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EDIM 508 Unit 5 Summary Posting

Student Publishers
Ive enjoyed reading your discussions this week. I hope that the readings have better opened
your mind to the way students connect outside of the classroom and to the content they create
and share. Id like to highlight some thoughts from this weeks discussion.

Angela- As with any topic in education, I demonstrate

and foster best practices and hope for the best. Introducing
the students to a safe, controlled environment such as Google
Classroom has provided me with more control and access to
instruction outside of the classroom.

Ashely G.- I do, however, firmly believe that the pros outweigh the cons when it

comes to digital media in the classroom, and that if used correctly, students can use
digital media to channel their inner creativity and be highly successful in today's

Ashley W It is important to establish the importance of digital citizenship from

the beginning of the year. Just as with other behaviors we want from our students, it is
important to set expectations and model what those expectations look like.

Cara I believe these microblogging options appeal to their visual and auditory

interests as well as their desire to be creative and therefore are more engaging options
for social media.

Catherine- A risk when allowing students to explore different mediums on their

own is the possibility of coming across inappropriate content. However, in a society that
is technology driven, students need to know how to access information and present
information in multiple ways in order to succeed in the future. Teaching students how to
do so appropriately and safely is one of the many valuable lessons they need to be

Christopher- I agree that students have little/no realization about how what they

do online will impact them both now and in the future. I am actually in favor of some
type of Digital Responsibility class as a Unified Arts class once students enter the
middle school so that students might have a better idea of how to responsibilly use
digital media.

Esperanza- With technology ever changing,

the risks will always be there. Cyber bullying,

predators, and identity theft are big concerns, as
you mentioned. We need to teach them about each so
they can make those decisions when the time comes.
In many cases, they wont learn until they have
experienced the negative consequences to their

Jeremy- In essence, I feel that setting

online expectations and overcoming immaturity is

more of a hurdle than locating tools to connect with
each other outside of the classroom.

Jessica- Sadly, I just don't think high school students understand the

seriousness of the issue. I do think it would be valuable for all students to have an ageappropriate course, mini-course, or even assembly on internet etiquette.

Kara- A challenge with technology and social media can be keeping the students

on track. Students can bet easily distracted especially when it comes to social media. I
am sure many parents have a "no technology time" at home so students may use the
reason for homework to get on social media without the intentions of actually getting
their home work completed.

Kayla- A big challenge when using

technology and social media is the concept

that all of the information on the internet
is public. Nothing on the internet is
private, it can all be accessed by someone
at some point.

Lindsey- It is so hard to share the

idea of safe internet usage to students without terrifying them with all of the bad that
can come from unsafe searches and chats. Finding the time within teaching the
curriculum, to teach each new app and site is very trying.

Matthew- We need to make sure that our students can think things through, and

process their thoughts in the most appropriate way so they don't regret what they put
out there for the world to see!

Nicole - When social media comes up in conversation in class, I always say, If

you do not want your mother or father to see what you posted, then you shouldnt be
posting it. Students need to understand that what they put on social media is for
everyones eyes to see.