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Barranquilla atlántico

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:  Compartir información personal básica.  Reconocer la estructura del aula y las funciones de sus componentes. Score 15 puntos INSTRUCTIONS: 1. los cuales permitirán tener un buen desarrollo del proceso de aprendizaje. Se presentará el trabajo final dentro de las fechas propuestas y será evaluado bajo los parámetros de la Rúbrica.2 and 3 . contenidos y recursos propios del curso. Likes and dislikes Vocabulary General aspects: Revisar los diferentes elementos del aula. Participate in the Recognition Forum at least 3 times. Read the Guide and follow the instructions.PDF con la información solicitada en la Guía. Simple Present Daily routines. Final Product: Documento en .RECOGNITION GUIDE ENGLISH 3 .  Determinar las expectativas de los estudiantes de inglés con el fin de apoyar los procesos de aprendizaje eficazmente. Verb To Be. 2.90121 GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Identificar y reconocer el funcionamiento de las diferentes actividades.PDF file including Part 1A. Hobbies. TOPICS: Grammar Basic information. 3. Upload (individually) the final activity in a .

City where you live d. it is mandatory to upload your picture.: a. (Check the Knowledge Environment to look at the procedure). Program you study .SVRecorder is a useful option.ACTIVITIES 1st Part A. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE: Update your “Profile” in the virtual campus and send the screen. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Record your personal presentation taking into account the following information (You can use any tool to record your presentation but the result must be a MP3 file . B. Age c. Name b.

I live in city of Barranquilla and I study industrial engineering. 3. Mention three links you can look at the “Entorno de Gestión” and explain why you think they are useful. It is very useful to improve our pronunciation and find good lines of knowledge to develop our ability to understand English listening tool pronunciation 5. E-Biblio UNAD It is a link that we can be very useful because in this part ‘What we can find tools we can use to our knowledge . Family f. Explain with your own words the aim of the link “Listening and Pronunciation Tools”. What is the SV Recorder and how can you use it in this course? It is a recording tool which you can use in the English course burdening our conversations and work is a very useful tool for our learning as it helps us to correct our pronunciations 4. I Have 30 years old and I study industrial engineering.3gp 2nd Part After checking the virtual course. How many units are there in the course and mention two topics that belong to each unit? There are two units. I’m married and have two children. What can you find in the Online Agenda? in the online calendar we can find the dates of beginning and end of each activity according to the unit studied 2.e. answer the following questions: 1. Likes and dislikes My name is Jorge Alberto Bravo. Job g. I work as a driver of a van where I cast plastic bags to different companies and I love listening to music and watch TV Voz00002. Topics are present continuous and modal verbs.

currently the environment helps us learn the second language because it is practically a priority handle. . to learn vocabulary that allows me to better learn the language. because this will open many doors to our future and will make us more competitive. listen to music in English. each object that is in the room. in labor perspective it is very important the English. I read articles that are in that language.Consejería Virtual It is a space where we as students can use to remove the doubts we have about our education we give our suggestions and dialogues or guideline to improve our teaching is a person prepared to clear our doubts Netiqueta Virtual It is the easiest way to understand and know how not to write and to address other people on the website of the university and not to use capital in conversation or message as it sounds like you were fighting or shouting 3rd Part Answer the following question supporting your opinion (at least 10 lines): What activities can you do everyday to improve your English? to improve my English without a translator I see movies. every word know not you look for the meaning and pronunciation to repeat again and again until a good pronunciation. this with a label that has the name in English to also expand knowledge in the language.