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Mr. Crossman
AP Language & Composition
16 February 2016
TurboTax Commercial Questions
1. How does understanding Sir Anthony Hopkins esteem contribute to the argument
presented in the advertisement?
(A) As a renown actor, Hopkins believes that endorsing the products is detrimental to
his career, essentially tarnishing his name
(B) By amassing fame and popularity, Hopkins has been exposed to the truths of the
business world and recognizes the superiority of a particular service over
another given service.
(C) Being 78 years of age and well versed in economic and financial stratagem,
Hopkins provides the audience with friendly advice, almost suggesting that it be
taken with a grain of salt.
(D) Aware of his impact on film and popular culture, Hopkins disclaims the
possibility of him endorsing, then, ironically, he employs his influence over the
audience in an attempt to market the product.
(E) With the emphasis of the nostalgic appeal of Hopkins classic roles, such as
Hannibal Lecter, the audience is inclined to interpret Hopkins words as verified
truths that have survived the test of time.
2. Note Hopkins sip of his tea cup. Which of the following elements is NOT developed
with this brief moment of emphasis?
(A) Irony
(B) Hopkins Ethos
(C) Underlying Tone
(D) Humor
(E) Symbolism
3. At the 17 second mark, Hopkins delivers the line reproduced below. Identify the function
of the line.
No, I simply believe what a man does, what a man says, what a man says another man
can do, says a lot about a man
(A) Hopkins wears his heart on his sleeve and shares a profound belief that contributes
to the atmosphere of an interview session, reminding the audience that an interview is
taking place.
(B) The line captures Hopkins response to the interviewer questioning the actors
integrity and resolve when it comes to not selling you something. His response

intelligibly addresses the interviewers concern by employing a logically relevant and

structurally sound argument.
(C) The delivery of the line expresses a belief that becomes a recurring motif throughout
the advertisement.
(D) It is essentially the Thesis Statement of the argument that will resonate upon the
conclusion of the advertisement. A strong yet concise form of stating the purpose of
the advert.
(E) Though seemingly important and complex, the line offers little function aside from
confusing the interviewer and bolstering the comedic aspects of the dialogue.
4. The statement that Hopkins makes as he pulls out his smartphone can be best
characterized as:
(A) a humorous jab at his previous statement in which he speaks about not selling
(B) ironic due to his inconsistency in thought. Hopkins argues that he would not sell
anything to an audience, yet he proceeds to converse about the product excessively
and with great reverence.
(C) a rhetorical situation or scenario that merely exists in the abstract sense. He provides
a situation with given constraints and backs the argument accordingly.
(D) a personal opinion of his which is rooted on the logical conclusions that he arrived to
after extensive consideration and analysis.
(E) a logical fallacy that leaves his argument in shambles because TurboTax is not
actually free. It is sold in package deals that are tailored to the customers needs in
terms of deductions and credits when handling their taxes.
5. What is really being sold in this commercial?
(A) The advertisement pertains to TurboTax and the qualities that make it stand out
among other leading services. Therefore, the services offered by TurboTax are being
sold in this short video.
(B) As Hopkins states, there is nothing to be sold since TurboTax is free. Hopkins is
simply spreading the word about the product.
(C) In an ironic way, Sir Anthony Hopkins is selling himself in this advertisement. The
introduction of the advertisement discusses actors selling out at certain points in
their careers. With his most successful works behind him, Hopkins is seeking a way
back into the mainstream. Selling himself to the audience is the most effective way to
navigate himself into social relevance.
(D) Knowledge and wisdom are being offered in this commercial. By having a man of
Hopkins stature and success discuss his product of choice, the audience is being sold
advice and wisdom that will help them achieve greatness. Hopkins old age and
portfolio of successful tales can be interpreted as a sign of undoubtable ethos.
(E)Throughout the advertisement, the ambience and key tangible aspects create a tone of
leisure and relaxation. This is what is being sold. The leisure of not having to worry
about your financial situation.