EBD3013 Industry and International Investment

Faculty of Economics and Business, UNIMAS


(Industri dan Pelaburan Antarabangsa)








There is almost no nation in the world that may escape from the
globalization impacts. The industrial revolution which was initiated
in Europe in 1700 has resulted in tremendous change in the world
economy through changes in technology level. Hence it leads to
increasing output productivity as well as slashing of transportation
and services costs. Globalization has forced firms and countries to
expand their markets through export and foreign direct investment

(Tiada negara di dunia ini terkecuali daripada merasai kesan arus
globalisasi yang telah berlaku di seluruh pelosok dunia ini. Revolusi
Perindustrian yang berlaku di Eropah pada tahun 1700 telah
membawa kepada perubahan penting ekonomi dunia melalui
perubahan teknologi. Ini mendorong kepada peningkatan
produktiviti pengeluaran dan mengurangkan kos pengangkutan
barang-barang dan perkhidmatan. Globalisasi telah mendesak firma
dan negara membuat keputusan untuk mengeksport dan melabur di
luar negara.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:
o To understand the interrelationship among globalization,
industry and international investment. [P2]
o To analyze the theories of international trade and investment,
Multinational Enterprize (MNE) their advantages and
disadvantages. [C4]
o To apply the international trade and investment theories on
Malaysian economy. [P4, CS]

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Politic and FDI 3 Generated using the UNIMAS E-CourseOutline System. 2/4 . Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) .Globalization . Absolute Advantage.EBD3013 Industry and International Investment o STUDENT LEARNING HOURS LEARNING UNITS Faculty of Economics and Business. Product Life Cycle Theory. Overview on Industrial Organization .Trade Regulations and Industrial Policies * Trade Policies for Developing Nations 6 4. New Trade Theory and Porter?s Diamond.Market Structure . UNIMAS To explain the basic concept and the methodology of international rating and to analyze the rating [A3] Lectures Student-Centered Learning Continuous Assessment Final Examination Sub-Total Total 1.Vertical Integration and Vertical Restrictions 3 5.The world economy 2. Mergers and Acquisitions.Mercantilism.The Firm. Subsidies. Export quotas.Instrument of trade policy (Tariff and Non Tariff-Import quota.Theories of FDI . the Costs and Economic Scale . Heckscher-Olin Theory. Overview on International Trade Theory . Comparative Advantage. and Dumping) . Overview on International Trade Policy . Domestic Content Requirements. Guided LHs Self LHs 28 28 14 20 7 14 3 6 52 68 120 Hours Guided LHs Introduction to Globalization and the World Economy 3 . 6 3.

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