. this one from Agir. literally on the edge of Europe. Joint venture contractor Skanska-Strabag will also use conveyors for spoil.TUNNELLING The Bosporus road tunnel in Turkey has taken high pressure working to a new level rock gripper TBM is just being readied for a 7km drive through very hard granite for the Ulriken tunnel at the end of the Bergen to Oslo rail line.normet. Czech firm Subterra is making the access tunnels. mostly in a 20km twin-bore tunnel. A giant Herrenknecht Mixshield drove the central 3. ce www. and contracts for major work beginning next year are with Implenia. a twin-deck dual two-lane road tunnel underneath the Bosporus in Istanbul. Turkey. HIGH-SPEED RAIL Norways’ biggest project is the Follo highspeed rail line from Oslo to commuter town Ski.indd 36 28/10/2015 12:27:50 . It is the first TBM drive for a rail tunnel in Norway. Another contract with Italian contractor Condotte d´Acqua will use “drill and split”. Sweden began work early this year on the huge ten-year Stockholm bypass scheme which will put a dual three-lane motorway underground on the west side of the city through typical Scandinavian hard rock. the first use of the method in Norway which replaces blasting with hydraulic wedges to remove rock.34km section in both saturated soft ground and rock at maximum depth of 106m with pressures at an unprecedented 12bar. The tunnel will double track an existing single bore open since 1964. Work began last year with an initial 800m drill and blast section for track crossover and line branching into platforms on a station at Arna. Skanska and Norway’s Veidekke. which has taken high pressure working to a new level. Finally. this autumn saw breakthrough of the spectacular 5. An Atlas Copco rig drilled and Volvo wheeled loaders and trucks moved out the spoil.

schaeferventilation. Whether you’re behind your PC at your desk or in the field on your tablet. gives you instant access to your data. Anywhere. giving you true insight into your +1. TSURUMI EUROPE | T: +49 211 417 9373 | F: +49 211 479 1429 | E: SALES@TSURUMI. Tsurumi’s pumps can transport almost anything to keep your project moving.251.TSURUMI.8696 www. https://vision.schaeferventilation.instantel.Stuck for a solution? Don’t get bogged down on site. Vision delivers the info you sales@schaeferventilation.EU When Safety Matters American quality with European convenience. www.320.EU | W: Untitled-1 1 Vision™. Available from Amsterdam 28/10/2015 12:37:55 . Instantel’s new cloud-based hosting application for vibration monitoring information.

Wolf & Sofsky SF Tief. for example.und Ingenieurbau. Only the contours of the overall structure will be perceptible. Paschal said that because of the specified architecture. Sandy Guthrie looks at some recent projects Many and varied T he world of falsework and formwork is a very varied one. as the techniques and equipment can be used in many interesting and different ways on a multitude of different products. 280m² Paschal Deck and 314m² GASS. the combination of its TTK. Paschal Deck and the shoring system GASS were combined to build the entire concrete structure with system formwork components. Paschal.und Servicegesellschaft für Baumaschinen. the structural engineering and the DVGW regulations for drinking water storage. and to demonstrate organisational and personnel qualifications. It said this service was essential for the contractors in order to compile the quotation as well as to ensure compliance with the DVGW (German Association for Gas & Water) regulations. relies solely on formwork and shoring components by Paschal. The diamond-shaped facade field will be the only visible part of the Zweibrücken structure after the underground reservoir is covered 38 For the formwork of the concrete structures.indd 38 28/10/2015 12:30:43 . the contractor. which are visible from the foot of the slope. and the formwork design was supported by Paschal. on behalf of Stadtwerke Zweibrücken – aims to ensure the drinking water supply of the southern zone of Zweibrücken According to the architect’s plans. the contractor had to submit comprehensive material samples. an absolutely closed-faced exposed concrete surface was specified for the concrete CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Falsework and Formwork. the shape evolved from the environment itself. and the architecture firm Molter Linnemann Architekten from Kaiserslautern. During the bidding phase.200m3 of drinking water The requirements for falsework and formwork are almost endless. A waterproof concrete structure in one cast was made by using formwork and shoring systems from Paschal – 580m² LOGO. the calculation department of Wolf & Sofsky was supported by the Paschal partner HSB Handels.200m3 of drinking water are being made for Stadtwerke Zweibrücken in Germany. LOGO. are reflected in the diamond-shaped facade field that will be the only visible part of the building after the underground reservoir is covered with earth. To ensure compliance with the strict DVGW hygiene requirements.3.FALSEWORK & FORMWORK Paschal has made tanks to hold 1. The gable peaks of adjacent buildings. and so the systems’ manufacturers need to be flexible. which specialises in the turnkey construction of plants and technical facilities for supply and waste management. 180m² TTK. has been involved in the creation of a waterproof concrete structure for drinking water. Because of the DVGW regulations. Elevated tanks to hold 1.3. Spiesen-Elversberg. The new structure – to be built according to plans by CP Beratende Ingenieure & Co.

Doka said project was characterised by CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Falsework and Formwork. it was important to t find a formwork partner “with a product portfolio that allowed for realisation of p extraordinary jobs”. pedestrian zone. COMPLICATED BUSINESS By its very nature. As a result of this. which. falsework and formwork is a complicated business. The lack of space required that part of it had to be pre-assembled. All this led to careful application of logistics by building contractor Ed Züblin. and connected to public roadways through a tunnel. spindle-shaped parking ramp. structures for f the insides off the container.200m2 distributed over three levels. It said there was virtually no room for storage and only one road to access the 100m x 200m area. has been built in the heart of an Aachen. without further coating.3 and TTK – were  coated on site with Zemdrain by Max Frank. Germany. A car park with 600 parking spaces is available on the two upper floors. Therefore. which opened last month. said Doka. concrete and formwork. all wall formwork for the inside tank walls – combined from LOGO. accessed by an intricate.FALSEWORK & FORMWORK The Aquis Plaza shopping centre has been built in a pedestrian zone where space was limited. The shopping centre features retail space of 29. The third and fourth upper levels contain apartments. it has been accommodating up to 20 trucks carrying building materials. On peak days.indd 39 39 28/10/2015 12:30:54 . and Austrian-based Doka said that co-ordinating various parts of a project in confined spaces was one of the greatest challenges it ffaced. e At the same time. The Aquis Plaza shopping centre. it added. comply with the hygiene requirements. the ability to procure large volumes of formwork just in time and with v the shortest-possible lead time was crucial. the general contractor for the turnkey shopping centre.

there is a best solution.3 – the excellent shape D- Chip ed RF I for high concrete  Phone: +49 (0) 7832 / 71-0  service@paschal. in the infrastructures or in the oil & gas sector.pilosio. YOUR PARTNER OF CHOICE For a problem there isn’t just one +39 0432 435311 Formwork Slabs Trenchlining Scaffolding Events Fairfaced concrete on demand: LOGO. With an international network spanning all five continents and more than 50 years of expertise.PILOSIO. however. short forming times includ PASCHAL Ident Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 13:00:36 . innovative project design and a wide array of solutions “Made in Pilosio”. Delve deeper into our solutions! www.pilosio. whether you are in the construction. That’s our mission: to deliver custom-made solutions achieving the highest peaks of productivity and efficiency through dedicated technical www. we are your partner of choice.paschalinternational.

40m. Switzerland. also useful as protection from any falling objects. However. Depending on the load. The first step was to lay the foundations. “Rather. is using products from Meva. the construction company required an ad hoc solution for the safety of the workers. Load-bearing towers up to 9m high were setup on the profiles of their SL-1 beams. Its type-tested columns absorb individual loads up to 430kN. The hollow pillars have a total height of 18m with an outer diameter of 2m and an internal diameter of 1. saving labour and time The campus complex is 200m long and comprises four offset blocks with four levels each. Doka said that with its rugged steel frames.” Describing the project as the region’s largest construction site. They served to shore up the 40cm thick floors of the next levels. while the construction site traffic could move freely underneath. Italy. The cavity inside the pillars allows wiring to be passed through. which are four storeys high and support the floors of the hospital wings.FALSEWORK & FORMWORK The Delémont. and 1. The Hospital of St Anna & St Sebastian has 13 large pillars. which said its system’s flexibility allowed slabs and beams to be poured in one go.20. It is composed of high-capacity columns and system beams from the modular system SL-1. 1. plus an underground car park and a CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Falsework and Formwork. As the casting process was planned for the summer. the internal temperature of the steel pipe could have reached a temperature of 50°C. Staxo 100 was designed for great shoring-heights and high loads. It added that its project engineers planned and calculated a structure equal to the task – 9m high and a Pillar challenge for Pilosio The Pilosio technical team faced a challenge with the construction of the hollow circular pillars on the site of a hospital in Caserta. The distance between them can be set anywhere from 0. university project comprises four offset blocks with four levels each Meva said that early stripping the MevaDec slab system meant beams and panels were free for the next pour while a few props remain for reshoring organic shapes such as the overhangs of a false ceiling to the large-scale glass roof. If for any reason. jobs could be achieved safely and on time.000m² and is up to 100cm thick. while the internal structure was a single mould. with six conical semi-circular elements connected to each other through a conical sledge system that allows the automatic removal of the entire formwork with a construction site crane. Pilosio said the removal of the internal formwork was simple and safe. Doka’s solid web beams are used in the superstructure. the six component parts slide over one another reducing the circumference and so allow the complete removal of the formwork.200m2 of interior space has been created to house 500 beds. “This is to say that there is virtually no right angle in sight. Then came completion of the base plate that extends across 15.indd 41 41 28/10/2015 12:32:50 . Doka said it served as the lifeline for the entire cramped site’s logistics. Doka said this saved on equipment and hours of work. They were bridged by components from the SL-1modular system. The Caserta project involved 13 large pillars span across 7m. as well as a safe working platform at the base. It said that above this base support. with its curved shapes. where 4.90. It aims to be adaptable to different layouts. The next task was building what it described as an access dam descending into the interior of the structure. Doka said that cast-in-place building construction was combined with the use of (semi) pre-cast members. For this reason. either H20 beams with blue ends were selected or the new composite formwork beams I tec 20 with grey end-reinforcement. an integrated ladder system has been provided that is embedded and welded onto the formwork structure. the composite formwork beams claim to be able to handle around 80% higher loads. Some Staxo towers were back-stayed so they could safely absorb higher horizontal loads as well. The building interior features some large and curved open storeys. Lifting the internal formwork with a hook.60m to 3. The Pilosio solution was designed so that no worker had to carry out any routine work inside the formwork during the operations of arming. the entire body of the structure is nestled against the buildings along the streets of Aachen’s historic centre. known as the Centuriatio. The heavy-duty supporting system DokaShore bridge formwork was used. Switzerland. The external formwork is made from two half-shells. without any of the workforce having to enclose themselves within the pillar. FLEXIBILITY A new central university campus with three faculties being built in Delémont. access to the interior is necessary. because of their design.” it said. Both beams weigh nearly the same.80m in height.00m. with basic frames of 0. disarming and handling. which had to be freely accessible to vehicles throughout the entire period of construction.

this would have entailed using appropriately shaped timbers but. 6m wide bridge. as it is able to adapt to any geometry. the props’ drop heads were lowered to pull out the MevaDec beams and panels. It is claimed to be a versatile system. With dimensions of 5. It claimed the joint pours of slabs and beams proved the main stumbling block for other approaches. the architect. said. as well as its Alisply Bridge shape achieved NOEtop wall formwork manufactured by NOE-Schaltechnik was chosen for the Süssen Bypass in the German district of Göppingen where a bridge was built as part of this project by Andreas Stark from Aalen. The company said that with just a single crane. include longitudinal beams on every level. This system allows a seamless move to the next section by having front and rear wheeled frames. with its NOEtop integrated bracing. with the Genoa port extension project. Alsina is using its Alisply Heavy Walls system. NOE said that with conventional formwork. It is also using Vertical Multiform. Once the slab had reached its minimum strength. I realised that there was no clarity on surface texture. said Alsina. The Stark site team decided to use NOEtop for the bridge abutment and wing wall formwork. each 12m high. “lt will take time to gain experience with h this. which were executed in a warehouse and will later be submerged in their final location with the help CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Falsework and Formwork. the shape was achieved without the use of specially made elements. Rolf Spahr. It said the ACI was one of the most influential concrete institutions and was active in 120 countries across the globe. described as cost-effective. Meva has begun an educational campaign to promote the new ACI (American Concrete Institute) Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces. This includes an XXL variant. Meva said the requirements for concrete works and formwork engineers were challenging – slabs and beams to be completed in single pours. it meant the site team could form an area of over 14m² in one operation.FALSEWORK & FORMWORK nine-storey tower on the south side. Meva said this put everyone – the contractor.1km bypass 42 Heavy Walls ll and d Verticall Multiform l f fformworkk systems. for the implementation of straight sided walls with all kinds of polygonal geometries and a concrete finish. without construction joints.” He said that it was a case now of educating contractors and architects about the new guide. 30cm thick and partly with irregular recesses. The bridge at Süssen is part of a 2. h but I believe it will put everyone in a better position and will push people to sit together as a team. it claims to be one of the largest formwork panels on the market. making it ready for next set. beams and panels are set up by only two workers. which defines the features of formed concrete surfaces.65m. the engineer – in a better position to agree on the desired concrete finish. Alsina is using its Capping Beam formwork system. a system that was described as durable and easy to assemble and erect. Spain. The MevaDec props. When reaching the position where a concrete beam is to be poured. AluStar or StarTec wall panels are mounted horizontally to form the beam edges while wooden beams close the gap between the slab and concrete beam formwork. The new bypass has a total length of 2. The manufacturer offers the formwork system in different sizes to allow it to be used for a variety of applications.indd 42 28/10/2015 12:33:24 . MEP shoring towers are moved into place with wooden beams and panels to form the underside of the beams. it achieves the stripping of the three sides and allows. A few props remain for reshoring. 70 or 100cm thick. It said that different slab areas were all formed without time-consuming filler areas by using different panel sizes and combining them in varying directions and in offset position within the primary beams. a semiautomatic driving system of three immersed formwork sides. They are 40.” he added. At Süssen. Six years of hard work and Meva know-how are said to have gone into the new guide. and move them to the next pour. It is designed to withstand concrete pressures of 88kN/m². It has launched a broad campaign to reach a professional audience on the benefits of the new ACI guide. which has used Alsina’s systems in the past. The abutment formwork on the bridge at Süssen had to be angled in the bearing area. the developer. Alsina provided its Alisply Walls formwork system for each in two 6m high spills. Then MevaDec panels are again set up for the slab area until the next beam position is reached. and contractor Parietti & Gindrat chose the slab system of MevaDec to handle the complex job time. Alsina’s capping beam system is a semiautomatic formwork solution that allows performing concrete formwork sections on three sides. a similarly recoverable modular system. and the result is the new ACI 347 3 R13 – Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces. The slabs. The work is being undertaken by Loruso Costruzioni. a recoverable formwork system for concrete walls designed to be used with a crane and which allows the implementation of large surfaces with minimal joints between the panels.1km and includes the construction of a 28m long.30 x 2. The expansion of the Port of Genoa includes the construction of a new pier that rests on four cellular concrete blocks. placing the dywidag bars with no need to remove the formwork out of water completely. I was asked to get involved in the ACI to bring in my formwork knowledge and experience. head of Meva Formwork Systems sales operations in Germany since 1988. which was published in December 2014. CAPPING BEAM Spanish-based Alsina is currently collaborating on the construction of a submerged mooring at the Civil Guard area in the Port of Barcelona. “After looking at the various guides and documents. on schedule and on budget. Talking together is always the best way. as well as easy removal thanks to the mechanical and/or hydraulic system used in the stripping function. “A few years ago. Alsina is also collaborating on a civil works project in Italy. My goal was to define clearly the various features of a formed surface. For this project. from the previous set.

The pylons were poured in 8m high cycles from the ground to the upper edge of the beams that support the bridge deck. The site includes a news section in which there are more than 40 published stories about the company. The Peri specialists supported the construction KLK 230 climbing scaffolds were used to support the heavy panels’ gangs. Peri said that SCS enabled single-face concreting by transferring the loads from the fresh concrete pressure without formwork anchors through the bracket into the climbing anchor of the previous concreting step. It said the flexible Vario GT 24 Girder formwork made units with the platforms that could be moved by crane. which it claimed ensured rapid progress on site. The Békéscsaba pylons are 40m high The dam.indd 43 43 28/10/2015 12:33:42 . remain horizontal despite an inclined position on the dam. It passes through the city of Békéscsaba in southern Hungary. Its deck is orthotrop. Peri’s engineers devised a solution using the SCS Climbing System and the Vario GT 24 Wall formwork for the double curvature dam. The Alsina Group has launched a new website. where a new bridge spanning 15 rails is required. Barragem de Foz Tua. as well as an underground power station with two reversible units. each 7. in northern Portugal. and. a section dedicated to Alsina subsidiaries with information on each one. Construction work on the dam began in 2011 and is expected to take five years. ON SCHEDULE Peri has devised and supplied a formwork and scaffolding solution for the construction of the Foz Tua dam in Portugal. This combination was said to facilitate both the single-face load transfer and the high finish requirements. the contents of the page can be viewed in English or Spanish.5m high. The Mammut wall formwork with its 97kN/m² load capacity was used. with a width of 1. formwork and pour cycle planning by its Budapest formwork engineers. From there. Meva is claiming that its climbing formwork has saved 10 days’ work on 40m high railway bridge pylons in Békéscsaba. The Foz Tua pumped-storage power station is being built on the River Tua.9m. as well as the associated pumped-storage power station. and its integrated overflow mechanism. ce Alsina is working on Barcelona’s port extension CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Falsework and Formwork. providing secure working conditions. the particular challenge was caused through the complex design of the double curvature reinforced concrete structure with the 5m-wide dam crest.FALSEWORK & FORMWORK Saving time in Hungary The Foz Tua dam in Portugal is 108m tall and work was co-ordinated on site by a Peri project manager of specialised machinery. as part of the Portuguese national energy plan and costing €370 million. The universal formwork system is designed for simple shuttering and to reduce shuttering times. The international rail link between Budapest to Bucharest is being upgraded. Hungary. such as the overflow area of the dam crest. It said that thanks to the modular concept with multi-piece brackets. which Meva attributed to the precise building. to allow for rebarring work and to resist the heavy windloads at great heights. This included co-ordination on site by a Peri project manager in addition to the Peri engineers’ collaboration with all project participants. The working platforms. The schedule allowed for 60 days but the cycles above the bridge deck were actually poured in 50 days. a section about projects. It also supplied a modified climbing and falsework solution for the complex geometry. a tributary of the Douro. Large climbing units are possible as a result of the special load capacity of the brackets and high load factor of the anchoring. the SCS Climbing System could easily be adapted to the structural geometry. Peri said that from a formwork perspective. although it is planned to include French and Portuguese languages later on. a section about Alsina’s formwork systems – 65 descriptions organised by category. to ensure the build was completed on schedule. The planned project-specific wall formwork also ensured the best architectural concrete results thanks to the planned arrangement of joints. will reach a height of 108m. The bridge deck is suspended by cables from the 40m high monolithic bridge pylons. The new website is at www. The hydraulic circuit covers over 700m along the bank of the river and includes two independent tunnels. Currently. while the dam crest measures 275m long. the pylons were climbed and poured in four cycles. and offers room for four car lanes plus bicycle paths and walkways. said Peri. The Trio Panel formwork was used for the less complex wall structures of the dam.alsina. such as in the area of the dam galleries.

khl. Celebrate the very best in Europe’s crane and heavy transport industry (and have a great evening out as well) HELD DURING BAUMA PLEASE BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT For further details. ESTA Advert .Save the date Europe’s premier crane and transport awards evening.estaeurope. Germany 14 April 2016 or www. MUNICH U C HOTEL. 14 APRIL 2016 BAYERISCHER HOF O .ESTA AWARDS OF 2016 exce ence Munich. created and organized jointly by ESTA and International Cranes and Gold Sponsors Specialized Transport. go to www.indd 1 28/10/2015 16:25:53 .

and that a new factory in China was now complete. China and India had been increasing in importance for the group over the past five years. Hamm’s soil and road compactors. Germany. and the MS 16 D mobile triple-deck The MCO 9 EVO and Mobicat MC 110 EVO were teamed with the MS 16 D to form an interlinked combination for processing natural stone CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Equipment. “In road technology. Jürgen Wirtgen said that the group was planning to add Kleemann to its portfolio in India “very shortly”. With the Wirtgen mobile machines for road construction and open-cast mining. The focus this year was on the mineral technologies business sector. and Kleemann crushing and screening machines already in the group. Jürgen Wirtgen. which hosted Wirtgen’s eighth international industry gettogether – its Technology Days. The company is spread over two separate factories at the moment – at Mülheim and Wittlich – and the plan is to consolidate eventually on a single site. that fulfils their quality requirements and aftersales service. The group itself grew last year with the acquisition of Benninghoven. Customers know they can get the product they need and want. the other joint managing director. and a new assembly building and a warehouse extension are among the plans. The Wirtgen of 2015 has two business units – road technology and mineral technology.” he said. Kleemann showed its interlinked machine combination consisting of the jaw crusher MC 110 Z EVO. Stefan Wirtgen said that the addition of Benninghoven “completed the circle”. EIGHTH GET TOGETHER The joint managing directors were speaking at Benninghoven’s Mülheim site. “we are clear market leaders in those areas. Vögele’s asphalt pavers.” As well as the plans to merge the Benninghoven sites.500 trade visitors from over 100 countries watched demonstrations of machines in that sector. the cone crusher MCO 9 EVO.EQUIPMENT Wirtgen sets sights on US and Asian markets Technology Days concentrate on group’s mineral technology at newly-acquired Benninghoven site T he Wirtgen group of companies has a “clear growth strategy” according to joint managing director Stefan Wirtgen. the company said this was already too small. He said that Brazil. the manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants based in Mülheim. as it was not yet in the US or Asian markets. and this includes increasing the number of employees as well as new machines. Kleemann is expanding too. Although the Kleemann factory was built on a greenfield site. More than 2.indd 45 45 28/10/2015 12:37:06 . said there was still plenty of room for growth for Benninghoven.

with the gentle granulation of RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) with subsequent separation into two fractions. It claimed user-friendly operation and easy transport. The Mobicone MCO 9 EVO was the centerpiece of the Kleemann exhibits. They were teamed with the MS 16 D. it said. It said that this trackmounted mobile cone crusher filled one of the last remaining gaps in the Kleemann range of models. Wirtgen showcased a new cutting drum unit for the flagship surface miner 4200 SM that was specially designed for the windrowing method. NEW GENERATOR Benninghoven also showed its new hot gas generator.indd 46 28/10/2015 12:37:19 . to form an interlinked combination for processing natural stone. It said that with its new hot gas generator. the processing of mineral raw materials and recycling materials and the production of asphalt. Its MR 130 ZS EVO 2 mobile impact crusher demonstrated how even large quantities of natural stone could be processed. One key advantage of this is the positive overall energy balance. it would be possible to increase the input of recycled material while reducing emission levels. The live demonstration aimed to show that the MCO 9 EVO was a good match for the Mobicat MC 110 EVO. covering the material flow from the cold feed stage through the drying and heating processes to the actual mixing process and subsequent loading of the finished mixture. Specialists were on hand at the Technology Days to share their knowledge and practical experience in talks on such topics as polymer bitumen and recycling technologies. Claiming a 15% increase in output and a 15% reduction in tool consumption compared with the standard cutting drum unit. this innovation is designed to maximise the cost-efficiency of mineral deposit extraction. Wirtgen claimed it now offered a complete range of solutions in the mineral technologies business sector for the extraction of mineral deposits. Benninghoven was able to show how its granulator MBRG 2000-2 worked. The operation and control of the asphalt mixing plant TBA 3000 was demonstrated on site. It said the indirect heating of RAP in counter flow using a hot gas generator was a particularly environmentally friendly and efficient technique that Benninghoven had been applying and continually advancing for decades. while the Kleemann jaw crusher MC 110 Z EVO showed how both machines could deal with highperformance concrete and construction waste recycling.EQUIPMENT Stefan (left) and Jürgen Wirtgen screening unit for crushing natural stone in various highquality final grain sizes in a three-stage process. in addition to optimum interlinking options. Having welcomed Benninghoven into the fold. ce Visitors to the Wirtgen Technology Days watched a firework and machine show 46 CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Equipment.

00. 150 indd 1 EUROPEAN CONSTRUC TION SURVEY 2015 1 BUY IT NOW! TO PURCHASE THE EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION SURVEY VISIT : www. Eastbourne. Wadhurst. Tel: +44 (0)1892 784088 Fax: +44 (0)1892 784086 www. REVIEWS AND INFO MORE THA R M AT I O N N 150 EUR ON OPEAN CO NTRACTOR S ONLY £100 .US$ Price: £50.khl.EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION SURVEY the 2015 definitive guide to the European construction sector A KHL SPE CIAL REPO RT EU C O N S T R RUOC P E A N TION SURVEY THE 2015 DEFINITI VE GUIDE EUROPEA TO THE N CONST RUCTION — INCLUD ING THE C SECTOR E-100.$: 400515 BIC/Swift: MIDLGB22 £ a/c no: 70013277 IBAN: GB15MIDL40206970013277 e a/c no: 73103473 IBAN: GB58MIDL40051573103473 $ a/c no: 73103516 IBAN: GB61MIDL40051573103516 VAT Number: GB115 1659 32 VISA/AMEX/MASTERCARD/DINER/SWITCH/DELTA Address: BANK TRANSFER Customers who wish to pay by Bank Transfer should use the following account details: Please invoice my company 28/10/2015 14:15:25 . Account: KHL Group LLP .00 Published by E120 .indd 1 Expiry Date: 3 Digit Security Code: Signature: n Please invoice me HSBC Bank Plc. US$80. BN23 8AS. Therefore the price you pay is subject to exchange rate fluctuations as determined by your card issuer Position: Company: the last 3 digits on the reverse of your card n Customers using bank transfers are requested to quote a subscriber number or company For further information contact Anna Philo e-mail: anna.0 0. CHEQUE n Title: Mr/Mrs/Miss Other: First name: CREDIT/DEBIT CARD n Surname: I enclose a cheque made payable to KHLI Services Please charge my card Credit card orders are billed in UK Pound Sterling. Southview Or.00 PAYMENT DETAILS Please mark boxes with a tick for preferred subscription and payment method. Card No: Postcode/Zip: Country: Tel: Fax: E-mail: ECS 2015. 1 Edward Road. East Sussex.00 n E120. €60. East Sussex. complete the order form below and fax back to: +44 (0)1892 784086 Southfields.00 ECS 2015.Subscriptions Sort Code: £: 405069 .com I would like____copy/copies of European Construction Survey n £100. UK.00 n US$150. MA RKET FOR BUSINESS ECASTS.khl. TN5 6TP.e: 400515 . Highfields Office Park.

a supporting structure was built using modules in tandem to support the roofing structure as well as to allow the work on the facade. and as these walls are not anchored for the last 10m. The C4.4 Acert engine. placed every 2.60m wide and 35m long. ensuring optimum power and efficiency from the system. The construction site had to be isolated by completely enclosing the cathedral with tarpaulins.4 Acert engine 48 meets Stage IV emission standards and features an aftertreatment system that requires no action from the operator and does not interrupt work cycles. The final restoration work on the XIIIth century Cathedral of Santa Maria Della Bruna di Matera has been carried out by D’Alessandro Restoration of Matera. which connects the two wings of the scaffolding passing over the roof of the church. has been shrouded in Pilosio scaffolding for the last phase of consolidation work and restoration.4 Acert engine and refined hydraulic system are said to combine to provide ample digging and lifting forces in restricted spaces. From the range of scaffolding offered by Pilosio. Cat said the machine had an “efficiently-designed cooling system” which allowed the 325F to work in extreme heat. Heavy-duty structures throughout. covering both the nave and the aisles.000m with no engine de-rating required. and eco – that allow machine performance to be matched to the task. which included an overhang of 10m. standard. southern Italy. The SE safe system by Pilosio allows assembly from The cathedral in Matera was built in the XIIth century lower levels. it was decided to make it more rigid by the addition of steel rods.5m. D’Alessandro opted for the traditional SE system for the more linear facades. The temporary roofing was fixed to the bearing structure in MP. ce The Cat 3235F claims a 12% fuel saving over its predecessor CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Equipment. and technology options such as Cat Grade Control and AccuGrade are designed to boost operator productivity.EQUIPMENT Scaffolding for Italian cathedral repairs Pilosio provides traditional and multidirectional systems for Italian restoration project A cathedral in Matera. On the front right hand side. On the opposite side. ensure long-term durability and production efficiency. numerous protrusions and recesses and the presence of an uphill alley. the 325F provides the same productivity while offering increased lifting capacities – up to 7% over-thefront. Other fuelsaving features include an automatic engine-idle shutdown system and three power modes – high-horsepower. ce Compact radius machine from Cat The new 25 tonne Caterpillar 325F hydraulic excavator’s compact-radius design. For the roof structure type T120 Building was used with aluminium lattice beams at 120cm high and with a snowload resistance of 90kg/m².indd 48 28/10/2015 12:37:35 . 24. An 83cm scaffold was anchored to the wall of the cathedral and used for the renovation work. At the front of the cathedral. combined with a 250cm scaffold for a total height of 20m. because of the proximity of other buildings. 2019. powerful Cat C4. The 120kW C4. and a wide selection of quick couplers and work tools expand the 325F’s versatility. Compared to its 321D L CR predecessor. An engine-speed control system automatically lowers engine rpm when the machine does not require optimum power for the operating situation. ROPSequipped cab is said to provide optimum comfort. which is up to B20 biodiesel capable. an 83cm scaffold was built and combined with another of variable width. The 325F’s full-size. The 325F’s implement hydraulic system is designed to locate major components in close proximity to allow the use of short hoses and lines that reduce frictional losses and reduce pressure drops. and the multidirectional MP system for the more irregular areas as well as for the facade scaffolding and the temporary aluminium roofing that was to cover the entire building. The new model can also work at altitudes of 3. as the city prepares to be European Capital of Culture. A double pitched provisional roof structure was made. including a choice of booms. according to Cat. conserving fuel. an SE facade scaffolding module was chosen. and up to 9% over-the-side – and a 12% fuel consumption improvement. uses a variable-speed fan to reduce energy consumption further. convenience and safety for the operator.

indd 49 49 28/10/2015 12:37:46 . A major challenge on the jobsite was the sometimes narrow work space. “We are introducing a new value proposition on a pretty saturated market. wheeled loaders and dozers.000m2.200 apartments are being built. "Robustly establishing the brand positioning will be crucial. Liugong said it was showcasing EU Tier IV-compliant excavators. and that this is true for all models. It allows a radius of up to 8. Anne Feudner. which offers customisable options to meet the varying needs of end users. It is equipped with a powerful and emissionoptimised 270kW Liebherr diesel engine and can be transported in one piece with the hammer mounted. “If we manage to establish our core brand values. DiviMat.EQUIPMENT Value for money from Liugong in France Mobile generator added by Kohler Kohler Power Systems is a adding a new model to its line of diesel-powered mobile generators – the 55REOZT4. The LRH 100 is based on the proven LB 20 carrier machine of the Liebherr LB series of rotary drilling rigs. together with retail and commercial space. the French market is saturated. offering little leeway for the piling rig to move in any direction. The LRH 100 was able to complete this job within 15 working days – which Liebherr said was considerably ahead of schedule. With this feature the operator was able to change the position of the leader in all directions without moving the undercarriage. ce The Liebherr LRH 100 at work in Copenhagen CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Equipment. and has outlined plans to introduce what it called “value for money” machines to the French market.” DiviMat president Michel Eichwald said.” ce Liebherr in Copenhagen foundations work A Liebherr piling rig was recently used for foundation works for the construction of future apartment buildings in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. where some 300 piles had to be installed by the LRH 100 belonging to the Danish construction company MJ Eriksson. product manager for Kohler Power Systems. “The 55REOZT4 is a great addition to our diesel mobile generator line and is ideal for a wide variety of settings where power is needed – from remote construction sites to large-scale events. “This new model is being offered in response to the strong feedback we’ve received to our existing diesel-powered mobile units. Frederiks Brygge. President of Liugong Europe Yuanxiang Xiao said. Kohler said the generators were built to withstand the elements and run long hours in prime and standby applications. which is said to deliver cutting-edge flexibility by allowing users to parallel different sized generators with different fuel types to optimise power for the specific task at hand. a waterfront area in the Southern docklands of Copenhagen. is currently being redeveloped. said. On a total area of 120. the innovative parallel kinematics of the machine’s leader system. the new model is compatible with the company’s recently launched Mobile Paralleling Box. and at the same time demonstrate that our words are supported by facts. was said to have proved to be an immense benefit for the customer.” Like all Kohler gaseous and diesel mobile generators. “Of course. we will have done a great job.75m and inclinations of maximum 18° in all directions. and this is a huge opportunity. approximately 1. but no other brand stands as clearly as Liugong for ‘value for money’ – this is an unmet proposition. paving the way for long-term success. Here.      Chinese manufacturer Liugong has partnered with a new dealer in France. This is the fifth model introduced within our Tier 4 Final lineup and is capable of a 46 to 48kW standby rating and 42 to 43kW prime and continuous rating. and that hasn’t happened in France for decades. The new generator model is said to meet all emissions standards. claiming a great operational range. The Liebherr piling rig – the LRH 100 – was used for the installation of concrete piles with a diameter of 300mm and total lengths between 8 and 13m.

ce CONSTRUCTION EUROPE NOVEMBER 2015 CE 11 2015 Equipment.” The latest development of the The RM 70GO! 2. said. seen at the RM Xperience Days. and a five-year factory warranty. side access inspection port (on solids-handling models). The RM 80GO! has been enhanced systematically and is now presented as RM 90GO!. enabling the user to produce another fraction quite easily. RM is also launching a hybrid option for its crushers under the name of RM TWO GO!. The crusher can be used with the direct drive of the diesel engine or via an additional.5m and solids handling capabilities up to 101. As a result. flows to 15. RM 70GO! 2. And our customers also appreciate this with the machines in daily use. The electric version of the normally diesel-hydraulic driven RM crushers has been available for a number of years. “Versatile. It said the extremely hightorque and robust constant speed engine made it not only even higher performing New pumps from Gorman-Rupp Pump manufacturer Gorman-Rupp has introduced a new line of horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps. The power for the 19 tonne mobile impact crusher comes from a Stage IIIA/Tier 3 John Deere diesel engine. Austria. said Rubble Master. Gorman Rupp 6508A60-B – part of the new range which are The Gorm claiming a high level of performance and efficiency 50 and quieter. The constant speed engine runs more quietly because of the lower speed and makes the RM 70GO! the ideal choice of machine for use in noise- sensitive areas. Work in tunnels. efficient and innovative – this is how our mobile crushers are. CEO. purely electric drive. it said.0. mining and agriculture. The new 6500 Series line offers solids and water handling end suction centrifugal pumps based on the proven technology p gy of the Prime Aire and Prime Aire Plus models. With the option of equipping a crusher with RM TWO GO!. said Rubble Master. indexable Smart Scroll discharge locator.0. The new 6500 Series pump line comes as standard with features such as oversized bearings. the pumps are claiming a high level of performance and efficiency p ffor applications in construction. “The fact that once again some 240 customers and sales partners from all corners of the globe visited us is confirmation that with our crushers.000GPM total Featuring model sizes s dynamic head to 161. atmospheric vent. we always offer the best technological solution for the requirements of our customers. wastewater treatment plants. which Rubble Master said was to make it easier to differentiate between the new version and its predecessor. from 75mm to 400mm. Gerald Hanisch. Additionally. buildings and underground where emissions are to be avoided can now be handled quickly and easily using machines which feature RM TWO GO!. is said to offer increased performance thanks to its new engine RM 70GO! is the RM 70GO! 2. the RM TWO GO! means that zero-emission crushing is now possible for the first time with one hybrid machine. RM said the closed loop could be reconfigured to an additional discharge belt at the push of a single button in a very short time.indd 50 28/10/2015 12:38:19 . a fundamental difference to the old model is the new swivelling refeeding belt RM RFB7540GO!. but also even less susceptible to downtime and more versatile than the predecessor model. The crusher unit itself has also been modified. RM said that the result was an even more homogeneous aggregate. RM now offers its customers what it calls an “application crossover” featuring the best of both worlds.6mm. industrial facilities.0 and new swivelling refeeding belts with mesh deck screen were presented by compact crushing machinery manufacturer Rubble Master to its customers and sales partners at its RM Xperience Days in Linz. RM 90GO! Is described as being even more flexible with a swivelling refeeding belt. and it is said to offer increased performance thanks to its new engine.EQUIPMENT Rubble Master provides machine demonstration Xperience Days provide crushing machinery firm with chance to show its latest models T he RM 90GO!.

TN. USA • Music City Center New products that will improve efficiencies from 300+ exhibitors The industry’s hottest education such as “ Untitled-1 1 28/10/2015 14:10:04 .worldofasphalt.ROLLING OUT WHAT’S NEW March 22-24. Plants and Paving” Networking with 6. 2016 • Nashville.000+ attendees to increase your go-to contacts Co-located with Pre-register now and save: www.