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Scheme Title


National Grid scheme title

Scheme Number


National Grid scheme number

Project/Contract number


Construction Delivery Unit Contract Number

Section of Work


Description of circuits






Site Including remote ends

Date of Commissioning


Proposed first outage start & finish date, or for multiple stages list
of commissioning outages

Stage 1 Commissioning Dates

Proposed first commissioning stage 1 start & finish date, or for
multiple stages list of planned dates

Stage 2 Commissioning Dates

Proposed first commissioning stage 1 start & finish date, or for
multiple stages list of planned dates

Section A: Commissioning Report (Management Activity Documentation)
1. Commissioning Report Certificate (TP106.06)
2. Decommissioning Report Certificate (TP106.11)
3. Commissioning Team Details, TP141 Authorisation Certificates, Org Chart & Contact information
Include sample signatures and Familiarisation Questionnaire. Alternatively, sample signatures
may be included on page 2 of meeting minutes.
4. Commissioning Control Confirmation Schedules (TP106.09)
5. Commissioning Programme Responsibility Schedule (TP106.01 Attachment A)
6. Commissioning & Decommissioning Certificate Progress Schedule (TP106.01 Attachment B)
7. Operational Data Progress Schedule (TP106.01 Attachment C)
8. Multi-Function Relay Management Control Schedule (CH21)
9. Commissioning Panel Minutes & Action Log (TP106.01)
10. Notification of Database Changes Required (TP127.03)
11. Transfer of 300 Sheets (TP127.02)
12. Provision/Modification of Remote Operations Facilities Certificate (TP106.13)
13. System Connection Forms LV, Earthing & Mechanical (NSI 33 Appendix 2)
14. High Voltage System Change Certificates (TP106.07)
15. Notification of Change Certificate (TP106.12)
16. Equipment Acceptance Certificates (TP106.08)
17. Errors, defects & Technical Limitations (TP106.01 Attachment D & TP114.01)
18. Site Design Change Record (TP106.01 Attachment E)
19. Defect Reports (TP106.10)
20. Outstanding Works Register (as at Commissioning Stage 2)
Section B: Commissioning Programme

Commissioning Scope of Work
Commissioning Strategy (developed from DID)
Witnessing Strategy (TP106.01 Attachment I ) i.e. who does what, particularly for 3rd parties.
Commissioning Requirements for System Access, Outage, Depletions and Risk of Trip
Commissioning Schedule (CH01)
Commissioning Plan (CH01)
Commissioning Contingency Plans (ERTS - Programme, HVSCC, EAC, RAMS etc)


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43. Switchgear 60. 02. Mechanical & Site Electrical Systems 65. 48. 03. Metering 64. System Design Specification Construction Design Specification Design Intent Document Asset Listing Schedules Technical Data Workbooks Proposed Single Line Diagrams (DH11) Main connections & protection 'key line' diagram (DH11) Proposed Operational Diagrams Changes Section D: Technical Information 36. Static Wound Equipment 61. Civil. 55. 32.02) Pre-Energisation Inspection Certificate (TP106.05) Factory Acceptance Test documentation Thermal Rating Schedules (TP175. 39. PAC general information Overhead System general information i. 31. insulators etc. Schedule 1) 57. 53.03) Post Commissioning Inspection Certificate (TP106. includes OHL. structural and building engineering commissioning results Also includes Temporary Works Section G: Commissioning Drawing Management 66. using Commissioning Schedule reference 59. B & C) New/Revised Protection & Automatic Switching Schedules (document & form TP124. List of Operations Installation Maintenance Service Manuals Section E: Commissioning Technical Record 44. 50.e. QB general information Switchgear equipment general information Protection & Control equipment general information Metering equipment general information Cable equipment general information Secondary Systems LVAC. Settings Load Test Verification Section F: Site Commissioning Test Schedules May wish to file by equipment or by circuit. 51. Pre-Commissioning Inspection Certificate (TP106. 42. 30. 45. Commissioning Handover Drawing Register 68. Fire Control. Highlighted Commissioning Control Diagrams NB: For large commissioning projects the filing may be undertaken on a complete commissioning basis or a per contract section basis as determined by the Commissioning Panel.01) Substation Control Facility Schedule Changes Relay Protection Calculation Reports Relay Setting Schedules Grid Code Compliance data Customer Protection Setting Correspondence (TP107. DC. 04 / TP128. 33. Primary Injection. Static Wound Plant ie Transformer. 54. 46. CT Verification and Integrity 62. Reactors. 29. 49. UKBP/TP106. 40. 35.Section C: Design Information 28. form A. Contract Drawing List 67. 34. 37.05 & Construction Agreement App F.04) Commissioning Method Statements Commissioning Switching Programmes (TP106. 56. Protection & Control 63.16 Page 2 of 2 .01. Trip and alarm tests 58. 52. gantries. 47.01. 38. 41.