Circuit Series a workout you can call your own









Delivering workouts users can call their own
Life Fitness Circuit Series is an easy to use, non-intimidating strength solution ideal for all ages and fitness levels
that delivers time-efficient, complete total-body workouts. Plus, Circuit Series Workouts give you the ability to build
programs that combine machine exercises with transition exercises geared to user needs and activities.

Performance Features

Self-contained resistance system and low, consistent profile

The Circuit Series Program Manual includes ready-to-use

make Circuit Series welcoming to exercisers, and the lack
of set-up adjustments ensures ease of use for all users.

workouts developed by Life Fitness Academy to help you
meet the goals of a wide range of users. You can also
customize your own programs using provided guidelines.

Even exercisers new to strength training will enjoy an

immediate sense of accomplishment, thanks to low starting
resistance levels.

Highlighted feature
Push button resistance

Consistent resistance levels across the Circuit Series line
allows users to select nearly the same resistance setting
for every machine.

Biomechanically correct design enables movements that
follow the body’s natural path of motion ensuring a workout
that feels good to users of all sizes

Unlike hydraulic systems, the Lifeband Resistance

features small increment resistance adjustments that
deliver measurable progress for exercisers and motivate
them to stick with an exercise routine.

Designed with a limited number of adjustments and moving

The Lifeband Resistance™ System uses push-button controls
that are less intimidating than traditional pin systems, and
the buttons are conveniently positioned so users can change
resistance settings from the exercise position.
S T R E N G T H   I Q
Equipment Classification Key:

parts for easy maintenance.




FUNDAMENTAL:  Equipment specifically designed for all types of users.


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COM Strength \ 79 .CIRCUIT CIRCUIT SERIES SERIES Circuit Series a workout you can call your own Triceps Press Biceps Curl TCTP Seated Leg Curl TCLC TCBC Lat Pulldown Shoulder Press TCPD TCSP Ab Crunch Ab Curl Bench TCABB Leg Extension Squat TCLE Seated Row Chest Press 78 \ Strength TCAB TCSL TCRW TCCP LIFEFITNESS.

staff to design new and creative programs specific to the needs of your exercisers. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. GM-010-07 (04. abilities. The Transition Exercises can help users reach specific objectives such as weight management. some people are looking for a way to start the exercise habit while others want The Circuit Series Program Manual CD includes nine Pre-developed Circuit Series Workouts that are ready for to add strength training. including to properly conduct the Transition Exercise. a division ofCorporation. GM-010-07 (04. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. however. a division of Brunswick Corporation.07) 0K73-01003-0030 Strength & Cardio Up-Up-Down-Down Neck Stretch 0K73-01003-0020 Forward Lunge ■ Strength Plus This program incorporates dumbbells and exercise balls (not included) LIFEFITNESS.GM-010-07 GM-010-07(04. users quickly alternate between strength and cardiovascular exercises. and are divided and Cardio categories. Anyone can receive a complete. a division of Brunswick All rights reserved. ■ Comprehensive Workout descriptions and goals ■ Ready-to-use Workout Worksheet instructions and templates ■ Transition Exercise Photo Library ■ Sample and Customizable Workout Cards Circuit Training to Achieve Specific Goals Create-Your-Own Workout Programs Circuit Series Workouts go beyond the equipment by giving you the ability to build programs that combine The Circuit Series Program Manual CD promotes utilization of your instructors’ talents to create customized machine station exercises with Transition Exercises geared to your individual users’ particular needs and programs for your facility’s needs.07) ©2007 Life Fitness.07) (04. into four categories of 10 placards each: there’s no limit to the types of customized workouts you Strength and Cardio. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. to get you started. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. total-body workout — from those new to strength training to regulars. Brunswick Corporation. as well as the time-challenged. increased agility. from youth to older adults.07) ©2007 Life Fitness. These Workouts can help your facility to quickly execute fresh new programs into a current training is the answer. The placards Strength and Stretch. With circuit training. alleviate boredom or make their workouts more effective and time efficient. ©2007 Life Fitness. The simple development process empowers your enhanced flexibility. These programs are designed to move participants through a sequence of exercises that deliver a total-body workout that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Transition Exercise Placards and Stands conveniently fit between the Circuit Series machines. Circuit Series Program Manual Cardio Step. keeping their heart The Circuit Series Pre-Developed Workouts come complete with: rates elevated and sustained above a resting level throughout the workout. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation.CIRCUIT SERIES CIRCUIT SERIES Circuit Training for Everyone Pre-Developed Workouts In today’s fast-paced world.07) 0K73-01003-0010 0K73-01003-0000 ©2007 Life Fitness. Strength and Balance and Strength are available in a quantity of 40. a division of Brunswick Corporation. and will instruct your users on how We provide five customizable Workout types. All rights reserved. and Strength Plus. GM-010-07 (04. All rights reserved. improved balance and more. Strength and Stretch. Strength and can create to help your users achieve their goals. a division of Brunswick Corporation. Circuit implementation. The Circuit Series Create-Your-Own Workouts come complete with: No accessories are required for these exercises 80 \ Strength Strength & Stretch No accessories are required for these exercises Squat Strength & Cardio Step This program incorporates 10 step risers (not included) Comprehensive workout descriptions and goals ■ Customization Techniques ■ Suggested Transition Exercise list ■ Customizable Workout Worksheet templates ■ Transition Exercise Photo Library and descriptions ■ Sample and Customizable Workout Cards ©2007 Life Fitness.COM Strength \ 81 . menu or can be the foundation for new programs.

Warranties outside the U. or create a separate area for reduced intimidation. may vary. Cushioning • Contoured cushions utilize a molded frame for superior comfort and durability (select units) • All edges are stitched to eliminate any folds in the material that would limit durability Adjustments • No set-up adjustment are required. and 90-day on the upholstery and any items not specified. and wear-and-tear resistant • Grips retained with aluminum collars preventing them from slipping during use Foot Platforms • All foot platforms are molded rubber with a slip resistant texture Warranty 10-year limited warranty on the structural frame (coatings excluded). Contact Life Fitness for details. groups of exercisers achieve particular goals. which ensures ultimate ease of use Instructional Placards • Easy-to-follow instructions illustrate proper use and muscles trained Shroud • Resistance mechanism and pulleys are fully guarded with front and back shrouds Sample general fitness floor layout Lifeband Resistance ™ System • Resistance provided by a series of polyelastomer Lifebands. motivating class environment with instructor interaction and more intimate socialization. and 90-day on upholstery and any items not specified.COM Strength \ 83 . guide rods. 1-year on cables. push buttons and Lifebands. exerciser experience personable. No matter which approach you take. LIFEFITNESS. may vary. pulleys and belts. you’re set to help individuals Specifications Frame • 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity • Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability and groups of all ages and fitness levels reach their goals. Contact Life Fitness for details. the Circuit Series Program Manual trying to keep current exercisers or attract new ones to your facility. The Circuit Series Program Manual provides helpful information for you to consider as you plan on how to best utilize the equipment and implement new programs including: ■ General Room Considerations ■ Equipment Position ■ Traffic Flow ■ Exercise Space ■ Instructor Space ■ Floorplan Layout Samples Sample dedicated area layout The optional Wheel Kit lets you easily reposition your Circuit Series 82 \ Strength PRODUCT CODE TOTAL WEIGHT DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) Ab Crunch Biceps Curl Triceps Press Seated Leg Curl Lat Pulldown Shoulder Press Squat Seated Row Chest Press Leg Extension Ab Curl Bench TCAB TCBC TCTP TCLC TCPD TCSP TCSL TCRW TCCP TCLE TCABB 233 lbs 251 lbs 328 lbs 290 lbs 279 lbs 264 lbs 251 lbs 282 lbs 260 lbs 279 lbs 75 lbs 47" x 34" x 54" 54" x 35" x 45" 62" x 37" x 45" 45" x 36" x 45" 63" x 43" x 71" 53" x 43" x 45" 53" x 42" x 45" 48" x 36" x 45" 47" x 39" x 45" 46" x 37" x 45" 62" x 23" x 30" ACCESSORIES PRODUCT CODE TOTAL WEIGHT Wheel Kit Placard Stand Placards (4 sets of 10) TCWHL TCPST TCPLRD 16 lbs 7 lbs – (106 kg) (114 kg) (149 kg) (132 kg) (127 kg) (120 kg) (114 kg) (128 kg) (118 kg) (127 kg) (34 kg) (7 kg) (3 kg) – Specifications subject to change. guide rods and pulleys. grips.S. this equipment gives you the flexibility dedicates an entire section to Staffing Considerations.S. 1-year on cables and grips. An instructor’s motivation and education can make the you need. friction-free movement Hand Grips • Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is nonabsorbing. You can simply install the machines on your general fitness floor and let users perform their own express-style workouts. 5-year on the bearings. The Wheel Kit can STRENGTH FRAME AND UPHOLSTERY COLORS See pages 130-131 for premium. (119 cm x 86 cm x 137 cm) (137 cm x 89 cm x 114 cm) (157 cm x 94 cm x 114 cm) (114 cm x 91 cm x 114 cm) (119 cm x 87 cm x 136 cm) (135 cm x 109 cm x 114 cm) (135 cm x 107 cm x 114 cm) (122 cm x 91 cm x 114 cm) (119 cm x 99 cm x 114 cm) (117 cm x 94 cm x 114 cm) (157 cm x 58 cm x 76 cm) DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) 37" x 6" x 4" 14" x 13" x 44" 14" x 11" equipment so you can change machine order to help individuals or be ordered with new machines or added to previously purchased Circuit Series Wheel Kit STATION (950 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm) (36 cm x 33 cm x 112 cm) (36 cm x 28 cm) WARRANTY 7-year limited warranty on the structural frame (coatings excluded). and FUN. Warranties outside the U. Whether you’re Since staff training is such an important part of program implementation. standard and custom frame and upholstery color options. Circuit Series products. It is this interaction that keeps participants engaged and motivated to return. memorable. a bound and covered group of elastomer strands • Push/pull selector pins provide easy resistance selection and adjustment • Counter balances enable low starting resistance Pulleys and Bearings • 4 ½" (11 cm) and 6" (15 cm) diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys feature sealed bearings • Precision-machined bearing housings provide optimal alignment for smooth. 3-year on the bearings.CIRCUIT SERIES CIRCUIT SERIES Setting up your Room Training the Staff With Circuit Series. you’re ready to meet the needs of different types of users from day one.

Green Paprika Plum Putty Space Blue Suede Terra Cotta Turquoise Custom Signature series Circuit series Single stations Benches and & Racks cable motion Pro2 se series • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • + + + + + + + + KEY: Strength Upholstery Color Chart Strength Upholstery Colors UPHOLSTERY • Standard Pro2 series • +  Premium + Custom COLORS – Unavailable Hammer strength Plate loaded Olympic and Heavy-duty Benches & Racks • • • • • • • • • +  Premium + Custom Fit series* Mts – – • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • + + • • • – – – – – – – – Unavailable Hammer strength Plate loaded Olympic and Heavy-duty Benches & Racks • + Premium and custom frame and upholstery colors are available for an additional charge.FRAME AND UPHOLSTERY COLORS FRAME Strength Frame Colors AND KEY: Strength Frame Color Chart COLOR PLATINUM WHITE BLACK ICE BLUE METALLIC MIDNIGHT METALLIC NICKEL BLUE RED YELLOW Platinum White Black Ice Blue Metallic Midnight Metallic Nickel Blue Red Yellow Custom Signature series Circuit series Single stations Benches and & Racks cable motion • • – – – – – – – – • • • + + + + • • – – – – – – – – • Standard Pro2 se series Pro2 series • • • • + + + + + + + + Fit series Mts • • – – – – – – – – • • • COLOR American Beauty Red AZURE BLACK CRANBERRY GRAPHITE HUNTER GREEN REGIMENTAL BLUE ROYAL BLUE SLATE WHEAT BURGUNDY CANDY APPLE RED CHESTNUT CONCORD CROCUS DOVE GRAY EMERALD GROTTO GUN METAL imperial blue JADE NAVY HAMMER RED Am.COM Strength \ 131 . 130 \ Strength LIFEFITNESS. Beauty Red Azure Black Cranberry Graphite Hunter Green Regimental Blue Royal Blue Slate Wheat Burgundy Candy Apple Red Chestnut Concord Crocus Dove Gray Emerald Grotto Gun Metal Imperial Blue Jade Navy Northwds. NORTHWOODS GREEN PAPRIKA PLUM PUTTY SPACE BLUE SUEDE TERRA COTTA TURQUOISE Actual frame and upholstery colors may differ from printed color samples shown.