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Olongapo, officially the City of Olongapo (Sambali: Syodad nin Olongapo ;
Filipino: Lungsod ng Olongapo) and often referred to as Olongapo City, is a highly
urbanized city located in the province of Zambales, Philippines. It has a population
of 221,178 people according to the 2010 census.[4] Along with the town of Subic, it
comprises Metro Olongapo, one of the twelve metropolitan areas in the Philippines.
Situated at the Southern entry point of Zambales and the Northwestern
interior of the Subic Bay area, Olongapo City is approximately 127 kilometres (79
mi) north of Manila.
The land area of Olongapo City is 103.3 square kilometres (39.9 sq mi). The
city proper is located on a 6.48 square kilometres (2.50 sq mi) tidal flatland, with
the rugged Zambales Mountains on its three sides, and the Bataan and Subic Bay at
its base. Because of this peculiar geographic location, development of city land is
limited. Also, the territorial borders from nearby towns are not properly marked.[21]
Olongapo has a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen climate classification Am).
[22] From late October through February, the weather in tropical Olongapo is
relatively cool. Temperatures increase slightly from March to May, which are the
warmest months of the year in this part of the Philippines.
The rainy season begins in June and continues through October. At times
rains are heavy and flooding can occur.
The city receives an average of 3,590 millimetres (141 in) rainfall every year.
Temperatures range from an average of around 25 °C (77 °F) degrees in November
to around 28 °C (82 °F) in May.[23]

Landmarks / Places of interest[edit]

Harbor Point Subic. a shopping mall in Olongapo. the city's lifestyle center Rizal Triangle Park adjacent to the Olongapo City Hall .Ulo ng Apo Monument SM City Olongapo.

it has become famous in its time. and at the back of the city hall is the Health Building. the museum contains dioramas. in charge of providing electricity to the city (but is later on replaced by OEDC-Olongapo Electric Distribution company). not to mention numerous conferences. West Bajac-Bajac.  Olongapo City Public Market: One of the three Wet and Dry public markets in the city of Olongapo. East Tapinac.  Marikit Park: One of the most earliest parks of Olongapo. Pag-Asa Public Market near SM City Olongapo and the Old Market near Olongapo City Hall. A very visible and tangible tourist attraction to glorify the legend of the city.  Olongapo City Hall: The City Hall is located at Rizal Avenue.  Olongapo Lighthouse: A panoramic view perfect for picture taking. the museum. and paintings about the history of the city. artifacts. the convention center and the library. it has been the site of many events in Olongapo City history. near the Convention Center. meetings. . To the east is the Olongapo City PNP Police Station 1. it is near Gordon College. a rotating Ulo ng Apo statue meets you. and school events.Olongapo City Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center Marikit Park as seen from across the river  Ulo ng Apo: A towering and majestic marker located at the rotonda in Bajac-Bajac. it was relocated at Hospital Road. At the entrance. On the east side contains the PUD (Public Utilities Department). to make way for the construction of the PUD office.  Olongapo City Public Library: The original Library stood near the City Hall. Today. It overlooks the Subic Bay Freeport area. This old lighthouse is located along the national highway going to the north. However.  Olongapo City Convention Center: More conveniently known as OCCC or OCC.  Olongapo City Museum: Opened to the public in 2003.

a real estate subsidiary of Ayala Corporation. Japan. Inc. 2012.  Harbor Point: It is a large shopping mall in Olongapo City.. my starting point is the Subic Bay Freeport Zone main gate. Philippines BY RT CUNNINGHAM · AUGUST 19. there are no natural landmarks in Olongapo. 2013 As far as I know.  SM City Olongapo (formerly Olongapo City Mall): The only shopping mall that was formerly government-owned on May 1. The monument was thus built at the junction of the national highway and the road into New Cabalan. But. It is the first Ayala Shopping Center located in the city of Olongapo and the second Mall to be opened in Central Luzon and outside Metro Manila. a Japanese owner of an accounting firm in Aioi City. Mayor Gordon suggested instead a peace monument dedicated to the Filipino. either I or the husband of a sister-in-law took the pictures while we were out “sight-seeing”. Capt. Kalapati (The Dove Monument): Mr. also called the Magsaysay Gate because it leads out to Magsaysay Drive. Kasanobu Miyazaki. it was demolished in 2010 to become SM City Olongapo that was softly opened on December 15. but I’ll feature them in another article (possibly following this one). The Subic Bay Freeport Zone has two landmarks that I know about. Except for one Olongapo landmark. owned by property development firm Ayala Land. American and Japanese lives that were lost in that battle. Masanobu Miyazaki died in battle at the Zig Zag Pass. This monument welcomes travelers who will pass the first barangay of Olongapo City from the province of Bataan. requested that a shrine be built in New Cabalan where his brother. 2011 and was grandly opened on February 10. . Landmarks within Olongapo City. As I describe the landmarks. It is surmounted by a dove of peace. 2004 as Olongapo City Mall. There are a few man-made landmarks and I’ve seen all of them but one in person.

When I ask about this rotunda. it turns almost due east when it ends at another junction. you have to walk across the bridge over “shit river” (a colloquial name representing all the sewage flowing down the river) to get to Magsaysay Drive. The Magsaysay Rotunda I’ve talked to a lot of people in Olongapo over the course of seven years. Google Maps shows it as “Unity Rotunda”. The junction is a traffic circle with the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda in the middle of it. The junction is a traffic circle with the Magsaysay Rotunda in the middle of it. This is a four-way junction connecting to National Highway going northeast. you’ll soon reach the end. Traveling north to northwest on Magsaysay Drive. If you follow the Rizal Avenue Extension northeast. It’s been called “Fountain of Unity” and “Friendship Rotunda”. Since I have no other reason to visit the city hall. I suppose the only way to find out the real name would be to go to the city hall and ask the right person. . The bridge is closed to vehicular traffic while it awaits the funding to be renovated or rebuilt.Leaving the gate. I’ll probably never find out the real name. a three-way junction connecting to the Rizal Avenue Extension going southwest and the Rizal Avenue Extension going northeast. Rizal Avenue going northwest and 18th Street going southeast. no one seems to know its real name.

The Ulo Ng Apo Rotunda The City of Olongapo derives its name from the story of “Ulo Ng Apo”. The Kalaklan Lighthouse The Kalaklan Lighthouse was renovated in 2007. I don’t know its real name. I have no reason other than curiosity to find out and that’s not enough for me to investigate any further. it turns northwest and runs parallel to the river. You’ll pass the Olongapo cemetery and the Kalaklan barangay before the highway turns north. where you’ll find the Kalaklan Lighthouse. also called the “Kalaklan Point Lighthouse” or “Olongapo Lighthouse”. If you turn northeast and follow National Highway. You can read the story at the Wikipedia page forOlongapo. It’s at that point. Like the Magsaysay Rotunda. . called “Kalaklan Point”. I only know what the local residents call it.

New Cabalan.If you go back to the Ulo ng Apo Rotunda and turn northwest on Rizal Avenue. If you look to your left at the right time. Before that. Kalapati . The road continues to the Bataan province after passing the last barangay of the city. its name will eventually change to Jose Abad Santos Avenue as you head out of Olongapo. you can see the Kalapati (Dove) monument at the turnoff to JP Rizal Street. That’s probably because it’s in the area called “Zig Zag Pass” and I’ve always paid careful attention to the road that zigs and zags (the origin of the name. you’ll probably won’t see this unless you’re traveling the other direction: The Olongapo City Welcome Sign The welcome sign says “Olongapo Proper” but I’m pretty sure it isn’t even close to the official boundary of the city. I’ve never seen it and I’ve passed it dozens of times. I suppose).

deviantart. GMA News TV’s award-winning infotainment program “Ang Pinaka” tried out ten homegrown restaurants in the area. I may never take photos of places I haven’t already taken photos of. Olongapo now has a roster of restaurants that specialize in different cuisines. including landmarks in other cities. There are other places of interest. however. Which restaurants in Olongapo made it to our list? Here they are. Unless I make a special point to do so.http://jnusjnus. Olongapo City is quickly becoming a food haven for foodies out there. from American to Chinese. and some of them are:      Olongapo City Olongapo City Olongapo City Olongapo City Marikit Park Hall Convention Center Museum Public Library I don’t know when I’ll be out and about again with my digital camera in Other Landmarks I don’t know if there are any other places that would be considered landmarks. in no particular order: . In their 20th Yummy episode.

tomatoes. Korean japchae with a twist as the reso added crunchy paco leaves to complement the soft noodles.. Olongapo City For classic American dishes. Olongapo City . For a taste of something different. Hotshots is the place to be. order the Pinoy japchae (P850/tray). Also try Rico’s bulalo (P150). You have two dressings for this salad: roasted sesame dressing and strawberry vinaigrette. and their camaron con hamon (P440) shrimp wrapped in ham and bread. made of bagnet bits mixed with slices of onions and tomatoes. try their garden fresh salad (P179) filled with iceberg and romaine lettuce.Rico’s Fastfood and Restaurant #421 4th St. order the buffalo wings (P500). If you want Italian flavors. Start off your meal at Hotshots with their mushroom soup (P60). a Chinese meal wouldn’t be complete without pansit. For their bestsellers. If you want something lighter. Host Maey Bautista’s favorites from Mini-Kong are their egg foo young (P150). Olongapo City Mini-Kong’s Express has been serving classic Chinese dishes in Olongapo City since 1954. Host Maey Bautista liked the softness of the beef and the flavorful soup.. Also try Hotshot’s Ultimate cheeseburger (P245) with melted cheese and their Filipino style barbecue (P159). a vegetable omelette drenched in brown sugar sauce. The Coffee Shop Restaurant 2 Rizal St. Of course. Mini-Kong’s Express 32 Magsaysay Drive. you can get a huge plate of pansit palabok. Bestsellers from their menu are their patatim (P400) drenched in oyster sauce. Pair it with the resto’s bagnet ensalada (P110). Host Rovilson Fernandez particularly liked the big chunks of mushroom and croutons in this meal. and onions. peaches. Center National Highway. Olongapo City Rico’s Fastfood and Restaurant is your go-to place for lutong-bahay cravings while in Olongapo. The spiciness of the buffalo wings is complemented by the creamy blue cheese dip. Barrio Baretto. West Tapinac. Make sure to order the restaurant’s pansit canton for only P120! Hotshots Subic Bay Freeport Zone. try the beef lasagna (P770/tray). For as low P55.

topped with onions. Pair it with tuna panga (P70/100 grams). lumpia. but for their giant tacos. “It’s the reason I’ve been coming back here for more than five years!” attests host Rovilson Fernandez. and succulent. If you’re feeling more adventurous. Cafe Balooga was actually named for its black coffee offerings. “Soft. The Tennessee trio is comprised of . cor Mckinley St. The Coffee Shop Restaurant’s giant hard tacos cost only P90 and are filled with cheese. you get a full slab of ribs. Cafe Balooga 1148 Riverwalk. and Sam’s Special Jumbo (P590). The bestsellers on their menu. Sam’s Pizza Family Restaurant is famous for their thick-crust pizza. try their pomodoro spaghetti (P280). You have to give them props for presentation: their tacos have an interesting cone shape. are their a la carte meals. Olongapo City If you’re craving for pizza while in Olongapo.” as host Rovilson Fernandez says. Freeport Zone. try Sam’s Pizza Family Restaurant’s Wings on Fire (P199). order their Tennessee trio (P679). Another must-try is their tacos (P160). try their taco plate for only P200. Among the bestsellers from their menu are their taco pizza (P540) topped with ground beef. Start your dining off with their All-in salad (P340). Other offerings include their hototay (P150).Interestingly. If you want something heavier. though. which has a strong hint of basil. cheese. sizzling sisig (P180). bell pepper. briskets. If you want more variety. and other country style dishes. perfect if you’re on the go as the fillings won’t spill easily. Sam’s Pizza Family Restaurant 444 Magsaysay Drive. and italian sausage. and lettuce. pochero (P260). Olongapo City Contrary to what you might be thinking. shrimp with garlic and butter sauce (P260). head on over to Sam’s Pizza Family Restaurant. Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Harbor Point Mall. “Nasa impyerno na ba ako?” Texas Joe’s House of Ribs Waterfront Rd. salad with seafood and french dressing. For your main course. For P1. and salami bits. Olongapo City Texas Joe’s House of Ribs takes pride in their pulled-pork ribs. tender. lettuce. and ground beef. Subic Bay. an egg-based soup with ham. and the Coffee Shop Restaurant’s other signature dish. which is marinated overnight in pepper and soy sauce. the Coffee Shop Restaurant is famous not for their coffee. Maey Bautista attested to the spiciness of this dish by commenting. chili. 999.

Other must-tries are their grilled mahi-mahi with roasted red bell pepper sauce (P385). and their Louisiana seafood gumbo (P180) made from tomato soup with shrimp. enchilada. burrito platter (P299). pineapples. the Meat Plus burger meal (P225). . 65. Their beef casserole (P230). Rib Eye steak (P500). For appetizers. Lastly. their bestseller by far is their U. and oysters.S. Spanish rice. They will cook your steak of choice to your preferred specifications. From their wide selection of steaks. with mashed potatoes with beef and cheese.S. Tropical Bay Restaurant and Catering 610 Magsaysay Drive. and oven-roasted beef belly (P235). try their Vietnamese spring roll (P145). Subic Bay Freeport Zone. order their Tropical pizza (P338). a dish that consists of deep fried beans. clams. Sampson Road. Other crowd favorites from Texas Joe’s House of Ribs are their smoked chicken nachos with homemade salsa (P389). This pizza is interestingly topped with mangoes. Playa Papagayo Inn and Restaurant 43 National Highway Barrio Baretto. is a meal in itself.barbecue chicken. we recommend their Singaporean noodles (P220) topped with shrimp bits and made flavorful with curry sauce. try their apple pie (P155/slice). brisket. green apples. and tacos with shredded beef. and shrimp skewer (P199). and ham. Meat Plus also offers other a la carte meals such as U. East Tapinac. and Rovilson’s favorite steak quesadilla platter (P380). Olongapo City Tropical Bay Restaurant offers Western and Asian fusion cuisine. Olongapo Meat Plus Cafe is a fastfood-style restaurant that specializes in steaks. It’s a burst of cinnamon flavors and cheese toppings. Bestsellers on their menu are their tostada grande (P250) and their plato Mexicano (P410). and ribs. Olongapo City Playa Papagayo Inn and Restaurant is a Mexican resto that opened 50 years ago for US Military soldiers. Beef Salpicao (P255). with fries and double meat patties. Moving on to their main courses. Meat Plus Cafe Bldg. For dessert.

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