A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the
College of Architecture
University of Santo Tomas

In partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Architecture

4 AR 4

February 12, 2016
Review of Related Literature

shifting the preference to self-learning methods. Consequently. will have to depend extensively on the use of library for self-education. namely drop-outs. The “modern day learner” is gravitating towards modules that are designed where the user is free to choose what to learn. education has moved and evolved with innovations and technology. existing knowledge behaviours. The Library as an educational institution has a unique rote to play in self learning. modifying and reinforcing. more people are searching for new learning patterns on their own. The concept of formal education as the only key to survival seems to be changing. adults.Chapter I I . Stevenson Jr. The experience and engagement of students today. It is obvious that these groups of people. values or preferences. to be tethered on a ten-foot chain. The ability to learn is possessed by humans. Learning is the act of acquiring. The demand for education within the walls of schools. Learning from the resources of a library together with competent assistance from a librarian may be the only way of learning for those people who for one reason or the other may not have access to formal education. Hence. open universities candidates and others who cannot get access to formal education.Introduction “If we value the pursuit of knowledge. The learner is getting accustomed more and more to non-formal modes of education. when to learn and where to learn. Even most of the print materials that come into the market are meant for self-learning. how to learn. Universities and Colleges can no longer satisfy the insatiable appetite of millions of people who need education. From conventional classrooms to e-learning. plants and to an extent. the face-to-face teaching method is disappearing and the distance mode of education is becoming more and more popular. A special . machines. we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. skills. animals. The free mind is not a barking dog.Adlai E.” . takes on a different level with the advent of digital technology and cloud computing. Learning and education has evolved over the past century.

1981. However.awareness on the part of public libraries is very essential. a means for self-education. from their (Onadiran & Onadiran. . to the successful implementation of educational programs for them. This situation has to be rectified so as to extend services to those outside the formal school learning. and a centre for amusement (Onadiran & Ondarian.) It is evident from this source that the role of the library in self education is indispensable. This is a special role that only a public library can perform. Public libraries should serve as a resource for scholars. a centre of information. an aid for students. 1981) study it was discovered that it is only those within the formal school system that make use of public libraries.