21st Century Employability Skills

Social Skills Lesson Plan
3rd Grade
Haley Janssen

Essential Concept and/or Skill: Learn leadership skills and demonstrate
integrity, ethical behavior, and social responsibility.

Use interpersonal skills to influence and guide others toward a goal
-Compliment others’ work
-Initiate positive interactions with classmates
-Use appropriate group communication skills
-Listen to others
-Accept constructive suggestions in a positive way

-Student work

Estimated time:
20 minutes

This lesson would come after students had completed some kind of creative
assignment, such as a poem or a short story with a picture. The focus of the lesson is
on students presenting their work to the class and what the appropriate feedback is
to give, both positive and constructive. Students will be learning to compliment each
others’ work, as well as communicate appropriately in a group and listen to others.

1. The teacher will first model sharing an example of the selected work to the
2. The teacher will then have two puppets. They will use the puppets to give an
example of a compliment, as well as an example of a constructive suggestion.
3. The teacher will thank the puppets for their comments and tell them that
he/she appreciates the suggestions.
4. The teacher will ask the students what their reactions were to the puppets
5. With teacher guidance, students will come up with a list of possible
additional compliments that the puppet could have given the teacher. They
will work until the come up with 10 compliments.
6. Next, the students will practice giving each other the compliments listed.
They will practice saying thank you and you’re welcome.
7. Then, students will talk about the constructive suggestions, both what was
said and how the teacher responded.

8. Together, the students will come up with 5 respectful constructive
suggestions that they could give each other. The teacher will discuss how
important it is to not get defensive and take the comments nicely and
9. Students will then practice giving each other constructive suggestions from
the list, and model how to appropriately accept that criticism.

As an assessment, the teacher will assess each student during his or her
presentation time. As students present, they will know that they are expected to
provide at least four compliments and at least one constructive suggestion to their
classmates. Additionally, the teacher will create the expectation that students will
accept the suggestions given to them appropriately.

Each student will be graded on the following checklist:

The student

provides at least
four compliments
to other students.
The student

provides at least
suggestion to other
The student

accepts his/her
The student is

making these
comments at the
appropriate times.