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f Prot H. S. Okazaki

I f I I



I Henry Seishiro Okazaki

! Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

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Copyright, 1929 by


Kahului, Maui, T. H.

U. S. A.

Printed in U. S. A.

The Nippu JiJi Publishing Co.

Honolulu. T. H.


-------- ... _-_ ..... _------------- .. __ .... -----------------,


orvIEN ARE PHYSICALLY weaker than men and, hence, numerous laws have been enacted for their welfare, protection, and happiness. These law', alone, will not protect and save the weaker sex at all time. Today, in Hawaii, we hear of lawles ness and of attacks on girls and women.

v\ omen should have some knowledge of how to protect themselves. Nature gave women aids for self protection with finger nails and knuckles. Modern women give little or no attention to these means of protection. Their study of beauty culture and their desire for slender forms have greatly weakened their powers for self protection. A little stu ely and a few exercises will give women some of their lost power in self defense ..

I have made an extensive study of systems of phy ical education, uch as Japanese j iu-j it: u, Chine e methods of fighting, American boxing and wrestling, "Lua," the Hawaiian methods of fighting, Swedish gymnastic r etc. Out of all of these I have devised a scientific set of self defense acts for women. Young girls who have learned the art of self defense herein described have been able to render powerful men helpless. Above all it gives women a self possession so essential at a critical time.

I cannot keep this art to myself for I wish to teach girls and women how best to protect themselves should they ever be so unfortunate as to be attacked. I feel it is my duty to offer thi knowledge of mine to women for their benefit and welfare. I wish to help those persons considered weak. My .cience of defense will make any woman powerful in self protection. This fact has encouraged me to write this text book for girls and women. How happy I will be if any woman is benefitted by this science of self defense!

I wish to express my grateful appreciation to the persons who helped with suggestions or constructive criticism in the preparation of "The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and \.\ omen."



A. B.

ORIGIN OF THE BOOKLET -reasoll for 'its publicaf'ion. PHILOSOPHY OF JTU- JITSU.



The idea of preparing such a booklet as this and offering it to the girls of ~he world through such an avenue as the Girl Scout Movement (~o l~entlOn only one) belongs to Henry Seishiro Okazaki, professor of J,IL1-~ltsu al.ld bead of th: Restoriutn which bears his name at Kahului Maui, Terntory of HawaII. He himself is a master in the art of Jiu- [itsu and has taught Inan.y p. upils to become very proficient It III If' t'

I . . ." .' .. ay )e 0 111 erest

to t lose I eading tl11S lll.troductlon to know Okazaki's rank in J iu- Jitsu. He

holds the black belt 1I1 Kodokan, an institution for teachine- Jiu-Jit

Tokyo, Japan. In addition he holds the "secret" 0·£ SI'1 1:>1 . I) SU,

Y hi I' . 11)U cawa- <yu,

as 1111- vyu, and Nanba-Shoshin-Rvu This last wo .d R .

"I I" . - '. 1 , xyu, means a

sc 100 as we use the word to implv a " tyle" of I o· I . I .

<:T 0 .' eal111ng w lIC 1 a certain

I:> roup a £ teacher s puts out. Okazaki conceived the idea of gather] o-

small group toe 1· l' Inb a

. b bet ~e~ .as a c ass, teaching them certain "acts" of self-defense

~tst .. and ,then soliciting their help ill getting this information before the

I ublic, 1 he class COllSI ted of five women teaching f 0 tl .

M . H'" ,. or vtne moment 111

• all~ , ,lgI~ c.l~oo~, Hamakuapoko, Maui, and Maunaolu Seminary, Paia Maui, 1. H. I hell' names follow: '

Mis, Myrtle elson, Chemistry.

Miss Flay Robinson, Biology.

Miss B 111m a L. a wdrey, Commercial. Mi s L. Kellnelte Griffith, Engli h. Mr . Elva Class, Home Economics.

Okazaki's share was to teach a performance of the act itself a I t

reveal a I " c. . , c l1C 0

s: c C eeper slgnlilcance JJl this art which is peculiar to th J ..

th i., r j its O. . e apanese 111

. ell :u- I SU. 1.11" share was to learn and then transcribe. In many

c~ses ~ve have found the wording alone, inadequate in the matter of z ivins- .

dIrectIOns and so we have thought it wise to use illustrations, too. b I:>

S !las been .indicated~ the idea back of publishing such a booklet has been to gIve all girls certain information so that they can defend them-

selves. If they know how to break <:Trip i to thev I· . I

• • . 'I:> .• , y ,now lOW to control a

person who IS cndangermg their safety, they are the stronger through



i'll, HeSSlI1<:T knowledge, even though physically they are inferior to their -nrmy.


Much can be said concerning the philosophy of these " cts" and !If nll .J iu- Jit:u. Only a few points need be mentioned here. The J apariese trniu Ior mental and spiritual development as well as physical. A physical 1i11l .ss is all the average person is likely to see in the performance of Jiu.IitHI!. But there is vastly more in having the well-poised mind and spirit back (any performance. Our Y. v\T. C. A. and Y. M. C. . stress .the thr -fold development of a person in the arne way that we ee in Jiu-Jitsu.

On the wall of the little matted "gymnasium" in which our clas was run lucted hang three "mottce .." \1\ e asked to have them translated. One emphasized this very fact, that there must be vastly more than simply physi 'aJ development. The spirit of the person and the mind must receive ~.ts '[raining. A second warned against losing one's poise of mind in the midst of stress. One must not allow himself to get excited in a moment when Ids life is being endangered. A third aid something about keenness of p r eption, both hearing and seeing. "\i\ e were given a particularly apt illustration of this in a Japanese warning: Train your ear to hear the sound of snow falling On snow: train your eye to discern a crow in the night.

Among the generalities that lye picked up in the course of the le sons were : Remember that the whole body functions in self-defense. The hands, and feet, and head all have their share in rendering the enemy helpless. Such tricks as shill kicks, the "eye-poke," striking on the head, and so on can be used any time .. Look about you. Know the way out.

The sources for these acts are numerous and Okazaki's preparation of them has stretched over a number of years. His study and personal lraining for them have taken place principally in the Hawaiian Islands where life is very cosmopolitan and where many race contribute to a sinO"le product. For example: to his jiu- Jit II (of which there are hundreds of different type and all kinds which Okazaki has mastered) our instructor ha added an element which he learned from a Spaniard. This concerned the art of throwing a dirk. From a Filipino he learned knife fighting, from an American, boxing and hom a Chinese, a kind of boxing called Mushij itsu. About this there is more to be said. From an Hawaiian he learned "Iua" wh ich is a study of clefensi ve acts. 'Karate," learned from a J apanese of the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, is also a study of defen ive acts. And 0 with all these element to acid to and incorporate into his Jiu-Jit u,

kazaki has made it a uuiversa 1 thing.

Mushi-j itsu is a style of boxing u ed with intent to kill and 0 it differs from the American style. Okazaki is indebted to an aiel Chinese



(who was seventy-eight when Okazaki found him on the i land of Hawaii), Via Chong, by name, for his information in this case. He has ,o'iven the name Danzan-Ryu to his new "school" of Jiu-Jitsu for two rea ons. One is to keep alive the memory of old V, a Chong, because the Chinese used to call the Hawaiian Islands, "Danzan." The other is because most of Okazaki's tudies have taken place in Hawaii.

f). Table of terms.

1. "Eye-poke"-The index finger and the middle finger act like prongs. \Vhen this thrust at the enemy's eves I. used, he is apt to become blind temporarily. (,ee Fig. I)

2. "Knuckle"-Clench the hand and make the middle knuckles particularly hard. They are more effective than a fist blow. ( ee Fig. 2).

3. "Chop"-Use the little finger-edge of the hands like the edge of a knife or hatchet and strike hard. (See Fig. 3).

4. The 'ensitive "third"-The back of the hand below the ring- finger IS weak and consequently sensitive to pressure. (See Fig. 4) .

o, The "twi ted" hold-In thi case the girl uses both her hand: on one hand of the enemy. His hand i twisted at the wrist, the little finzer edge being pressed down while the thumb side i being pulled up. (See Fig. 45-47).

L. Kennette Griffith


Fig. 2

Fig. 4

c o sr: c




M". . I!'. OALOWIN. COMIo!I"IIQ""1II Hit. I. fI, DElNI:RT. 6ILC'UT ... Rr

'Wailuliu, TIlaui

MRS. H. \ v, RICt. Or"ul'r CO .... '-:.'!,IOII£A MRS. A. fL HANSI:N, 1"I;:.S1,>"(l'.

':-RAHCES L S[IQE;RT, Dillce''''",

1':10 tile :;~eaders and ~~tudcnts:

f~rtil in t}~iG bOJk by I.cnry 8. e~:nsaki.

\'/ith r;irls and v.or.ien w i I finLl i';:. v2.11)?.1.!.c

not only as a !',1eOJiS of d eI'cn s c J U'Jt ;~S :] ..

train in£, f'J r ~·c· 1 i t;f t fl ex i hi 1 i t ,: ~~!,d r-o i S(:,

lri r ec t o r of Girls and <.'/OI:ICnr!~ \- .... c r .. ~~, Al.e xand cr- !-{OLJSC Se t t Lernerrt J \'.'~il'J.~<~, r.:('.ui, '£"~~1



I " I


;,0.0 "11),,,11

0" 0 II"~D"" ".

e 0 llor ......

\. II! ... [· ... "L~O .....

"~ ~I'I ""'Ol~' .c [ 5. flu ... !'

moy :§routn of i\mrriru

I-<C ... OOUARf[QS

iRani irO(~J ([IIUuriJ

A,II'''QI" HCuu SI'n~_f"l

"Q~~ ~ h ~I Cl'( I.~. W .. C"oc.I'"

WAILUXU, M.\UI. HAWAII ;.Ub'lISt 7, 1929

(O~"'~~I\:I~E· C'. S C"'L:Io!.

C:",«( HC.II •• , ~''''r~ 0"'"

Pr~~esso~ O%a~ ~l. '.lJai l'..l%u. ~:ai.;i I '~.:-:.

b~ t:"!.G boct: , :.~!:.ll:~t; ~~oC~. ·,~'ei:S': :~:g 0":,';:' or,c pC\I-::.j~ :'1",f!':>~1' ;:;::.J:1 ;;'~"?~:I~'::lv~s; I cs-:

~: ". :; i:' -:



'rel'~" t;:,~y YO:;:'S.


scou t ::;:-:eo .... ~ c i ve



®ffirr of tQr (!lounty. ~QrrttT

(;10 '"' CUWU''''G'F .... ,~u.u

,.~ ..... C v ,". ·.~_·o

w .. ..c " u , .._ .... , .. ~

I • ""'''H' .. ''';O. H'~~ ;:." LI"D'~' ... 0 ...... '

COUNTY os MAUl. l'ERRITORY OF HAWAII mailukLl. jiaui


, .. 0' ~.utGl. ~.~ .. .::,,'

sepv. 10, 1929·

Henry S. Okaz;.:Iki .. professor in Jui-Ji t s u , 'Toa i luku, WlUi.

Dear Sir:

I , .... ish t c th:I(IA you f _or \.ht;: i r.v i va 1..1011' e;.. t e i.d e c nie officially to be prese t 8L one of your clases in J'i-JILSU in vJnici'! 1,.he art of self-defense of girls (oIt1d w(,.IJ:leli wa s


Wit.h t.1lis art o I' 3elf-defense as' der.10n~tl·O:::1,.~u

Wlat eve~ing aCid ~ith lh~ publlca1,.iOn of this b00~ I shall say tha t the b ook VIi th i ns t ruc ti ons t n e re ... :i11 lnghly b er.e r 1. t

t.n e :"Je~ke]' s e x if they t a k e up t.h e pr-ac t i c e o nd t e ae h ~II(;


I she!l s ay also "!"hat t m s o(.;nip.verr.erlt of yours ';.ill benefit. the Territory as a v,'hoie, t.nuc safet_;UiJ%'oll)V; the youl;~girl'S an d ' .... o.ce n.


$.'1e:·l r i , COUIl1./ of '~7u7~.---.)


E. R 8C .... ' .. $

C:;, ,-.T'. A~'Q""'"

OFFICE or- ATTOftNEY (;llL'X'I'Y OF' :'-1.\1' I \\~(L('KV

• WCl..-ClI: L.t. r COlOC',",CTT , ~ AU""..

Mr. Herir y S, Okasaki Wailuku, Maui, T.H. Dea.r Sir;

Under . ~

eXIs,ing conditions it

me t appears to

o be highly d

eairable that members

sex hav. a c pt . of the weaker

- er a in amoun t f

o instruction in the

prinCiples of

self defense.

The book prepared

by you appears ,to embody

Certain 0"' th

• ese pr i nc t I

in such pes, explained and illustr t d

a manner as to m r, a e

a~e them susceptible

ea s ily t h of c e i ng

. aug t and readily


I heartily endorse

the boo~ itself and

idea which has

brought about i

ts publication,


. ~

County Attorney



CrH.;STY 0'" :'\'1"1'r

,\\·AlJ .. \;lil", ~J.\'-l. '1',1[.

S e pte m b e r lOth, 1929.

Mr. Henry S. Okazaki, Professor of Jiu-Jitsu, Wai'luku, Maul.

Dear Sir:

·I have carefully looked over your proposed schedule of ·training for girlS as a measure of protection.

r thoroughly be·Heve this would afford an

opportun1ty for p~omoting an interest in athletics, and a.t the same. time preparing our young girls in

the art 'of Belf-defense.

r must Bay I heartily

approve and recommend this.

Respectfully yours,

District Magistrate.




I .


Wailuku. Mal-.

·Sept. 16,. 1929

Mr. Henr~ S. Okazaki Professor of Jiu- Ji tsu Wailuku, Maui·

My dear Mr. Okaz ak i;

After a perusal of your methods and aims as set f'o rt h

in your manuscript, I endorse with p Le as ur e yo ur c o urs e in

"Self Defense."

The large number of assau.lt cases ",hic'/! almost d9.ily appe s.r

in our papers make a strong appeal to the intelligent Joino. for

some action •. It s e erns to me .that a cou rs e of this kind could.

not help but ·benefit those who will ava.il themselves of it.

Your deep i.n teres t in human i ty is mi r r o r ed in this wo rk ,

P1ea~e accept my best ~ishes for the success of thi~


~y s incer.e~. yours.

uuv.j /j .e-t:. -

earl S. E -Ie ,

Elrector' A~~xandpr ouse K.G.


The s en se of eecurt ty thllt would be fe.~

by anyone having II. knowledge of the Jiujitsu viduld

cause it to be endorsed by &n.r Woman'~ Club. We

think it a splendid thlng.


OEO~(a s. R ... VMO".D

"'UHCI~"L .

TEARITORY 01" H",WAII 0. 6. A.

KAPA,A, KAU .... ~, T, H .. __ ~;:L~.~--,--.u..T-_192L

. - .. ;

.~ . r L

Mr. Henry Seishiro Okazaki, Kahului, Maui. "r.· H.

.' -,

< "

Your c ou r se of lessons in'self defense for girls Md women has been, o,f, g.IEl;ai;,:,l"l!te,re,s1; ttg,y~! We have found tha.t the art of self defens'e you 'have SCientifically developed can eaSily be learned. The self possession acquired from,ability to perform tnese acts c snnot be oyerstated and we sincerely feel that such knowledge fOl women would be con,siderable aid. to them in time of need. We take great pleasure i~ cOI!lPJ,imenting you on,your s t.udy and work and. We ale

. ,happy to r ecommend, your lessons to, those who a r e interested 'in lQcal sdcial welfare.

Yo'u'x's' \Ie I;I si nc e r ely,



MIS, Rebecca C. Raymond

Instructor, 'Vocational Homemaking Class, Kapaa, Kauai .. T. H.



". ' •. D. lI~b_ail~ PfUlI~'~{

M. 1'. lhnl1ll1cDI. lJlrr'J!cuUunl II i). NIIDU

".", ¢i. E. & .• urnl

f. E.lllrulnl 'Horrir1~. 5(J11b~(11 «",ulan, [,i!urnH

mill. Ii. £,111-". S'rrul;;uy D.,n iI. (!lIrrll'

fIIr •. ~ro. 111. &Irtlr (!1,,Irlt'lI. 5. tilfr

Alrxutti'lrr t.~lllt!W g,rttlrml'ltt

!nfOrplJr .. lri'l

;Z~r i:,alhllli iN;lII".1I:t:l1,,,llIi.err;uLlrrr :IV. It £"lJ~r . .-\,,/IIlor

I • (j_ DDUlkro~lrt

"' •• 1. }Ifill JlI(I(~1f

, .. r. Hen~y $. C~uzGki ?~O~·. 0:' Jiu ._ i t!"i'

'ila i 1 ~u I ;;{2.'.i I '!. ;{.

Dear ~ .. r, Of..[!.z:·~i!

book 011 (.rii nk yo a~i

I w t s n ;iou' s~ e ce s s L! :;0' a' ,t:nt':::')ri~~ in YOUl' er rcr t to make s» r :·::~()·ll~· ~c OJ, l:Laol.": wcue n and gi r Ls ,

::'1 DO

t o ::.11

V~ry t i-u Ly jo\;.r:;r



P.o.tloLtlu, T. ,kI, , S"eptenb"l' 28. 1<;)29·

ill!'. Seishiro Okazaki ~ailuku, Ma~i,t. H.

])eal' Sir;

I have al~ays been interes~ed in jiujitsu as my fatler, Naochika Kato~i. ~es a n~ste~ in this art b e r ore and s r t.e r the ab ol i t i.on of l'eu.d~,U.81:' .•

its pr Lnc i p Le is ap t Ly s:!.gnified. by ti10 wo ideographs wi th which the name of th e art .i s l'I1'i t~· ten. ~he first part means t~ "obey," "submit," "v~~ak, 11 "soft" or "pliable.", The second. pa r t,

11 j i tsu," means "art 01' sc Le nc e ;" These two pa r t s c cmut nsd is sometimes facetiously spoken' f as the "gentle art • ."

J'iuji tsu is one of the most valuable of arts in self-defense. However, the enly time it shadId be put into use is for self-protection in ~ny case of unavoidable conflicts. 'l'hen, one t.r i umpb s in spirit, whether actual victory in the combat is sained. or not.

I heartily r eo onmend that this art and t he spirit expressed in it be taught to' all wha oay benefit from the training.

Yours very truly,

~;UA;,.f.~~__.~ J tJ /1.;~~~~~;~~;a


I[YE""'" EYi.NU'·O

""'~"ruJIJoI" HONOLULU ",0 .• OX U30a



""I. HAW ... II ." ... ,."NIESE O,lroll Y TIW.:sl

THIt OI..Dt:ST. 1..A.ROI: .. r .,,",. ... HE'II[ NI:WS,. ... "[A IN H"W,,"II

:HO •• :11 HUUAHU STII.:£[T


Sept91nber 24, 1929

I{,,'. Seishlro Okazaki Kahului, Moui

De at' Mr, Okaz akf :

The publication of the book on "Sel~-defense," writts" ,~specl!llly for women by se i erur-o Okazaki, jiu-jitsu exponenb and instruetol', in order t, at they llIiG"t Le ar-n to pr-o t e c t; I,;.hernselves when occ as t on demand s , 1s a very c ommendnb Le unde rtal<inu' Es!'eclall,' is this true, in t;,e light of the IlIrolY u..,,!'ortunnte exoel":iances thot wo)oanklnd throoushout the ce,:,"1 to:!.~:r has hac to suffer recently.

This book, w:-:lch Ls being published 1:'1 t~1e F:n~~li.3~"! LanCue;::e, 1"11 11 introduce Jnpant s contribution .to t ae nT'~ of selfdefense, known tlu~ouGhout the world as jlu-jitsuJ to anyone

who rna" desire to lenT'1l this manly art. I know I am speal<1n6 ror mnny of' the" Japanese in H:r:tnii, when I expr-e s s grutiflcntiotl and tal,e pride in the publicntion of such a book, as it \"fill be ano ther- medium tl1l'ou(lh which JUDen' s material contributions as well as the beautiful spir1 t of- her, people, 1'1111 be,Mne known to the ·'-JOrld.

I take gr-e a t, p Le aaure in l'eCO'$lendlng ti)is book to the public, and I wish :,;1', Ol<az"ki the veT'] best of success in his undel'tal<ing.

Lastly, it is rrr:l hope that the book will teach t'"e general public the ~plrit of jiu-jitsu, which Is to help tho \'/oak and helpless against t;1e strong and powerful.


~ President &. !l.dit~

YS/em OT'rf.E Hl"PU JIJl CO" 7jD,

lIai'! ;Yal'aHl'~t <r:f!ri5ti;1I1 @Jllrd! 11. (0. ~tnx 5

~lli;l. c"ti:U1il -m.lL

Cet. 7th, 1925l •.

~~n:._Cl1~03'·.. A~_ en. 0_0.. '::--l"'cverb. o~ Jupun Says'l Gentloness

can control ~tL·:H1.:th'· I t:!3 \\:or:10ll c an defend. th~~selvea even wLth, t!:1oir. "s c r t. :l[!J1ds_i. th:~ :l.tt~c],. of en enouy , \'!hB11. they maa t cr th c ar t; •.

A:::; is said in -thc P::"3'[;::CC. th e contents of t' e book ar e the. r csul, ts ~f. the .cu thor's l0113 ~f.eorts, and incllltJ~ all th o es sonco , not only of Jujit~u, but of S'2\ro;t~1 other n~tionally i';COS~ilzod c r t s of sclf-d.~.f·~n(;o; and r

be te Lve you can c.pp::.·e(!_!_.:1tg their r eaI worth O~lly .nfter you.

study thcn .

The cnthur of ·ths bo ok , Prc..i:"assor HCl1:!",7 S~ Ck.uz:::::i.

hac !..itvd.i~d. JU.:i.t:3H. P.mericG.l1 box t ng , end other nu t.Lons '

dvfQ!1(i.:~18 ur t.e ~o!.: th o La s t cishtc·:m .yet~rs while in H~\L:~ii. 'i:e: covor hl~ \'!~H1t ~'~~k tc ·J~pan to epec Lc l t z o rn 'tl .. l€> '

v _ nighest

c r tc of .J~~.jit.su ~~CT1 ":ho aeveru l authol'itativl~ schco t a , ~l1cl. j:1 pit: .. }, ic~ . .l rc(:(1i;jli:ad o:!.3 en expert in .1 ts :ield.~ R~ is

a nar; o.~ e:.:·.-::·1stl1~::·f;., I'o r t i tudo , ~'}d·}:indn(3:s~.

! heartily endcre o the worth of t~lC boc.: end

r ccormoml it to' 'yOU, and e Lso ~s}: you to t8i:J il~t_C!'cst in Jnjl ';3\1 tr o l;~tion"l :.:elf-defcndinIT art of hpt!n.

Sincerely yoars,


p.O.80X eu

jIligtrict ![ourt of ~outb n,ilo

. ~ountp nnb·l!i:milorp of jljalDaii

ST[PHt:H L. OtSH .... JR .• O'1ouuel M .. 4IUI!4lC:

W. H. ~MITH. S1CO"Q 0;" .. ,,(;. MAGllI"- ... ":

JA.$. N. K. ~foL.A, C .. '·K

kILO,HA.WAil Oct. 21stJ l~:

Prof'e s sor- H. S. okazakt ,

,-Kahul U i I }I.a ut •

Your book on "The 'Science of Self Defense r o r Girls and Women" should -be taught 1n all of the Pub110 Schools, and should be especially sponsored by those agencies which dec l, ·;;i ttl. the welfare and c eve Lopement of g1rls and wom~n.

..1t this t'ime, 'lihen sex problems ere agitating the ci tzens of "this t.e r-r i tory, it should prove an invaluable ', ... ·ork in educating young ~irls and women so t ha t tlley w111 be able to .proteet themselves at all times from attacks by ruffians and assaf-, lants.

That it is written by one who is as well ·qualified as

you are, Prof, Okazakt , makes this I;·ork an ·authority on the sub". ject, and. is guarantee of the thoroughness with which it has been treated. As an H,maiian, I am proud and happy that you have deem~d the art of "Lua" of sufficient t mpor te nc e to incorporate into

your system of self defense.

I am certain that your wish and hope that Women 'Nill be beneti ted in 50 me measur-e by thi s work of: YQurs w,111. be more. thun realized. It could not be otherwise.

r commend i t mos t hear t 11 Y to tl1e~ P\.I bp C • YJurs very sincerely,

--~ -c._~~ ..

~;;~~~trate of South l-;Uo •. county und 'J:errt tory or Eawaii,

Professor H. S. Okazaki In hi Jiu- Jitsu suit



~!!!!!; ...,_----.----.-------------------------~----.--------.--

















I T, break II" hold tuhen seised a"""d uecle I

f Girl is seized around neck with two hancls············· 38 I

i -irl has been shoved against a wall.. ..40 f

j Gid is . eizcd 'by clothiag p:~:':~~:.. .40 I

f To break a hold 1~ hen seised oround bod:V j

f f f r





To break hold of one or two hand wrist grip

s ailarrt's left hand seize girl's right wrist.. 30

Assailant's right hand seizes girl's right wrist., 31

Assailant seizes with both hands girl's right wrist.. 32

Assailant with both hands seizes the wrists of girL. 34


To break hold 'When clothing at neck is seised

Assailant with left hand seizes clothes of girl aj neck 36

A sailant seizes with two hands clothes of zirl at neck 37

Girl is seized around her shoulders from behind ..42

Girl is seized and lifted off her feet... 44

Girl is seized and carried high tlp ..45

Girl is eized around the waist frOI11 behind 46


------------------------------------ I



1'0 break hold 7. "len seized by 1,7.00 persons .47


To avoid blows about head .48


To break a hold tuhen. hair is seized 50


To break (I. hold and control assailant

Fa! e hand shake. A '" 52

False hand shake. B. 54

False hand shake. c. 55

\i\! . t I) A 56

rlS· gra. . ..

\i~r . t ab B .. 57

v n s gr<. . .


Assailant's hand is on girl's chest.. 58


To break a hold when head is gripped nuder arm : 60

To preuent knife thrusts , 61



To preuent a "ho/d "p" wifl> reuoluer 67 I

______ , .t




T sutae Watanabe

sistant In tructor and ]~Iack Belt Holder of Danzan-Ryu, Prof. Okazaki's School of Jiu-Jitsu.


________ . . , . ' --t

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t •


• I ,












.~_..._,.._._ .... ...-----_._-,-,-----.-------'----------------------'-.~


The Science of Self-Defense /01' Girls and Women



A The a. sailant's left hand seizes the girl's right wrist,

back of hand outward .. ( ee Fig 5).

Fig. 5

To Break:

... ·.T-h-e g'irL step: forward, wings 111; forearm i pressed in along arm of a sailant,

a quick movement out and

the wrist i released. ( 'ee l<ig 6).

Fig. 6

It is an aid here to clinch the fist (right or left).

The Science of Self-Defense JOI' Girls and Women



The a ailant's right hand seizes the girl's right wrist (eros eel). (See Fig. 7).

Fig. 7

To Break;

The girl steps forward with right foot and quickly back, again,

the wrist is pulled upward quickly ancl released. (See Fig. 8).

Fig. 8


The Science of Self-Defense for Girls ana Women

Fig. 9

To Break:

The girl lL11lO'es forward on left foot and grasps her fist with her left hand over assailant's right, (. iee Fig. 10) (It is an aiel here to clinch hand just before the other hand a sists in the upward pull.)


The as. ailant seizes \\ ith both hands, the girl's right wrist,

one palm facing in, the other out. ( ee Fig. 9).

Pig. 10

The Science of Self-Defense jar Girls and Women


Weight goes back on left foot, the wrist held is brought upward quickly and reI ea. eel.

Be sure to bend at elbow. (. 'ee Fig. 11).




Fig. 11

Care should be taken to bring the arm to the. ide of head or a brui eel nose will result.


The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women


a quick movement upward releases wrist. ( 'ee Fig. 14).

Til" as s ailant with both hand', seizes the wri ts of the girl,

palm of gi rl facing, and

palms of assailant facing.

(See Fig. 12).

Fig. 12

Eg. 14

To Break:

The girl goes a few steps

in the eli rection he is being pulled and then, quickly pushes forward and downward, bringing palms together, (See Fig. 13).

In that stooping position the girl may seize the leg 0 f the assailant and

tip him over.

(Care should be taken not to interlock the fingers).

Fig. 13



The Science of Self-Defense fOT Girls and Women


Fig, 15

, To Break:

The girl grabs clothes just below as ailant's hand

with her left hand (See Fig, 16).


The a' .a ilant with left hand seizes clothe: of girl at neck. ( 'ee Fig, IS).

Fig. 16

The Science oj Self-Defense [or Girls and Women


ancl with her right hand quickly pu hes assailant' hand lip and out. (See Fig', 17).


The a, sailant . eizes with two hands clothe of girl at neck. (See Fig. '18)

To Break:

The girl makes "Knuckles" and pres e hard on the assailant's knuckles, downward.

(It should be remembered that the most sensitive, ancl weake t part of the hand is along the third finger next to the little

finger. ( ee Fie', 4, I age 8).

Fig. 18


The Science oj Self-Defense for Girls and Women



A. The girl is seized

at lund the neck-~ assailant facing her. (See 1'ig. 19).

Fig. 19

To Break,

Girl puts hands up between the arms of assailant, ( 'ee Fig. 20).

Fig. 20

The Science of SeU-Dejense jar Girls and Women


Then use the "Eye-poke." (See Fig. 22). Refer to "Tabel of Terms" in 1:' oreword, Page 8.

and with a quick movement pr s e outward.

\t the same time with her whole body she pulls backward. ( ee Fig. 21).

. Fig. 22


The Science of Self-Defense tor Girls and Women



uppose girl has been shoved azain st a wall. (See Fig. 23).

Then she pushe the assailant away and break his hole! with

a quick thrust under the chin.

A merciless kick on the assailant's shin and ankles is often effective. ( ee Fig. 23).

Fig. 23


Girl i. seized by clothing at neck, assailant facing her arms crossed. (See Fig. 24).

Fig. 24

The Science o] Self-Defense [or Girls and Women


A powerful leverage is created which breaks the assailant's hold. C- ee Fig. 26).

Fig. 25

To Get Free:

The girl puts right hand through from above and down.

. s she pull' up, (a ssisting with her other hand) her arm i. over one of the assailant" ann, and under the other. ( e Fig. 2.')).

Fig. 26


The Science of Self-Defense jar Girls and Women


Fig. 27

To Get Free:

The gi rl steps back on her left foot and bends down on both legs.

She takes hold of the rieht shoulder or clothing of the assailant and

\V hen she has him 0 ff his balance, (See Fig. 28).


The o-irl is seized

around her houlclers from behind. This hold may pin the arm: down to the elbows, but it leaves

the lower arms free. (See Fig, 27):

Fig. 28

The Science oj Self-Defense jar Girls and Women


with a quick pull forward

she can hurl him over her shoulder. (See Fig. 29).

Fig. 29

The trick is accomplished with even more ease if sirl remember to straighten up quickly

imultaneously \\ ith the pull Iorwar L

If the trick is not ucce Iul, the girl call strike the a sailant' head with her head or bite his hands.


The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women


A. The girl is seized and lifted off her feet,

with the assailant facing her. e ee Fig. ~O).

Fig. 30

To Get Free;

The person. eized. place. her thumbs under the a .. ailant' chin and

presses his head back. See Fig. 31).

Fig. 31

If arms are not free the effective kick on the shins 1S alw ays to be used.

The Science of Self-Defense [or Girls and Women


B. If the o'i rl is lifted up :0 high that the push under the chin is not po: sible. (See Fig. 32).

Fig. 32

then she u .es her dhow and strikes sharply

en the assailant's neck

just b210w his car. (See J;'ig. 33).

Fig. 33



The Science oj Self-Defense fOT Girls and Women

No. 10

The girl i seized around the wa ist

from behind. ( ee Fig. 34).

Fig. 34

To Get Free :

The girl pre' .es her knu 'Ides against the hand of the assailant, always keeping in mind that

the back of the hand below the third finger is a mo t vulnerable spot.

She can make the pressure doubly effective by a sisting with other hand. ( ee Fig. 35).

, .

Fig. 35

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women



No. 11

The girl is seized around her shoulders by one as ailant and by the feet by another.

he j off the floor and swinging between them. (See Fig. 36).

Fig. 36

To Get Free:

Brinz the knee up quickly and kick out,

hitting a ailant on hi abdomen.

(See Fig. 37).

Then use the "Knuckle" to break the other hold. (See Fig. 35).

Fig. 37


The Science of Self-Defense [or Girls and Women


Fig. 38

To Defend:

Cirl "chops" the assailant',' wrists. :\'andy, the girl hit ..

the assailant's wrists inside with the outside of her hand.

(Little finger side of hand. see Fig. 4). (Sec Fig. 39).

No. 12

,irl is recei Vl11g blows or . lap on the face or around the head. ( 'ee Fig. 38).

Fig. 39

The Science at Sell-Defense JOI' Girls and Women

She can further disable the assailant by grabbin him around the neck with one arm,

holding hi arm with the other, and placing a leg behind her assailant's leg,

See Fig. 40).

Fig. 40

and shoving him to the around. (See Fig. 41).

Fig. 41


Fig. 44

The Science ot Self-Defense tor Girls and Women

The Science 'J! Self-Defense [or GirlS and Women


No. 13

Girl's hair is seized near the forehead. (See Fig. 42).

Fig. 43

Here i an opportunity to throw

again a described in No.8. ( ee Fig. 28) It is effective to carry

the assailant's ann by placing his palm upward to throw him. (See Fig. 43 & 44).

Fig. 42

To Get Free:

( uppcse the assailant has 11 .ed his left hand). The girl's left hand

take firm hold of the as ailant's left wri. t. Her right hand comes up with a strong blow on the nerve above the elbow-

between elbow and shoulder. ( ee Fig. 42). This paralyzes the assailant's arm for a while.


The Science of Self-Defense jar Gil'ls and Women


Fig. 45

To Get Free and

Make Assailant Powerless:

Let go with the ri ht hand and take "twisted' h let (Refer to "Table of: Terms' in Foreword, Page 8)

with the left hand

twisting assailant's palm outward, (See J7ig. 46)

No. 14

A, A false hand shake.

(That is when the person intends to do you harm). (See Fig. 4~).

Fig. 46

The Science Of Self-Defense j07' Girts and Women


Fig. 47

Then with the right hand

again pres on the sell itive "third"

(Refer to "Table of Term" in Forword, Page 8) and twi t at the same time. (Sec Fie. 47).


The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women

No. 15

B. A false hand shake.

(This act permits the girl to take her helpless assailant wherever she wishes.) (See Fig. 45 & 48)

Fig. 48

1 he o'i rl swings on aline with the assailant

till keeping the handshake.

The girl put: her left arm over the assailant's upper arm around and under his arm.

This hold is a leverage.

The "handshake" continue and

the girl pre es down on the assailiant' extended arm. (The a ailant's arm could be broken with a

hal I like thi , hence, he is lik Iy to be

obedient.) ( ee Fig. 48).

The Science of Self-Defense tor Girls and Women


No. 16

C. A fal e hand shake,

ee No. 14 for the "twisted" hold. t the action of Fig. 46, girl lift up hanel. ( ee Fig. 49).

Fig. 49

Then the o·irl xtencl her right arm up and arOllnd

and steps in toward her a: a ilant (with right foot)

anel "Jacknifes" her assailant's arm.

A powerful leverage is developed which

can be made injurious (to the assailant) and cruel, if the assailant tries to hit with

left hancl. (See Fig. 50).

Fig .. 50

The Science of Self-Dejense for Girls and Women


Fig. 53

And bends the hand upward so that assailant' palm

is facing him, (See Fig. 54). Use "Third Finger" pressure and

at the same time pull downward.


The Science Of Self-Defense JOI' Girls atul Women

No. 17

A. \/\ rist grab.

To Get Free and Make Assailant Go Along Obediently:

Refer to No. 1.

Open the a sailant's hand

by a twi t of the wrist outward.

(It is an aid here to clinch the fist). With the left hand, around and under, grab the thumb side,

(See FIg. 5]).

Fig. 52

No. 17

Fig. 51

fIt wist" and press down. ( ee Fig'. 5~ ) (This is when the assailant's Jc~ hand grasps the girl's risht wrist

13. Wri t grab.

(This i when the a sailant's right hand era P the g irl: right wri .t).

Again, girl opens the as ailant's hand by twi ting her wrist 0 that palm face outward. The girl grabs

the assailant's thumb with her left hand, ( . ee Fig. 53).

Fi$. 54


The Science of Self-Defense for GiTls and Women

Fig. 55

No. 18

Assailant's hand is on cyirl's chest.

(This act puts the a ailant in the girl's power). ( 'ee Fig. 55).

Girl takes hand 0 f the assailant and twists both arm and hand

so that the palm of hand of assailant faces him. ( ee Fig. 56 ~ 57).

Fig. 56

The Science of Self-Defense /01' GiTls and Women


Fig. 57

\i\ ith both hands pres. forward and pull back. Or the "twi ted" hand can be used.

(See 1 o. 14 & 17).


The Science of seit-tietense [or Girls and Women


No. 19

Assailant has the girl's head gr'ipped under hi· arm.

(See Fig. 58).

Fig. 58

To Get Free:

Girl pushes on her assailant' . hips-

or trikes him sharply in the. ide with elbow and gets her h ad free.

Then she takes his hand and

twist. it up behind his back.

Grabs his belt at the back. (See Fig. :59).

Fig. 59

(If the push on the hip. is not effective,

girl can reach up and give his chin and head a thrust.)

The Science ot Self-Defense fOT Girls and Women



The following three "Safeguards" against an as .ailant' knife are the principal ones.

They hould cover, in a general way, any such danger that might confront a girl.


The Science oj seit-netense jar Girls and Women

No. 20

as ailant swings forward to cut the girl's right side.

Hi ris-ht shoulder is toward

<Tid's right shoulder. (See Fig. 60).

Fig. 60

To Prevent:

Gi rl swings forward with a right step and forearm comes in contact with assailant's upper arm to prevent the cut going further.

Girl is now somewhat in the rear of assailant. ( 'ee Fig. 61).

Fig. 61

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women

Fig. 62

Girl reaches her left hand around as ailant and takes a grip on the assailant's clothinc: in front. (See Fig. 62).

She draw her left foot backward, at the same time

winging assailant around and throws him face downward to the floor.

The o-iri .teps over her a sailant left knee pinning him to the floor,

right foot pressing on wrist that holds the knife. He i forced to loosen the grasp on knife and

he can arm herself with knife. ( ee Fig. 63).

Fig. 63



The Science of Self-Defense /01' Girls and Women

No. 21

The assailant strike. downward with knife at the girl's head or shoulder.

(3c:::: Fig. 64).

Fig. 64 ,

To Prevent:

To stop the thru t LIse a hard "chop"

(Refer to "Table of Terms" in Foreword, Page 8) on the forearm below the elbow wit.: left hand, Then the girl grasps the

assailant's arm and forces it backward,

(See Fig. 6l-6;i) swinging him off his balanc : a. in ::\'0. 1:2 (Fig. 40-41).

Fig. 65

The Science Of Self-Defense jar Gil'ZS and Women


Fig. 66

After the assailant is thrown on floor face upward, girl holds his right arm with her right knee

and with her left foot kicks the assailant's clutched hand and hold on knife. (See Fig. 65-66).


The Science at Self-Defense jar Girls and Women

No. 22

The assailant is about to give a traight knife thrust at the girl. (See Fig. 67).

Fig. 67

To Prevent:

The girl swings back on her right foot

as tIL knife passes in front of her, and "chops" with her left hand the assailant's wrist.

Then she steps forward with the "eye-poke," (See Fig. 22) al 0 a thrust under the chin is effective.

( ee Fig. 63)0

Fig. 68

The Science oj Self-Defense jar Girls and Women



Here we have an example of a "hold-up," without actual shooting as from an ambush or from a distance. The assailant is close to the girl and bent on getting money from her pocket or getting her jewelry.


Girl houle! remember to hout loudly and suddenly at the critical moment. This unnerve the assailant and girl thereby gains courage.


The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women

Fig. 69

To Escape :

No. 23

The assailant is close covering

the girl with revolver (near heart). (See Fig. 69).

Girl swings quickly a little to the left

and at the same time "chops" so that the revolver veers to the left. (See Fig -. 10). With this sudden "chop" 011 assailant's wrist, the revolver will drop to the ground.

Fig. 70

The Science ot Self-Defense jor Girls and Women


Fig. 71

If the chopping is not successful, the girl can then press the revol vcr against the side of as ailant.

(See Fig. 71).



The Science of Self-Defense JOT Girls and Women

No. 24

The a sailant is close to girl with revolver at girl' forehead. (See Fig. 72).

Fig. 72

To Escape:

Girl "chops" as in No. 23

and she dodges to left. (See Fig. 73).

Fig. 73

The Science of Self-Defense [or Girls and Women



Fig. 74

Then she takes the revolver away from assailant or aaa in throws the assailant to the ground as in No. 12 Fig. 40. (See Fig. 74).



The Science of Self-Defense [or Girls and Women

No. 25

The a sailant has muzzle of revolver pointed toward the girl. (See Fig. 75)

(The revolver may be concealed in his pocker.)

Fig. 75

To Escape:

Girl's left hand "chops,"

pushing the revolver out and away.

Her right foot is drawn back. (See Fig. 76). Then the girl can throw the assailant

to the ground as 111 No. 12, Fig. 40.

Fig. 76