Executive Summary

University YMCA
Ed Kim, Youth Development Leadership M. Ed. Candidate Email: edsfinalproject@gmail.com Web: http://edsfinalproject.blogspot.com Object Description:
Part of a Master’s of Education final project exploring the impact of social networking on youth development work Evaluation Study Clients  Da rielle Gengler  Da vi d Moore Methods Used:  Si te Visits  Document Review  Da ta Dialogue  3-person informal interviews  Electronic surveys  Bl og responses Sta keholders :  Progra m Sta ff  Volunteer Staff  Coordinators (‘coords ’)  Progra m Pa rti cipants  Community Pa rtners Progra ms :  Y-Tutors      Y-Buddies Y-Scholars Y-Immersion CLIP Y-CAP

The University of Minnesota YMCA is a unique branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis, with programs dedicated to enriching U of M students’ lives and providing mentorship and peer-tutoring opportunities for youth in the Twin Cities Metro area
Context Analysis:

To review the current communication system and process for the University YMCA programs, staff, volunteers and participants.
Purpose of the Evaluation:

To conduct a formative evaluation that will look at the communication that occurs both internally and externally at the University YMCA, particularly social networking and other web-based tools
Evaluation Questions:

1) How can we more effectively market the University YMCA to the University of Minnesota? a. What social networking sites are available that aren’t being used or how do we most effectively utilize these sites? b. Does the University YMCA offer a cohesive welcoming atmosphere/community to students? c. What can be done to improve the University YMCA page online? What do students want on a website? What attracts them? 2) How can we improve internal program communications? a. Are there systems or on-line tools we can utilize? b. How can we as an organization speed up processes such as hiring/getting references?

Recommendations:  Create an online events calendar that is updated regularly and linkable to Facebook  Transform the U-YMCA page into an easy to use clearinghouse for all program information, with each program easily separated and information updated regularly  Streamline and simplify the reference process, passing the onus to the applicant in an easy online process  Improve on-site resources (i.e. computers) to meet the needs of program staff

Survey Monkey: Evaluation Study
Total Respondents: 28 Total Sample Size: 70 Response Rate: 40%

Survey Monkey: U-YMCA Year-End Study
Total Respondents: 66 Total Sample Size: 400 Response Rate: 16.5%