then the product will have a proper marketing mix. This term paper will be discovering if Tide.NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. has or does not have a proper marketing mix. developing a product strategy. creating a pricing strategy. If these four categories are elaborated properly and ethically. and finally having a promotion strategy. . 2013 Term Paper Is Tide Using a Proper Marketing Mix? Many may ask what a marketing mix is. These four categories as enumerated in the textbook page 375 are. A marketing mix consists of four basic categories that relate to the given product. elaborating a distribution strategy. the famous laundry detergent.

it is the lead colour in products used in homes through 2004. To succeed in this category. "surging waves"”. Therefore. Procter & Gamble.NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. Combined with the assuring new slogan “Knows Fabrics Best”. from Tide-To-Go. and yellow. especially back then. Over the years. we will buy this product “not only for what [it] does. since Tide has an appealing . This huge expansion in their line of products makes it easy for the consumer to choose the Tide products versus other companies. had already chosen this name back in 1946 ((1)) when Tide was first launched. It was a move forward in a non-explored market. a choice of branding colours. but also for what [it] means” as stated on page 375 of the textbook ((5)). P&G have improved the container. packaging. These colours have an impact on the success of the brand. to Tide with Baking Soda liquid or powder. Tide’s owner. the word Tide means “ rise or move forward. and they promised that Tide washed “cleaner than soap”. According to P&G ((1)). Tide’s products overwhelm the competition. They kept the circular target shaped background and almost the same colours. ((2)) Tide can simultaneously assure the consumers that their brand is better and present their huge range of products to them. and a warranty. and that is exactly what they had in mind when they released this product. According to the dictionary. the word Tide was chosen but no one knows why. The brand is now home to over 41 different kinds of detergents ((3)). According to my survey conducted at Metro ((4)) Tide’s successful branding. but always kept the same appearance. The orange signifies a vibrant product. In Tide’s case. a packaging. which is also associated with warmth. is making it Survey Tide Other 7 3 the best selling brand of detergent. The yellow. Tide’s packaging strategy was one of a kind. If you look at the picture taken from my local supermarket ((4)). Also since this brand name is well known. 2013 The first part of the marketing mix consists of having a product strategy. is a warm cheerful colour and according to the textbook ((5)) page 425. the bright orange. and quality. you must have a brand name.

99$/2. but manage to sell much more than any other brand. compared to Sunlight at 17. Today.95L. Tide can continue to be competitive in this market. Going back to the prices found at Metro. Selection Mérite: 5. Having a good product is one thing.99$/2. Although these price differences. By releasing a line extension (411) as stated in the product strategy. Tide is probably in the maturity stage. which is not what P&G wants to display their products as being. but must price aggressively and must use different strategies to continue to prosper. At Costco ((7)). 2013 packaging. Tide still believes in this original statement and armed with its new slogan “Knows Fabrics Best” ((3)). and has quality products according to ConsumerReports. a look into the Costco yield management system (423) AS400.99$/2. It would also lead to believe that Tide is in the price/quality category of the dealer brands and generic products.95L ((4)). As we dig deeper into Tide’s prices.9L.org ((10)). reveals that Tide is still the best seller per day. Sunlight: 8. and found out the following at Metro: Tide: 8. produced by Unilever. but how does it compare price wise is another. In addition. meaning it does not lose any money.95L. Tide could not be a lower price because it would then visually seem as if Sunlight. Tide was the highest priced detergent at 23.99$/8.NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. is a better product then Tide. Since the days Tide first started. According to page 415 ((5)). the original slogan “Washday Miracle” was created because the advertisers were confident that “Tide’s performance was truly superior” ((1)). we discover that Tide is priced as it continues to deliver the message of higher quality.87L. I went to various stores to see how Tide well was priced. Tide’s product life cycle (414) continues to go strong and rejuvenates the brand name. I can conclude that Tide has a good product strategy.99$/8. if . The second part of the marketing mix consists of the pricing strategy.

to conclude this part of the marketing mix. The promotion strategy is perhaps the most important part of the marketing mix since the brand depends on the marketing to highlight its assets. Having this happen. Tide’s distribution is referred to being an intensive distribution as page 446 ((5)) explains. ranging from 27-35 cents per load. it can be found in any stores including corner stores. the AS400 system shows that this brand sells more than any other one. Being in a wholesaler such as Costco. in retail stores. Since detergent is a convenience product (404). we see that Tide is a high quality product that is well priced ((6)) within the other products shown in the table. Although their product is more expensive at Costco. I found Tide to be in every supermarket and even in a wholesaler such as Costco. Tide can sell huge amounts of its product in an environment where consumers purchase in bulk. We can say that over the years. Since Tide is an internationally known brand. To recapitulate this paragraph in one sentence. The fourth and final strategy of the four P’s (375) is the promotion strategy. Tide must assure that consumers will never have to choose a substitute product since Tide is not in stock at a specific location. Tide’s brand . In addition. 2013 we compare pricing using the ConsumerReports rating ((10)). which require a solid brand name to be able to sell. we could say that Tide’s distribution strategy is built on the foundation of trying to reach as many consumers as possible. could result in a customer-losing situation if they discover that they like the new brand better. which almost guarantees the purchase. Their products overpower all the other brands due to Tide’s smart line extension strategy. as the image inserted in paragraph two shows. I can say that Tide has a very fair pricing strategy because of the above information. During my research. Tide’s assets are its huge line of products. Therefore. since we can find it everywhere. Tide owns the shelves.NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. The third part of the marketing mix consists of the distribution strategy of P&G’s brand Tide.

This is usually targeted to a wide variety of people since everybody likes little games. which allow users to use the Tide to Go product to wash fabrics. which usually is set to females or homemakers. Tide is targeted to the family as a whole. middle-strength strategies. and in-store. Their internet advertisement is usually in the form of online mini banner games. but gives the consumer extra customer satisfaction (369) after purchase since it costs less. Their TV and magazine ads are usually targeted to a demographic segmentation (383). created with synthetic compounds instead of soap chemicals ((8)). Originally. In addition. in magazines. Their advertisements can be found on TV. This ability is all thanks to successful marketing and promotion of the brand name.NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. they always aim for the strong promotion strategy since many of their commercials are aimed towards specific people who usually purchase the detergent. Tide’s in-store advertisement is in the form of coupons. but today. where the kids get dirty while playing soccer and the moms just cheer on without a care because they know the grass will come off. An example of this is the Tide soccer commercials. In Tide’s case. they will captivate the market that associates with it. a critical decision had to be made regarding the choice of going with the new product or not. 2013 equity (406) has grown a considerable amount that now enables them to expand their brand line without losing profits. on the Internet. Tide is doing an effective job promoting their . especially in supermarkets. by direct mail. Advertisement varies from weak strategies. Tide realizes that if they can reproduce a real life situation in a commercial. but only on the receipt. Tide ads were found in magazines targeted to housewives. The in-store advertisement is very important. These coupons do not lower the price on the tag. To conclude. Back in 1945 when Tide was still in the development stage. Tide’s high-quality perception (380) due to good marketing allows the brand to sell for more than the competitors do. This meant that P&G had to create a good strategy to promote this product. Therefore this still gives the illusion that Tide is better because of the higher price. and strong strategies ((9)). Tide was a new kind of product.

WORD COUNT: 1.tide. Retrieved October 24. So again. (I have one) ** Also.org table. Bibliography (1). 2013 line of products since it can continue to develop and sell new products without disrupting profits. Tide®. All of these points allow Procter & Gamble to market and sell a product that consumers are willing to buy at a higher price than other products. and the competitive pricing.acs.businessweek. This also makes Tide a very desirable product for P&G to invest in since it generates high revenue. National Historic Chemical Landmarks.org/landmarks/landmarks/tide/marketing.com/en_CA/products/index. (2007). and enjoy purchasing the product with incentives such as coupons. This is due to their strong marketing concept (368) that is intentionally made so that consumers can identify themselves while watching the commercials. BusinessWeek. product. American Chemical Society. May 1).NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. 671 words ** Attached is the ConsumerReports.htm (3). from Detergent Can Be So Much More: http://www. 2007.jsp . The McGraw-Hill Companies. After examining Tide’s marketing mix through the 4 P’s.com/magazine/content/06_18/b3982087.Marketing Tide: http://acswebcontent. the appealing packages. from The Development of Tide . the quality of their products. 2007. Procter & Gamble. I can conclude that Tide has a good marketing mix. Retrieved October 24. Retrieved October 24. the convincing advertisements. and promotion. in conclusion. from Laundry Detergent Product Information from Tide.html (2). This is due to the excellence of the brand. the information found on Tide at Costco using the AS400 system is due to the fact that I work there and can access this information. (2006. (2007). 2007. Tide is using a proper marketing mix. place (distribution). as it requires a membership to view. pricing.com: http://www.

December 07). Retrieved October 26. Wikimedia Foundation. ConsumerReports. Althouse.consumerreports.hbs. (2007. 2007. from Creative strategies in advertising: http://en. Canada. Boul.org/wiki/Creative_strategies_in_advertising (10). from How Tide Cleaned Up the Competition: http://hbswk. October 10). Québec. from Tide takes the honors in household cleaners: http://findarticles. 2007. 2200. Ratings 1/07: http://www. Retrieved October 26.edu/archive/4254. Inc (Wikipedia). McDaniel. (1988 (2004). 2007. (5). October 25). Quebec. The Future of Business 2nd Edition. Metro Groceries. Canada. Gitman. (2007.html (9). FindArticles. Retrieved October 26. 3600 Ave Des Grandes Tourelles.org. 2007 .wikipedia. January).htm Key Terms Used… . Du Faubourg. (6). Retrieved October 26.com/p/articles/mi_m3092/is_n20_v27/ai_6733424 (7).NAME / VIVEK MISHRA IS TIDE USING A PROPER MARKETING MIX? / FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 1227 December 29. October 25). Ontario: Thomson Canada Limited. Costco Wholesale. Boisbriand. (2005). Rose. Harvard Business School. (2007. from Laundry Detergents. Allan. (2007. 2013 (4). (8). (2007.org/cro/home-garden/cleaningsupplies/detergents/laundry-detergents-1-07/ratings/0107_soap_rate. June 19). Boisbriand. Metro Plus Marché Desjardins.