Most African Telecommunication Companies might lose to Google and Others.

5 reasons Why African Telcos might lose out to Google and the others
For several years, African Telcos have been the major drivers of Growth and
development in the African Economy considering their level of Contribution to Africa’s
Overall GDP.
The Telcos enjoy so much attention because in the past so much funds and expertise are
required in running Telco business which makes it a no go area for business except you a
consortium with strong financial backbone.
Unfortunately, for the Telco business and fortunately for interested startups, latest
technologies like SIP, Soft-switches, Open sourced billing systems, Network-FunctionVirtualisation etc have handed so much powers to Startups to start and run their Telco
which almost no stress
Recently, Google, Twilio, Skype etc have been out with there solutions which indicate
there interest in the Telecom industry which has been found to be very profitable.
What does this mean to Africa or does it mean nothing? What will happening to the
Telco talks about Government not helping out
what about innovations thy should have been implementing
They say they mght drop in GDP Contribution, it might drop lower,
Products like Google FI, project loon, Twilio, Skype4Business,
They don’t use open-sourced solutions, they pay too much for outdated proprietary
software, they don’t build knowledge from within but are consumers of the services of
expatriates which make their production cost very high.
Their overhead cost is high and therefore they cnat
They don’t know about Network Function Virtualisation
Africa will be doomed if we allow Facebook and Google to solve our internet problems,
this companies make a good chunk of their money from advertising, there is no free meal
anywhere, big tech companies offer free access to their platforms and in turn they use
your data for advert purposes.

Teleconferencing.mtnbusiness. A very good case study is Rebtel which is generating revenues form customers all over the world who download their App. User Experience (UX). and how will they make their money back.So if they offer free internet. Nowadays people both in the developed and developing world don't need to come to a shop to get a new SIM or access Telco services or to even port their How can we take on MTN head on. We need to maximize our Infrastructures by developing and releasing our APIs and VOIP app to People and enterprises. this will help us extend our reach even beyond Africa The Telco world has gone beyond talking about CUG. Telecom APIs. Modern technologies have made it possible to achieve more by doing little at the smallest as against the products and services offered in www. conventional voice. modern technology saves cost and increases efficiency. how can we disruptively innovate and get even bigger. It is either weinnovatively adapt or die in the market. is about hitting Africa very soon and If we really want to remain relevant in the market and overtake other Telcos 3-5years from now. Oracle Group Vice President) The breaking news is that presently in Nigeria. why can’t the government or an Africna capitalist see this as an opportunity to make a fortune from advertising while offering free WIFI to Africans Modern Technologies have made it possible to setup a Telco company with less than 10% of what African Telco A technology revolution which is already disrupting the business ecosystem in the developed world. 3G and SMS which does not maximize Infrastructures enough to generate revenue but voice is now data. NFV. The world has moved up to cost saving and high revenue spinning products and services for consumers and enterprises SIPtrunking. its still through we have to innovate and position ourselves for the future in some areas which I will be pointing out. All they require is internet access which could be from an ISP. (please open link to read the article by Harish Venkat. It is ok to concede to the fact that Etisalat is having increased revenue but it might be short lived when the revolutions sweeps Africa. In other words. The major proof can be found when we compare the range of products and services offerred in www. do you think there might be net neutrality. MTN is the only Telco in Nigeria positioned for the future. .

. Arrange trainings by Increased revenue and customer acquisition and retention. please find summarised ideas in the Table below: SERVICE/PROCE SS WHERE WE ARE WHERE WE CAN BE SIM Swap Process (the most frequent customer request at our experience centres and dealer shops) -Very slow and time wasting. The product development department is Effects Etisalat Nigeria will be the first to implement such.The world has gone beyond customer experience but are at the level of a user experience with the aim of building products that are simple to use and are also very intuitive. SIM Swap in 2mins in Better user experience 3 steps using Customer agents have automated teller time to focus on sales machine and other customer service. Machine effects SIM swap We could develop and or improve our products and services by involving customers in the development process which is where we can achieve exceptional user experience. Online SIM swap unnecessarily long and tiring. Product Development Products and services are designed without understanding the customer and market most especially when its tied to someone’s KPI. Software tools nonessentially decompartmentalize Authenticates fingerprint and face d. We can maintain our position as the most customers centric. cause customers pains according to recent CSAT report. innovation is lost. Truecaller API integration: SIMreg not updated. customer fills details including new SIM serial and teller .

UI not modern and not easy to use Reduction in operational/maintenan ce cost. Help the various department effectively meet their financial targets. educate customers and provide useful feedbacks. development of our own Telecom APIs. Google UX team for the product development team Our Infrastructure not optimized and maximized Adoption of NFV(Network Function Virtualisation.Infrastructure /Technology disconnected from the Retail agents and CCE who are meant to defend. We could reach the rest of the world with our products and services The load on infrastructure by conventional voice is reduced. Datafication of voice Software tools functions not well integrated. . User Experience Our products developed without the customers input and mostly tested We could adopt Google User experience process in our product The customers’ needs are met beyond their imaginations. Increased revenue Creation of medium for development of modern products and services. SDN (Software Defined Networking). WebRTC.

flagged and resolved The sense of equality will spread across all staffs. The frontline face undue pressure with tough parameters been added to appraisals periodically. Issues are quickly identified. Customers do not see their needs been given attention when products are launched We will be one of the first organizations in Africa to industrial implement and adopt UX processes.internally. They are entirely two different worlds. Frontline staff have to participate or hustle in games or Improved system processes. whether full-time or contract. . Various personal interests exist and communication path and fear of downappraisal has become a wall to genuine feedback. The frontline staffs are careful on how they open up to HQ staff especially superiors. Increased operational excellence. Uniform experience and sense of belonging among all staffs of Etisalat. development. HQ or Frontline staffs Teamwork and sense of ownership will be achieved among frontline staff. Pick out gifted representatives from relevant departments to form a feedback/innovation team to support Etisalat processes and directly reports to the CEO/executive board. Most products are faulty leaving the Frontline team to face the customers blow Feedback Mechanism HQ to Frontline staff communication Customers will then feel the experience we have always preached.

Staff will feel no fear which will help them give their best.quizzes to get IV cards for frontline awards while reverse is the case for HQ staff who are not in the frontline. Logging of TABS interactions Frontline staffs have to go through long processes in trying to document which affects staffs productivity and turn-around time transaction. the QMS system is a bit outdated. This will take note of sequences of operations carried out in our software tools. reports will be available real-time to be easily pooled. General Level of So many processes Automation of several Increased Efficiency . Job security of frontline staff Frontline staff are laid off without dignity especially in the customer care Better engagement/terminati on process and benefits should be developed. Frontline Staff have to fill series of spreadsheet report which has become more voluminous. B. We could build intelligent JavaScript based monitoring software which could run on our computers as standalone software or collocated or installed in server.I. Increased accuracy in the data collected Staffs will be saved lots of stress and productivity will increase.I data collection methods. B. Better Turn-around time Better and faster business decisions and processes.

WebRTC. Etisalat could be the best telecommunication . are not thereby reducing productivity. ICT solutions are not sufficiently utilized Customer Contact centre We use so much equipment which might fail from time to time and operational excellence. processes with not far-fetched technology solutions. Reduction in cost Use of modern helpdesk. Contact foreign Etisalat will be consultants on modern positioned and also telecommunication prepared the future and the oncoming Build a community technology revolution that will enhance soon to hit Africa. business growth of this technology in Nigeria. Quicker execution of operational processes. IoT. Innovation and User experience team No such team exists yet. which will periodically investigate company product and services to customer processes and suggest ways to improve through adoption of disruptive technology The team is meant to consist gifted and idea-innovative individuals who think outside the box. This team should be put together. Telecom APIs MTN is already exploring these disruptive technologies which are inevitable in the modern telecommunication era while Etisalat Nigeria is yet to explore any of these technologies.Automation for efficiency and operational excellence which are ideally meant automated. Reduction of equipments and adoption of modern customer contact centre softwares. Etisalat Nigeria will be up to date in technology maximization and adoption. Enhanced user experience Increased speed and efficiency of service delivery Innovating through Cloud technology.

how long will we pride ourselves as having faster data.Company in Africa. consultants and the developer https://www. https://www. Please read the article Google’s moves toward telecommunication business. Etisalat Nigeria can take the event as the major sponsors and take advantage of the contents. All we do is more of product test: checking if the USSD codes works and if airtime is deducted. Tabulate the tech give the importance. -Voice is now over the internet -Customer Contact centres no longer spend money for equipments. .10th.washingtonpost.. 14th this year at IBM innovation centre Lagos and Four Points by Sheraton.theinformation. . How can we make sustainable and innovative products when we keep revamping old products because its tied to someone's MTN is taking it a notch up by organizing their first Telecommunication hackathon event by 2016 however the first ever of such event will be holding by October 9. explain how it saves cost.Telco infrastructures are no longer physical but virtualized which saves electricity cost When we are dwelling on old and conventional. IDEAS ARE PRICELESS! Google is presently designing modern telecommunication services and it will be great to be the first telecommunication company in Africa to align with Google for future business purposes and alliance. Go to mtn websites and see their range of modern and enterprise product not CUG and wallet data.

intuitive and attractive to use? From Business intelligence SIM Swap happens to be the most frequent service sought by customers. Why should users suffer long waiting and stressful process both on the part of the customer agent. How can users be charged for MASP services they never subscribed for. I guess is a KPI issue. Using a fingerprint recognition technology is far more cheaper and faster then what we have. They are the true heroes and face of this company everyone should celebrated not with just a template thank you mail. yet the frontline (CCE. Do we check if our products are easy. it was suggested but it was given no attention. we are now in the era of not just customer experience but user experience (UX). if you doubt it has happened to me. Retail) that suffer the blow of every product imperfections and unjust airtime deductions are still treated with less dignity. . Why cant users walk in get authenticated by fingerprint in seconds and have their SIM retrieved.The works has left that stage now.