Post Graduate Centre, Lal Bahadur College-Warangal

- For MBA I Year II Semester

 Project Report
100 Marks
 Two (2) copies of the project report shall be submitted by all
the students to the Kakatiya University before the
commencement of III Semester – End Examinations.
 Viva-Voce Examination :
50 Marks of the end of Fourth
Project Work is the best way to practice what you have learnt. The
purpose of project report in the MBA - Programme is to;
 Provide an opportunity to investigate a problem
applying management concept in a scientific manner.
 Apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical
situation and to learn the art of conducting a
Survey in a systematic way and presenting its
findings in coherent report.
As managers, you are constantly seeking information to base
decision. How well you collect, synthesize and make the data
meaningful is what you learn through this process.
 A project is a scientific and systematic study of real
issue or a problem intended to resolve the problem

The study can deal with a small or big issue in a division or an
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with an application of management concept and skills.

Take permission from   should preferably be concerned with the organization). THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES Before you start your project it is essential to carry out a preliminary survey of the available literature on the topic. Collect the request/ permission letter from the Director. An access to this information will help you in crystallizing However. it would be advisable not to repeat studies conducted Department of Business Management C SRI Study Materials Page2 the design of your study and exploring the uncovered areas. . (It should try organization area of (Project work to resolve the problem assessed in project work). You should consult the bibliographies of project report in libraries and skim through some reports on similar topics. Collect the necessary data from the organization. HOW TO UNDERTAKE PROJECT WORK  Topic should be selected from the  specialization. Project report should be prepared and submitted.Post Graduate Centre. to  visit any organization. This study will help in understanding the problem in depth and the aspects which are being investigated and will provide ideas for further research. Lal Bahadur College-Warangal organization. the problem can be from any discipline of management. analysis and interpretation of data to valid conclusions.  The essential requirement of a project is that it should entail scientific collection.

The Director of the College shall certify and intimate the list of candidates who have given seminar presentation to the Head / Chairman Department of Department of Business Management C SRI Study Materials Page2 Commerce & Business Management. .  At the end of practical training. GENERAL GUIDELINES  A student has to undergo practical training for a period of 6 weeks in a Corporate Enterprise during the first summer vacation.  During the training period. the candidates should work on a specific problem related to the management in an organization.  The student has to present a seminar in the concerned college on the Project work done by him. Kakatiya University.  The student should prepare a Project Report under the supervision of a guide from the Faculty of Management of the college.  The students should decide the topic in consultation with the supervisor. An originality of approach in studying a topic will provide vitality to your project. Lal Bahadur College-Warangal earlier.Post Graduate Centre. the student should obtain a certificate for receiving the training from the organization.

The final report should be presented in the following sequence:  Title page  Organisation’s Certificate  Student’s Declaration  Supervisor’s Certificate  Acknowledgements  Table of Contents:  List of Tables & figures  Chapter 1.  The Project Report carries 100 marks. Lal Bahadur College-Warangal  The students have to consult the supervisor at the end of every week to review the progress of the work.Post Graduate Centre. Department of Business Management C SRI Study Materials Page2 research methodology – sample design. It is strongly recommended that you follow these guidelines. scope of the study. sources of information.  All the students have to prepare and submit a project report before the commencement of III semester-End examinations. ORGANISATION OF PROJECT REPORT This section presents some of the norms associated with a project. need and importance of the study. tools and techniques . Introduction: This chapter includes the introduction to the concept. objectives of the study. Two copies of the report should be submitted before the  commencement of III semester-End examinations.

articles. The company/Organisation Profile: This chapter should contain a brief historical retrospect about the entity of your study. implications and recommendations. websites that are referred and useful for research on the topic of your specific project.  Bibliography: List the books.  Chapter 2.Post Graduate Centre. Limitations of the study and structure/organization/Chapterisation of the study.  Chapter 3: Present your Data Analysis and Inferences  Chapter 4. Conclusion and Suggestions: Gives an overview of the project. Lal Bahadur College-Warangal of analysis. Follow Harvard style of referencing. conclusions. Appendices : Questionnaire which is used for study Department of Business Management C SRI Study Materials Page2  .