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sales@steveneng. as well as enhance the reliability and service life of electrical devices. and limit redundant capacity. and reduce CO emissions.www.stevenengineering.Energy efficiency.* Increase power quality to improve business performance and reduce unplanned outages. .(800) 258-9200 .* Boost power factor to lower utility bills and reduce losses in transformers and conductors. while reducing harmonics stress and potential damage to your electrical network. 30% Up to better energy efficiency and lower electricity costs on your first day with VarSet* VarSet I I . support.* Optimize power consumption. and can provide a very quick return on investment: > Reduce capital expenses by up to . TM High quality power = higher productivity Power factor correction helps lower operating and capital > Reduce energy losses by up to 30%. reduce total process energy consumption. avoid oversizing. and flexibility with excellent value difficult to find? Do you require the expertise. Inc. as simple as VarSet Do you need an easy solution to immediately boost your facility’s energy efficiency and productivity? Are products that blend superior quality. and reach of a global leader with the responsiveness of a local supplier? Engineered to meet your needs Whether you run a single site operation or a globe-spanning enterprise. a fast and easy way to enhance competitiveness is to ensure that your power factor is corrected and your electrical network is delivering optimum power. > Reduce reactive energy billing penalties and lower operating expenses by up to 10%.* Optimize electrical system capacity. Choosing VarSet low-voltage capacitor banks is a simple and reliable way to do that. Courtesy of Steven Engineering. performance. Count on VarSet equipment to bring reliable energy efficiency to your electrical infrastructure. 2 > Improve power system and equipment reliability by up to 18%.

VarSet capacitor banks are suitable for new construction or retrofit applications in virtually any commercial. on-time and on-budget -  quare D by Schneider Electric built-in S components. such as Spatial enclosures. Courtesy of Steven Engineering. and your electrical environment safer. from 25 to 300 kVAR harmonic level and type of loads Quality. industrial. Inc.stevenengineering. end-to-end operation and value through every stage of its life cycle. wall-mounted capacitor banks for fixed and automatic compensation. Choose VarSet to make your business more VarSet I III . VarSet is a complete range of high-quality.Suitable capacitors for low and medium Compensating for reactive power and harmonic distortion with VarSet capacitor banks is one of the easiest ways to quickly maintain your facility’s power factor at an ideal level for maximum power system efficiency and cost reduction.(800) 258-9200 .sales@steveneng. your power infrastructure II I VarSet -  re-engineered power factor correction P solutions ensure your installation delivers more for less. provide performance and safety - Designed for easy installation - VarSet equipment are fully type tested TM 30% Up to more reliable.www.Large choice of wall-mounted enclosures .  igh quality Square D by Schneider Electric H components provide improved performance and robustness energy loss reduction* Up to 10% lower operating expenses* *Performance reflects actual customer experience. . and utility enterprise. durability. and safety Enhanced design creates superior performance Designed and manufactured by Square D by Schneider Electric .com .Maximizing energy efficiency gets easier and more economical with VarSet without power factor correction Power generation Transmission network Active power Active power Reactive power Reactive power Motor with power factor correction Power generation Transmission network Active power Active power Reactive power Motor Capacitor Comprehensive products for multiple applications . using advanced manufacturing methods and premium materials. VarSet capacitor banks are optimized to provide superior. and safety you can trust With decades of power factor correction expertise behind it. your results may vary depending on your environment. reliability. TM Protection.

simple.www. Unlike standard floor-mounted systems that take up floor space. Inc.IK10 protection against mechanical shocks .com . cost-effective.(800) 258-9200 .Modbus communication protocol (Varlogic NRC12 option) for integration with building management and energy monitoring systems Assembled in USA Assembled in the USA does not serve as an expressed or implied certification that this product is compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA) Regulations as defined in the U.compliant to CSA 22. 190 .2 No.thermal monitoring device .compliant to UL810 > Ease-of-use and maintenance ISO .multicapacitor architecture . Reliability and durability Safety > Dependable performance > Protection .step protection with circuit breaker to help ensure stage overload protection that cannot be achieved with HRC fuses .Engineered for superior performance and long-term value The entire VarSet range offers a unique.easily accessible gland plates for power cables entry and connections .rotary handle (in when incoming circuit breaker is used) > Robust enclosure .simple replacement or retrofit of VarPlusCan capacitors 14000 TM quality certified manufacturing > Straightforward EMS integration . IV I VarSet VarSet I V Courtesy of Steven Engineering.incoming circuit breaker protection (optional) .NEMA 1 for indoor application . Government’s Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).sales@steveneng.overheating protection and alarm for detuned reactors .high-quality welding and finish > Tested and certified . Choose from standard automatic type systems or detuned for areas with high concentration of electronic loads that cause harmonics on the network.s tep switching with special design contactors .compact enclosure up to 300 kVAR .top cable connections . these systems can be mounted above existing equipment or on any free wall space. .easy programming and commissioning with Varlogic controller . wall-mounted capacitor system that will help reduce your utility bills and will not take up any floor space in your electrical rooms.earthing studs welded to the frame and door > Majority of internal components are Square D by Schneider Electric products Simplicity > Easy installation .com .stevenengineering.mounting brackets for easy wall mounting .S.

schneider-electric. From custom engineering.(800) 258-9200 . Preventive maintenance/operation Make the most of your energy > AccuSine . choose the leader Find out more about Power Quality solutions We deliver smart and cost-effective solutions to improve your efficiency > and download AMTED109015EN Power factor correction AccuSine Harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation PE90001 Catalogue 2012 VI I VarSet VarSet I VIII Courtesy of Steven Engineering. strong local presence. we’ve got you covered. low-voltage capacitor banks VLVAW3N wall-mounted Find out more.schneider-electric. Harmonics diagnosis - Power monitoring - Revamping Decommissioning and recycling management Training . visit www. and filtering Existing installations . integrated solutions. and value-added tools. location. compensation. and reputation for quality ensure all your projects produce exceptional value.For your future performance. visit www. New projects . Active Harmonic Filtering SM TM Maintenance and services contracts .com .sales@steveneng. . Find out and download 5860BR0901 100% ReactiVar® Low Voltage Capacitor Banks Streamlining your electrical network's capacity commitment to quality Accusine - Dismantling - Recovery - Recycling Find out and download 5800BR0801 Quality. and comprehensive services around the world. Engineered solution. and support you can count on How can power factor correction and harmonic filtering be part of your energy efficiency program? We supply quality products. Our proven expertise.stevenengineering.www. Inc. expertise. visit www. design. end-to-end . Specialists close to your business - Preventive maintenance/turnkey contracts Consult the power quality solution experts.schneider-electric.

com 1 .VarSet Offer Energy Efficiency Contents Choice of Compensation Type 2 Construction of References – Principle 3 Offer Overview 4 Offer Range 6 General Characteristics 8 Physical and Electrical Steps 9 VarSet Components 10 Dimensions and Weights 12 Immediate Savings Courtesy of Steven Engineering.stevenengineering. .(800) 258-9200 .sales@steveneng.www. . . 60 Hz.) generate harmonic currents in electrical networks. static converters. Different types of compensation must be chosen according to the power of the harmonic generators: standard or detuned. etc.Choice of Compensation Type Devices using power electronics (variable speed drives. 600 V.(800) 258-9200 . etc.). Gh: apparent power of harmonics-generating receivers (variable speed motors. .www.stevenengineering. > The percentage of Total Harmonic Voltage Distortion (THD(V)) is measured at the transformer secondary. arc furnaces. fluorescent lamps. which are highly sensitive to harmonics. 200 kVAR with incoming circuit breaker Calculated ratio Qc/Sn > 20% No Yes VarSet detuned Yes VarSet standard TDDi < 8% THD(V) < 3% No TDDi < 20% THD(V) < 7% What are these ratios? > The Total Current Demand Distortion (TDDi) ratio is harmonic current distortion against the full load (demand) level. Qc: power of the compensation equipment. rectifiers. A high level of harmonic pollution causes capacitors to overheat and age prematurely (breakdown). V: network 3 . including capacitors. 2 Courtesy of Steven Engineering. UPS. at maximum load and without capacitors.sales@steveneng. No Yes Active filters Sn (kVA) P (kW) Gh (kVA) Qc (kVAR) Sn: apparent power of the transformer. power electronics. Such harmonics can interfere with the operation of many devices. It can be selected as follows: Construction of References — Principle V L V A W 2 Equipment type VLVAW2N: small-size standard VLVAW3N: mid-size standard VLVAF4P: detuned VLVFF4P: fixed detuned N 6 6 1 Voltage Frequency Power Used to differentiate incomer 6 = 480 V 6 = 60 Hz 100 = 100 kVAR AA = lugs 7 = 600 V 0 0 A A AB = incoming CB Examples b VLVAF4P76200AB = VarSet Detuned.

.75 4 Courtesy of Steven Engineering. = 1. = 0.(800) 258-9200 . *  Rating Factor 30 °C/80 °F Ambient Temp.0 Rating Factor 55 °C/131 °F Ambient Temp. A current transformer (not included) is necessary to provide accurate network information to the VarSet’s controller in order to apply the correct quantity of kVAR at any given time.33 Rating Factor 55 °C/131 °F Ambient Temp. Inc.sales@steveneng. VLVAW2N VLVAW3N VLVAF4P Catalog Number 270R-501 Current Rating *(Amperes) 500:5 270R-102 1000:5 270R-152 1500:5 270R-202 2000:5 270R-302** 3000:5 270R-402** 4000:5 Note: When selecting a CT be sure to use proper rating factors for ambient temperature conditions. a current transformer must be ordered in addition to the PFC 5 .stevenengineering. = 1.Offer Overview VarSet Offer Standard VLVAW2N 480 V 60 Hz 600 V 60 Hz Lugs Incoming CB Lugs Incoming CB VarSet Offer Key Features Standard VLVAW3N 25 to 100 kVAR 25 to 100 kVAR Offer Overview 125 to 250 kVAR 125 to 300 kVAR 125 to 250 kVAR Detuned VLVAF4P/VLVFF4P Key Features 75 to 200 kVAR b Top cable entry and connections b Auxiliary transformer (120 V) included b NEMA 1 75 to 200 kVAR Options b Incoming circuit breaker protection option with rotary handle b Plinth accessory for floor mounting > Included for VLVAF4P and VLVFF4P version > For VLVAW2N and VLVAW3N versions. More details on the CT can be found in document 4210CT9701.www. = 1. Note: CT must be sized to your network and have a secondary rating of 5A. order the following part #’s: for Enclosure VLVAW2N: order part #NSYSPF8100 and part #NSYSPS4100 for Enclosure VLVAW3N: order part #NSYSPF10100 and part #NSYSPS4100 b Communication option > NRC12 controller + modbus communication module > Order your reference with addition of suffix C b Sprinkler proof > Included in 600 V offer A Current Transformer Is Required For Automatic Control In order to have automatic .0 ** Models -302 and -402 Rating Factor 30 °C/80 °F Ambient Temp. It is recommended to choose a Split Core Current Transformer Model 270R from the following list of options.

stevenengineering.VarSet Offer Offer Range VarSet Offer 480 V/60 Hz Offer Range 600 V/60 Hz Low-Polluted Network Low-Polluted Network Standard Standard Power 25 Lugs VLVAW2N66025AA Incoming CB VLVAW2N66025AB Power 25 Lugs VLVAW2N76025AA Incoming CB VLVAW2N76025AB 50 VLVAW2N66050AA VLVAW2N66050AB 50 VLVAW2N76050AA VLVAW2N76050AB 75 VLVAW2N66075AA VLVAW2N66075AB 75 VLVAW2N76075AA VLVAW2N76075AB 100 VLVAW2N66100AA VLVAW2N66100AB 100 VLVAW2N76100AA VLVAW2N76100AB 125 VLVAW3N66125AA VLVAW3N66125AB 125 VLVAW3N76125AA VLVAW3N76125AB 150 VLVAW3N66150AA VLVAW3N66150AB 150 VLVAW3N76150AA VLVAW3N76150AB 175 VLVAW3N66175AA VLVAW3N66175AB 175 VLVAW3N76175AA VLVAW3N76175AB 200 VLVAW3N66200AA VLVAW3N66200AB 200 VLVAW3N76200AA VLVAW3N76200AB 225 VLVAW3N66225AA VLVAW3N66225AB 225 VLVAW3N76225AA VLVAW3N76225AB 250 VLVAW3N66250AA VLVAW3N66250AB 250 VLVAW3N76250AA VLVAW3N76250AB 275 VLVAW3N66275AB VLVAW3N66275AB 300 VLVAW3N66300AB VLVAW3N66300AB Polluted Network With Detuned Reactors Automatic Polluted Network With Detuned Reactors Automatic Power 75 Lugs VLVAF4P76075AA Incoming CB VLVAF4P76075AB Power 75 Lugs VLVAF4P66075AA Incoming CB VLVAF4P66075AB 100 VLVAF4P76100AA VLVAF4P76100AB 100 VLVAF4P66100AA VLVAF4P66100AB 125 VLVAF4P76125AA VLVAF4P76125AB 125 VLVAF4P66125AA VLVAF4P66125AB 150 VLVAF4P76150AA VLVAF4P76150AB 150 VLVAF4P66150AA VLVAF4P66150AB 175 VLVAF4P76175AA VLVAF4P76175AB 175 VLVAF4P66175AA VLVAF4P66175AB 200 VLVAF4P76200AA VLVAF4P76200AB 200 VLVAF4P66200AA VLVAF4P66200AB Lugs Incoming CB Lugs Incoming CB 75 VLVFF4P76075AA VLVFF4P76075AB 75 VLVFF4P66075AA VLVFF4P66075AB 100 VLVFF4P76100AA VLVFF4P76100AB 100 VLVFF4P66100AA VLVFF4P66100AB 125 VLVFF4P76125AA VLVFF4P76125AB 125 VLVFF4P66125AA VLVFF4P66125AB 150 VLVFF4P76150AA VLVFF4P76150AB 150 VLVFF4P66150AA VLVFF4P66150AB 175 VLVFF4P76175AA VLVFF4P76175AB 175 VLVFF4P66175AA VLVFF4P66175AB 200 VLVFF4P76200AA VLVFF4P76200AB 200 VLVFF4P66200AA VLVFF4P66200AB Fixed Power Fixed Power Note: Low-Polluted Network = TDDi < 8%.(800) 258-9200 . .com . THD(V) < 3% Polluted Network = TDDi < 20%.sales@steveneng.www. Inc. THD(V) < 7% 6 Courtesy of Steven 7 .

2.2.5 2x12.2.1 x Un.1. UL508a 8 Physical and Electrical Steps VarSet Offer Incoming Connection Short Circuit Rating With Incoming CB With Lugs From 25 to 100 kVAR/no reactors 65 kA (480 V) 50 kA (600 V) 25 kA From 125 to 300 kVAR/no reactors 65 kA (480 V) 50 kA (600 V) 25 kA With reactors 65 kA (480 V) 50 kA (600 V) 25 kA Courtesy of Steven Engineering.1.(800) 258-9200 .1.0 Maximum altitude 2000 m 75 12.0/37.sales@steveneng.5 2x12.2.1.2 No.1.2.5/ Offer General Characteristics VarSet 480 V and 600 V . Inc.1. (60 Hz ref) Maximum permissible over voltage 1.60 Hz Type kVAR Environment Min Step Resolution Num Mechanical Steps (CBs) Num Electrical Steps Sequence Electrical Steps (Resolution) 25 12.u.3 100 25 2x25 + 50 3 4 1x12.0 Installation Indoor Humidity up to 95% 50 12.2 225 25 1x25 + 4x50 5 9 1.2 25/50/75/100/125/150/175 200 25 2x25 + 3x50 5 5 1. 190 > UL810. Power losses < 2.2.2 12.2.www.5/50.2 25/50/75/100 125 25 1x25 + 2x50 3 5 .com .1 25/50/75/100/125/150/175/ 200/225/250/275 50/100/150/200/250/300 75 25 1x25 + 1x50 2 3 3 6 1.2.2 25/50/75 100 25 2x25 + 1x50 3 4 1.2 p.2 25/50/75/100/125 150 25 2x25 + 2x50 4 6 1. 8 h every 24 h Detuned < 6 W/kVAR with detuned reactors Standards > CSA 22.2 12.0 25/50/75/100 125 25 1x25 + 2x50 3 5 1.5 + 1x25 + 9 .2 25/50/75/100/125/150/ 175/200 25/50/75/100/125/150/175/ 200/225 50/100/150/200/250 Degree of protection NEMA 1 Color RAL 7035 Degree of mechanical resistance IK10 Standard Enclosure Steps Step protection With circuit breaker Electrical Characteristics Connection type Three-phase 250 50 5x50 5 5 25/50/75/100/125 150 25 2x25 + 2x50 4 6 1.2 25/50/75/100/125/150 175 25 1x25 + 3x50 4 7 1.5/ 75.5 + 1x25 3 4 1.2 25/50/75/100/125/150 175 25 1x25 + 3x50 4 7 1.5/25.5 W/kVAR without detuned reactors 275 25 1x25 + 5x50 6 11 1.5/25.2 300 50 6x50 6 6 1.2.5 2 2 1.1 12.2 25/50/75/100/125/150/175 200 50 4x50 4 4 1.1 50/100/150/200 Tuning order (VarSet Detuned) 4.2.

2 p. intuitive . Other Accessories Accessories. Circuit breakers p pressure-sensitive disconnector on all three phases Square D by Schneider Electric circuit breakers are designed to ensure maximum continuity of service. ergonomic layout of buttons. Inc. Our range of Varlogic N series of Power Factor Controllers are simple to program. The details of the steps are on page 9. operate only on 120 Volts AC.sales@steveneng. Their service life is far longer than that of conventional solutions. Our VarSet range of products has the option of being protected with an incoming circuit breaker. direct display of main measurements. The Varlogic N Controllers constantly measure the reactive power of the installation. VarPlusCan: Heavy Duty Capacitors The VarSet range of equipment is integrated with heavy-duty aluminum can capacitors (VarPlusCan) that are specially designed and engineered to deliver reactive power continuously with low losses. This generates a very high overcurrent. and control the connection and disconnection of capacitor steps.www.) can be ordered as an option along with the VarSet equipment. They are fitted with a contact block allowing the current to pass on closing through damping resistors that limit the current on energization. Each physical step is protected by a step circuit breaker that ensures that our equipment is highly fault-tolerant. VarSet equipment comes with an integrated auxiliary transformer. Spatial Enclosures p NEMA 1 p IK10: Maximum possible protection against mechanical shocks and can withstand 20 joules of energy. TeSys LC1D range of contactors TM Personal safety The contactors cannot be operated manually. and come with 4. which enables Varlogic functions to be connected to the energy server EGX300. Our range comes with an option to integrate circuit breakers of 65 kA breaking capacity for 480 V networks and 50 kA for 600 V networks. This is an additional protection mechanism to ensure personnel safety. Spatial enclosures 10 Courtesy of Steven Engineering. such as plinth (for easier installation on uneven surfaces. controllers. Safety of installations Damping resistors are used to reduce transient over-voltage. They are recommended for usage in harmonic-rich networks. with advanced diagnostic functions and integrated modbus interface communication module. This superior protection provides a stage overload protection that cannot be achieved with HRC fuses. to obtain the required power factor. ensuring continuity of service even when one or more capacitors are malfunctioning. Varlogic NRC12 Continuing service life These contactors are a ready-to-use solution that avoids the installation of inrush reactors. They are equipped with a thermal protection device for step disconnection. The range is composed of: p NR12: control up to 12 capacitor steps p NRC12 with modbus: control up to 12 capacitor steps. Varlogic Controllers offer user-friendly features such as a large backlit display. In order to simplify the installation process. Detuned Reactors Detuned reactors Incoming Circuit Breaker Detuned reactors enable the protection of capacitors against harmonics.stevenengineering. and intelligent. tuning order. Rotary handle is also provided to facilitate the disconnection of circuit breakers before opening the door. equivalent to a short circuit of short duration. thus ensuring high quality.u. The contactors are fitted with covers to protect them from direct contact. p special film resistivity and metallization profile for higher thermal efficiency and enhanced life expectancy Varlogic N Power Factor Controller Features: p continuous service p high overload capabilities with good thermal and mechanical properties p self-healing with discharge resistors VarPlusCan capacitors TeSys Contactors Varlogic NR6 Capacitor control is accompanied by a transient state resulting from the capacitor load. and fans. .(800) 258-9200 . Unique technology contactors The contactors used in our devices are specifically designed for capacitor control. furthermore it eliminates the need for spare fuses.VarSet Offer VarSet Components VarSet Offer major components are Square D by Schneider Electric components VarSet Components Step Circuit Breaker Our VarSet offer comes with the assurance that the major components inside are manufactured by Square D by Schneider Electric. Auxiliary Transformer Auxiliary units. The EGX300 is an integrated gateway-server that requires only a Web browser and Ethernet network to log and display real-time data and trend 11 . reliable. and intelligent self set-up. such as contactors. The voltage for the auxiliaries has to be converted by an auxiliary transformer.

7 1200/47.sales@steveneng.2 400/15.7 1400/55.7 1200/47.Dimensions and Weights VarSet Offer VLVAW2N Dimensions and Weights VarSet Offer Dimensions (mm/inch) and Maximum Weight (kg/pounds) 1 1 W 1 2 61 H 61 12 2 VLVAW2N 850/33.1 125/275 600 V 60 Hz Lugs Incoming CB Lugs Incoming CB 25 to 100 kVAR 25 to 100 kVAR Standard VLVAW2N 125 to 250 kVAR 125 to 300 kVAR 125 to 250 kVAR Detuned VLVAF4P/VLVFF4P 75 to 200 kVAR 75 to 200 kVAR VLVAW3N W H H 2 W 1 D D1 D VLVAF4P and VLVFF4P W H D 12 D1 Courtesy of Steven Engineering.2 1000/39. 13 . which adds 100 mm to . Inc.www.stevenengineering. 2 D VLVAW3N 1200/47.2 1300/51.5 400/15. .(800) 258-9200 .2 80/175 H W D D1 Weight Standard VLVAW2N 480 V 60 Hz D1 VLVAF4P/VLVFF4P 1200/47.5 800/31.4 400/15.2 265/585 Does not include plinth for VLVAW2N and VLVAW3N.

Schneider © 2014 Schneider • 9998-1252523_US Schneider Electric Industries SAS November 2014 . Accusine.(800) 258-9200 . All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. NC 28146 1-888-SquareD (1-888-778-2733) www. and Varlogic are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies.schneider-electric. Salisbury. VarSet.sales@steveneng. • www. All Rights Reserved.US Schneider Electric 105 Summit Park Dr. Square D.schneider-electric. Inc. TeSys.www. .com .com/us 7600BR1401R11/14 Courtesy of Steven Engineering.