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Exercises on Verbal Problems
1. Two cars traveled the same distance. Car A traveled at 50 km./h. and car B at 60 km./h.
It took car A 50 minutes longer to make the trip. How long did it take car B to make the
2. How much alcohol must be added to 50 gallons of a mixture of water and alcohol which is
85% alcohol to make a mixture which is 90% alcohol?
3. The length of a rectangle exceeds its width by 6 units. If each dimension were increased by 3
units, the area would be increased by 57 square units. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.
4. The numerator of a certain fraction is four less than the denominator. If the numerator is
doubled and the denominator diminished by two, the sum of the original fraction and the
new one is three. Find the original fraction.
5. The speed of a motorboat in still water is 16 mph. Find the speed of the river’s current if
the motorboat goes 5 miles downstream in the same time required going 3 miles upstream.
6. A picture of length 12 inches and width 9 inches is framed in wood. What is the uniform
width of the frame if the frame has an area of 162 square inches?
7. Susan is 9 years older than Euvi. Four years ago, the sum of their ages was 17 years. In how
many years will Euvi be 18 years of age?
8. A certain two digit number is equal to nine times the sum of the digits. If 63 were subtracted
from the number, the digits would be reversed. Find the number.
9. Raffy is twice as old as Lot. In two years, the sum of their ages will be five times as much
as Lot’s age was four years ago. How old is Raffy now?
10. The sum of the two angles of a triangle is equal to the third angle and the difference of the
two angles is equal to two-thirds the third angle. Find the measure of each angle.
11. If the units digit of a two-digit number is six more than then tens digit and the number is
eight more than twice the sum of the digits, what is the number?
12. Carlo, Clyde, and Marcky working together can do a job in 6 days. Carlo and Marcky can
do the job in 8 days. Clyde and Marcky can do the job in 9 days. Find how long it will take
each guy working alone to do the job.
13. Find two consecutive odd integers whose product exceeds three times their sum by 15.
14. The perimeter of a piece of cardboard is 34 inches. Squares measuring 2 inches on a side are
cut from each corner so that when the sides are folded up, the diagonal of the resulting box
has length 7 inches. What are the original dimensions of the cardboard?
15. The tens digit of a certain number is 4 more than the units digit. The sum of the squares of
the two digits is 26. Find the number.
16. Jake and Mark washed a car in 24 minutes. When they each washed the car alone, Jake took
20 minutes longer to do the job than Mark. How long did it take Mark to wash the car?
17. Truck A left a town for a city 10 kilometers away at 8:00 A.M. while Truck B left the city for
the town at 8:10 A.M. The two trucks traveled at the same constant speed and met on their
return trip at 9:20 A.M. If each used up thirty minutes to make deliveries before starting
their return trip, what time did Truck B arrive back at the city?

How long will it take the second pipe alone to fill the tank? 24. 19. Working alone. a student earned an average grade of 86 on his homework. long exams 35 . what is their rate of walking? 29. How many pounds of the solution remained? 21.000 in their summer vacation trip. An airplane travels 360 miles with the wind in 1 hour and 20 minutes and returns against the wind in 2 hours and 15 minutes. the drum is filled in 2 more hours. 26. Henry’s father is now twice as old as he is. How many plants were there in each row? 27. 22. If the first digit is one more than twice the second digit. it is shut off. How long would it take each working alone? 20. When 100 pounds of water had been evaporated. However. the number is decreased by 198. If their speed were 8 miles per hour more by bicycle than by walking. A part of PhP 70.000 is invested at 7% and the remainder is at 8%. 28. A family planned to spend PhP 36. 2. and 74 on his long exams. How old is Henry now? 23. A boy planted 600 tomato plants arranged neatly by rows. When the faucet is opened 2 hours after the smaller pipe had started running. if homework counts 15 .5 hours. When both pipes are closed.000. Find the numbers. find the number. Anne takes 8 hours longer than Icee to do the job.” . 25. and for the rest of the trip they rode a bicycle. A second pipe is then opened and it finishes filling the tank in 15 minutes. Find the numbers.000 more than they expected. So they shortened their vacation period by 3 days. how many hours will it take the faucet to empty the drum when it is half-filled? ************* “Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics. All in all they spent one hour. It takes two pipes 1 hour and 12 minutes to fill a drum when the faucet at its base is closed while it takes 3 hours for the larger pipe to fill it when the faucet is open. they found their daily expenses to be PhP 1.5% was salt. In Mathematics 60. Twice the first number is equal to the second number. For the first mile they walked.5 inches. When the digits are reversed.Dean Schlicter manjologs/26072012 2 . One pipe takes 30 minutes to fill a tank and after it has been running for 10 minutes. and the final examination 51 ? 30. Find the speed of the airplane in still air and the speed of the wind. A tank contained brine of which 1. The sum of three numbers is 12. Determine the dimensions of a rectangle of area 60 square inches that is inscribed in a circle of radius 6. Anne and Icee working together can complete a job in 7. The sum of their reciprocals is 11 28 . The number of plants in each row was ten less than twice the number of rows. How long were they gone? 31.18. The sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 10. Find how much is invested at each rate if the income from the 8% investment exceeds the income from the 7% by PhP 1. and the third number is equal to the sum of the other two numbers. What final exam grade will give a total average of 80. he was four times as old. The sum of two numbers is 11. 32. Sixteen years ago.5% of the brine was salt. A group of students went on a trip of 6 miles.