The Selected Six

Cassie and Kaisa


Catherine of Aragon “Humble and Loyal” ♕ Born December 16th.He died 6 months later of sickness ♕ Married King Henry VIII in 1509 ♕ Had a few pregnancies with miscarriages. Ferdinand and Isabella ♕ Married Prince Arthur in 1501. finally birthed a daughter. 1485 ♕ Daughter of Spanish rulers. Mary .

Anne Bolelyn ♕ Henry petitioned Pope for annulment ♕ Catherine was very upset when she found out and went to Pope to plead her case.♕ Henry was frustrated because he wanted a male heir ♕ He had a few affairs. including one with one of Catherine’s ladies. ♕ He ignored Pope and got annulment from Archbishop of Canterbury moved around until death in 1536 . It climaxed when Henry got Anne pregnant. The debate went on for four years.

Anne Boleyn “The most happy” ♕ Born: Between 1500 and 1509 Probably at Blickling Hall ♕ Married to Henry VIII: 25 January 1533 Probably at the Palace of Whitehall ♕ Executed: 19 May 1536 The Tower of London ♕ Buried: 19 May 1536 Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London .

and near January 25. they were secretly married ♕ August 26. The Tower of London . blonde. was arrested for adultery. blue-eyed image of beauty ♕ Near the end of 1532 she was pregnant. Failure to produce a living male heir was a threat to her own life ♕ On May 2. 1533 Princess Elizabeth was born. Anne was the opposite of the pale. 1533. later had two miscarriages that were boys.♕ Said to have a 6 fingers and a large mole on her neck ♕ Considered moderately pretty. incest and plotting to murder the King ♕ Executed: 19 May 1536.

betrothed to Henry ♕ Wed on May 30th. within 24 hours of Anne’s death. then Anne ♕ Spent time with Henry and fell in his favor quickly.Jane Seymour “Bound to Serve and Obey” ♕ Born in 1508 ♕ First in service to Catherine. 1536. only wife . but no corranation ♕ Gave birth to Edward in 1537 ♕ Died two weeks later of complications buried in Henry’s prepared tomb.

political problems arose. . however. and Henry wanted no part in a war. ♕ Formed alliance with Cleves by marrying the Duke’s sister. thus giving more reason for a divorce.Anne of Cleves “God send me well to keep” ♕ Henry remained unmarried two years after Jane. Anne ♕ He didn’t like her appearance or her upbringing that strayed from that of music and literature. ♕ Tension between Cleves and the Empire grew.

rumors flew ♕ Appointed one of them as personal secretary 1541.Archbishop Cranmer told Henry about affairs .Kathryn Howard “Devoted and loyal” ♕ Believed to born around 1521 ♕ Was lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves at age 19 ♕ Married to Henry 16 days after Anne was divorced married July 28th. 1540 ♕ Henry was 49 and Kathryn was 19 ♕ Was spoiled and called “a rose without a thorn” ♕ Cheated on Henry with younger men.

1532 ♕ Buried in same cemetery as her cousin. Anne Boleyn .♕ Henry was in disbelief. extensive investigation done to prove misconduct gathered enough evidence to execute ♕ Kathryn was beheaded at Tower of London on Feb 14th.

1548 St Mary's Chapel. 1548 Sudeley Castle ♕ Buried: 5 September.Katherine Parr “To be useful in all that I do” ♕ Born: 1512 ♕ Married to King Henry VIII: 12 July. 1543 ♕ Widowed: 28 January. 1547 ♕ Died: 5 September. Sudeley Castle .

♕ Katherine and Henry VIII were married on July 12th ♕ Katherine was close with all three of her stepchildren. ♕ Around this time. ♕ Katherine’s husband died in March 1543. but also Thomas Seymour. brother of the late Queen Jane Seymour. Elizabeth and Edward. leaving her a widow for the second time at 31. and personally involved in the educational program of the younger two.♕ Katherine Parr was the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and his wife Maud Green. Katherine was noticed by not only the King. .

. Katherine secretly married Thomas Seymour. Lady Jane Grey ♕ It was during this time that the rumors of a relationship between Elizabeth and Seymour arose ♕ Elizabeth was sent to another household in the spring of 1548. ♕ Katherine was still able to take guardianship of Princess Elizabeth and Seymour purchased the wardship of the king’s cousin. but the quickness and secret nature of the union caused a scandal.♕ Henry VIII died in January 1547 ♕ Only a few months after Henry’s death.

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