Study Guide

The serve
● Must be an underhand serve.
● Rally scoring.
● Service starts on the right side of the court in between the end line and the service line (yellow
line near net or orange markers).
● A serve must be hit from the right quadrant of the servers’ court to the right quadrant of the
opponents’ court on every even score.
Server’s score: Ex. 0,2,4,6… (Even numbers serve from right side)
On every odd score the server serves from the left quadrant to the opponents left quadrant.
Server’s score: Ex.1, 3,5,7… (Odd numbers serve from left side)
● A serve must land in the proper quadrant and beyond the opponents’ service line.
● If the serving team wins the current rally the server will then serve to the opposite quadrant
while switching sides with their teammate.
During Play
● When a team serves the birdie over the net the receiving team must hit the birdie before
it reaches the ground.
● In doubles, only the player in the serving quadrant may return the birdie.
● Either teammate may hit the birdie after the serve return, there is no specified order.
● After the serve, the birdie may hit the net and go into play in the opponent’s court.
● No part of the player, nor their racquet may cross the imaginary plain between the sides
(no follow through over the net).
● A game is played until one player/team reaches 21 points.
● They must win by 2 points or first to 30 points.

Table Tennis:
The Serve
● The server must throw the ball into the, hit the ball on their side of the table, then their
opponents side.
● The server must project the ball vertically upwards, without imparting spin, so that it rises as
least 16 cm after leaving the palm of the free hand and then falls without touching anything before
being struck.

During play ● The ball must bounce once on your side of the table before you return it to the other side. ● A point is awarded when a player fails to hit the ball over the net on a rally. or the ball is hit off of the table. A match is played best 3 of 5 games. ● After serving 2 points the server and his partner trade places. ● During a rally (play). or can be any odd number of games. . The player must win by two points.● Each person serves two serves in succession then switch. ● In singles. ● The previous receiver will then serve 2 points (still from the right side) diagonally over the net. each player serves 2 points and then the serve switches to the opponent. ● In doubles the server starts on the right side serving a total of five serves to the person diagonal to them (their right side). Scoring ● A game is played until one player/team reaches a score of 11 points. teammates MUST alternate hits. If a game is extended into overtime the players will alternate servers every point.