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This is the lecture of the day.

This is a conversation I had with the doctor fol

lowing a hypnosis session designed to assist in the development of my psychic pe
rception and understanding of myself in relation to the universe.
I started by asking about the session and the mental techniques that he was teac
hing me before, in regards to actually making the tychokinesis actually work and
if he could try to explain it all and kind of demystify the whole thing. He smi
led and made the remark "Well, it isn't called the mystery schools for nothing"
Psychic tools
What separates man from animal is the use of created tools not found objects as
tools but something taken and changed to fit a purpose. The same can be said for
our psychic side. If the psychic aspect of the animal such as instincts and int
uitions is something present in us we see that it is there in everything, we mus
t assume that since it is not normally available to us we must develop tools to
access this aspect of ourselves.
Your heart rate is regulated by instinct and the body simply responds to stimuli
. However through the development of psychic tools one can regulate ones own hea
rt beat, some masters of this technique can even appear to be dead by intentiona
lly slowing the heart rate to such a degree.
This is the same concept involved in using our connections to the biophysical el
ectromagnetic field (Aura) that surrounds us and interacts with the quantum info
rmation matrix. (Also known as the astral dimension) (QIM)
When we receive impressions from the QIM they have to be translated into a way f
or the brain to be able to interpret them. The nervous system notices these chan
ges in its own electromagnetic rhythm as electricity passes from axon to dendrit
e and so forth nerve to nerve in a seemingly chaotic pattern resembling lighteni
ng throughout the brain.
The brain was designed to interpret information within certain area of the brain
in relation to stimulus of sensory organs in the physical body. These include b
ut are not limited to the five physical senses sight, hearing, feeling, smell, e
ven taste, the sixth is the intuitive function of the brain and the memory acces
s centers of the brain. The part of the brain that accesses information from the
memory can also interpret signals from the (BEF).
It is connection of BEF to these areas of the brain that respond to input from s
ensory organs that the information in the QIM can be interpreted and relayed fro
m subconscious to conscious awareness. The conscious aware or ego can only under
stand the messages from the subconscious as some form of sensory input or cognit
ive way that can be accepted by the conscious awareness. Similar in the way the
subconscious communicates to the conscious during dreams using sounds and imager
y in symbolic forms.
The subconscious says to the conscious "hey I got something going on in the QIM"
then the conscious says "OK, what's that?" the subconscious says " I don't know
but if you could hear it, it would sound like this, and if you could see it, it
would look like this, If you could remember anything about it, you would rememb
er it like this. Does that help? Let me know when you figure it out because that
's what you do best."
Our tools then begin with tapping into the areas of our brain that help us inter
pret our world. Before we can connect to these areas of the brain we need to tal
k to the guy who runs the show over there, the subconscious.
It sometimes helps a person to think about the conscious awareness as having two
sides our mind, one, the active thinking state, (and this is represented in muc
h occult literature) and the passive receiving state. We see these differences i
n the very fluctuations of our brain wave patterns.

We do most active thinking in gamma and beta and in alpha we get the first linki
ng to the subconscious this is where the passive side takes over. This is the st
ate you are in while watching TV. Alpha can be the seat for much of the work in
the psychic areas; this is the state where you allow information into your aware
ness without focusing too much on any one thing.
Then you have theta where you are in a more meditative state. Remote viewing and
astral travel can take place in this state. Then last we have delta now in this
state if you are having an experience of some kind it's not showing up on the b
rain scans.
Now I have heard of people that can maintain conscious awareness while in delta
and for many it is an explanation for freak occurrences such as the conscious ma
nipulation of quantum particles in such a drastic way as to result in what can o
nly be described as something resembling the Hutchinson effect.
(Side note) I had asked the doctor if he had actually seen something like what h
e described. He didn't want to elaborate.
The tools we are creating are part of a method for the conscious awareness to ma
ke more clear and precise contact with the subconscious. Also to develop our awa
reness of the faculties that can be used by the subconscious to deliver informat
ion to the conscious awareness.
By using binaural beat meditation, hypnosis, and neuro linguistic programming NL
P in a well structured system with specific goals intended. We can create an env
ironment for the neophyte to see real progress without wasting time in a pointle
ss meditation which the sole purpose is the state it's self.
The obtaining of the state is pointless without a goal intended. For example the
state of fear has a purpose, that being the resulting, fight or flight. The sam
e can be said for the psychic states. Why be in a state of fear only to be in fe
ar yes it is exciting but there's no growth or change coming from it. This has a
lways been the problem with many traditions.
In the magical system the state is not the objective but a means to an end. It
s from the state that the work can take place
The first tool is the program. Our lives are full of programming. Almost every
spect of life is through programming nature programmed our DNA to make us what
e are, the language we use is a program, our societal norms and morals are all
rograms we are born into.


The way we will program or reprogram our minds is through self-hypnosis and NLP.
By utilizing ones own natural state changing rhythms and processes we can get t
o the subconscious and rewrite the code so to speak to allow a person to have ac
cess to the states much more easily through ones own will. Where as once upon a
time it took years of meditation and quiet contemplation to discover a way to ch
ange states at will under conscious control.
We will establish trigger mechanisms that will allow one to enter the desired st
ate and quickly access the areas of the brain responsible for it's specific func
tion in relation to our goal. If the goal is telepathy, the sending and receivin
g of information via the BEF /QIM matrix. Then you must have a method for pressi
ng the metaphorical button on the side of the walkie-talkie.
The second tool in the shed is the quick drawl, Like a wild west gunfighter who
must draw his pistol take aim and fire, one must be able to quickly change state
s and focus awareness then engage the mechanism, This is how one achieves psychi
c function while seeming to be in a state of normal consciousness.
The quick draw is the method used for most objectives accomplished in alpha. For

other work we must use the deep dip method. This allows one to go from alpha in
to theta without falling asleep and while maintaining awareness focused inward.
These methods and techniques allow the magician to see his mind working and noti
ce what parts of himself activate when he does certain activities. He can then,
with the tools, activate himself within the right areas, granting him access to
abilities that may have only presented themselves in random and accidental ways.
Such as freak premonitions and strange phenomena.
(side note: I asked the doctor "Is that what our whole hypnosis session was? His
answer was. "Yes, we had to go in and re align your perception of reality to be
more accurate, since you have studied in the occult for many years your eyes we
re more open than most, and you took to it rather quickly. For an absolute begin
ner however several sessions and a regimen of regular exercises and mental stret
ching techniques are most likely going to be required before the programming tak
es full effect.