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Function of Management

By: Joey L. Baldostamo

Leadership is an important issue for managers due to the critical role that leaders play in team
effectiveness and organization. Leaders are responsible for success or failure of organization. To
be a leader is not a simple task. On the contrary, leadership requires patience, discipline,
humility, respect and commitment, because the organization is a living being, endowed with
many different types of employees. Leading in a clear way can be understood as the effective and
efficient management of a team of people, in order to attain the objectives proposed by the
Among the challenges posed by the changing environment, organizations are increasingly
valuing the managers who have leadership skills. Anyone who aspires to be an effective manager
should also be aware of practice and develop their Technical (practices, techniques, and tools),
Conceptual (capacity to develop ideas, understand abstract relationships, and solve problems)
and Human skills (ability to interact and communicate with people to gain cooperation)
Considering the management, it means the design (simulation), set of activities, creating and
maximizing the use of organizations resources (human, financial, engineering) with the aim of
achieving organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner.
As a fact, the key management functions are planning, organization, staffing, control,
communications, decision making and software development processes and decision
Planning is the process of identifying goals and ways of achieving them in order to
prepare the organization for the future. The planning function of management provides goals,
strategies, direction, and it defines responsibilities in any organization. The types of plans include
strategic, operational, tactical, and contingency. Each one of these types allows an organization to have
multiple plans to play different roles to achieve an overall common goal. The company continues to grow
into new markets to increase its sources of power to distribute to its existing and potential customers. With
this growth, the strategic plan remains one of the most successful functions of Entergys management
plan. Operational planning occurs in the trenches, so to speak. It is the work of lower-to-middle
management and all subsequent field workers who perform the tasks that help accomplish the overall
corporate goals set forth by the strategic plan. Entergy prides itself in the teamwork and dedication its
employees put forth as a productive unit of the company. The operations division experiences all physical
attributes of the companys missions and goals. Some of these attributes include installing new equipment
and services in new customer areas, as well as troubleshooting and repairing existing areas of service.
Entergys operations span across Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana; and many efforts are
volunteered to help other regions in times of crisis. It is during those times that operational planning
shines because of critical time constraints and levels of severity involved with those crises. Without
operational planning, Entergys strategic goals would never be met.
Once strategic and operational planning have been established, tactical planning must take place within a
company to secure strategic, (not the same as the planning function), targets to provide a successful
business presence. Entergy has used this function of planning to place its business operations in markets
that could create symbiotic relationships with other businesses that have already had infrastructure in

place. This tactical business move allowed Entergy to move in and utilize this infrastructure so they would
not have to use capital funding to create the environment from scratch. By implementing this type of
strategy, Entergy saved many millions of dollars that they could then use to focus on new technologies
and services.
With all of Entergys planning functions in place, they then had to work on a contingency plan. This plan
provides a backup solution that would be implemented in the event of the company not being able to
provide its customers with the services that are delivered. Scenarios that could cause service deprivation
include the effects from major storm systems, fallen trees, automobile accidents that break telephone
poles, and companies cutting power lines by digging in the wrong location. In the event of any of these
scenarios, Entergy has a plan in place that will re-route the electricity to continue to provide service to the
customers that they are able to reach with alternative paths. If a power plant is disabled and cannot
provide the normal source of electricity to customers, large generators are initialized that can supplement
the energy.
There are many factors that contribute to a businesss functional planning, and Entergy is an example of a
company that leaves no r unrolled and no t uncrossed. Their philosophy, created by Harvey Couch,
has been followed and improved upon over the years. Entergy has positioned itself as the primary energy
provider for Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana by putting all of its functional planning into effect
after considering all of the possible factors that are involved. Some of these factors include technology,
diversity, and competition.
Entergy is on the forefront of technology in the realm of companies that provide energy services. They
continue to seek out and implement the latest technological solutions that can allow themselves to provide
its services more consistently and with less possibilities of failure.
The Entergy Corporation (2008) diversity mission statement reads as follows:
The mission of Entergy is to create a winning culture that can only be achieved in an environment that
fosters creativity, productivity and mutual respect of all people. This culture is supported from the office of
the CEO and down throughout the organization.
This philosophy allows the company to not only keep a diversified personnel roster because of legal
issues, but because they believe that it is the culture of the people in the locations that they
geographically exist. The belief is the groups of people that are employed by Entergy create an
atmosphere of diverse thinking which provides the creativity that keeps the company rounded in all
Through its years of existence, Entergys implementation of planning as a management function has
proven to be one of success. If their planning continues along the previous and current paths, failure is not
an option. The growth and stability that the company has achieved since its inception, propels itself into a
profitable and secure future.

The concept of management also stands for leadership and managers at various levels of
functional areas at which they perform. Although all managers perform the same basic functions,
the extent to which they perform these universal activities varies by level in the management
hierarchy (top, middle, first-line management).
To meet the many demands placed on managers as they carry out these functions, managers take
on numerous roles, or sets of behavioral expectations, as they interact with workers and the
external environment. In handling interpersonal relationships, managers adopt the three
interpersonal roles of figurehead, leader, and liaison. In handling information, managers assume

the three informational roles of monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson. In handling decisions,
managers take on the four decisional roles of entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource
allocator, and negotiator.
Also, management assumes the existence of an institution to be administered or managed, or a
social entity of people and resources that relate in any environment, whether physical or not
oriented towards a common goal, established by the company. Company, here meaning the
project, organized human efforts, made in common with a specific purpose, a goal. Institutions
(companies) can be public, joint stock companies or private, or nonprofit.
Those are the basics I learned in Engineering Management subject especially on Function of
Management. I feel that it was successful class which taught me a lot because our instructor upon
discussion gives relative (base on his work experiences as engineer) examples which easily to
understand prior to unexperienced students to project management engineering works. I found it
was fun, entertaining, stimulating and equally challenging.
Through my work experiences and everything I have learned in participating in economic
production (construction, food and beverages, logistics, warehousing) I realized that I was
already performed Function of Management even before in the first-line level of management.
Although I wasnt a member of a higher manage management team I consider my role on a
certain line of work as a support to manage and overall success of the company.
Consequently, my works experiences follows:
Al-Rabeah Automatic Transmission And Spare Parts Co.
Shuwaikh Industrial Area, P.O. Box 42204 Shuwaikh 70653 Kuwait
Inventory Clerk (February 19, 2013 Feb 2014)
Under direction, performs a variety of shipping/receiving, stocking activities;
stores and distributes supplies and equipment; maintains inventory and stock
records; may serve as a lead worker to other classified staff in the area; and
perform related work as required.
Al-Maousherji Catering Company (McDonalds-Kuwait)
P.O. Box 20432 Safat 13130 Kuwait
Service Crew (Trainor) March 11, 2010 March 11, 2013
Training people theoretically and practically all about procedures, standards in
food producton and services, maintaining equipments and quality customer
service. Ensuring Critical Standards such as; quality and holding time of raw and
finished products, speed of service, daily checking of equipments, cleanliness.
Support and cooperate the management in running restaurant.
Benby Interprises Inc.
216 Banawe Street, Barangay Manresa, Quezon City, 1115 Philippines
Staging Checker (December 1, 2008 December 1, 2009)
Document quantity, quality, type, weight, test result data, and value of materials or
products, in order to maintain shipping, receiving, and production records and
files. Count quantities of materials, parts, or products received or shipped. Collect
or prepare measurement, weight, or identification labels; and attach them to

products. Weigh or measure materials, equipment, or products to maintain

relevant records, using volume meters, scales, rules, and/or calipers.
Watsons Personal Care Store (Drug Store)
Shaw Kalentong Branch, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
Stock Clerk (June 2, 2008 November 1, 2008)
Orders and receives materials, supplies, parts and equipment on Personal Care
Section; Maintains an inventory maintains records demands and usage; Maintains
stored items in their proper order; Picks up material and conveys to storage or to
platforms for delivery; Checks merchandise received against purchase
orders/requisitions to insure accuracy of shipment; Receives and files requisitions
for supplies and equipment; Performs cleaning and minor maintenance work in
assigned areas or on related equipment; Assists in taking periodical and annual
inventories; Use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, email and database software in performing work assignments; Use Handheld
Device to Receive and sync transfer to Computer database.
Niceman Inc. Quality Water Proofing
16 Comfrey Lane, Dela Paz, Pasig City
Project Coordinator (May 25, 2007 May 25, 2008)
Supervise and Coordinate the Construction Floor Plan Process. Prepare site
documentation, Perform routine visits to project sites, Review with Foreman
manpower and materials requirements, coordinate with the other sub-contractor.
Attend site meetings to present for and take down necessary information.
Coordinate and ensure submittal of project closeout documentation. Area or unit
survey for bill of quantity for new project.
All of the above job descriptions have aspects of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Controlling,
Decision making and Communicating especially during the time that I was a project coordinator
of a water proofing company which is related to Engineering Management Project.
Perhaps, I am not alongside with the majority of my classmates contrary to law of universal
process of learning which is theory-practice-learning, but its more helpful for me to understand
the field of Function of Management beacause it relates to past work experienced.

there are a few things I will incorporate next time I have to be a manager. First, I will use what I
have learned to establish a close, personal relationship with my team members, people I am
managing, and clients. Its seems having professional relationships, not only relationships but
people who like you, is the best way to advance any career in the business world. The

information that can be gained is priceless. When I have to manage a team or project, I will
definitely make sure that I expand my knowledge of the topic as thoroughly as possible; this
individual experience has served me well not only with the functional presentation, but the
business simulation, as well as with other past experiences. To have yet another cliche,
knowledge is power.
When this Language & Composition II: Writing Business & Government Orgs course began in
the fall 2007semester, I wasnt sure what it would include. However, as soon as the course took
off, I knew I was about to experience a whole new writing experience. I had questions about
what to expect in this course. With any new course, certain problems and struggles will arise. I
learned to follow the strategies I set for myself in order to gain as much from the course as I
could. I feel that this course has given me the confidence to engage in business and professional
style writing. I know that the new skills I learned in English 145.13 will benefit me in future
English courses. I am thankful that I have completed all the required coursework and I am happy
about my success in my English 145.13 course this fall 2007 semester.
. Overall, my work experience at was positive. I was very happy with the amount of things that
I have learned and experienced in the 12 weeks of being a Student Engineer with the company. I
believe that Victoria University should keep this aspect of the Engineering course as it does
provide students with the experience needed in order to find a job later on (even if the experience
is over a short amount of time). Also, it can be very beneficial as it could lead to a more
permanent position, which is what happened with me. I ended up learning a lot more than I
thought I would be able to in the time span, and my hard work paid off as they offered me a job
at the end of it. I am so happy, and proud that I have completed my course, and I can now
graduate and call myself a Graduate Engineer.
When it is time for me to manage an lead a business, I will not make the mistake of being to conservative,
however the opposite is true as well. We were unable to see the final results of the last quarter, but we did not do too
well, we did well enough to remain in second. Our team decided to spend more than we probably should have. This
means to me that there is an equilibrium to spending. Too much or to little is harmful, it is important to understand
the market in order to reach the maximum earning power.

All in all, everything is changing and people can not live and work the same ways as they used
to. There are many challenging moments that employees may face in order to accept necessary
changes in future. That is why, it is essential to be modern, ready to change and risk, as the world
is moving faster than ever. Although many people deny to accept changes, it is necessary to do
that and to start thinking differently.
To sum it up, it is essential to note, that those who choose diversity and internationalism, those
who take active part in globalization- they finally win and have better results and progress. It is
essential to be up-to-date and to explore new possibilities which technology offers us. Modern
technologies have changed lives of millions and continue changing them. Innovations and
changes have both advantages and disadvantages which are later reflected on peoples lives. As

well, creativity has become an indispensable element in peoples lives, in the companies, in the
culture. There are a lot of similar things, and only creativity can produce innovation, which will
make a company and a product unique and in demand. It can be said that if a successful manager
becomes a leader, uses new approaches, accepts new ideas, uses creativity and innovations, then
the company can be considered a success.

Management is not like surgery; you cant try performing surgery unless youre
something of an expert. But were all trying to manage, all the time. And if youre a
manager, the most powerful way to learn is by reflecting on your own experience with