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I. Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. Some plants can adapt to certain environmental conditions like too much heat, after a long
rainy season and vice versa. How can banana and gabi plant adapt to the given environmental
A. through their thick and waxy body
C. through the thorns and spines
B. through hard bark and stems
D. through their small and needle like
2. What makes rain and snow easily slide off in pine trees?
A. because of its drooping leaves and branches
B. because of its needle-shaped leaves
C. because of its wax coated leaves
D. because of its green leaves
3. Why are some mosses able to live on damp rocks?
A. because they can absorb water
B. because they can cut down water loss
C. because they can give off carbon dioxide
D. because they are very small
Directions; Choose the letter that applies proper ways of caring and conserving plants
A. Give them enough water
B. Apply too much fertilizer
C. Remove twigs that grow around the plants
D. Cut down trees without replanting
E. Put them on a place with enough air and sunlight
Directions: Write TRUE if the statement explains what happens when materials are mixed
with other materials and FALSE if not.
______7. The composition of solids like plastic beads change in form and cannot be brought
back in its original form when mixed with pebbles which are also solid materials.
______8. The composition of solids remains the same when mixed with other solids.
______9.The composition of soy sauce will combine with the composition of vinegar and form a
solution when mixed together.
______10.All solids will dissolve when mixed with liquids.
11. The Grade V pupils dissolved sugar in 3 glasses of water the results are shown in the table
below. Based on the table what condition affects the dissolving time of sugar in water.

Amount of water
in (ml)

A. Amount of sugar
B. Amount of water

Amount of sugar (in

Temp. of
water in C

Dissolving time
in seconds

C. stirring
D. temp. of water

12. Which glass dissolves sugar faster?
A. glass A
B. glass B
C. glass C

D. glass A and B

13. The ability of material to dissolve into another kind of materials is called____
A. solute
B. solution
C. solubility
D. mixture

Before cooking it. evaporationC. decanting B. viscosity of liquid D. syrup C. filtering C. sieving 21. What should you do to clearly see all the data needed in an experiment? A. molecular size C. using magnet 25. How will you remove the sediments like rust from water? A./ rock salt C. sieving 24. sieving 23. interpret them B. Solid & liquid substances are separated by heating B. by adding cold water C. After stirring it thoroughly she noticed that the sugar dissolved slowly. temperature C. Solid & liquid substances are separated by using filters D. she mixed 2 cups of white sugar in 2 cans of evaporated milk. amount of liquid 18. Librea Science Teacher . organize them C. decantationD. Filtration can separate mixture. honey B. condensed milk 19. Solid & liquid substances are separated by picking solid 22. all are correct 15. You want to separate iron fillings from sand. Which of the following will you use if you want to dissolve the sugar fast? A. by stirring D. by sieving C. filtration B. she noticed that powdered soap dissolved faster than the bar soap. the amount of soap C. Prepared by: Aileen D. What process will you use to separate salt from salty water? A. NOTE: Please review this test as seriously as you can… and Good luck to the incoming Second Periodical Test.14. compacted salt 17. iodized salt B. Which of the following best describes this process? A. analyze the data D. the size of soap D. salt crystals D. Mother will cook Leche plan. What factor affects the dissolving of soap? A. by filtering B. Solid & liquid substances are separated by pouring C. the temp of water 16 Which will dissolve fastest in water? A. How can you make a powdered milk dissolve faster? A. Mother will cook rice. After 5 minutes. Decantation D. by adding more milk 20. Aira put 1 bar of soap in a basin and 1 sachet of powdered soap in another basin. filtration B. evaporationC. water D. using magnet D. What factor affects the solubility of sugar? A. What process will you use? A. Which of the following describes this process? A. by putting ice cubes B. she pour the water and put another water. the amount of water C. by heating D.

Describe plant adaptation to changes in environmental conditions 2. Practice ways of caring for and conserving plants 3. Demonstrate how certain mixtures can be separated through  Use of magnets  Filtering  Decanting  Evaporation 8. Describe what happens when solids are mixed with liquids 6. Describe what happens when solids are mixed with other solids 4. Perform experiments to show the effect of different factors (stirring.Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-A CALABARZON Division of Antipolo City 2ND Summative Test in Science V Second Grading Period 2014-2015 Table of Specification 1.) 7. of Item 25 Prepared by: GRADE V SCIENCE TEACHER . temperature. Describe what happens when liquids are mixed with other liquids 5. size of solid particles viscosity of liquid. Demonstrate how certain mixtures can be separated through  Use of magnets  Filtering  Decanting  Evaporation 3 Test Placement 1-3 3 4-6 2 7-8 1 9 1 10 9 11-19 1 2 1 1 20 21-22 23 24 1 2 1 1 20 21-22 23 24 No.