HTS 2037: Final Quiz Study Guide

1. According to Frantz Fanon, how does colonization affect people
a. first, negrification promotes negative attitudes toward other blacks
and Africa; second, it normalizes attitudes of desire and
debasement toward Europe, white people, and white culture in
general; and finally, it presents itself as such an all-encompassing
way of being in the world that no other alternative appears to be
2. “The colonial world is a world cut in two.” What does Fanon mean
by this statement?
a. The colonist world is fancy well kept and built to last. The
colonized world is poor and hungry.
3. What is the role of elites in colonial society, according to Fanon?
a. this elite cannot fulfill its historic role of transforming itself
from a petit-bourgeois stratum to a full-blown national
bourgeoisie in the Western industrial sense of the term.A
class such as the petit-bourgeoisie of Africa can only
imitate in a vulgar fashion the attributes of the former
colonial rulers. Without an objective class basis for the
acquisition of capital, the new post-colonial elite became
the automatic junior partners of the international
bourgeoisie. In Fanon’s estimate the only salvation for the
national bourgeoisie in the Third World is to abandon its
own ostensible class interests and move to integrate
completely with the mass struggles aimed at the abolition
of the colonial legacy
4. What does Frantz Fanon think of compromises in decolonization
(pp. 62-63)
a. It is a sort of surrender from the nationalist party. A
concession to the colonialists
5. Why is the article Dreyman writes on East German suicide
a. publishing a controversial article anonymously about the
concealment of suicide statistics in East Germany; an act
that would be considered treasonous in the eyes of the
6. How is Dreyman’s typewriter a key plot point in the movie?
a. Typewritters were registered with the gvmnt and it would
prove who wrote the article
7. Why (do you think) Christa-Maria betrays Dreyman?
a. She is blackmailed by hempf to collaborate or have her
acting career ruined.
8. Why does the cellist play for exactly 22 days?
a. to honour the 22 people killed by a mortar bomb while they queued for bread

she’s allowed to target whoever she wants. 10. Arrow forges a new identity to protect her innocent identity.9. Arrow dies for following her beliefs. Later. she’s given the task to protect the cellist everyday from the men on the hills. Nermin is killed and Arrow is assigned to a different leader. a person that would never think of hating or hurting anyone. Arrow was requested to be a sniper for Nermin Filipovic due to her skill with the rifle. However. Arrow was originally an innocent girl. Briefly. What sorts of violence is the cellist vulnerable to as he plays? a. a sniper 12. but she refuses to do so because of her beliefs. This leader orders her to kill someone innocent. as wartime grew closer. Arrow is an excellent sniper who is able to shoot anyone she wishes to hit. What happens to Dragan at the end of the novel? a. Who are the men on the hills that Arrow and Nermin fear? a. shell explosions. Getting shot. He crosses the intersection. Bosnian serb army . walking and showing no fear 11. what is Arrow’s biography? a. Because of Arrow’s excellency with the sniper. However. After successfully defending the cellist from the men on the hills. Arrow does not have the freedom to kill whoever she wants anymore.