Media Strategy and Tactics

Digital Media Product Analysis
Travis Barker
Product: Adoption Support
Platform: Internet Website
URL link:

Part 1: Content
Website Objective Summary:’s objective is to be the one-stop place for everything
adoption. The website offers almost every kind of solution, tool, or
resource in order to learn about adoption or to start the process. The
objective of the website it be the most complete and professional
facilitator of adoption.
Three Distinct Attributes:
1- Abundance of Resources
2- Expert Professionalism
3- Accessibility to closely become involved in the adoption process

Content Strategy and Consistency:
The website’s content is definitely center around a strategy of
communicating happy, welcoming, inviting, and positive feelings. All
the content is driven by positive emotions in order to encourage birth
families and adopting families alike to feel they are invited to learn
about and participate in adoption. Adoption is portrayed in all of the
content as positive, hopeful, and wholesome.
The strategy is very consistent throughout the website. Pictures and
videos feature women and families who are smiling and happy. Articles
on the site for example are about adoption benefits and best
techniques. The categories of content use positive language in
describing the sections, for example, pregnancy, parent profiles, how
to adopt, reunion, and community. The advertisements on the website
are for adoption agencies or organization involved in adoption.

Visual Approach:
The visual approach is similarly described as the content approach.
Visually the website is warm, very well organized, and very
aesthetically pleasing. The content a visitor sees features families,
couples, children, babies, mothers, and pregnant women. In all the
visuals they feature people who are smiling or seem to be happy. The
website has offers a lot of content, links, pictures, articles, and ads
however it is organized in a way that it is not overwhelming for a
visitor to the site. The visual approach is very effective for the target
audience because it features people in visuals who the target audience
can associate with and in situation they desire to have for themselves.
The amount of content is large but still very effective at displaying all
the options and tools in a simplistic layout in. Visually the website is
inviting and very well organized in order encourage visitors to become
part of the adoption world.

Target Audience:
The target audience who the site wants to attract includes both
expecting mothers or families and those looking to adopt a child,
mainly women from middle to old age. The target audience could also
include those looking to promote open adoption. It offers help and
support to anyone looking to be a part of the adoption process and

Part 2: Analytics
Most Important Metric:
The metric which is most important for this website is the audience
and specially the demographics. The website is looking to be the best
facilitator in the adoption world and therefor they need to know if they
are properly serving the target audience. The website wants to
optimize its effectiveness and see which demographic makes up its
audience. Serving the audience appropriately is vital in any
advertising, however it is extremely delicate in the adoption world

because of some the extreme sensitive emotions involved in giving a
child up for adoption or accepting someone into a family. The
demographic helps the company know their website is attracting,
retaining, engaging the exact audience the site is tailor to serve.
Demographic is broken into two sections: age and gender.
The most recent reading of age for visitors in the last year who visited
the website and created sessions are in the 18-54 year ago range
(85%). According to the metric it currently indicates the website is
attracting and gaining visits from exactly the desired audience.

In the last year the overwhelming majority of visitors have been female
(76.9%). The fact that females are the majority of the visitors is also
the intended specific majority an amount of the majority. The website
isn’t completely unappealing to males but is visited for by women who
most of the time assume the role of a nurturer in the family.

Second Most Important Metric:
After looking at the audience being attracted to the site the next
important metric for is the engagement of the visitors
with your site, Session Duration compared to Sessions and Pageviews.
The engagement metrics help you to gain insight about how your
visitors are interacting with the site once they are there. The sessions
duration and page depth will help know if their content
and website is effective at gaining participation from the visitors.
Session Duration for most sessions (70% or 5,022,029) during the year
was 0-10 seconds. Sessions that lasted thirty seconds or longer was
1,902,148 or 27% of all sessions. Session duration shows there is a
good number of people who are spending longer time on the website.
The 27% of sessions longer than 30 seconds represents a group of
people who spending a substantial amount of time on
Looking at the number of Pageviews compared to session duration or
amount of time spent on the website by users shows the longer the
sessions were the more number of pageviews there were. Seventy
percent of pageviews (18,816,872) of the website’s total pageviews for
the year (26,861,756) came from sessions that lasted longer than a
minute. The visitors who stayed longer were in fact interacting with
the site at a high level represented by the high number of pageviews.

Overall Website Trend:
The metrics for have been steady over the past year.
Each month the website averages 592, 500 sessions a month which
has been consistent for the year, earning 7,111, 004. The beginning of
last year from April to July the website saw a increase in Sessions,
Pageviews, Avg. Session Duration, Pages per Session, Users and a
decreaase in Bounce Rate which indaicted an upward trend. From July
of last year until now the website has seen very consistnet metric for
the website. The only minor changes in the trend came in March of
this year.
The Bounce Rate average for the year is at a pretty good rate of 49%,
however in March it increase from 55% to 71%. March also brought
some minor decreases in Users, Pageviews, and Pages/Session.
The general website trend is consistent with a recent slight decrease in
number of Users, Pageviews, and Pages per Session and an increase in
the Bounce Rate.

Surprising Metric:
A surprising metric for was the percentage of sessions
that were on a mobile phone compared to number of session on
desktops. I would have assumed would be viewed more
on desktop computers, however 49% of all sessions were viewed on a
mobile device, which was the device with the most sessions. Desktops
were used 40% of the time and tablet made up 9% -10% of all
sessions. The interesting metric for mobile phones was the Pages per
Session and Avg. Session Duration, which are significantly higher on
desktop devices.

Knowing that users don’t spend as much time on mobile devices I
might optimize a few things according to a deeper look at why mobile
users don’t have longer sessions and higher bounce rates.
The website on a mobile phone looks almost identical on site on a
desktop which might suggest several possibilities: mobile users are

somewhat a different demographic, mobile functionality of the website
might not be optimal, or certain content is more effective on mobile.
Looking deep to why mobile phones have higher Bounce Rate, less
Pages/Session, and lower Avg. Session Duration I found some things
that may be causing the trend.
The age group which is has a lower Avg. Session Duration is people 1824. These may be younger adults possibly looking to adopt or even
birth mother looking at how to put their child up for adoption.

Operating System:
Bother iOS and Android mobile users have higher Bounce Rates and
lower Avg. Session Duration. These operating system are the most
used systems and is most likely used by the majority of the younger
demographic 18-25.

It is not surprising to see that the males on mobiles spend less time on
the site and have the highest bounce rate. Males may be contributing
to the higher Bounce Rate.

Those that use their mobile phones in England may not have like the
content on the site or it might not operate well in that region of the

Landing Page:
The landing page that does the best for mobile users is the photolisting page, which seems to really engage visitors.

Part 3: Strategy
Product Rating: earns a rating of ten. The website and content is very
professional done at an expert level. Its organization of resources for
visitors combined with the tone and feeling communicated are very
effective. The audience that comes to the site and interacts there is
the ideal demographic. The amount and quality of engagement on the
site shows that it is an effective website. The overall traffic to the
website is consistent. Adoption is a very sensitive subject in the
community that comes to the site and the fact that is
able to get visitors to participate and spend time on the site indicates
that site is an outstanding product.

Thee New Digital Platforms:
Mobile App could feature most of its online content also in an app
format very easily. The app would feature the same resources found on
the website for quicker access for visitors. One change that would help
the mobile app to succeed is something that would
prompt users to use the app. Updates or alerts could notify users of
new children photos, new parent profiles, adoption in the news, studies
on adoptions, videos, and any new content. Another things that the

app should feature would be a quick help guide to adopting or being a
birth mother. The app should also be able to locate local adopting
agencies or social working agencies that can help those interested.
An podcast would allow users to listen to adoption
stories from people in any step of the adoption process. The podcasts
could feature categories of stories from birth mothers, adopted
children, parents who have adopted, and social workers that were
involved in an adoption case. Special weekly podcasts could feature
either guest prominent or influential in the adopting community or top
management at Top management speakers could share
how the company got started and how they continue to improve their
service in order to help those interested find trust in the company’s
The platform of direct email marketing would need to be very selective
and sensitive. could send out informational email to
areas from where a lot of children are adopted. Emails would include’s service and include bios of birth mothers, children and
families. cold also include local agencies and social work
agencies in the area that work with birth mothers. Depending upon
whom the emails are sent to, there would be separate emails targeting
birth mothers and families looking to adopt.

Improve Metric:
The metric that should be the priority for improvement should be the
demographic of 18-25 birth mothers. The current ratio is about 1 birth
mother to 50 families looing to adopt. The website metrics show that
18-25 year olds are about 16% of the new users coming to the site, but
there are still more adopting families than birth mothers.
In order to attract and birth mothers I would improve advertising and
ad placement online. I would organize an AdWord campaign that would
focus on attracting birth mothers to the site.

Three Product Improvements:
Attract Birth Mothers
Establish the Mobile App
Advertise on Television