main compliant with safety requirements. monetary. CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER. can deliver a solid foundation automation will never diminish.o1 . the right software platform and the gain a new source of competitive advantage. and business considerations. The list of safety regulations. As more and more safety-related functionality is built into control and process automation This paper describes three steps manufactur- systems via embedded software. and less time to add new functionality to equipment and devices. Today’s embedded software technologies can reverse the cycle of increasing cost and complexity for safety compliance. constant training and retraining of engineers. financial penalties. noncompliance has led to intervention by regulatory agencies and safety recalls that dealt a major blow to the company’s image and profitability. and Today. That view is shortsighted. and the result is more pressure on already tight schedules and budgets.Executive Summary The cost and complexity of safety compliance continue to spiral upward. Beyond the moral and ethical impera- standards—on time and on budget. WIND RIVER . standards. In some wellpublicized cases. The primacy of safety in control and process used the right way. re- challenge to deal with. for obvious to meet the most demanding safety certification reasons. “There is a real window of opportunity for suppliers in the control and process automation markets to harness new technologies that consolidate all the functionality delivering safety and security capabilities. it is all too ers of control and process automation systems easy to see the software development process can take to leverage the power of new em- as part of the problem—another complex bedded software solutions to reduce costs.” TOMAS EVENSEN. tives are stark legal. Lack of compliance means potential liability issues. and missed market windows. right development tools and technologies. and government mandates is growing.

provides the ability to run multiple operating environments • For products that need to demonstrate com- separately from each other on the same physical pliance with IEC 61508. This can real-time operating system such as VxWorks subsequently increase the cost and time of and a general-purpose OS such as Linux on placing a revised product in the market. multi-core is well underway. suppliers are now able to combine multiple operating systems on a single. memory challenges in terms of the communication can be partitioned so that each board has its stacks required. which makes them the ideal candidate for certification.o2 . Virtualization also makes it legacy applications (which require mainte- possible to separate safety-related functional- nance) and need to find new ways to inno- ity (e. For example. multi-core processors and virtualization and tools are now available. It would therefore make sense They also improve application scalability and to use both on the same system to leverage protect software investments by allowing each one’s success. Using a consolidation technology such to meet future demand. Together. For example. Two developments in the embedded market Operating systems will be used more and provide a real solution for those who wish more in a best-practice method. This separation or partitioning makes resource allocation far more • The demand for more connectivity—both flexible. providing a Consolidation is the traditional route to cost stable foundation that returns a reduced bill of savings. allocated exclusively to one virtual board or WLAN)—creates additional interoperability shared across multiple virtual boards. virtualization. soft PLC) from other functionality. own unique and enforced memory space. for suppliers in the control materials and increased functionality. Linux on the other hand The latest multi-core processors significantly has advantages when implementing rapidly boost overall performance and increase evolving communication standards or graphical performance per watt over single-core processors. The trend toward as a hypervisor. and less com- security standards: multi-core processors and plexity compared to a non-real-time OS such virtualization (hypervisor) technology. technology conver- device.. vate without sacrificing these investments. as Linux.g. this becomes a real possibility. to get the best of both processors with more cores to be substituted worlds. the same device. safetycompliant aggregation platform. and multi-coreoptimized operating systems. user interfaces.Step 1: Consolidate Using Multi-core and Virtualization concepts. Using the lat- are a compelling combination that greatly est multi-core architectures and hypervisor improves the performance and reliability . and enforced memory space cannot affect any • Many suppliers have a huge installed base of other virtual board. it is possible to run a gence can raise certification issues. there are complications: The second concept. processing cores can be wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Bluetooth. Consider also that consolidated platforms will drive the need for a variety of OS platforms. Real-time to reap the rewards of consolidation with- operating systems have a greater advantage out jeopardizing compliance with safety and when considering determinism. However. middleware. and process automation market.

at the software layer. VICE PRESIDENT. For example.” TOM STEENMAN. Typically. it becomes easier for developers to enable next-generation applications that really deliver on both real-time and services-oriented connected requirements. DIGITAL ENTERPRISE GROUP. The net result is that control and process automation manufacturers Step 2: Standardize on Open Platforms can consolidate more functionality onto fewer physical systems. with a shipping cycle of up to eight years—and a need for more than 10 years’ support. without safety and security are also moving up through thoroughly assessing the complexities and the value chain. read of subsystems to cut costs and complexity. security. “With a platform that is optimized for multi-core. and connectivity. convergence and consolidation are occurring further up the value chain.of industrial systems. As frameworks and virtualization. the following Wind River white papers at www. but they also need a lot of support at the hypervisor adoption. The ability to add safety and security features through software on The question for many development teams is not whether to move to multi-core and virtualization but how to do so without increasing risk or jeopardizing existing safety certifications. Machine manufacturers are now counting on software to provide an overall environment for safety. At the same time. operat- takes to deliver on the promise of multi-core ing systems. creating the need for more pitfalls. • “Applying Multi-core and Virtualization to Industrial and Safety-Related Applications” the design cycle is two to three These trends also have the potential to help manufacturers resolve life cycle issues. machine manufacturers have enormous opportunities For a discussion of the key considerations in to aggregate and smoothly integrate a variety adopting multi-core and virtualization.o3 . which • “Checklist for Success with Multi-core” is already more than 20 years in some cases. The role of embedded software has shifted as and keep the focus on meeting the requirements a result of the increased focus on differentiation that are challenging safety certification processes. However. cut costs and complexity. The life cycle. the issues of can provide to their particular devices. excited about what they software layer. They are in a position to consolidate functional- Many organizations rush into multi-core and ity. become more open and standardized.windriver. and middleware. More importantly. INTEL . they fail to consider strategic partnerships with suppliers of em- whether their software platform has what it bedded software development tools. standardized hardware platforms has become a key consideration. the use of real-time kernels in programmable logic controllers is now commonplace.

Customers can then rely on this evidence Open technology. Here too there is some consolidation system. intellectual property. together with hypervisors. such as a UDP stack. for instance. open standard compliance.o4 . an important part of using Linux more predictability in the business. demanding greater support from suppliers. fragmentation in the market for Linux-based Hypervisor technology makes it possible to solutions. on the same hardware platform but in parti- indemnification. protected spaces. As an open operating arises. for control and process automation customers is the ability to partition safety and non-safety- With many machine manufacturers now critical elements of the same application on a looking at using Linux. but greater flexibility at the design phase and For example. are just some of the benefits of choosing a professionally managed distribution and should therefore be considered during the decision process. with better development and innovative middleware. Linux provides high potential for features of technology. and scalability tioned. helps with time-to-market on this evidence package issues. of a certification package. Multi-core processor Linux and the business challenges are totally technology. alization and multi-core concepts described allowing not only a faster approvals process previously. . the issue of support single hardware platform. documentation. enables underestimated. Training on Linux. The complexity of same hardware platform. Through modular certification. standard software components can be delivered as part of a certification for certification against IEC 61508. such as can be delivered as part protecting market share. manufacturers attempt consolidate Linux and real-time operating to cobble together free Linux distributions systems at the software layer. stability of multiple operating systems to run concurrently the distribution. but elements. while reducing the total cost of ownership. thus becoming a trusted under pressure to be extended even further through more frequent upgrade programs. and time-to-market. A modular software ap- Customers can then rely proach. allowing safety instead of choosing a supported and validated and non-safety applications to run on the commercial distribution. Device software vendors can help customers Through modular certification. combined with the virtu- package for certification against IEC 61508. Too often. but there still exists a great deal of a layer of complexity if safety is required. which often adds tools. standard software components overcome these and other challenges. must be certified repeatedly. package. creates powerful new capabilities.

Eclipse- determinism requirements while taking based toolchain further supports the trend advantage of the flexibility and cost benefits toward multiple operating systems. able and future-ready. Based on open standards. Wind River VxWorks 61508 Platform enables developers to deliver applications that must be certified to IEC 61508 One of the key reasons software processes are requirements and other related standards. provider today that offers a complete solu- The concept of hypervisor technology also tion. This is a huge benefit set of middleware offers a robust commercial to development teams. systems to be developed at the same time in and industry-specific platforms with a rich the same environment. and our Eclipse framework.Step 3: Build on a Foundation That Can Support Change For example. allowing of open standards. and customize your solutions. protocols running under Linux (and perhaps another operating system). with significant time-to-revenue automation customers to meet stringent real-time advantages. risk out of safety and consolidation projects by and manage complexity while mitigating risk. which allows other tools to independent software vendor (ISV) partner be integrated with it. with communication fast-changing safety certification mandates.o5 . guaranteeing a smooth and predictable rout Wind River solutions allow control and process to market. resulting in enormous complexity. The openness of the off-the-shelf (COTS) foundation. providing su- Wind River is the only embedded software pervisory functions on the same machine. And a consolidated. IEC often perceived as part of the problem rather than 62304 for medical. With VxWorks 61508 Platform. and CENELEC 50126 for part of the solution is that they are built in a transportation. but it is also important Through the addition of hypervisor technol- to build on a framework that can support com- ogy. machine developers. our end-to- simplifies the porting of legacy applications. end development and run-time platforms Integration services help customers take the make it possible to consolidate. safety-critical tasks can operate under prehensive requirements and keep pace with Wind River’s VxWorks. is becoming critical to ecosystem enables you to speed up. build out. Our combination of operating applications targeting different operating system agnosticism. piecemeal fashion from ad hoc tools and tech- developers can take full advantage of multi-core nologies. integrate. safety and security solutions. with the assurance that they will have a strong Standardizing on open platforms will help to make operating system foundation for meeting the software development processes more adapt- most stringent safety certification requirements. .

solutions and support capabilities for control safety and security are now the overriding and process automation customers.Conclusion will see more functionality being ported to cost-effective hardware platforms. And we’ve got world-class tools that will help you solve the problems with multi-core and virtualization. Inc. Where functionality once drove in- For more information about Wind River’s novation.” —TOMAS EVENSEN. www. We have the middleware. better. Inc. and manage device software faster. machine manufacturers is undergoing a revolution.windriver. Inc.windriver. run. . and time-to-market. Wind River Linux and and more reliably. visit requirements. demanding The environment for process control and even more from the software. at lower cost. We’ve got the operating systems. and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems. that can configure in different ways depending on your needs.. “Wind River is the only company with all the different technologies to solve these very tricky problems around multi-core and virtualization. such as very high performance network stacks. The Wind River logo is a trademark of Wind River © 2010 Wind River Systems. Convergence and consolidation www. CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER. WIND RIVER Wind River is a world leader in embedded and mobile software. cost-efficiency. We’ve got professional services around it that will tie all these things together. We enable companies to develop.