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ATLANTA • MAY 14-18, 2016






8 A.M. – NOON

Conversion Disorder: Update on Evaluation and Management Directors:
Gaston Baslet, M.D., John Barry, M.D.
CBT for Severe Mental Disorders:
Building Treatment Skills That Work
Directors: James Brooks, Jesse H. Wright,
M.D., Ph.D.
Mood Disorders in Later Life:
Achieving Accurate Diagnosis and
Effective Treatment Directors: James
M. Ellison, M.D., M.P.H., Yusuf Sivrioglu, M.D.
Management of Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnant and Postpartum
Women Directors: Shaila Misri, M.D.,
Deirdre M. Ryan, M.B.

Why Sex Is Important: A Seminar
on the Impediments to Adult Love
Director: Stephen B. Levine, M.D.

8 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Buprenorphine and Office-Based
Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
Director: Petros Levounis, M.D.

9 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

Cultural Psychiatry APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series;
Francis Lu, M.D.

Weight Issues and Bariatric Surgery
1. Toronto Bariatric Interprofessional Psychosocial Assessment Suitability Scale (BIPASS): A Retrospective
Pilot Study Evaluating a New Clinical
Tool Gurneet Thiara, M.D.
Evidence for Neurocognitive
Improvement After Bariatric Surgery: A
Systematic Review Gurneet Thiara, M.D.
3. Childhood Abuse Associated
With an Increase in Body Mass Index,
Sleep Disturbances, and Psychological and Physical Symptoms Among


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is accredited by the
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to
provide continuing medical education for physicians. APA designates this
live activity for a maximum of 40 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians
should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.
Below is the preliminary program of APA’s 2016 annual meeting in Atlanta,
May 14-18. To register for the meeting and reserve housing, CLICK HERE.


May 14-18, 2016 • Atlanta
Midlife Women Wilma Castilla-Puentes, M.D.

The What, When, and Why of EKGs
in Psychiatric Practice Chairs: Rohul
Amin, M.D., Adam Hunzeker, M.D.
Making Your Presentation More
Interactive: The Better Way! Chair: Jon
S. Davine, M.D.
Advocating for Our Patients by
Fighting Stigma: Overview of Stigma,
How to Advocate, and Using Media and
TED Talks to Combat Stigma Chairs:
Amy Poon, M.D., B.S., Helen Farrell, M.D.
Leading System Change Toward
Integrated Care: Unfunded, Not
Ready, Unsure? Start Here Chair:
Glenda Wrenn, M.D.
Fort Hood Tragedy: An Inside Perspective Chair: Kaustubh G. Joshi, M.D.
Dimensional Conceptualization
and Diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Chairs: Elsa F. Ronningstam, Ph.D., Igor Weinberg, Ph.D.
East and West: Integrating Concepts of Mental Health Through Storytelling in the Refugee Population
Chairs: Shirali S. Patel, M.D., Sophia
Banu, M.D.
When You Hear Hoof Beats, Think
Horses and Zebras: The Importance
of a Wide Differential in Delirium/

Dementia Cases Chair: Ana Turner,
CBT for Personality Disorders
Chair: Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.
Online Education: Opportunities
for Teaching, Collaboration, Funding, and Advancement Chairs: Czerne
M. Reid, Ph.D., Regina Bussing, M.D.

9 A.M. – NOON

Advances in Integrated Care Chair:
Lori Raney, M.D.

120 Years of Inpatient Psychiatry:
“Stonehearst Asylum” and Discussion
of the Evolution of Psychiatric Hospitalization Into the 21st Century Chair:
Mark Komrad, M.D.

Improving the Effectiveness of CBT
Across Cultures
1.  Developing a Model for Cultural
Adaptation of CBT for English-Speaking
Caribbean Origin Group Kwame McKenzie, M.D.
2.  Cultural Issues on the Use of CBT
and ACT Kenneth Fung, M.D.
3.  Cultural Adaptation of CBT: Process, Methods, and Findings Farooq

  The History of Smoking Cessation in Psychiatry and the Current Epidemiology in Patients With Mental Illness Hugh Cummings.D. M. M.B. Fung. Imran S.. 5. Predictors and Consequences of Adolescent Cannabis Abuse Hugh Garavan. M.S. MASTER COURSE Update on Pediatric Psychopharmacology Director: Christopher Kratochvil. ATLANTA. 3. M. Byne. 2016 SATURDAY. Medical Cannabis: For Which Conditions and Under What Circumstances? Deepak Cyril D’Souza.D. Neuropsychiatric Masquerades: Medical and Neurological Disorders That Present With Psychiatric Symptoms Director: Jose R. M. M.D.Min..  Driving While Stoned: How Dangerous? Godfrey Pearlson.D. LECTURE Thinking Differently About Mental Illness and Gun Violence: Balancing Risk and Rights for Effective Policy APA Frontiers of Science Lecture Series. M. WORKSHOPS Teaching Diagnostic Reasoning Skills and the Mitigation of Cognitive Bias Chairs: Adam Hunzeker.D.D. M.S. M.D. Updates in Geriatric Psychiatry Director: Rajesh R. M. 4. Cultural Adaptation of CBT for Psychotic Disorders Shanaya Rathod..D. 5. Ph. Ph.APA ANNUAL MEETING.  Religion. M. M. Depressed British South Asian Mother’s “Voices Within the Four Walls”: A Mixed Methods Study Nusrat Husain. Marijuana: A Clinical Update on the Therapeutic and Recreational Uses of Cannabis for General Psychiatrists and Researchers 1. SEMINAR Treatment of Schizophrenia Directors: Philip G. M. Janicak. Cox. 9 A.  Evaluation of Culturally Adapted CBT (CaCBT) Through RCTs in Lowand Middle-Income Countries: Developing the Evidence Base Muhammad Irfan.D.B. Hurwitz. Ph.  Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids Donald Goff. Spirituality.D.D.D. 4.D. M. 2. 3. 3 .D. Neurocognitive Implications of Heavy Marijuana Use in Adolescence: Insights From Neuroimaging Alecia Dager. Marder.M.D. 3.D.D.D.  Treatment of Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders: Focus on Depression Kathleen Brady.. Stephen R. M. M. M. Maldonado. 6. Serotonergic Antidepressants and Perioperative Bleeding Risk: A Systematic Review Artin Mahdanian.D.S. Comorbid Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders: Recent Research to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment U. M. 5. M.S. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.B. Sc.D.D. M. Diagnostic Dilemmas in CoOccurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders Edward Nunes.D.S.D.  Personal and Institutional Consequences of Educational Efforts to Integrate Religious and Spiritual Resources Into the Care of Psychiatric Patients: A 17-Year “Perspective” James Lomax...D.  Comorbidity in Substance Abuse and Depression: Common Substrates Linked Through Amygdala-Dependent Dopamine System Down-Regulation Anthony Grace.S. M. Smoking Cessation: What Psychiatrists Need to Know to Help Bring About Change 1. M. MAY 14 Naeem. M.. M.. M.D. 2. 4.  The Cornell Peripartum Psychosis Management Tool: A Case Series and Template Benjamin Brody.B. Ph.S.  Neuroimaging Correlates of Psychopathology and Substance Abuse Deborah Yurgelen-Todd. COURSES Transgender and Intersex for the Practicing Psychiatrist Director: William M. 2. Rohul Amin. and Psychiatry in Psychiatric Residency Programs: A Longitudinal Perspective APA Caucus on Religion. M. M. 2.Sc.M. 2. Ph. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1. M.M. Sleep Medicine: A Review and Update for Psychiatrists Directors: Thomas D.D.  An Update on Smoking Cessation Pharmacology for Psychiatrists Jose Vito. Diagnosing Dementia 2: A Guide to Biomarker Testing in the Clinic Chair: Vimal M. 4. M.D. Spirituality. M. and Psychiatry: The Harvard Longwood Course 20 Years Later John Peteet.M. D.  Residency Education on Spirituality/Religion and Psychiatry: A Canadian Perspective Wai Lun A. MAY 14-18. M. Khawaja.. M. Jeff Swanson. – 4 P.. Trauma.M. – 12:30 P.D. Established Curricula on Religion.D. and Violence Prevention in the Community Chair: Lara J. M.  Religion and Spirituality in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Mary Lynn Dell. M.D. 3..D.B. M. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Perioperative and Peripartum Situations 1.B. Aga. Evidence-Based Psychosocial Treatments for Smoking Cessation in Patients With Mental Illness Anil Thomas. – NOON POSTER SESSION Medical Student-Resident Competition Poster 11 A.D.D. Conduct Disorder. 10 A. Ph.D.  A 25-Year Evolution From Teaching Cultural Sensitivity to Teaching the Social Neuroscience of Spirituality in Psychiatric Care James Griffith. M. Spirituality and Psychiatry 1.D.D. Tampi.

D. D.. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry “Novelties”: New Trends in Adolescent Addiction. M. Erlich. Chairs: Raquel Gur.D.A..D. Chairs: Cindy Vargas Cruz. and Other Body Clock Disorders Director: Alfred J.D. M.S. M.P. Drawing Healing From Within: Art Therapy and Soldiers in Crisis Chairs: Sebastian Schnellbacher. M.D.D.H. 3. McDuff.N.A.D. POSTER SESSION Medical Student-Resident Competition Poster 2 P. A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Patients With Severe Obesity: Assessment and Beyond Directors: Raed Hawa. M. Ellison.O. and Psychosomatic Medicine Chair: Susan Samuels. M.. Effective Management of Reassurance-Seeking Behavior in OCD: Strategies for Clinicians and Family Members Chairs: Phillip J.W.D.D. Ph. Sanjeev Sockalingam.D. – 3 P. M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM APA ANNUAL MEETING. and the Future of the Field Chairs: Matthew D.. Identifying and Helping Older Adults With Mild Neurocognitive Disorders Director: James M.. .D.. M. M. Mentalization-Based Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder Director: Anthony Bateman. M. M. M. The Role of Separation Anxiety in Psychodynamic Psychiatry Barbara Milrod. Auchincloss..D. 2. 4. – 5 P. 2. D. M.D. MAY 14-18. M. A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Weight Loss and Maintenance Chairs: Judith S.D. ADVANCES IN SERIES Advances in Psychodynamic Psychiatry American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board.D.  Offering Hope and Revolutionary Care: Changing Approaches to EarlyOnset Psychosis Jacqueline Feldman.D. M. 1:30 P. Seibell.D. Ph. M. – 5 P. 3. Traumatophobia: Paradoxical Amplification of Posttraumatic Symptoms and the Role of Third Parties John Beahrs. Kernberg. M. Iyer.D. M.M. Mental Health and the Case for Single Payer Post-ACA Chairs: Leslie H.  The Promise of Team-Based Comprehensive Early Interventions Services: From RAISE Connection to OnTrackNY Lisa Dixon. Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Eve Caligor. Motherhood. Chair: Elizabeth L. M. COURSES What Every Psychiatrist Needs to Know About Epilepsy Director: Rochelle Caplan. 3.  Early Detection and Intervention for Adolescents With Early Psychosis: Promising New Approaches Steven Adelsheim..M.D.D. the Finances Involved. M. Ph.S. Sports Psychiatry: Providing Behavioral Health and Performance Services to Sports Organizations/ Teams at High School/Club... Beck. M.  Empirical Findings on Legal Difficulties Among Practicing Psychiatrists James Reich. The AshleyMadison. MAY 14 Best Practice in International Medical Graduates’ Training and Assessment Chair: Subodh Dave.O. Fayad.4 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Dominic Sisti.D.M. Diagnosis. M. M. Prodromal Psychosis: Ethical Challenges in Classification. The Role of Psychoeducation in Psychodynamic Psychiatry Fredric Busch. Ph..M.D. M. and Professional Levels Chair: David R. MEDIA WORKSHOP “Astu—So Be It”: The Strength of Digital Media in the Training of Health Professionals and in Public Awareness SYMPOSIA Interventions for Early Psychosis in Children and Adolescents: New Advances in Community and Policy Approaches APA Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship 1. M. Nonverbal Learning Disability (NVLD): Myth and Reality APA Council on Children. M. M.D..D. M. and Their Families.D. How to Use Alcoholics Anonymous in Clinical Practice Chair: Marc Galanter..P. Sharfstein.D. M. ATLANTA.D.D. Melatonin and Light Treatment of SAD. Beck..D. L. M.D. M. M. College. Megan Hughes-Feltenberger.M.P.A. INTERACTIVE SESSION Residency Education SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Forensic and Medical-Legal Issues 1. and Me Chairs: Sarah M. 4.com Hack: Understanding and Treatment of Infidelity From Discovery to Recovery Chair: Scott Haltzman.B. Lewy.  Development and Implementation of a Correctional Skills-Based Psychotherapy: START NOW Robert Trestman. 1. Ph. 2.C. M.H.H. Deborah Beck Busis.M.D.M. 2 P. Advances in Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder Otto F. M. – 4 P.M.P. Almari Ginory. 1 P. M.. 2016 SATURDAY. M. Sleep. Sharat P.D.D. WORKSHOPS At What Cost? Psychiatry. Gise.  Early Psychosis Intervention Momentum in Advocacy and Policy Ken Duckworth. R. Mindfulness and Qigong for Stress Reduction Chair: Colleen Loehr. M. M. Marriage. Brenda Maltz.D.D. Eating/Feeding Disorders. M. Practicing CBT: An Experiential Workshop Chair: Judith S. The Ultimate Balancing Act: Medicine.D. Adolescents. Auralyd Padilla Candelario.. and Treatment APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program.. Steven S.D. M.D.

D. M.D.D. 3. Enhancing Resilience in College Students: Developmental Perspectives in the Practice of College Psychiatry APA College Mental Health Caucus.. 4. 2. Chair: Michelle Riba.  Understanding Suicide Risk Through the Patient’s Eyes Keith Jennings. M.D.D.  For Those Who Sneak Through: Challenges of Separating Individuals Who Are Mentally Unfit for Duty Keith Penska.  Traditional Marijuana. Validity. Ph.. Ph.D.  Development of an Implicit Measure of Suicidal Risk Lisa Cohen.S. 2.. M.  Neuroendocrine and Molecular Markers and PTSD Rachel Yehuda. MAY 14-18..D. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1.  Understanding the Acute Suicidal Crisis Igor Galynker.. 2. Ph. Treatment.  Agitation at Psychiatric Inpatient Admission: Sign of Acute Suicidal Crisis and Predictor of Suicide After Discharge? Arne Vaaler. M.  A Decisive Decade for Psychiatry and Mental Health in Morocco: 20062015 Driss Moussaoui. Ph.. New Neural Treatment Targets in Compulsive Disorders 1. M. M. M. and Ferenczi Thomas Horvath.S.B. M. M. Psychiatry in the United Arab Emirates: A Decade of Transformative Progress Ghanem Al-Hassani. ATLANTA.. M. Suicide: Identification.D..M. Ph.D. and Prevention Chairs: Almari Ginory.  The Existence. M. Compulsivity in the OCD Spectrum: Cognitive Domains and Neural Circuitry Naomi Fineberg. 4. Gonda.D.D. M. 5. Ph.D.  Active Duty Women With PTSD Associated With Military Sexual Trauma: Who Gets Referred for Medical Retirement? Paulette Cazares. 3. Ph.D.N. M. 4. 3. M.D.  TMS Targets (Including the SMA) for the Repetitive Behavior Domain in Autism Spectrum Disorders Eric Hollander. 3. 4.B. Psy. MAY 14 Psychiatry in the Arab World: A Decade of Progress and a Future of Expectations Arab American Psychiatric Association 1. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE Medical Mysteries and Practical Medical Psychiatry Updates Chair: Robert McCarron.D. Cannabis: Patterns of Use and Risk James Anthony.D. M.D.D. Depression. 2016 SATURDAY. D. M.D. M. 5.D. Necessity. Marijuana: Assessing Its Risks in a Changing Environment U. 4. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. M.B. 2.  Panomic Markers of PTSD Rasha Hammamieh. M.  “Ghosts” Who Join the Military: Psychological Challenges of Recruits Who Seek to Join the Military Melinda Thiam. 2.D. M. Metabolism. Ph.D. Salmon. Rivers. and Clinical Utility of a New Diagnostic Entity: Acute Suicidal Affective Distur- bance Thomas Joiner. “How Did This Person Get Into the Military?” The Challenges of Severe Mental Illness in Army Recruits and the Impact on Basic Training Missions Margo Jenkins. M. Ph. 3. Advancing Biological Markers for PTSD 1.  Network Changes of Deep Brain Stimulation for Compulsive Disorders Martijn Figee.D. M.B. Impact of Mental Illness in an Army Basic Training Environment: From the Recruits Who Join the Military to the Individuals Who Recruit and Train Them 1. M.D. 3. Ph. M.D. 4.Sc.D. Drawing Depression: A Look at 5 .APA ANNUAL MEETING.  Exploring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a Treatment and an Investigational Tool Targeting the Supplementary Motor Area (SMA) in OCD Giacomo Grassi. M.. Ph.  PTSD and White Matter Abnormalities Kirstin Aschbacher.D.D.  Army Ambassador to the Public: The Psychological Requirements as Well as Challenges of Becoming an Army Recruiter Chaska Gomez. Defining the Syndrome of the Acute Suicidal Crisis 1.  The Challenge of Wearing the Hat: Stressors and Mental Health Challenges of Drill Sergeant Duty Michelle Griffith.P. Michelle Chaney. Ph. Chair: Doris Iarovici. M.D. Assessment.D. M.D..Sc. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS PTSD and Military Psychiatry 1.H. Pharm D.D.D.  Five Enduring Psychiatric Responses to War: Freud. 3:30 P. 2.S. Highlights of Arab Psychiatry Over the Past Decade: Elements of Progress and Demands for the Future Ossama Osman. PTSD and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Vietnam Veterans: Preliminary Amyloid PET Findings From AIBLVETS Alby Elias. and Synthetic Cannabinoids: Increasing Risk of Psychosis? Robin Murray. Emergency Psychiatry: Changing Issues for Training and Supervision in Psychiatric Emergency Services American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board.O. Psy.  Mental Health and Psychiatry in Egypt: A Decade of Progress Afaf Khalil. M. HighPotency Cannabis. 2.. Ph.D.P.D. GWAS Approaches to Understanding the Genomic Architecture of PTSD Kerry Ressler. – 5 P. 3. Ph. Inflammation.  Cannabis Use Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment Frances Levin. 5.D.M. and Cell Aging Markers for PTSD Synthia Mellon.  Effects of Marijuana on the Brain and Cognition Deborah Yurgelen-Todd.D.. WORKSHOPS Focusing on Improvement Every Day: The Context and Application of a Lean Daily Management System at a Behavioral Health Care System Chair: Sunil Khushalani. D.D. Physician Burnout.D.

FORUM Ragtime: The Mind and Music of Scott Joplin Richard Kogan.D. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. Ph.D. Duffy. Clarke. Jill Pate. ATLANTA. M. M. M. MAY 14 Mental Health Themes in Visual Media APA Council on Communications.6 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.D. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM SATURDAY.D. MAY 14-18. M. Chair: Danielle Hairston. Chair: Swathi Krishna. Ph.D. – 7 P.D. The Exploration of Faith and Spirituality in the Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment of Minority Patients APA/SAMHSA Minority Fellows. 5:15 P. M.  PN . Challenges and Successes in Conducting Practice-Based Research in Psychiatry Chairs: Farifteh F.. Diversity Experiences in Residency Training American Association for Social Psychiatry..M. Diana E. Chair: Beverly Fauman. Not Your Grandfather’s VA: Innovative Health Care Offering Exceptional Psychiatric Careers Chair: R.Sc. M.M.D.

FORUM LBGT Mental Health Chair: Ellen Haller. M.S.H. Huynh. M. 2.D. M. Chairs: Barbara S. M. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Terror and Community Violence 1. MEDIA WORKSHOP “Inside Out”: Emotions. LECTURES APF Administrative Psychiatry Award Lecture Why Humans Like to Cry: Tragedy.M.W. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.. A Year After Winning Marriage: The Impact of Obergefell v.D. Chair: Dilip V.K. 4. M. Translating the Evidence for the Next Generation: Addressing the Mental Health of Youth and Emerging Adults of Color Chair: Lisa R. D.D.D.D. M.D. M.D. Pediatric Integrated Care: Children Are Not Short Adults Gregory Fritz. The Clinical Evaluation and Management of Substance Use Disorders in Transgender Patient Populations APA Council on Addiction Psychiatry.  Why Capable Young People Struggle: Educational Attainment and Mental Health in Communities of Color Michelle Porche. M.D. INTERACTIVE SESSION Advocacy Chair: Patrice Harris. M.. Between Two Worlds: Culture. and Advanced Pharmacotherapies Like Ketamine and MDMA Chair: Niranjan Karnik.D. B. and Reimbursement Chair: Jess Zonana. Chair: Gregory K.M. Harry Siegele.  “Acting Out” Youth: Timely Forensic and Correctional Approaches Joseph V.P. Chair: Gabrielle L. M. Environment..D. M.D. Ph.D.P. M.D. Chairs: Leigh White. D.Sc..D. Schneidman. The Nightmare of Cyberbullying: A Review and Discussion of Cyberbullying in Middle School. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIA Issues for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the 21st Century American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Adolescents. Ph.D. Michael Trimble. Paul H.H. Ed. Shapiro. What Are Terrorism Survivors’ Long-Term Needs? Formal Rating Scales Versus Open-Ended Questions and Reflections Phebe Tucker. M. Chair: Mawuena Agbonyitor.. U. 2.P. WORKSHOPS Functional Imaging to Improve Diagnosis in Patients With Suspected Dementia Chairs: Saima Hedrick. Hodges on LGBT Mental Health Chair: Robert M. M. M. Kertzner.D. Treating PTSD in Veterans Using New Modalities: Social Media. M. Ph.D. Ph.D.S. 1. Penn.. Social Networking in Psychiatric Practice and Training: Dos and Don’ts for Physicians Chair: Almari Ginory. Use of Mental Health Services and Depressive Symptoms Among Adolescents and Young Adults Wan-Yi Chen.P. – 11 A. M.APA ANNUAL MEETING.D. Not Just National News: Can Multiple Isolated Incidents of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violence Traumatize the Larger Minority Group? APA Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities. and Growing Up Chairs: Martin K. SYMPOSIA Disentangling Guns and Mental Illness: The Sandy Hook Effect 7 .D. M. M. M.  Homicides of Mental Health Workers by Patients Michael Knable. Yvette Sheline. Jeste.M. Evolution. Victor Schwartz. Elie Aoun. 1. and Mental Health for First. ADVANCES IN SERIES Advances in Medicine: Positive Psychiatry American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board. 1..  Resilience-Building Interventions and Aging Helen Lavretsky. M. M. Ph.O. M. M. 2016 SUNDAY. Exposure to Community Violence. and Zambia Chair: Sunil Khushalani. Imagination. M.Through College-Aged Youth APA Council on Children. M. Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform: How Do I Fit in? Chairs: Nzinga Harrison.D. M. and Their Families. M.H. – 9:30 A. 2.S. M. MAY 15 8 A.D. and the Brain APA International Psychiatrist Lecture Series.D.  Prevention in Psychiatry Carl Bell.D. 3. 3. APF Simon Bolivar Award Lecture Gabriel De Erausquin.  Psychiatry Serving the Needs of a Diverse Next Generation: Where We Hit It and Where We Miss It Lisa Fortuna. Can We Train Providers and Patients to Do Shared Decision Making in Behavioral Health Encounters? Margarita Alegria.D. Fortuna..D. ATLANTA. The Academic Hospital Clinic: Adapting to Changing Needs in Patient Care. Osvaldo Gaytan Jr. 4.D. 8 A. M. Virtual Reality. Chairs: Hector Colon-Rivera..M..D.D.H.S. Fritz. Regulations.D.. rTMS..D. M. Balancing Safety and Support on College Campuses: The Role of Behavioral Intervention Teams APA College Mental Health Caucus. M. 2.D. M... M.and Second-Generation Immigrant Emerging Adults Kiara Alvarez. B.. MAY 14-18. M. Management of Depression in Children and Adolescents Karen Dineen Wagner. Race. Learning From Each Other: Facilitators and Barriers in Health Care Organizations for Improving Quality of Care: Insights From the U. Ph.D. Residency Training..D.D. The Use of Buprenorphine in Abstinence-Based Treatment for Addiction Chair: Alphonse Kenison Roy III.D.  Global Mental Health: Why Partnerships Are Important Paramjit Joshi. M.O.D. M..D.D.. Wick. 3. M..S. The Aging Physician: Possibilities and Perils Senior Psychiatrists. Ph.

and Politics: Abraham Lincoln. Mood.  Psychoneurobiology of Resilience Gustavo Tafet. 2.D.  The Dilemma of Coming Out as a Gay or Lesbian Athlete Daniel Begel. Postpartum Rituals and Other Cultural Considerations in the Management of PPD Kenneth Fung.  Emmanuel AME Massacre: Baha’i Faith Perspective on Forgiveness Deborah Deas.D. Psychodynamics of PPD: Emotional Conflicts Interacting With Psychosocial and Cultural Factors Among Immigrant Women With PPD Maria Jose Lisotto.D.  Transgenderism and the Athlete Paul McHugh. and Robin Williams—Resilience and Creativity in the Face of Great Odds Thomas Newmark.A. and Psychiatry 1. 3. 3.  HPA Axis Genetic Variation.D. 4. Mood.D. M.H.  Sylvia Plath and Robin Williams Michelle Nagurney.D.D. COURSES Practical Assessment and Management of Behavior Disturbance in Patients With Moderate to Severe .D. 3. M. M. and Psychiatry: The Clinical Relevance From Diverse Faith Perspectives in the Wake of the Charleston Church Tragedy APA Caucus on Religion. Good Psychiatric Management for Borderline Personality Disorder: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know Directors: John Gunderson.D.P. 2.. Integrating Sociocultural Perspectives of Postpartum Depression (PPD) Among Diverse Women Improves Care APA Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities 1. M.  Inflammation in Mood/Cognitive Disorders: Conceptual and Practical Considerations Roger McIntyre. Revisiting Risperidone. Vincent Van Gogh. M. The Athlete: Homosexuality and Transgenderism International Society for Sport Psychiatry 1. 9 A. 4.. Gun Control Legislation and Reporting Requirements Michael Norko. and Cognition in Depression Alan F. Paul Links.  Team Dynamics When the Coach Is Gay or Transgender Antonia Baum..D. M. Markowitz. 3.. M. MAY 15 1. M.D.D. 2. Vincent Van Gogh. M. Trauma. Early Detection APA Council on Children.  Permit Prohibition and Gun Seizure Statutes Madelon Baranoski.D. M.M. Toward Universal Screening and Improved Access to Early Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder Ami Klin. Spirituality. M. M.D. M. Ph.. Ph. 3. 8 A.D. Parent Training.M. Ph.  Parent Training in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial Lawrence Scahill.D. Sociocultural Risk Factors for PPD Among Immigrant and Minority Women Pamela Montano Arteaga. 4. Art. Schatzberg.P. – 4 P. M. Revisiting Risperidone Lan Chi Krysti Vo.D.D. 4. M. Ph. M.D. 5. 6.. M. 2.  Forgiveness and Trauma: Clinical Perspective From the Christian Faith Kevin Brown 3. and Robin Williams—Resilience and Creativity in the Face of Great Odds 1.  Forgiveness: Hindu and Buddhist Perspective Shridhar Sharma.H. and Politics: Abraham Lincoln. M.D..D. M.D.D. 4. New Perspectives in Clinical Neuroscience Joseph Cubells. Sylvia Plath.D.P.D. Central and Peripheral Immune Markers in Depression and Suicide Ghanshyam Pandey. M. M. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Epidemiology.  The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission: Lessons Learned Ezra Griffith. M. ATLANTA.D. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM APA ANNUAL MEETING..  Advances in Molecular Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Applications in the Clinic.D. M. Ph. 3. and Psychiatry Driss Moussaoui. Intimate Partner Violence and PPD Ludmila De Faria.D. Ph. Ph.D.D. Psychosis. 2. Steven Moffic.D. M.8 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. D. Tsuang..M. APA Practice Guidelines for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board Forgiveness.D. M. 2.H.D.  Forgiveness. Otto F. Adolescents..D. Street Drugs and Mental Disorders: Overview and Treatment of DualDiagnosis Patients Director: John W.D.  An End to Painting by Numbers: A Culturally Informed Assessment and Treatment Model for PPD Matthew Dominguez. 5. 5.D. M. and Their Families 1. M.N. 2016 SUNDAY.D. Kernberg. Jewish Perspectives on Forgiveness Related to Psychiatry H. M. Genetics.M. SEMINAR Training Practitioners to Use a Psychopathology Clinical Rating Scale Director: Ahmed Aboraya. M.S. M. Deconstructing the Neurobiology of Depression 1.  Psychiatric Admissions and Gun Ownership Following Sandy Hook Tobias Wasser. M. M. Yeomans. M.P. Art.. Resilience: A Psychobiological Construct for Suicidality Amresh Shrivastava. M. – NOON COURSES Interpersonal Psychotherapy Director: John C. MAY 14-18.D. M. Ph. Understanding and Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorder Directors: Frank E. Abraham Lincoln and Vincent Van Gogh John O’Reardon. M. Personalized Medicine: Depression Charles Nemeroff.  Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder: To Know What We See Rather Than to See What We Know Young Shin Kim. 5.D. M. 2. Sylvia Plath..D.D. Islamic Religion/Culture. D.

Children of Psychiatrists Chairs: Michelle B. Riba. Society.D.D. Lecturer: Nada L.D. M.D. M. Marcia L. M.D. M.D. WORKSHOPS The “F” Word—Feedback: If It’s So Important. Ph.D.D. M.D. Swartz.D. – NOON POSTER SESSION International Poster Session 12:30 P. APA BUSINESS MEETING APA Members Only 12:30 P. Matthew State. 10 A. M. Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology: Applying Practical Psychodynamics to Improve Pharmacologic Outcomes With Treatment-Resistant Patients Director: David L.D.D..D. M. Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders Director: B. CBT for Suicide Risk Chair: Donna M. Leah Dickstein. Ketter.D. – 2 P. M. M. – 11:30 A.D. Director: Maureen C. M. M. Evidence-Based Mindfulness Meditation Interventions for Mental Health Conditions Chair: Marina Khusid... Gage..M.D. MAY 14-18. Muskin.D. M.. Sudak. Nash..D.D. Meyer.D.B. J. LECTURE Adolf Meyer Award Lecture To be announced Neuronal Plasticity and Genomic Diversity APA Frontiers of Science Lecture Series.A.. Wittenberg.. M. INTERACTIVE SESSION Leading Chair: Paul Summergrad. M.D. George Kolodner.D. The Stanford Integrated Psychosocial Assessment for Transplantation (SIPAT): A Prospective Study of Medical and Psychosocial Outcomes Jose Maldonado.D. M. Military Behavioral Health Through the Lens of the 4077th: The Realities and Myths of Military Behavioral Health Shown on M. Wendi Waits. Chair: Kenneth Thompson.D. M.  Preoperative Opioid Reduction Program: A Pilot Study Margaret Haglund. Delirium in Lung Transplant Recipients and Its Effects on Post-Transplant Outcomes Yelizaveta Sher.M. Chair: Marvin S. She for All: Engaging Community Leaders to Advance Global Mental Health Association of Women Psychiatrists.M. Jan Fawcett. Ph. M.D. Cheong. Mintz. CASE CONFERENCE I Just Want to Be Clean Chairs: Philip R. LECTURES George Tarjan Award Lecture Emmanuel Cassimatis. M.. M. Verduin. M. M.D. Chair: Christina Tara Khan. Chairs: Sebastian Schnellbacher. Treatment of People With FirstEpisode Psychosis in Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals: Challenges and Outpatient Follow-Up American Association of Community Psychiatrists. Fred H.D.. M.D.S. Placebo: Parsing and Using Its Therapeutic Action Chair: Donald J. M.D. Geoffrey P. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Psychiatric Considerations in Pre-Op and Transplant 1. Wesley Boyd.H.B. M. MAY 15 Dementia American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry.D.M. Sreshta. M.S. Seeking Refuge: Effects of Psychological Evaluations in Asylum Cases Chairs: Nina E.M. M.. FORUM AASP Abraham L.D.M. M. D.O. M. M.D..D. Psychiatric Communication Strategies: Intervention Models for Inpatient Medical/Surgical Settings Chair: Daniel Safin.D. M. 2.D. Chair: Ann Hackman. M. Chair: Marshall Forstein. Our Toughest Addiction Challenge: Treating Tobacco Use Disorders in Patients With Mental Illness and Addictions and Informing Them About E-Cigarettes Chairs: Sunil Khushalani.A. M. Ph.S. Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD: Easing the Pain Chairs: Subhash C. INTERACTIVE SESSION Using the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview in Daily Practice American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board.D. 2016 SUNDAY.APA ANNUAL MEETING. Why Is It So Difficult to Do? Chairs: Josepha A.. From Genes to Neurobiology in Autism Spectrum Disorders APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series. – 1:30 P. Psychiatry in the Courts: APA Confronts Legal Issues of Concern to the Field APA Committee on Judicial Action.. The Impact of Social Media and Societal Change on Young Gay Men’s Development: Implications for Intimacy. 10 A. Lori Raney. Timothy Walsh. M.D. and Psychiatry American Association for Social Psychiatry. The DSM-5 Anxious Distress Specifier: Convergent Validity and Clinical Implications Chairs: Gayle M.D. 3. M. Ph. Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Practical Skills for the Consulting Psychiatrist Directors: Anna Ratzliff.D. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Childhood Experiences and Adolescent Suicide Risk 9 . and Psychotherapy Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists. Stotland. Chair: Roberto Lewis-Fernandez. Bhatia. M. M.D. ATLANTA. M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.M.D. Kolli.. Halpern Humanitarian Award Forum: Abortion: What’s Happening and Why It Matters to Women. M. Taylor. MASTER COURSES Advances in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Director: Terence A. Ph. Sexuality. Venkata B. M.

M.D. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIA AAGP Presidential Symposium: New Strategies in Geriatric Psychiatry Research and Practice American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry.  Detection and Prevention of Cog- nitive Decline Gary Small. Rajiv Radhakrishnan. Richards.A. M. Breaking the Cycle of Serious Mental Illness 1.  Bullying Increases Risk of Suicidal Behavior Nazanin Alavi. Chair: Daena L. M. Challenges in CBT: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Treatment Chairs: Jesse H. “Closed”: Resident Tales From the Front Line—and What We Can Learn—When a Psychiatric Emergency Department Shuts Its Doors APA Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship.D.  Third-Party Involvements in Psychotherapeutic and Psychiatric Treatment Relationships Sharon Batista. Kari M.D. Family Dynamics. M. Petersen. and Revising the System Chair: Connie Thomas.D.D.D. Especially Those Who Are Ethics Consultants or on Ethics Committees Chair: Edmund G..D.  Physical. Jon Berlin. 4.D.D. D.D. Ph.. ATLANTA. Chairs: Sol Adelsky. Wright. M. and Subsequent Depression and Suicide Risk in Adolescence: Examining Their Direct and Indirect Effects Diana Clarke. 5. 1.  The Double-Edged Sword of Parental Expectations Lusha Liu.D. False Allegations. 1 P.D.D. ADVANCES IN SERIES Advances in Youth Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board MEDIA WORKSHOP Using the 2014/15 Movie “American Sniper” to Teach About Combat’s Stimuli and Stresses—and the Positive Role of Psychiatry and Training for the Same Chairs: Lawrence K. WORKSHOPS Whose Information Is It Anyway? Ethical Issues in the Age of Electronic Health Records Chair: Mark Komrad.D.D.B.  Early Life Adversities.. American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training Presidential Symposium American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training.D. Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists. M..B. SYMPOSIA “Fresh off the Boat”: Learning From a TV Sitcom About Acculturation.. Beck.B.Sc.P. M.P. MAY 14-18.. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM SUNDAY. Helping the Patient to Change: The Problem of Undue Influence Elizabeth Auchincloss. H.D. M.D.D. M.H.D..D. M.D. M. M.H.. M. Chair: Michael Blumenfield. Judith S. M.P.D.  “I Love You.  Paradoxical Improvement in Mental Health With Aging Dilip Jeste. M.10 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. and Mental Health in Asian-American Immigrant Families APA Caucus of Asian-American Psychiatrists 1..H. 2.D. M. 4. M. 3.Sc. M. 2. Infectious Disease/Psychiatry HIV Collaborative Care: An Innovative Model for Person-Centered Care for the Southern Underserved APA Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities. Ph. M. Christopher Fowler.D.D.. M. M.M. Small.D.D. Sexual Assault in the Military: Failures to Report.M. Ph. 3. 1.and Cyber-Bullied Adolescents: Associations With Suicide Feelings and Behaviors in Private School Students Stephen Woolley.. M.D.D.D. Geriatric Depression William McDonald. GRADEing “Evidence” in Psychiatry: The Case of Medical Marijuana for Psychiatric Indications Chairs: Deepak Cyril D’Souza. MAY 15 1.D. 3. I’m Sorry”: Communication Challenges in Immigrant Families Dana Wang. Source Monitoring Errors. An Experience as Plaintiff in a High-Profile Tarasoff-Type Case Douglas Ingram. Wolf. M. M. Chair: Sara Stramel-Brewer. Brave New Technology for the Next Generation: A Case Formulation for Internet Gaming Disorder Chair: Dongchan Park.D. M.D. Ph.S. A Resident’s Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder: From the Experts (Part 1 of 2) Chair: Brian Palmer.D.P.. M. Chair: Gary W. M. Marijuana: What Clinicians Need to Know Chair: John Douglas. Chair: John Maher. 3.. Brain-Friendly Teaching: Incorporating Brain Learning Principles Into Teaching Activities Chairs: Jane Ripperger-Suhler. M. 2. 2.  Therapist Personal Disclosure and Psychodynamic Psychiatry Silvia Olarte.D.S. M. M. M. M. M. Moral and Ethical Codes: Similarities and Differences in Chinese and American Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Elise Snyder. Clinical Course and Six-Month Outcomes for Hospitalized Adults With Serious Mental Illness J.. The Role of Emotion Regulation . M. Howe III. Ethical Issues in Psychodynamic Practice American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry.D. – 4 P. 2. M. Struggles of an ABC (American-Born Chinese) Justin Chen. M. Personality Function. Close Encounters of Three Kinds: Challenges in the Residents’ Clinic Chair: Joan Anzia. M. Olfactory Identification Deficits and Noninvasive Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease Davangere Devanand. Advanced Ethical Analysis and Practical.P. M. M.B. M. M. Steven Moffic.D. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. A Penny for Your Thoughts: Paying Cash to Foster Medication Compliance in Patients With Serious and Persistent Mental Illness APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program. M.

M.P. M. M. 5.S.D.C. The Combat Veterans’ Perspective: Reducing Barriers to Accessing Care and Establishing a Therapeutic Alliance Cathleen Lewandowski. 3. M. Identification of Habenula Resting-State and White Matter Patterns Associated With Suicide in a Large Inpatient Psychiatric Sample Michelle Patriquin.D.  Driving Suicide to Zero: Redesigning the Clinical System of Care to Systematically Address Suicide Prevention Shareh Ghani. WORKSHOP Psychiatry Innovation Lab—Where Quality Improvement Meets Silicon Valley: Pitch an Idea.W.M. Overview of Down and SmithMagenis Syndromes Robert Pary. M. 2. 4.W.D. The Psychology of Racial Injustice in Juvenile Justice and Resilience in Black Youth LeRoy Reese. M. 2. 4.D.D. 4.M.D. LECTURES AAPL/APF Manfred S. 3. 2.M.W. L. M.D.. Ph.  New York City Family Justice Centers of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence Margarita Guzman. 3. and Advocacy 1.D.  Bipolar Disorder During the Peripartum Period: A French Integrative Model Gisele Apter. Black Lives and Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System: Implications for Policy. M. 4. Build a Team. M. M. M.H.D. M.P. M.. M. Opioids: Crisis and Solutions U. A Model of Collaborative Care Between Mental Health and IPV Services Elizabeth Fitelson. and the Ugly Gavril Pasternak. Ph.  Vaccination as a Means to Mitigate Opioid Addiction Kim Janda. INTERACTIVE SESSION The Making of a Forensic Psychiatrist: Personal Reflections Chair: Philip Resnick. PhelanMcDermid.  An American Approach to Bipolar Disorder: Patient and Family Education J. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Suicide 1.D. Psychiatric Practice.H.APA ANNUAL MEETING. L.S. 5.  The North American Approach to Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy Gail Robinson.. M. M. 4.  Intensive Inpatient Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder John Oldham. M.P. Design a Venture. M.D. Chair: Nina Vasan...D. Ph. Abuse-Deterrent Opioids: Advancing Beyond Tamper Resistance Thomas Jenkins..D. Overview of DiGeorge. Dale McNeil.D.  Cultural Barriers and Novel Strategies in Working Within the IPV Community Obianuju “Uju” Obi Berry.D. M.. 4.D. Perspectives on the Vet Center Service Mission Charles Flora. The Face of Resilience: Working With Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)—A Holistic Model to Care 1. Good Fences and Better Neighbors: A Veteran-Centered Community Approach Harold Kudler.D. the Bad. 5. Guttmacher Award Lecture Advances in Assessment and Management of Risk of Violence APA Frontiers of Science Lecture Series. Antidepressant-Emergent Manic Switch: Identifying At-Risk Bipolar I and II Patients Clara Brichant-Petitjean. M. Improvements in Somatic Complaints Among Individuals With Serious Mental Illness Receiving Treatment in a Psychiatric Hospital Alok Madan.  Depressed Multiple Suicide Attempters: A High-Risk Phenotype Leo Sher.. M. Esq.D. MAY 15 and Functional Connectivity in Predicting Internalizing Symptom Recovery During Adolescents’ Inpatient Hospitalization Carla Sharp. Origins of VA Readjustment Counseling: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Understanding the Psychological Effects of War Arthur Blank Jr. M.D.  Opiate Analgesics: Separating the Good.D. 2. M. Lay Naloxone for Opioid Safety Phillip Coffin..D.D.A.D. M.S. Ph. You’re Taking What? Understanding New Commonly Used Medicines for Medical Disorders: A Case-Based Approach for the General Psychiatrist 1.D. Ph. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adults in France and North America: Vive La Difference! 1.D. Implementing Psychiatric Treatments in a Nonspecialty Setting Mayumi Okuda. POSTER SESSION International Poster Session 2:30 P. M. – 4 P. M. M. ATLANTA. 2. Ph. 3.  Youth Violence Peter Ash.. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. M. 3. 3. and Klinefelter Syndromes Jeffrey Bennett. Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for IPV Victims Rosa Regincos.C. Ph. Ph. 2.  Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice Randee Waldman. Overview of Prader Willi and Angelman Syndromes Janice Forster.D. 2016 11 SUNDAY.D.D. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1. Cancer and Psychiatric Medications Virginia O’Brien. Readjustment of Combat Veterans in Vet Centers and Psychiatric Clinics: Competition or Collaboration 1. M. A Retrospective Review of 100 . 3. 2 P.D. 3.D.D.S.S.D. APA Council on Quality Care. M. Top 10 Genetic Syndromes That Psychiatrists Need to Know 1. – 4 P.D. 3. 2. MAY 14-18.D. Ph. Raymond DePaulo Jr. Ph. J.  Overview of Fragile X Syndrome and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Stephen Ruedrich. 2.  New Medications for Hepatitis C Jeffrey Rado. M.  French Guidelines for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Interests and Limits Ludovic Samalin.H.D.D.  Beyond Metformin: New Medications for Diabetes Mellitus and Review of Novel Anticoagulants Sarah Rivelli. M.

M..D.P. Chair: Smita Das. Addressing Diversity in Psychiatric Training: Our Past. M. M. M. M. Lim.. Teaching the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview: Innovative Web-Based Approaches and Videos to Demonstrate Culturally Appropri- ate Assessment Skills Chairs: Russell F.D.M. Optimizing Psychopharmacology Training During Residency Chair: Jeffrey J. Nurmi.D. Chair: Dominic Sisti. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING.D. Ritchie. M.Ed. A Resident’s Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder: From the Experts (Part 2 of 2) Chair: Brian Palmer..D. Chairs: Roberto E.D. Christopher Nelson. Ph.D.D. What Can Mental Health Providers Learn From Pediatric Practices Regarding Prevention and Management of Cannabis Use by Youth? U.H. Ph. Cyberbullying.S.D. Ong. M. M.. Online Dating.. M.12 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.. M. Subramaniam.D. M. Breaking Bad: Communicating “Bad News” to Patients and Families Chair: Jeanne Lackamp. M. Rao. Psychiatric Consequences.. M.P. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM SUNDAY. MAY 15 Suicides in Phoenix. MAY 14-18. M. Montenegro. Crisis in Transit: Perspectives on Global Refugee and Migrant Mental Health Chairs: Damir Huremovic. M. M. M.M.D.D.P. Treating Adolescents With Eating Disorders: Special Issues Chair: Matthew Shear.P. National Institute on Drug Abuse.H. D.D. Ph.D. WORKSHOPS Intimacy After Injury: Combat Trauma and Sexual Health Chairs: Elspeth C. Addressing Stigma Using Accep- tance and Commitment Therapy Chair: Kenneth P.  PN . – 6:45 P. Auralyd Padilla Candelario.D. OPENING SESSION Opening ceremonies include addresses by APA President Renée Binder.. 2009-2012 Shareh Ghani. Recovering Inside: Is Correctional Psychiatry an Oxymoron? APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program.D. Present..D. M. M.. 4:30 P. M. ATLANTA.H.. M. and Strategies for Prevention Chairs: Christopher F.D. M.D. M.D. Ph. Fung. and Maria Oquendo.D..D.. Rakofsky. Controversial Treatment Debate: Should I Prescribe Ketamine and Marijuana? Chair: Erika L.D. and Future With Diversity Systemic/ Academic Strategic Initiatives APA/ SAMHSA Minority Fellows.D. M.D. Roberto Lewis-Fernandez.H. M. Interactive Training and Dissemination of Tobacco Cessation in Psychiatry: An Rx for Change American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry. and Harassment in the 21st Century: Prevalence. Nyapati R...P. Ariz. They will be followed by a special lecture by Atul Gawande.. Almari Ginory. Resident Well-Being: Strategies to Prevent Burnout Chair: Ijeoma Chukwu.P. M.D.O. Chair: Geetha A. M. M.

. M.  Role of Age and Concurrent Medications in Titration Method for Seizure Threshold Determination in Bilateral ECT: A Retrospective Study Preeti Sinha.O. 2016 13 MONDAY.. Residents Teaching About Racism: A Novel Educational Approach to Combating Racial Discrimination in Mental Health Care APA Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning.D. John Luo. Nordstrom.D. and DBS Chair: Almari Ginory. M..B. M. Ph. M. First. Mood Disorders 1.D. LECTURES APF Judd Marmor Award Lecture To be announced Correctional Psychiatry: Current Issues and Future Directions APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series.M.D. Worley. M. M. Adolescents.P. Training American Psychiatrists as Global Mental Health Investigators. Directors: Robert Kennedy. Jeffrey L.D. Six) APA Council on Addiction Psychiatry.D. Serfaty. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Psychology.B. Does Open Access Beat Traditional Scheduling? Chair: R.S. Telepsychiatry and Its Myriad Applications for Treating People With Serious Mental Illness in the Public Sector (and for Residency Training) Chair: Rachel Zinns.A..D.  The Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Placebo-Controlled Monotherapy Trials of Bipolar Depression: A Review of Studies of the Past 20 Years Mark Zimmerman. Chairs: Michael D.D.M.D. Morse.D. How Should We Determine What Is Most Ethical? A Framework for Analyzing Ethics Dilemmas in Psychiatric Practice Chair: Robert Weinstock. Oliver Pogarell. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy.M.. M.B. M. M. Ernst.D. . 4.B.Sc. Emergency Psychiatry: The Basics and Beyond Director: Kimberly D. FORUM Laura Weiss Roberts. M.D. – NOON ADVANCES IN RESEARCH Advances in Research Chair: Herbert Pardes. Julie B.S. 2.D. M.D. M. Jennifer Severe. Chairs: Mayumi Okuda. The Clinical Assessment of Malingered Mental Illness Director: Phillip J. Present. M.. Goethe. M. M. – NOON COURSES Exploring Technologies in Psychiatry American Association for Technology in Psychiatry. M. Characteristics. No Problem! A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Started in the Scholarly Activity Process Chair: Rashi Aggarwal. M.M. and Implications for Clinical Practice Chair: Kenneth Ashley. – 10:30 A. Taylor.B. 9 A. No Publication. Carrie L.D. M. Implementers. 3..D. Reid Finlayson..Med..D.D. Restoring Professionalism: Integrating Mind. M. M. ADVANCES IN SERIES Managing the Side Effects of Psychotropic Medications American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board.D.D. and Body for Distressed Physicians Directors: A.D. M. Chairs: Courtney McMickens.M. M.. Chairs: Andrew D. Health Care Utilization. Metzner. 3.D.D.D. Rosenbaum. Linda L. MAY 16 8 A. 2.D. M. M.D. Brain.P. M. M.D. M. MAY 14-18.A.D. M. M. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV: The Science. Jerrold F. Ed. and Future Chairs: David A. M. M.  Predictors of Length of Stay and Readmission in Inpatients With Mood Disorders John W.. Chairs: Jerome H.  Homebound Older Adults: Prevalence. M. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE WORKSHOPS When Inflammation Weeps: The Emerging Role of the Immune System in Depression Chair: Andrew Miller. Anne Becker. The Context of Psychosis: Cultural Curiosity and Enhanced Clinical Care APA Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities. M. and Partners: What Have We Learned That Can Inform Best Practices? APA Council on International Psychiatry. TMS.M. M. Chair: Michael B..D.. Structural Integrity and Functional Connectivity of Default Mode Network Underlying the Cognitive Impairment in Late-Onset Depression Yingying Yin. Chairs: Joseph F. No Poster.D. M. M.. Chairs: Nashaat Boutros. and Quality of Care Stephanie MacLeod. Neuromodulation Primer for Residents: An Introduction to ECT.D. Helping Aged Victims of Crime (HAVoC) Study: The Impact of Crime on Older People and the Feasibility of a CBT Intervention Marc A.D.D. M.D. Penzner.. Involuntary Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment: Past.H.D.. The Kids Are Not All Right: Mental Health Impact of Parental Incarceration APA Council on Children. M. Goldberg. Differential Mortality Rates in Late-Life Depression and Subthreshold Depression: 10-Year Follow-Up in the Community Cyrus Ho. M.D..A.D. J. M. M. Resnick. Kaan Ozbayrak. EEG in Psychiatric Practice World Psychiatric Association. and Their Families.APA ANNUAL MEETING. Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5–Clinician Version (SCID5-CV) American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board. M. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Topics in Geriatrics 1. M. J.. Access to Physician-Assisted Suicide for Intractable Suffering and Chronic Mental Illness: An Approaching Ethics Crisis Chair: Mark Komrad. Petros Levounis.D. 9 A. The Behavioral Addictions and the Brave New World of the DSM-6 (Yes.D. Nissan. M. ATLANTA. D. M. Carlo.

H.  Successful Aging of Psychiatrists Dilip Jeste. 1. 3..H. M. Compulsion in Addiction Psychiatry Rick Rosenthal. 2. and Integrated Care APA Council on International Psychiatry 1. M.D.. Street Psychiatry: Integrated Care for Atlanta’s Unsheltered Homeless 1.H. Critical Issues in Addiction Psychiatry American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.  The Impact of Changing Views of Adolescent Culpability Peter Ash.. 4. Opioid Use Disorder and the Psychiatric Emergency Room: The VA Model Brian Fuehrlein.  Role of Leadership in Narrowing the Gap Between Science and Practice: Improving Treatment Outcomes at the Systems Level Sy Saeed.D. Criminalization of the Mentally Ill.D. M.P. MAY 14-18. Virtual Roundtable on Practical Policy Issues in Telepsychiatry Jay Shore. M.D. Contemporary Issues in Juvenile Justice 1. Training Future Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities Farooq Mohyuddin.H. Kernberg. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez. Lean Management in Mental Health Care Lydia Weisser.A.  Positive Aging: The Role of Meaning Michelle Riba.D. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM MONDAY.. M.D. and Brian Fuehrlein.D. Bennett. 2. 5. 5. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. Lifers and Senior Psychiatrists: Identifying Problems and Solutions Stephen Scheiber. Gabbard.D. Yeomans.H. M. 4. Ed. M. M. M. 3. ATLANTA.D. 2.D.D. M.P.  Malpractice in Addiction Psychiatry Laurence Westreich.D.D.D. Clinical and Pharmacologic Considerations in Assessing Adverse Effects of Psychotropic Drugs Joseph Goldberg. Student Perspectives and Education With Homeless Populations/ Patient Satisfaction and Quality Improvement on the Streets Aleta Christensen. 2.D.D.. M.D. Senior Psychiatrists and Positive Aging 1. M. M.D. M. M. 5.S.  Socio-Cultural Issues in the Aging of Ethnically Diverse Senior Psychiatrists Renato Alarçon. APA Telepsychiatry Resources for Advancing Telepsychiatric Care and Training: Website Toolkit and Work Group Jay Shore.. .  Neurobiological Evidence for Impaired Mentalization in Borderline Personality Disorder Antonia New. the Domenici-Wellstone Law.. M.D. 3. M..D.  Identity Issues in the Senior Psychiatrist Glen O.  Choice vs.  Peer Specialists and Their Unique Role on Street Medicine Teams Ricky Alexander 4. Ph.D. 4.. M.D. M. M. M. Ph.D.B. 2.D. The Four Fundamental Techniques of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Otto F.  Ethical Leadership in Psychiatry H. 2.P. M..P.O. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIA Correctional Psychiatry. Cultural Issues in Psychiatric Administration Neil Aggarwal. M.D.  Reconsidering Exploratory Interventions in Dynamic Therapy: Beyond Insight Eve Caligor. M. 4.B.S. 3.  Social Cognition as a New Therapeutic Target in Personality Disorders M. 2. M.B.  Moving From Treatment as Usual to Good Clinical Care for Personality Disorder: Traits for the Office-Based Clinician James Reich..L. 2. M. M. M. D.P.  Technology on the Streets: Telemedicine as a Tool to Expand Psychiatric Care for Rough Sleepers Kathy Schaaf.D. and Avoiding the Criminal Justice System Critical Issues in the Delivery of Psychiatric Care Through Videoconferencing Chair: Jay Shore. M. Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General David Satcher. Care Integration on the Streets: Primary Care and Wound Care as Methods of Engaging Mentally Ill Homeless People Sapna Morris.. The Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health. R. SYMPOSIA Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Across Personality Disorders: TransferenceFocused Psychotherapy American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board 1..  Mental Health Parity. Breakthroughs in the Understanding and Treatment of Personality Pathology Association for Research in Personality Disorders 1.. Steven Moffic.H.N. M. Chairs: Laurence Westreich.D.D.D. M.D.. B.  Common Psychiatric Emergency Department Problems John ‘Jack’ Rozel.B.D.D. Making Mental Health Count Francesca Colombo 4.  Training Yourself and Others in Telepsychiatry Jeffrey I. Tim Porter-O’Grady. M. M.P.  An Update on Cardiovascular and Arrhythmogenic Risks of Psychotropic Drugs Carrie Ernst. M.  Therapeutic Implications of Recent Neuroimaging Findings on Emotion Dysregulation in Personality Disorders Harold Koenigsberg. 1. M. 3. Ph.14 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. M. M. M. 4. R.P..D. Current Challenges and Opportunities in Psychiatric Administration and Leadership American Association of Psychiatric Administrators 1.B. M.D.D. Neurobiology and Treatment of Impulsive Aggression in Human Subjects Emil Coccaro. M. M.S.  Integrated Care in Clinical Practice Eliot Sorel. 3. Addressing the Challenges of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Diana Diamond. Jay Shore.A. MEDIA WORKSHOP Remaking the Bad Seed in Blood Red Chair: Lynn Maskel. Parity.H. M.D. M. and the Affordable Care Act Patrick Kennedy 3. M.D. MAY 16 1.D. 4.D. 2.D.  The Essential and Multiple Roles of the Treatment Frame Frank E.. M.A.. Direct In-Home Telepsychiatry Meera Narasimhan.Sc. 3. M. M.N.. M. M.

Ph.D. New Issues in Understanding and Addressing Tobacco Use and Mental Illness U. 2. 5.D.. 3. Rado.A. M.D. M.C. Family and Culture: Clinical Tools for Everyday Practice APA Alliance. Ph. 3. Ph.D. Chair: Glen O. The “Difficult” Patient and Poor Outcomes Mantosh Dewan.D.D. M. M.W.M. and Sentencing Wade Myers. Lomax. M. Chair: Dominic Sisti. Mind-Body Programs: Stress. CASE CONFERENCE Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment of Patients With FirstEpisode Psychosis Chair: S. Director: Patricia L. SEMINAR Primary Care Skills for Psychiatrists Directors: Erik Vanderlip. Kevin Conway. – 4 P. M. M. LECTURES APF Oskar Pfister Award Lecture James W. Military Trauma.D.D. Mock Trial Kristen Lambert.D.D. Ph. Crime Characteristics. M. M. ADHD. Richard Bonnie.D. Boland.  It’s Not Just Cigarettes: The Evolving Epidemiology of Tobacco Product Use.D. M. 2.D.D. 10 A.P.D. Depression. Exploring Barriers to Treatment for Child Transgender Patients in the Institutional and Inpatient Psychiatric Settings Chairs: Rabiya Hasan. 3. Ph.. M. Ph. Anxiety. Substance Use. M. FORUM Senior Psychiatrists Chair: Nada L.D. Higgins Jr.D. Brief Therapy With “Difficult” Patients American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board 1. M. Heru.D.  Integration of Tobacco Cessation and Mental Health Care for Veterans With PTSD Andrew Saxon. Psychiatrists’ Reports of Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Access Problems Joyce C. CBT for Challenging Problems Judith S. Jeffrey T.D. and Substance Abuse Disorders APA Caucus of Black Psychiatrists.. .. 3.. 3. Chair: Napoleon B. Starner. Ph. M..P.S.M. M. M. M. Criminalization of Black Males: The Effects of Untreated Bipolar. MASTER COURSE 2016 Psychiatry Review Director: Robert J. 4. M..D. M. Plakun. Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Practical Skills for the Consulting Psychiatrist Directors: Anna Ratzliff. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Beck. Reducing Readmissions to the Acute Psychiatric Services of an InnerCity Community Hospital: A Systematic Approach Roumen Nikolov. – NOON POSTER SESSION Young Investigators’ New Research 11 A. M. M. MAY 14-18. M. and Mass Disasters: Lecture and Experiential (Replaces Yoga of the East and West) APA Caucus on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.P. Availability and Community Satisfaction in Psychiatry 1. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Medical Care Reform and Psychiatry 1. M.  A Motivational Interviewing Perspective on the “Difficult” Patient Steve Martino. Pharm.I. M.S.M. Meghan N. Charles Schultz.D.W.P. Exposure Therapy for Trauma Survivors With Severe PTSD Seth Gillihan. M. Gabbard.D. M.. WORKSHOPS The History. West. Stigma. 2016 15 MONDAY.S. Shared Genetic Risk Factors Between Schizophrenia and Nicotine Dependence Laura Bierut.D.  Current Issues and Future Directions in the Assessment of Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial Caitlin Costello.D. The Sudden Collapse of Marijuana Prohibition: Now What? APA Guest Lecture Series.D.M. 9 A.  Education of Youth in Juvenile Justice Systems William Arroyo.D.. INTERACTIVE SESSION Boundaries and Boundary Violations American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board. Stotland.S.  Prioritizing Quality Measures for Physical Health Assessment in a Community Mental Health Organization: A Stakeholder-Based Approach Sharat Iyer.D. – 12:30 P. 2. J.D. Ethics. M.D. A Clinically Useful Self-Report Measure of Psychiatric Patients’ Satisfaction With the Initial Evaluation Mark Zimmerman.. PTSD. and Promise of Psychedelic Therapies APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program..D. M..D. M..H.D. Ph.D. 4. Discrimination. M.D. and Symptoms of Mental Illness in the U. M.D. M. and the Criminalization of HIV/AIDS in the United States: Challenges for Psychiatrists in the Delivery of Compassionate Care Chairs: Lawrence McGlynn.D.M. Lori Raney.S. ATLANTA.D.S.. COURSES Psychodynamic Principles With Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders: Breaking Through Treatment Resis- tance by Focusing on Comorbidity Director: Eric M.  A Century of Health Care Reform: Analysis and Predictions for the Affordable Care Act Dora Wang. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1. 4. Gerbarg. E-Cigarettes: Promise and Peril Maciej Goniewicz. Chair: Alison M. J. L. M.  Adolescent Parricide: Personality.D.  Tobacco Use as a Risk for Psychosis? Kenneth Kendler. 2. M.H.APA ANNUAL MEETING. MAY 16 2. Changes in Mental Health Care Spending and Quality Associated With Accountable Care Organizations in Medicare Alisa Busch.

Beyond MacArthur: The Past. M.M. M..O. Chairs: Seth Powsner.P. M.. and Their Families. SEMINAR Women in Psychiatry: Career Advancement. Active Shooter Hospital Lockdown: To Treat or Not to Treat Chair: Edmund G.D. – 3 P. Present. – 5 P.P.A. Ph. FOCUS LIVE Focus Live! Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Chair: Michelle Pato.D. M. LORETA Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG: An Approach Consistent With NIMH Research Domain Criteria APA Caucus on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Adolescents.D.D. Sexuality During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period Chairs: Damir Huremovic. Academics. Ph. Biological Psychiatry 1. M. 1 P. M. M. M.D. Hershey.. D. M.D. Stotland..S.M. Top 10 Geriatric Psychiatry Issues for the General Psychiatrist: An Update Chairs: Josepha A. Chairs: Swathi Krishna. M.D. M. Director: Jose R. Caregiver-Directed Psychosocial Interventions in Schizophrenia: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Branislav Mancevski.16 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10... Vela. Neuroanatomy of Emotions Director: Ricardo M.P.D.D..D. and the Elimination of Childhood Poverty Chairs: Kenneth Thompson.. Cheong. Ph. A... FORUM The Financing of Psychiatric Care: Past.. Chairs: Paul H. M.Sc. Disruptive Behavior in Preschool Children: What Does It Mean? Differential Diagnosis and Pharmacologic Approaches APA Council on Children.D. 2. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. Howe III.D. Nada L. Victor J. Acute Brain Failure: Neurobiology.D. Ph. MAY 16 M. M.D. Wick.. Advocacy. M. Risk Assessment for Violence Director: Phillip J. M. Ph. 1:30 P. M.D. MAY 14-18.. M. M. Using “Star Wars” to Teach Psychopathology Chair: Susan Joy HattersFriedman.D.D. M. the Places You’ll Go”: Opportunities to Teach Child Psychiatry in ..D..D.D. and Treatment of Delirium Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.D.D. M. ATLANTA. M. M. From Dementia to Neurocognitive Disorder: Understanding the Changes Made in DSM-5 Chair: Mehrul Hasnain. Medical Conditions Mimicking Psychiatric Disorders Versus Psychiatric Disorders Mimicking Medical Conditions: Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges Chair: Catherine Crone.  Post-Discharge Physician Visits and Readmission Rates in a Population-Based Sample of Patients With Schizophrenia Paul Kurdyak.. Addressing the Social Determinants of Mental Health Through Integrated Behavioral Health Chair: Monica Taylor-Desir. Iqbal Ahmed.D.D. Caroline D.D.D.. M. M. 2. Caregiving for Individuals With Schizophrenia and Its Impact on Care- giver Employment and Work Productivity Debra Lerner. M.D. Margo Funk. COURSES Evaluation and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions Director: Waguih William IsHak. INTERACTIVE SESSION Women’s Mental Health: What Is It? How to Do It? Why Do It? Chair: Gail Robinson.S. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE Top 10 Medical Stories 2015: A Comprehensive and Practical Review of What Psychiatrists Need to Know Chair: Monique Yohanan.M. Appelbaum.D.D. M. Steven Adelsheim.D. M.D.. What Do I Do Now? Chairs: Simon Kung. M.D. M. M. Future of DSM: An Update From the DSM Steering Committee Chair: Paul S. Sharfstein.D.D. WORKSHOPS My Patient Just Got Pharmacogenetic Testing. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM MONDAY. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Schizophrenia: Caregiver Techniques and Post-Discharge Strategies 1. “Oh.D.D.D.D. M. Ph. Maldonado.. Acknowledging and Accommodating Age and Ability Senior Psychiatrists. Scott Schmidt. 3. M. M. M. and Probable Future of Violence Risk Assessment APA Frontiers of Science Lecture Series.. 3.D.D. M. M.D. Victor..D. Cohen. CACNA1C Gene and Schizophrenia: A Case-Control and Pharmacogenetic Study Tae-Youn Jun. Ph. Rama Rao Gogineni.P. M. John Monahan. A Collaboratory for Psychiatric App Development American Association for Technology in Psychiatry.P. International Medical Graduates: Reflections on Cross-Cultural Training and Learning Chairs: Tanuja Gandhi. M. Present.D.  Inflammatory Markers in PTSD: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Study Fang Yang. Prevention. Chair: Deborah R. and Balance: The Real World Directors: Isabel Schuermeyer.H.H. M. M. M.. and Future Chair: Steven S.D. M. Public Policy.D.. BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) as a Predictive Biomarker of the Occurrence of PTSD: Pilot Prospective Study Hafid Belhadj-Tahar. Simkin. Resnick.D. M. Ph.H. LECTURES APF Solomon Carter Fuller Award Lecture Eduardo BonillaSilva. M. Mary Ann A.D.D. M.M. M. Buwalda. Guitelle St. Achieving Health Equity: Psychiatry. M. The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality at Walter Reed: A Clinical Intervention for Suicidal Patients at Walter Reed Medical Center Chair: Benjamin R. Brozyna.

and Opiate Addiction Chair: Ayman Fareed Psychiatry and Health Care Reform: Where Are We? What’s Ahead? Chairs: Joyce C. 2. Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs Partially Correct Cognitive Dysfunction in Some Schizophrenia Patients: Understanding the Effect of Antipsychotic Drugs on Neuroplasticity Critical for Learning and Memory Herbert Meltzer.  A 40-Year Retrospective on BPD and Countertransference Glen O. M. 3. Joining Forces: The Neurology-Psychiatry Connection: Bridging Education and Patient Care Across Disciplines Chairs: Ann Schwartz.B..  Realities of Psychiatric Practice in Pakistan: A Brief Overview Filza Hussain. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIUM New Nomenclature for Medications (Neuroscience Based Nomenclature— NbN) Chairs: Maria Oquendo. M.D. 2. Brett Schneider. Are Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Laws a Good Thing? Ethics Considerations and Analysis APA Ethics Committee 1.APA ANNUAL MEETING.. T. M. . 3. MAY 16 Low. Assisted Outpatient Treatment for Individuals With Mental Illness Referred by Correctional Services: Synergy or Redundancy? Chair: Scott Soloway.  Guidelines for Emergency Room Management of BPD Patients Victor Hong. Gabbard. 3.D.. Mental Health Outcomes of the Syrian Conflict: An Emphasis on PTSD Malik Nassan.D.D. M.D. M.B..D.D. ATLANTA.D. M. 5. M.D. Pain. – 4 P. M. and Knocks Down Barriers Related to Geography.S. M.D.P. M. Edmond H.D.D. M.. Ph. 4. Long-Term Outcomes From the Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study Roger Weiss. M.  When Doctors Stigmatize and Discriminate: The Culture of Medical Practice About Mental Health in the Middle East Ahmad Adi. West.D. M. POSTER SESSION New Research Poster 2 P.  fMRI and MEG Studies of Cortical Plasticity Induced by Cognitive Training in Schizophrenia Sophia Vinogradov. 2016 17 MONDAY. Neuroimaging of Pain and Distress: From Biomarkers to Brain Representation Tor Wager. Pi. Evidence-Based Management of Patients at Risk for Suicide: VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention of Suicide Chairs: John Bradley.. M. Alan Stone. M. Chairs: Francis Lu.. M. M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. MAY 14-18. 4. M. Wendy Baer.and Middle-Income Countries Through IACAPAP Volunteer Programs Chair: Julie A. M. M.P.  Treatment of Cognition and Disability: Rationale and Strategies Philip Harvey. Coverdale. A Generalist Model Is “Good Enough” for Treating Most BPD Patients John Gunderson.D.D.  Prescription Opioid Use and the Transition of Acute to Chronic Pain: Preventing Problematic Opioid Use and Persistent Pain After Surgery Jennifer Hah.. David Kupfer.  For Whom and Under What Conditions Can Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Be Effective? Marvin Swartz. M. Ph. M. ADVANCES IN SERIES Gun Violence and Mental Health American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board LECTURE APF Vestermark Psychiatry Educator Award Lecture Robert E. John H. 4.  Dialectical Principlism: An Approach to Analyzing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas Robert Weinstock. An Ethics-Based View of Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Ezra Griffith.. M. 2.P. M.D. Ph.S. Ph. 4. MEDIA WORKSHOPS The Resilience of the Family in Film: “Aparajito” (Part 2 of “The Apu Trilogy”) APA Caucus of Asian-American Psychiatrists. Ph. M. – 5 P.D. Ph.  Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Patients With Schizophrenia and Major Depression Richard Keefe.D. Comorbid PTSD.M.M. M. Culture.H. An Update on Diagnostic and Assessment Considerations for the Treatment of Comorbid Opioid Addiction and Chronic Pain U. and Language Across the Globe Donald Hilty.. 2.D..D.S.D. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1. New Perspectives on Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) 1.D. Chilton. M. Rejection Sensitivity as a Paradigm for Understanding BPD and Its Comorbidities Lois Choi-Kain.  Treatment of Co-Occurring Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder Declan Barry.S.D.M. Hales. SYMPOSIA Global Mental Health: Current Clinical and Cultural Perspectives and Innovations 1.Ed.D. 3. M. “Timbuktu”: An APA Film Sympo- sium Chairs: Lloyd Sederer. M.D. 5.M. 2. M.D. M.B.D. Treatment of Cognitive Impairment and Functional Disability Across Psychiatric Conditions: What Has Been Achieved 1.D.D. Pros and Cons of Inter-Session Contact With BPD Patients Karen Jacob.0: From Fairness to Excellence 2 P.B.D.D. M. Versatile.D. Ph. 3.D. Kristin Kroeger Ptakowski CONVERSATIONS Diversity 3.  Update on the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain in the Patient With a History of Substance Abuse Sean Mackey. M.D. M.  Telepsychiatry: It Is Effective.D..

and Enzymes) to Treat Substance Use Disorders U. 4. Biologics (Vaccines. Ph. 3. Monoclonal Antibodies. Ph. 2.  Treatment Options for Incarceration Merrill Rotter.D.18 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. 2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids.D. Ph. M. M. Ph..  Personality Deficits. M. 2. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Addiction: Tobacco 1.M. Evaluating CVE Programs: Lessons Learned and Future Directions for Research John Horgan. M. M. M. FORUM The Refugee Experience: The Psychological and Neurobiological Impact Chair: Julio Licinio. M. Moving Beyond Motive-Based Categories of Targeted Violence Interventions Stevan Weine. 3:30 P. M. MAY 14-18.D. M. Enzyme Therapies for Cocaine Addiction and Overdose Chang-Guo Zhan.D.D.D.  Using Fiction to Tell the Story of Aktion T4 Stephen Stahl. The Science of Late-Life Depression Prevention: Updates From the VITALDEP (Vitamin D and Omega-3 TrialDepression Endpoint Prevention) Study 1.D. 3.D. Muskin. 3.D.D. M. Changing Behavioral Health Systems to Treat Tobacco Through Training and Policy Initiatives American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry 1.  Lessons Learned From Creating a Tobacco-Free Health System Tim Fong. A Comparative Analysis of Terrorist Propaganda Magazines: Understanding the Motivational Dimensions Anthony Lemieux.D.H. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1.D...  Implementation of Integrated Tobacco Treatment Into Mental Health Care for Veterans With PTSD Andrew Saxon. Management of Schizophrenia and Psychosis 1..D. Psychiatry Looks Back on Nazi Germany 1.D.  Suffer the Little Children: Child Recruitment Into Violent Extremist Groups Mia Bloom.D. Ph. M.M. ATLANTA.D.  Treatment of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia With Dextromethorphan/Quinidine Augmentation of Antipsychotics: An Open Trial in 42 Patients Paul Markovitz.D.. M. M. Controlled Trials Asheena Keith.M. Objectives.D. Dissemination of an EvidenceBased Tobacco Treatment Curriculum to Psychiatric Residency Programs Smita Das.  Balancing Conflicting Ethical Considerations in Involuntary Outpatient Commitment William Darby. FOCUS LIVE Focus Live! Understanding the Evidence for Off-Label Use of Atypical Antipsychotics Chairs: Joel Yager.D. Violent Extremism: Challenges Faced by Muslim Communities Aliya Saeed. Mrazek. 2. 3.  The VITAL-DEP Trial of Late-Life Depression Prevention: Design. 2. Roy O’Shaughnessy. Ph.D. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. Ph. MAY 16 4.D. 2. 4. M. M.D. 3. 4. 5. M.  Monoclonal Antibodies to Treat Substance Use Disorders and Overdose Samuel Owens.D. 3.D. Pharmacokinetic Strategies to Mitigate Nicotine’s Psychoactive Effects Matthew Kalnik.D.  Comparison of Risk and Protective Factors for Depression in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Older Adults Charles Reynolds III. M. 3. M.. Progress. Tobacco Treatment in Hospitalized Patients With Acute Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders Smita Das. Case Challenge to Manage Psychosis in Patients With Trisomy X Sheema Imran. Ph. Ph.D. S.D. 3.D.D.D.S. Impairments . INTERACTIVE SESSION The Difficult Patient Philip R.. Memorial Lecture on Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics Role Conflicts in the Management of Sexual Offenders APA International Psychiatrist Lecture Series.D. LECTURES APA David A. M.D. M.P. M. M. Ph. and Other Nutrients David Mischoulon.D. Ph. M. M.. M. 4. Pharm.D..D. M. – 5 P. M. M.A. David Fogelson.  Training Psychiatrists and Behavioral Health Providers in Treating Tobacco Through Continuing Education Jill Williams.  Vaccines for Cocaine and Methamphetamine Addictions Thomas Kosten. M.  Intranasal Insulin for Treatment of Tobacco Abstinence Syndrome Ajna Hamidovic.D. M. 2. Ph. Countering Violent Extremism 1.D. Association Between Late-Life Depression and Dietary Vitamin D.  Recognizing Problem Drinking in Older Adults: Implications for Late-Life Depression Grace Chang..D.Sc. What Can We Do to Prevent Incarceration? Fred Osher. and Plans Olivia Okereke. 4. M.  Anatomy of Malice: Using Research Archives to Study Psychopathology in Nazi War Criminals Joel Dimsdale. Effective Responses to Justice-Involved Persons With Mental Illnesses American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board 1.A. 2..  Tailored Behavioral Interventions for Smoking Cessation in the HIVPositive Population: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized..D.D.. M.  Correctional Mental Health Treatment: What Is Adequate? Elizabeth Ford.D. Effective Responses to JusticeInvolved Persons With Mental Illnesses Robert Trestman. M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM MONDAY. How Could It Happen? From Social Darwinism to the Nazi Euthanasia Program Hans-Jurgen Moller.D.

How Does Countertransference Fit in Modern Health Care: Impact of Provider Feelings on Diagnosis and Medical Decision Making Chair: Nidal Moukaddam..D. M. 2016 19 MONDAY.D. M. and Boats: Psychiatrists as Emergency First Responders Chairs: Jean E. From the Geriatric Hospital Bed to the Witness Stand: Delirium in the Courtroom Chair: Alberto M. M. Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions to Augment Psychopharmacology in Mood and Psychotic Disorders Chairs: Mohammed A..D. Clinical Issues in Schizophrenia With Comorbid Disorders: Update Chair: Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer. M.M.. – 6:30 P. M.  PN . M.D.B.D.D. M. Lee S.M.D. Ph. M. M. Neurobiology. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10..H. M. Menninger Memorial Convocation Lecture Thomas Frieden.D. and Treatment Chairs: Katharine A. One Doctor.D. M. M. M. Sanjeev Sockalingam. The Evolution of Integrated Care for HIV and Mental Illness Francine Cournos. Chair: Philip Candilis. M.D. Ellen Berman..D. Trains. M. Hyde.. Aycock. M. WORKSHOPS Update on Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Clinical Features. M. Cultural Family Therapy: Integrating Family Therapy With Cultural Psychiatry Association of Family Psychiatrists. M. Goldwaser.D.D.D. MAY 14-18.P. M.. 5:30 P. Jamie Feusner.D..A.. The General Psychiatrist’s Approach to Personality Disorders: Practical Applications of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Principles Chair: Richard Hersh. ATLANTA. M. M. Planes.. Ph. M. The Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) Model: Creating a Community of Mental Health and Addictions Practice Chairs: Allison Crawford.A. Khan.D. Managing Violence Risk and Interview Safety: A Primer for Residents Chair: Tobias Wasser. M. MAY 16 in Cognition.D. PTSD in Psychiatrists: A Hidden Epidemic Chair: Arthur Lazarus. Phillips.D. Mark Famador. One Hat: Ending Psychiatry’s Mixed Loyalties APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program.D. CONVOCATION APA William C.D. M. and Emotion Recognition: Interconnections and Relationship to Violence in Schizophrenia Menahem Krakowski. Automobiles. Sexual Offenders: A Psychiatric Perspective Chair: Renée Sorrentino.D.D. Chairs: Vincenzo Di Nicola.D.APA ANNUAL MEETING.

D.D.D.A. M.. Hypothalamic Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptor Mediates an Antidepressant-Like Effect in a Mouse Model of Stress Lihua Yao. SEMINARS WORKSHOPS CPT Coding Director: Gregory G. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIUM Correctional Psychiatry: Journey Into the Heart of Darkness American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. Chair: Paul S. ATLANTA. M.. 1. M.M.. and Their Families.H.D. M. Chair: Wilsa Charles Malveaux.D.D.D. Ph. INTERACTIVE SESSION Palliative Care Psychiatry American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board. M. M. A Clinician’s Guide to Structured Assessment of Personality Disorder and Functioning: The Structured Interview of Personality OrganizationR (STIPO-R) Chair: Eve Caligor. Assessment and Prescribing in Correctional Settings Anthony Tamburello. Nasrallah. – 10:30 A. 3.D. Adolescents. Warnick Jr. Beyond Googling: Psychiatric Monitoring of Patients’ Electronic Communication APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program. Treatment in Narcissistic Patients Chair: Glen O. M. 2016 TUESDAY. Ph. Larry R.M. Prospective Validation Study of the Prediction of Alcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale (PAWSS): A New Tool for the Prediction of Patients at Risk for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Jose Maldonado. Miss Simone? Chair: Sarah Y. Stein. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE Critical Advances in Sleep Medicine for the Psychiatrist Chair: Karl Doghramji. What Is New in Suicide Prevention? From Primary to Tertiary Prevention in Physicians. M.  Do Profiles of Depressive Symptoms Differentiate Adjustment Disorder and Depressive Disorder Diagnoses? Patricia Casey. M. M. Chair: James J. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Further Topics in Biological Psychiatry 1. Harris. “I Want to Check Myself In”: Determining Who Needs Psychiatric Hospitalization Chairs: Kenneth M. Philip G. 2. Adolescents’ Decision Making Capacity in the Consultation-Liaison Setting: From Juvenile Rights to Case Law APA Council on Children.H.. 4. MEDIA WORKSHOP What Happened. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: What You Need to Know Chairs: Todd Hutton. Timmons-Mitchell. Dube. The Psychiatrist as Expert Witness Director: Phillip J.D. Perlman. – NOON ADVANCES IN SERIES Advances in Trauma Disorders and Trauma Psychotherapy American Psychiatric Association Publishing Editorial Board.D. 9 A. M. COURSES 8 A.D. Vinson.D.D.D. M. ECT Practice Update for the General Psychiatrist Director: Peter B. Patricia Marino..20 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10... M. Faulkner.  The What and Why of Correctional Psychiatry Robert Trestman.M. Detailed Trauma Inquiry David Johnson. Ph. Strain.Med. and Medically Ill Patients Chairs: Tatiana Falcone. M. Youth. M.D..M.  Serum Levels and mRNA Expression of Neurotrophic Factors and Related Receptors Are Crucial in Different Subtypes of Depression Yingying Yue.D. 3. M.. Chairs: Barry B.D. M. M. Chair: Graham D. M.D. M.A. Stigma of Psychiatry Among Ethnic Minorities and the Use of Social Media and the Internet to Reach Underserved Populations APA/SAMHSA Minority Fellows.D. LECTURE Perspectives on Physician Competence and Lifelong Learning APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series.P.M. M. Kamalika Roy.O. M. John Bailey.. Resnick.D. M. Get Out and Stay Out! Helping Inmates Return to Their Communities Erik Roskes. Barbara RoblesRamamurthy.D. M.H. M.D. M. 1.D. M. 4. Henry A. M. – NOON Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Therapy: A Pragmatic Clinician’s Workshop Director: Richard F. Elements for Effective Advocacy for the Profession of Psychiatry APA Council on Advocacy and Government Relations.P. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM APA ANNUAL MEETING.. 2. SYMPOSIA DSM-5 and RDoC: Moving Toward a Common Agenda for Understanding .D. Janicak.B.. D. Appelbaum. M. MAY 17 8 A. M.D. 9 A. Schatzberg. Suicide Prevention in Correctional Facilities Jeffrey Metzner.D..D. Summers. M. Glancy. MAY 14-18. Chair: Nathan Fairman. Adaptation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Use in Acute Psychiatric Care Chairs: Aliza T.M.D. M. 2. M.  Vagal Activity Predicts Survival in Women With Advanced Breast Cancer David Spiegel. Jane C.D. M. Gabbard. M. Chairs: Anish R. M. Jessica Mosier.D. M. M. – 5 P.D. M. MASTER COURSE Essential Psychopharmacology Director: Alan F. Rosenquist. Novel Approaches to the Treatment of Catatonia Chairs: Stephen J.Psy.D.D. M..D. Certa.D. M.P.D. B. Comorbidity in Schizophrenia: Biological Pathogenesis and Clinical Implications Chairs: Michael Hwang.  Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy: Challenges in Conducting an Intensive.D.

.D. M. ATLANTA. Beyond a Question of Competency: The Rights of Individuals With Mental Illness to Engage in Voluntary Sexual Acts Alison Lynch 3.  Experience the Effects of BreathBody-Mind as It Is Taught in Sudan Richard Brown.Sc. M. Choosing Treatment for Problematic Nonprescription Stimulant Use Elias Dakwar.D. M.B. Clinical Studies.D. 4. Neurophysiology.  Choosing Treatment for Cannabis Use Disorders Frances Levin.D.P. Childhood. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Across the Lifespan: Developmental Precursors in Infancy Through Old Age North American Association for the Study of Personality Disorders 1. M.S. M.  Using the NIMH RDoC to Help Clarify Psychiatric Disorders Charles Sanislow. 3. 2. 2. Stotland. Sexuality and Psychiatry: Ethical and Policy Dilemmas APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program 1. Social Trauma in U.D. M. M.  Project for Mentally Ill Survivors in South Sudan: Transforming the Present. 2.D. 4. Ph.D.  Food as a Vital Sign: The Simple Food Assessment Drew Ramsey. M. M. The History of Contraception Malkah Notman. 2. M. Ph.D. Wang.D. 4. Maternity Leave: All in Favor? Gisele Apter. 3. M. The War on Women Continues APA Women’s Caucus 1.D.B.D.  The Conceptual Bridging of DSM-5 and RDoC: Moving the Field of Psychiatry Forward? Philip S. 2016 21 TUESDAY.B. M.  Reliable Biomarkers. 5. Infancy. M. M..D.  Multimodal Markers of Treatment Response in Depression Sidney Kennedy. and Observations: War Survivors and Mentally Ill South Sudanese Patricia Gerbarg. Ph. M. M. Social Trauma: Culture. Ph. 4. M.S. Sexual Victimization in Correctional Settings Clarence Watson Food and the Brain 1. M.. Barriers in Access to Mental Health Care for Women Helen Herrman. Social Trauma Research I: Epigenetic Inheritance in Descendants of Trauma Survivors Rachel Yehuda. The DSM-5 Maladaptive Personality Trait Model: Phenotypes for RDoC Robert Krueger. 3. and Symptom Development Driss Moussaoui.. M.. Ph.D.D. M.H. Ed. A Cross-Walk Between RDoC Domains and DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Dimensional Measures: Evidence From DSM-5 Field Trials Diana Clarke.D. M.. The Real Abortion Tragedies: Silence and Misinformation Nada L. M. Managing Opioid Use Disorder Using Medications: Role for Opioid Agonists and Antagonists Adam Bisaga. The Evolving Role of Psychiatrists in Medicine: From East to West . 2.  Reporting Child Pornography Use: Psychiatrists as Police Michelle Joy.D. M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.  Combining Medication and Psychosocial Interventions in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Edward Nunes. 6.  Sexual Self-Determination in Persons With Dementia Kenneth Weiss..D. 3.D.D. and Minerals: The Fundamentals of Nutrition and Psychopathology Laura LaChance. Biomarkers of Treatment Response and Tolerability in Psychotic and Mood Disorders Royal College of Psychiatrists 1.S.H.Sc. M. 2.B. M.B. M. M. 4.  Social Trauma in U.  Is There a War on Women? Carol Nadelson. M. You Are What You Eat: Special Diets and Their Implications in Mental Health and Guest or Host: The Microbiome and Behavior Emily Deans. Mentally Ill and Traumatized Populations in South Sudan: A Novel MindBody Treatment for Healing a War-Torn Country APA Caucus on Complementary and Alternative Medicine 1. MAY 17 Mental Disorders 1. Ph. Ph.D.D. and the Treatment of Schizophrenia: Will Science (Ever?) Trump Clinical “Trial and Error”? Peter Buckley.B.D.S.  Effective Connectivity Changes in Working Memory and Affect Processing Networks in Affective/Nonaffective Psychosis: Relation to Treatment Response Sophia Frangou. and Adolescent Precursors to the Development of BPD in Male and Female Offspring Marianne Goodman.  The Myth of the “Maternal-Fetal Conflict” Gail Robinson.. B. 2. 2. M. M. Ph. Animals.  The Course of BPD From Adolescence to Young Adulthood Stephanie Stepp. 5. Psyche. Populations II: Institutionalized Youth Andres Pumariega.  BPD in an Aging Population Robert Biskin.  Levels of Acceptance and Forgiveness Reported by Borderline Patients and Axis II Comparison Subjects Over 16 Years of Prospective Follow-Up Mary Zanarini. 5. 2.D.D. Choosing the Right Treatment for Substance Use Disorders APA Council on Addiction Psychiatry 1. Shaping the Future Atong Ayuel.  The Course of Borderline Symptoms in Adolescents With and Without DSM-IV Criteria-Defined BPD Carla Sharp.D.D. M. M.D. 3.D..  Detecting and Managing Misuse of Prescription Stimulants and SedativeHypnotics John Mariani. Populations I: Human Trafficking Vivian Pender.  Social Trauma Research II: Childhood Experience and the Onset of Psychosis Thomas Craig. 4. 5.Sc.D.D.  Biomarkers for Treatment Response and Tolerability in Bipolar Disorder Allan Young.D.. 3. M.D.D.D. MAY 14-18.D. Dr. Ph.S. Personalized Medicine.APA ANNUAL MEETING.D.B. 4.P.D. Vegetables. M. 3. Social Trauma American Association for Social Psychiatry 1.D. 3. Ph.

.S. M.  Analysis of Baseline Mental Health Data From the Sonya Slifka Longitudinal Multiple Sclerosis Study Laura Safar. MAY 17 1. Chair: Steven Hoge.D.D. and Marijuana May Help Your Patients With Chronic Pain Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine. Chairs: Elie Aoun.Phil.D.M. The Evolving Role of Imaging in Optimizing Treatment for Depression: From CBT to DBS Helen Mayberg.. First. M.D. Ph.W. 3. Feeling Burned Out? Using Science and Wisdom of Contemplative Practices to Manage Your Stress and Reduce Burnout Chair: Sermsak Lolak. 2.P. MEDIA WORKSHOP Mad Men (and Women): Is Character Immutable? Case Studies From the TV Series Chairs: Josepha A. M. M.M.H.D. DSM-5 Changes: Overview and Practical Applications (Including the Transition to ICD-10-CM) Director: Michael B.D.D. M. M. M. Psychiatrists Who Have Survived the Suicide Death of a Loved One: Their Insights Chair: Michael F. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM TUESDAY. A Scale of Partner Addiction: Underlying Mechanisms in Reward Deficits and Insecure Attachments and Manifestations in Clinical Issues Jacob Mills. M. M. 5. M.  The Evolving Role of Psychiatrists in Medicine: Japan Tsyuyoshi Akiyama. 9 A. M. Consulting Psychiatrist Directors: Anna Ratzliff.D.D. Patient Suicide in Residency Training: The Ripple Effect 1. M.. Misty Richards. WORKSHOPS The Biopsychosocial Revolution: Assessing Patients in Psychiatry Using the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview American Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship.D.  The Role of Psychiatrists in Mental Health Disorder Awareness and Prevention: Suicide in the United States Maria Oquendo.. M. Impact of Patient Suicide on Trainees: The Role of Educational Curricula Deepak Prabhakar. The Art of the Curbside Consultation: Nicely Done Chair: Lori Raney. 3.D. M.D..  The Evolving Role of Psychiatrists in Medicine: The United States Saul Levin.  Experiencing Patient Suicide as a Psychiatric Intern Daphene Ferrer. M. M.22 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10..D. M. – NOON POSTER SESSION Young Investigators’ New Research 11 A. Negative Reviews by Patients Chair: Robert Hsiung.. Chairs: Michael Hann. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE Dual Disorders: Two Different Disorders or One? 1. M.B. The Proxy Test for Delirium (PTD): A New Tool for the Screening of Delirium Based on DSM-5 and ICD-10 Criteria Jose Maldonado.. Are You a Sitting Duck Online? What You Can (and Can’t or Shouldn’t) Do to Avoid.. M. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. 4. 3. APA Council on Psychiatry and the Law: Update APA Council on Psychiatry and Law. M.D. – 12:30 P.D. Developing and Running a Successful Research Track for Psychiatry Residents Chair: Katharine A. What a Pain! How Pills.M.S.D. M. Talking.D.D. 4. the Trauma. M. – 4 P. LECTURE How the Mind Works: Using Trauma and Grief as Models APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series.  Epidemiology of Dual Disorders: The Current State of Research and Methodological Challenges Shaul LevRan..  Emotional and Cognitive Responses of Clinicians to Patient Suicide Joan Anzia. Myers.D.D. M.D. M. M.D.D. ATLANTA. 2. Treatment in the Immediate Aftermath of Trauma: From the Hospital to the Battlefield Chair: Judith Cukor. M.D. Ph. J. B. 2. 2. MAY 14-18. and to Respond to. M. M.D. Risk Management Considerations When Prescribing Controlled Substances Chair: Kristen M. M.D.P. Reid. Ph.D.D.H. Phillips.M.. M. Standing Up to Violence in Police Encounters: The Players. M.D.D. M. Self-Monitoring and Psychoeducation in Bipolar Patients With a Smartphone Application (SIMPLe) Project: Preliminary Results From a Feasibility Study Diego Hidalgo-Mazzei..D.  Suicidal Behavior in Patients With Dual Disorders Leo Sher. .D. INTERACTIVE SESSION Integrated Care Chair: Jürgen Unützer. COURSES Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Practical Skills for the 10 A.D.S. 3. 4. M.D.. Mardi Horowitz. M. Racquel E.  Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder: Is It All About Reward? Alan Green.S.D.. Cheong. D. M. Kenneth R. M.D.M. Ph. M.  Impact of Patient Suicide on Residents and Helping Residents Cope With Suicide James Lomax.D. the Victims. Dual Disorders: Two Different Mental Disorders? Nestor Szerman.P.A.A. Is Criticality Critical to Understand Dual Disorders? Ruben Baler. M.D. M. Chair: Wendy Baer. 4. Lambert. and the Solutions APA Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities. M. Silk.D. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Measurements and Scales 1. M. Lori Raney.  The Role of Psychiatrists in Mental Health Disorder Awareness and Prevention: Suicide in Japan Shigenobu Kanba.

Social Withdrawal in Modern Society: An Emerging Cultural Concept of Distress in East Asia Chairs: Takahiro A..P.  Suicide in Medical Students: Interventions and Culture Change Christine .M.. Plakun. 3. Promoting Overall Wellness and Eliminating Risk of Burnout in Trainees (POWER BIT) Chairs: Deepak Prabhakar. Generating Medical Marijuana Guidelines at Your Institution Ilana Braun.  Reasons for Relapse and Natural Quitting in Adult Recreational Cannabis Smokers David Gorelick. M. APA: An NGO of The United Nations APA Council on International Psychiatry.D. M. M. The Civilian Soldiers: Expanding Our Approach to Mental Health for Our One Million Military Reservists and Guard Members Chair: Philip Michael Yam. M. Passion..D..M. and Polish Director: Phillip J. M. 4.H.D. Appelbaum.M. 1.D.. Samar Habl. Ph... Improving Health and Health Care for Patients With Serious Mental Illness in a Post-Integration Era Benjamin Druss. M.D.D. 2. 2. Chair: Paul S.D.D.D. M.D. Chairs: Esperanza Diaz.  Collaborative Care: Evolving Models of Care Thomas Wise.S.D. – 4 P.D.D. M. Training for Complexity: Psychosomatic Medicine as the Model for the 21st Century Sanjeev Sockalingam. 1. New Directions in CBT for Psychosis (CBTp): CBTp in Busy Clinics Using a Guided Self-Help Approach Chair: Farooq Naeem. 1 P. M.Sc. 2.D. – 3:00 P. Myers. M.  Integration at the State Level: A Payer Perspective Joseph Parks. M. Chair: Catherine Crone. M. M.Sc.. Teo. Ethical Dilemmas in Psychiatric Practice Chairs: Ezra H..D. M. MEDIA WORKSHOP Prescription Strength Group Psychotherapy for the 21st Century Amer- ican Group Psychotherapy Association.B.D. Resnick.D.D. – 5 P.B.D. and Research Challenges Impacting Patient Care Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine. Long-Term Outcomes From the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study Roger Weiss. Proactive Consultation-Liaison Psychiatric Services: A New Model for Delivery of Psychiatric Service for Hospitalized Medico-Surgical Patients Hochang Lee. M.M.M.D. M. M.M.D. Why Do Physicians Kill Themselves? Michael F. ATLANTA. Harding. M. M. M. Motivational Interviewing for the Routine Practice of Psychiatry Director: Steven Cole.P. M. Kato.. M. M.  ASQ: Pediatric Suicide Risk Screening in Medical Settings Maryland Pao. D. Ph. 2016 23 TUESDAY.O. M.D. M. M. 1:30 P. MAY 17 Dynamic Therapy With SelfDestructive Borderline Patients: An Alliance-Based Intervention for Suicide Chairs: Eric M.A.M. Alan R. Peroski. M. M.D.S. Jose E. POSTER SESSION New Research Poster 2 P.D..D.M. M. M.D.. Collaborative Care in the Year 2020 Jürgen Unützer. – 5 P.D. SYMPOSIA Physician Suicide: Toward Prevention 1. M. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Marijuana and Opiates 1. M.  Financial and Administrative Models of Care Integration: Transistioning to Successful and Sustainable Care Delivery Support Roger Kathol.W.. 2. Ph. MAY 14-18. M.D. 4. WORKSHOPS The Management of Acute Agitation on Medical Units and in the Intensive Care Unit Chair: Michael S. SEMINAR How to Give More Effective Lectures: Punch.. M.D. Levine. Writing a Scholarly Article: The American Journal of Psychiatry Residents’ Journal Workshop Chairs: Rajiv Radhakrishnan.H. M. Twists in the Double Helix: Ethical Challenges in Genetic Testing in Psychiatry APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program. M. 5. Richard K.M. M. de la Gandara.  An Update on Conversion Disorder Steve Epstein. COURSES Talking With Your Patients About Marijuana Use: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know Director: Henry S. Cindy Devassy. 2 P.D. Transformation in New York State: Will Town and Gown Really Partner? The DSRIP Experience of the Behavioral Health Team at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Chair: Dianna Dragatsi.D. 3. Chair: Vivian Pender. B. Robert Freedman. Chair: Robert E. PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIA Ending the Criminialization of Mental Illness Chair: Judge Steven Leifman Psychosomatic Medicine: Offering a Multifaceted Approach to Clinical. Addressing the Demand for Mental Health Care Needs of Hispanics in the United States APA Caucus of Hispanic Psychiatrists. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Educational.D.M. M..D. LECTURE Justice Stephen Breyer 1 P. M. Back to the Future: Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health 2020 Chair: Lori Raney.D. – 2:30 P. Griffith.S. Schulte.D.D. M.APA ANNUAL MEETING. M. 3.D.

  Gray.  Briefing on Background and Challenges Presented to the U. Innovative Practices in College Mental Health 1. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Further Topics in Schizophrenia 1. Multiple Minorities as Multiply Marginalized: Applying the Minority Stress Theory to LGBTQ People of Color Kail Cyrus.O. 3.D.B.D. Treatment for Undocumented Refugee and Immigrant Youth: Practice Parameter and Evidence-Based Approaches Andres Pumariega.D. M. M.D. 3.  Leadership as a Behavioral Science and Clinical Competency: From Odysseus to the Present Matthew Moosey.B. Legal System Related to the Recent Migration of Youth and Children From Central America Juan Carlos Gomez.  Three RCTs Evaluating Universal Preventive Interventions: Longitudinal Effects on Prescription Drug Misuse and Cost-Effectiveness Richard Spoth. M. M. 2. Safety.. Gabbard. Adolescents Sean McCabe. 3:30 P. Josh Horwitz.  Depression in Persons With HIV Jordi Blanch 2. 4.M.P. M.A.D.D. M. – 5 P.  Traumatic Identities: A TraumaBased Approach to the Mental Health Treatment of LGBTQ People of Color Matthew Dominguez. Shah. M. 3.  Saving Lives: One Medical Center’s Response to a Faculty Member’s Suicide Sidney Zisook. 4. Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): 35 Years of Progress Through Empirical Research: Part 2 1.  Pharmacologic Treatment in BPD Kenneth Silk. M. M.S.D.D. and Blue: Depression in Older LGBTQ People of Color Seon Kum.B.D. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. Rashad Hardaway. 2.D. M. WORKSHOPS Sex Ed: A Psychiatric Primer on Managing Patients’ Sexual Behaviors Chair: Abhishek Jain.  Suicide in Residents and Fellows: ACGME Initiatives and Recommendations Ravi N. Teen and Young Adult Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs: Pathways to Drug Addiction? U.D.S. M. M. Updates in HIV Psychiatry 2016 1. M. 5.. 5. M. 4.Ed.D.S. Psychiatrists as Leaders: The Importance of Leadership Development in a New Era of Health Care 1. Categorical Diagnosis of BPD John Oldman.D. A Curriculum for College Mental Health and Young Adult Psychiatry Daniel Kirsch. M.S. M. M. Critical Issues in the Treatment of Suicidal Physicians Glen O.  Young Newcomers’ Gritty Struggle to Safety William Arroyo. Performance.D.D. M. M.D..H. Adolescent Athletes: Exercise.  The Missing Link: Role of Human Endogenous Retroviruses in Schizophrenia Awais Aftab.D.S.S. 4. M. B. Esq. M. M. Understanding the Challenge of LGBTQ Adolescents of Color James Murphy.  Dimensional vs. Building Teams and Morale by Bringing Fun Into the Workplace Ashley Chatigny.D. 3.D. M. M..D. Borders: Mental Health Issues and Treatment Interventions American Association for Social Psychiatry 1. M.S.D. Ph. How Neurobiology Can Help to Improve Psychotherapy for BPD Christian Schmahl. MAY 17 Moutier. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM TUESDAY. Queerly Invisible: LGBTQ People of Color as Psychiatrists and Patients APA/SAMHSA Minority Fellows 1. M.M.D. M. M.D. .D. 3. D.. 3. Kernberg. Fluctuation in Cognitive Functioning in Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Schizophrenia: Implications for Treatment Carl Cohen.D. 2.  Future Direction of Research and Clinical Approach to BPD Otto F. M.S. Characteristics of College Students Who Misuse Stimulant Medications Timothy Wilens. Ph.  Innovations in Service Provision for International Students Leigh White. Prescribed Stimulants in HIV: Indications. M. 6. M.  Clinical Illustrations of Management Issues in College Mental Health Richard Balon. 3. M.24 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.  Family Interventions for BPD in the Age of EBTs Lois Choi-Kain. and Controversies Lawrence McGlynn. 5.D.. Undocumented and Refugee Children Arriving at U.D. Ph.D. ATLANTA.D. M. 2. Trends and Trajectories of Prescription Drug Misuse Among U.D. Gay. 3. Compassionate Care of Transgender People Living With HIV Yavar Moghimi. 2.H. M.P. M. M. M. Developing and Implementing Wellness Programs for Medical Students Preston Wiles. M.  Improving Collaborative Depression Care in College Health: The National College Depression Partnership Carlo Ciotoli. Multiple Retinal Pathologies in Schizophrenia Selin Acar.  Managing Behavioral Health Providers: The Nuances of Leading This Unique Population Wendi Waits. Black. M.. 4. 2. and Prescription Drug Abuse of Opioids Philip Velliz. 4.D.D. INTERACTIVE SESSION Medicine in Psychiatry LECTURE Gun Policy APA Frontiers of Science Lecture Series. National Institute on Drug Abuse 1.  Tobacco and HIV: An Urgent Need to Take Action Antoine Douaihy. 4. MAY 14-18.S. 3.  Undocumented and Refugee Children in South Florida: Past and Present and Lessons Learned Eugenio Rothe.D.  Suicide in Residents and Fellows: ACGME Initiatives and Recommendations Carol Bernstein.D. 2.

Burnout in Resident Physicians: What Can We Do? Chair: Mahgul Malik.. Designer Drugs. M. M.Sc.D.D.P. 2016 25 TUESDAY.P.D. Ritchie..D.D.D. M.M. Pflanz. Female Service Members Chairs: Elspeth C. Legal Highs: Is It Really Plant Food and Bathing Salts? Chair: Roger Duda.S. M.M. – 6:15 P.D. M. M. Research. M. Scott Benson. M.D. Getting Back to Work: Guidance for Clinicians From an Employer Perspective APA Foundation Partnership Advisory Council. B. Paulette Cazares. ATLANTA. Plakun. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.H. and Mobile Mental Health: Regulations. MAY 14-18.D... Chairs: Paul Pendler. and Real Life Chair: John Torous. Psy.. MAY 17 In Harm’s Way: Job Stress and Mental Health in the Military Chair: Steven E. Sensors. M. MINDGAMES   PN . Smartphones.H. Responding to the Impact of Suicide on Clinicians Chair: Eric M. M. 5:15 P.APA ANNUAL MEETING. R. Women at War: Medical and Psychological Challenges for U.

M.D.D. Ph. – 10:30 A. M. M. 3.D.  ADHD as a Lifespan Disorder Stephen Faraone. Chair: Shama Patel. 3. Abhishek Jain.D. 2. College Mental Health Practice: Adjusting for Seasonality. 5.H..  Ethical Challenges of the Interface Between Psychiatry and Religion/Spirituality: Community and International Psychiatry Walid Sarhan. Building Capacity for Psychiatric Care and Research in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities for International Collaboration 1. Ph. Building Capacity for and Conducting Biomedical Research in Nigeria: Lessons Learned and Prospects Ikwunga Wonodi.D.B. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS PTSD and Stress 1. 4. Homicide.B.S. MEDIA WORKSHOP The Art of Storytelling Chair: Michelle Furuta.P.D. Slidecraft: How to Fashion Your Slide Presentation. Speaking for One’s Self: Psychiatric Advanced Directives Chairs: Nubia G.D. Ph. Adolescents. An Integrated Telephone-Based CBT Intervention After Bariatric Surgery: A Model for Increasing Access Sanjeev Sockalingam.D.M. Severe Medication Interactions and Increased Morbidity in Service Members With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Comorbid Psychological Conditions Christopher Flinton.D.D.D. and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Training to Enhance Clinical Practice Chair: Shilpa Srinivasan. M. Mitchell Cohen. M.D. M. Ritchie. M. Neural Alterations in Recalling the Past and Imagining the Future in PTSD Adam Brown. Keith A.D.H.D. 2. M. Addressing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children APA Council on Children.  Polypharmacy Patterns in ActiveDuty Service Members With Traumatic Brain Injury and Comorbid Psychological Health Conditions Thomas DeGraba.D..D. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM WEDNESDAY.D. 4.  Pharmacological Treatment of Combat Nightmares: A Veteran’s Hospital Experience Mark Detweiler. M. M.  Psychiatry and the Law in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects Charles Dike. Serfaty.D.  Clinical Care Pathways for ADHD David Coghill. MAY 14-18.. Lluberes Rincon. “High Tech” Solutions to Improving Interprofessional Communication and Patient Care in Integrated Psychosomatic Medicine Programs 1.M..  “There’s an App for That”: Using Mental Health Smartphone Applications in Integrated Care Settings Raed Hawa.B. Setting. 4..  Mental Health in Nigeria: Suffering in the Midst of Plenty Theddeus Iheanacho.S.D.D.M.S.B. M.D. M. Ph. Ph. Chair: Marshall L. Ph.  Addressing Ethical Issues of Psychiatrists Who Respond to Emergencies and Disasters Samuel Thielman. M. M. and Attempted Suicide by Cop Chairs: Elspeth C. and Scope of Services APA College Mental Health Caucus.D.S.B. Captivate. 2.D. M. The Role of Health Services Research in Improving Access to Mental Health Care in Nigeria Robert Rosenheck. 2.D.D. M.P. M. and Resonate With Your Audience Chairs: Sunil Khushalani. M. Child Mental Health Care and Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Nigeria: Opportunities and Prospects Patricia Ibeziako. ATLANTA. M.D. and Psychiatry 1.D. 2. Ethical Considerations Regard- . 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING.26 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Build a Skill: Interactive Screening. M.A. Spirituality. 9 A. 4... Explorations of Medical Students’ Choice of Psychiatry as a Career Chairs: Leonard M. SYMPOSIA Consequences of Polypharmacy in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury and Comorbid Psychological Health Conditions 1.D. M. Potter.D.D.. Helping Aged Victims of Crime (HAVoC) Study: The Impact of Crime on Older People and the Feasibility of a CBT Intervention Marc A. 3. Ethical Challenges at the Interface Between Psychiatry and Religion/ Spirituality APA Caucus on Religion.. – NOON The Evolving Picture of ADHD 1. Practice Guidelines and MetaAnalyses for Medication Management of Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD Jonathan Wolf. M. Chair: Nancy N. M.  Stress Across the Life Course and Depression in a Rapidly Developing Population: The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study Michael Ni. M.D. 4. MAY 18 9 A.D.D. WORKSHOPS The Interface of Ethics and Psychiatry: A Collaborative Consultation Approach APA Ethics Committee and Penn-Scattergood Ethics Program... M.D. M..  Ethical Challenges at the Interface Between Psychiatry and Religion/Spirituality: Diagnostic Considerations Allan Josephson. Gralnik.D. M.  Supporting HIV-Positive Women in Ways That Work Adriana Carvalhal. Ph. Mark Komrad. M.D. Brief Intervention. 3. M.  Case Report of a Service Member With Severe Postconcussive Syndrome and Polypharmacy and Their Recovery Facilitated by Creative Art Therapy Melissa Walker. 3. M. M. and Their Families. Caruso.D. Combat-Related PTSD. Experiencing the Unexpected: A Mixed-Methods Study of Clinician Experiences Using a Novel Advanced Clinical Documentation iPad Tool in a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Setting Kathleen Sheehan. M. M. M. M.  The Genetic and Neural Basis of ADHD Jonathan Posner. 2. M. 3.B. M. Garrick.

WORKSHOP Collaborative Care Lab: Experience the Newest Way to Practice APA Council on Psychosomatic Medicine. M.. and Child Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood Miriam Schiff.D. M. MAY 14-18..D.D. and Binge Eating Disorder So Dissimilar? Chair: Janice Forster. Pakistan Ajmal Kazmi. M. M. Does Negative Emotional Temperament Link Both PUFA Concentrations and Childhood Adversity to Persistent Depressive Symptoms? William Coryell.M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10.D.  Religious/Spiritual Needs in Treatment Len Sperry.D.. Peril.D. M.  Evidence-Based Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practices: Illness Management and Recovery.D. M.D. ATLANTA.D.D. M.D.D. B.D.and Threat-Processing Contributions to Suicidality Zimri Yaseen.  The Critical Role of Public Education in Patient-Centered Collaborative Care Eugene Beresin. Maternal Acceptance-Rejection. Postpartum Depression..APA ANNUAL MEETING. 3. LGBT in the Military Chairs: Christopher H. Bulimia Nervosa.  The Measurement of Psychological Pain and Suicide Risk Gregory Brown..D.  Normalization of Increased Background Noise After Treatment in ADHD: A Neuronal Correlate Emanuel .D.  Anxiety Severity as an Acute Risk Factor for Suicide Jan Fawcett. M. M. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? There Is an App for That! Margo Rivera 3:30 P.B. – 5 P. 5..P.D. – 3 P. Negative Emotions Predictive of Near-Term Suicidal Behavior Igor Galynker. and Case Management in Karachi. 3. Chairs: Erik Vanderlip. 3.D. What We’ve Learned From Genetic Obesity Syndromes: Are Overweight/ Obesity.M.  Fundamental Foundation of Risk Assessment Jason Roof. M.D. 2.D.. Serving the Household and the Homeless: Behavioral Health–Primary Care Integration in Two Health Care Models Focused on Social Determinants of Health Chair: Eduardo Camps-Romero.D. Ph. M.S.  How to Handle At-Risk Scenarios Charles Scott. Wolf.D. and Public Safety 1.P. M.M. D. 3.. 2 P. WORKSHOPS Creating a Leadership Development Program to Prepare Your Department/Organization to Successfully Navigate Turnover of Key Leadership Positions Chair: Kari M. What Is the Emotional Pain of Suicide? 1. Persons With Mental Illness at Work: Are They More Violent? Jessica Ferranti.A.. Reward. 2. M. M. M.D.D. D.M.D.D. Warner. SYMPOSIA Health Policy and Social Justice: The Role of Psychiatry in Promoting Integrated Health Care 1. 2.  Anxiety Disorders Co-Occurring With Binge Eating Disorder: Sequence and Associations With Other Comorbidities and With Eating Disorder Psychopathology Daniel Becker. Ph.D.D. M.M. Carl Castro. M.M. Ph. Soldiers and Families During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars: Where Science and Politics Intersect Chair: Christopher H. – 5 P. A Comparison of Stigma in Dementia and Diabetes Among Chinese Americans Benjamin Woo. CBT by Email for Children and Adolescents With Anxiety/Depression Sarosh Khalid-Khan. Psychology Prescription Privileges: The Illinois Experience Chair: Daniel Yohanna.D. M. M.D. Warner. WORKSHOPS Working With African Immigrant Adolescents and Young Adults: From the Experts Chairs: Tolu Olupona. Ph. 11 A. – 12:30 P. 2016 27 WEDNESDAY. M.M..A. Online Psychotherapy: A New Method of Delivering Therapy 1.B. M. Foreign Body Ingestors: Manage- ment Challenges for ConsultationLiaison Psychiatrists Chair: Elias Khawam.D.H. VitalSign6: Partnering With Primary Care Providers in Using Innovative Software to Implement Universal Depression Screening and Measurement-Based Care Chairs: Manish K. Innovative Academic-Community Partnerships to Address SpecialPopulation Mental Health Needs Laura Weiss Roberts. Challenges. M. M. Your Patient at Work: Privacy. Lori Raney. M.S. M.D. Jha..M.D. 4. Transformation of Mental Health Care for U. and Abilities Chair: Hamid Peseschkian. 2.  The Role of Psychiatry in Advancing Integrated Care for Underserved and Rural Populations Howard Osofsky. M. MAY 18 ing Religion/Spirituality in Psychiatric Research Alexander Moreira-Almeida. 1:30 P.D. 2. Undocumented Immigrants in Psychiatric Wards: A Case Report and Concise Review Mike Wei. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS The Broad Interest of Psychiatry 1. M. 3.D. Anorexia Nervosa.. Psycho-Education. Madhukar Trivedi. The Transcultural Competent Psychiatrist: Characteristics. CBT by Email in Patients With Depression and/or Anxiety Nazanin Alavi.D.M. Ph. M.Sc.D. Evaristo Akerele. M.M. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Mental State Disorders 1. M. Ph. SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL REPORTS Cross-Cultural Psychiatry 1.S. M. 2. M. 2. M. M.

D. M. M.D.. M. MAY 18 Bubl. Babalola. M. M.H. Megan Marumoto.P. 2016 APA ANNUAL MEETING. 3. Ph. Research Literacy in Psychiatry: How to Critically Appraise the Scientific Literature Chair: Diana E... M.. Amresh Shrivastava.D.B. M..D. Engaging the Unengaged Patients With Severe Mental Illnesses: Community-Based Cross-Cultural Experiences From India and Canada Chairs: Nitin Gupta. WORKSHOPS Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down! Identifying Triggers and Nonpharma- cological Management of Child and Adolescent Patients at Risk for Agitation Chairs: Chase Samsel. ATLANTA.D. M.D. MAY 14-18. M.B. Ronke L.  PN . M. 2016 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM WEDNESDAY.  Motivational Interviewing Education and Psychiatry Residents’ Attitude Toward Addiction Training and Treatment Manish Jha.28 PSYCHIATRIC NEWS | FEBRUARY 10. Clarke.D. Accelerated Resolution Therapy: A “Magic Bullet” for PTSD? Chairs: Wendi Waits.D.S.Sc.