Author, etc.: Young Comnunist League ofGetmany.







Title: Figbtingfascism in the factories:
how the Young Connnunist League of Getmany
fights in the fuctories to overthrow the



fascist dictatorship.
Publisher: New York : Youth Publishers,
Date: 1934. Description: 31 p.; 19 cm


of licnnall)" intll illegality. As ever. At the head of this strug. which. the growing danger of war ami the increa. The text of this pamphlet was tramlated fflllll a small \!CM' pocket size hooklet printed :md distrihu tcd hr the i!legal Young Communist League of Germany as a guide to its memhcr~ in the factories. The conditions of work have hecome more difficult because the fascist dictatorship has driven the c. gle ~t:lnd~ the Party of Thadm:mn-the glorious Communj~t P:lrtr of Gcrm:lIlr. T he shop nudei (((·Jls) of our Young Communi~t League must also work inside the shop under illegal condition~. 'l~he former reformist trade unions.L. L.c.ll1u('ratic and Chri"tia n young workers. thl' prohlem of hecoming tht: le:lder of the d:tilv economic :t ncl poiitic:l1 struggles of the young workers in their' shop. 'of thousand. as a guide and aid to those n:I'(]lutionarr wnrkers :md work. of the problems are ~imilar.. to show to rn<lSSCS wide masses of American worker5 how the Communist PM!\ and Young Commun ist League of German} are working in the factories to o

erth row the fascist dictatorship. front of the fighting working class. i~ cduc:lting..r.:. it will ue so much ca~it:r for u~ to lear the tens of thousand . must dcvcJop itself into the leadl:'r and organizer of all the struggles of the young workt'rs I1nder rouditions of the wont terror. \ J I E Communist Part)' and the

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oung COlllllllluist a .~t League of GermanI' work.ations. 11 is onl y in this way that our Ltague can aid the Party to prepare the youth for till' slTllggl e for the d:li]y economi. .united I~eag.l"C~ f~:r thc final conflict. were takl'n over by the Nazis. fices.' :Ind preparing tht. dar hr dar. of young workers away from the fascist organizations and the fascist ideology The fight for the united front is one of the most prcsslllg" tasks which Ihe Y.d. The Y. the llatiollal-socia1i<. Tell::. and the soc ial-democratic leaders surrendered the workers' organizations without a struggle. man\.. it remains one of Ollr principal tasks to win the masses of young soc ial-democrat ic workers for the

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. Vlhile the Young Co mmu n. FOREWORD THE hcn~lc ~trll~gk of the he~tlal of tht' toiling f:l!'>CI'it tnt: ?t'l'man working class ~gai~'l FIGHTING FASCISM IN THE FACTORIES dl(t:lwrshlp has aroused tht' :ldmlratlOli T the world over. The public:llion of this pamphlet in the lng. of workers were driven into the national·::. Fim. and polit ical internts o f thl' . uc O f Germal1

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e the task of forming . th(· prohll'm of combating thl' :lctivitl' of ~to()l-pigeons and ~pies.t factory an~l t rade union organizations and the I fitler youth bodies have developed into mass organi7. and the Y. Futhennorc.CL. iish language must serve a double purpose. and indeed all t rade lIIlIon ::. dc~pitl' untnld Soleri. organizing. m. Since Hitler seized power. T hey al~(J face the prohlem of forging the united front between the Communist rou th alHl those led hr the reformi~ts.ocia list organizatiolls by force and under thc 5trongest presstlTe.L.<e in fasci~t terror make necessary the preparation of our whole League for wnrk uncl er the most difficult conditions. has to perform. ing youth who are working in the factories of this country to overthrow the rule of American capitali~m. . ~·'Ocial-democracy remains as e

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er the main support of the bourgeoisie. If we hrlll a united front with the 'o('ia].c.c. under different and more difficult condition" than we do here. and of leadmg ]t In the struggle to overth row the fascist dictatorship and set up a workers' and peasants' republic in its place. Secondl)'.

'Lllber of the cell can develop his politica l work best in his own d~part­ ment. Thc inner condition of the cells is still unsatisfactory.c.yOllng workers as the basis for the winning of 11' . then with the remaining cOlllra~les we illllllc{hateh' begin the reorganization or reconstrllctLon of the shop cell· and carryon our revolutionary work without capihllating before difficulties. the Lcagu~ ~lid not fight with much energy for carrylllg out the declslOlls of the Young Communist International and the Comintern in the field of shop work.L.. members work together in the same department. especially in the mining industry.L. the activity of every single membt:r. and. organization in the shop.L. i.L.. The Structure and Organization of the Shop Cell W ll1aSSl'S of the youth from the fascist camp for the united fro 11. If several y. The department cells work under the direction of tht! cl. because only part of the memhers cooperate in the work and carry through the decisions among the young workers in the shop. In eve ry department there arc special questions which we must make use of in mobilizing for struggle. concn:tizing the lattl'r's decisions according to the peculiarities of their own departments and carrymg them into effect among the young workers. Tn certain ' parts of the League there was an opportunistic underestimation of shop work. The existence of the Y. the Y. members working in a shop form the shop cd\. Only in this way can we build a y. .\ COlll5 .c. these important decisions always met with great resistance in the Y. under the conditions of the fascist dictatorship.c.L. we search for ways and means to carryon our work in the shop. ce:1 is unconditionally necessary if we want to organize the mass resi!>tance of the factory youth against II itler fascism.'ll leadership for the entire factory. right tip to members in the top leadership. That is why the entire factory cell should ht! built up in such factories on the basis of department ct. The struggle of the cell in the shop is too little known by the public and among the young workers. 4 1 . .L.\ good inner condition of the cell.c. :\ swift change mllst be brought about in this respect. Tht! \lthough decisions on the organization of shop work wefe made repeatedly at all congresses and international meetings. however 5trong the terror of the fascists may be. systematic work hy the (. The support (If the cdl and its functionaries is often only in words rather than in decds. then a separak departLllcnt cell is formed with these comrades. If the cell is broken b. Sectarianism on one f-idc and opportunism on the other restrict thcir development into Bolshevist youth organizations. shop cell working harmoniously The shop cell still remains the basic unit of the Y. ..'ale shops.C L. Every Young Communist mU5t feel himself a leader of thc young workcrs and take his task scriot1!..c. against the self-dissolution of the shop cell. and the yrlllth nf the Trac1l' l 'nion Opposition among the young wf)rker~.c. A nll. generally havc a large IltUllber of departments. even a rejection of it.y provocation. Under no conditions should our cell stop its work in the factory or liquidate. arc prerequisites for the mobilization of the young factory workers for the struggle. In any situation . The largc-s\.:ell among the youth. The youth sec and hear little of the mass work of the shop cell. . in part. most irreconcilable fight must bc conducted inside the y. \1 the Y.'JI-.c.L.past.eL.. and the develrlpml'nt thereby of the leading role of the yc. and among the young workers against a1\ liquidationism.t What Principal Weaknesses Have EKisted Heretofore in Our Shop Cell Work? In the . The existing cells of the League are predominantly in small and medium-sized factories instead of the large factories.

the cell for the entire factory. al<...L.u1t regularly.' cell meetings.Hid that of the cell must bl: conCl'ntrated. That is why it is the duty of evCTY Young Communist to take an active ill(lt'pen~ dent interest in all political questions. discu~s the carrying out of each meeting of the cell. Of course there are a great Illany other functions Involve·] in tht: carrying out of the practical work in the cell. Wherever there exist in the neighborhood of one factory other factories belonging to the same trust or corporation. and with the correct measures for struggle.ngth .\ sing-Ie im. who i" at the same tillle the organizcr of all the work of the cell... The department cell organizers should be called to thl. The leadership of the ('cll should gCllerally consist of the fo l • }IJwinu: . d. and propose suitahle measllre. Every cell leadership must make a concrete plan of work fllr itself.ary measures for protection.~~. i. In the large plants.<. the director of agitation and propaganda.ks are tu he performed siwuld be determined. The leaders of the individual cells in the trust or corporation should meet together frequently. and for the organization of struggle. concretize the det·isions of the Central Committee and the district leader~ ship for the cell. and they will be able to come into closer contact with the youth in the factory In rkparllllents where then: arc only a few )'. the director of the trade union work: c. In such a situation a central in.L.Communist in the leadership. where the cell for the e. in fact. In order to con"erve forces and for reasons of conspiracy. 7 .c. and I1ndertake the formation of a Y. to events in the factory. The leadership must learn to react independently and quickly. " With such an organization of the factory cells. h. cell must work in close cooperation with the cells existing in Ihcse factories. The leadtrship of the cell must con:. the leader of the entIre cell mallltains cu1l11l1llnications with the leaders of the departnll'nt cdls. cOlllitanth. of course.L. l'eriods in whid\ the ta:-.ntlre plant. The leadersh ip of the Cell Work Evcry fattory cell IllUlit have a competent leader!ihip. to discuss the mutual measures in their work.1. and. members in a factory work in the same depart~ ment. therefore. work to bring about a connection with other department. IS huilt lip by departments. in accordance with the particular questions which <Ire bting handled. This requires the greatest initiativc and mobility from every Yl ung. department cell. the cell in this department takes charg-I! of the work in the entire factory because then it is. If all the y. "fhe cell leader. no special leadership should he formed.tructor suffices for such work. Our cells will react to the smallest events. I Ie must engage 111 daily discussion with his cell comrmks on the current political events in the factory and in the C(llll\tr~'..l the factor###BOT_TEXT###quot; and to have cells established there as well .o. It must.c. tllty slHJu'd w(lrk under the direction of the Party cell. the Y. the director of the cell's protection and defcns~. . The n:maining members of the cell must be responSible for the. The inlitrllctor must maintain the dosest conncctions with the cells existing in the corporation. then. and on what ]>oints it. ~tn. of stTl1gglc. The celJ kadership should take a position on current political questions. in which it determines what work the ccJl I11ust per· form during the coming month. because of the danger of overcentralizatioll and burt:aucracy.c. memo bers. • • \ I • a.C. and take the lIt'l·es:-. and inform the members. structor should be set up for the entire trust or corporation to organize and lead the cooperation of the cells with OIiC another.racIe who is responsible for the organization of the work ill the department is at the head of the departmtnt cell.

however small. Every Young Communist has a definite task to perform. as well as all the work of the cell. The publication and distrihution of a shop nL>wspaper and tile illegal publication <Ind sale of ntht. or in the work among the memhers of the fascist organizations. • On the System of Practical Work in the Factory Cell It must be the goal of cvery cell leadership to activizc t·very single member and to draw him into practical cooperatioll in the factory. a truly vital practiral life Illust dominate till' eell 11lt'('tillg~. Every cell meeting must be educational for the Young Communists. so that Ihe individual Young COl1lnn1lli~ts Il'arn s(Jl11t'thing and go ahollt their work with t'nthusias11l. \ctinns at factory or trade union meetings. so that these can help them in a comradely manner in carrying out the assignments of the ctll. Therefore they must be divided understandingly among the comrades. . for example. The tasks of every individual comrade are also determined there. Every member of the cell should take an active part in the work. The electioll of the leadership. for the gathering of information from the fascist organizations. Every act of formal bureaucratic behavior toward the individual Young Communists must be strongly condemned. The election of the cell buro should take place regularly once every six months. because frequcntly there are situations in which the slreet cell must help the factory cell.In some large factories with departmental cells we do not hold any meetings of the entire factory cell. in order to be able to react to them promptly and correctly. self-CritICISm and inner~Party democracy must be used also under the conditions of il1egality.:d in the cell meeting. special comrades for pasting up agitational material and painting sloga ns in the factory. The election m~e. The cell leadership must naturally have the closest conncc~ tions with the Young Communists at all times. among the young workers-·-all this must be discussed in the cell meetings. and the like. complex. In short. One must be particularly attentive with respect to the new and young com~ rades. The cell meeting elects its leadership from among the best of the comrades who arc connected with the masses. because they arc two of our most power~ fill levers for the Bolshevik education anel acli

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ization of all members. Of course. n1~t be performed in the spirit of a real inner~organiza~ tional democracy. . for the distribution of leaflets.:r :Igitationa l material n1l1~t be organizl'd hy the cell k'adn~hip. Every member should carry out some concrete task daily. tbe cell k·adcrship Sho\lld take arrol1nt of sneh questions as the inner condition of the rell . Every step in the factory must be of assistalice in preparing for struggle. The cell leadership should see that in the education of the members a number of specialists are trained for specially difficult work. as. and manifold. In the division of work. for example. At first they can be assigned to certain older comrades. in winning this or that young worker. what tasks can the individual YOl1ng Cotllmun ist perform.ti~lgs IllUSt be especially well prcpared. but we hold instead cell conferences with a small number of elected representatives of the separate depart~ mellts. their needs and their interests. and who • have shown in the past that they are good (lTg-anizers. . and draw the developing comrades systematically into higher and higher tasks. in selling agitational material. The cell leader mll~t al~o have connections with the appropriate "treet cell. and the task of every single comrade rlt'll'Tmined. It must know their attitude. from the administration.1 these questions must be discl1sst. . In the cell meetings political problems and questions referring to the entire factory are treated. in the ~hop. for reaSOns of safety. The tasks of the cell are large.

d. Every cell member must also he controlled with regard to this. Inner. c.ry. IO I 11 • . Pl1bli~hjng a ~Ilnp paper.r. Working out the basic qUl'stinns of the I10lshevik prin4 ciples of organization. For example. fascist youth organizations). The cell 1lI1'mber!' must always spread themselves among the other young workers. Work in the fractions (unions. The cell must give the greatest attention to the protection of our work. or if SOllll'onc who IS arrested turns traitor.lrt 4 ment do not need to know which )'oung workl'rs in anothl'r ct~'partltlcllt are members of the fact ory cell therl'. The~e factors mU!lt be taken account of. or in the shop that one is a member of the Y. so that the division !jf work and the determination of the tasks of the cdl shou:d be in correct proportion to the possibilities of executlfm. are drlUbl.'angers the cntire cell. j. Tasks which the cell members must perform are: I. h.c. and without having them fall into the hands of thc fascist police. Every Young Communist must take note: one must never mention to one's parents.etting into our cell. in t:1:. Usually not more than six comradl's should l'ome togt. . (:ur ~truggll' for the young !lociai 4dl'tllocratic workcrsthe L'nited Front. The strongest discipline and the correct carrying out of decisions and the active participation of every single member. sport. 4. rr a stool4 !). The !'oituatinn in Gl'nnany and the tasks of the Party anel the Y. and Jll'rhaps talk then about organizational matters. Organization of the cell meeting.Igeon succeeds in g. g.t.. 2_ \York in the fa~cist l1las~ organizations and among the young !lociaI 4deOl! -('ra tic workers. then the individual in qucstion l'<ln only betray a part of the factory cell. Our work in the fasci'it mass organizations. one after anothcr. ff)r the overthrow of the fascist dic 4 tat[jf~hip . Prilll4 ari'y.c. running the press. then the cOlll racil's of Ol1e dl'p. and to what degree are the)' prepared for struggle. It is also not ad4

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isable that the cell should always come togt'thcr as a closed group during the noon recess or on the way home. Each comrade shou ld only know as much ~s he unconditionally nceds to know about ollr organization In the facto. Whoever does not observe this cannot do good ###BOT_TEXT###quot;:nr:. ()lIf trade union work under th~ new con(htlons.L. Organization of tducational work.l'riellcl''i of illegal struggle (conspiracy .what is the altitude of the apprentices and young workers. ... Educational work for the development of the cell mem4 bers should u'iually take place outside of the factory. organizational material should not he brought to thc shop because it is often discovered in a search of the lockers and the comrade in question is comp romi sed.\· IH:cc!lsary under till' prl'!ltllt difficult conditiolls inr the work of our factory cells.' sbop and cn. f.) . Other current and basic political ques· lions should also be treated. I The organization of education in this fie ld must be under4 taken without delay.till'r I I I . cussed only with the cell members at the meetings. The internal affairs of the cell should be dis. e_ Ilfl\" we organize a strike. the following questions should be treated one after another· a. if there arc several dl'part 4 llIental cells In the factory. EXI. shop cell. defense organiza4 lions of the V. to friends. etc. I How We Protect the Cell from the Attacks of the Fascist Police and Their Agents I Every cell must learn to develop the widest possible mass work in the shop without having its members become known to outsiders. 3. and n04 where else.c.

cd ..: leands should Le informed about. if everything is to go well. and the like . one comrade must be sct tip as a g·uard at each meeting. must at first be particularly tested for their reliability.ting: shou~d lu: rolllmllnir<llcd

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