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Lecturer: Chye Mei Sian, Pang Aik Yen






Practice examination 1
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Answer all the questions.
The use of an electronic calculator is expected, where appropriate.

The random variable X has the distribution N(40,25), and
sample of 10 observations of X. Find


denotes the mean of a random

P( X´ < 42) . [4] [Ans:0.897]

Statistical investigations may involve random sampling.
Explain what is meant by the term ‘random sampling’, and state why random sampling is used. [3]
A random sample of 5 students is to be taken from the 763 students who attend a college. Explain
briefly how this could be done by using random numbers. [3]

∑ x 2=2640. A student is investigating the shape of a certain type of shell found on the seashore. The resulting values from a random sample of 208 shells are summarized by ∑ x=633. She makes several measurements for each shell and combines the results into a single ‘shape index’. [4] [Ans: (i)3.4612 .3. 3.833. x.257] ] 2 . (i) Calculate unbiased estimates of the population mean and variance for the shape index of shells of this type. [3] (ii) Obtain a symmetric 90% confidence interval for the population mean.3.045.439. (ii)[2.36.

[3] [Ans: (ii) 27 . (i) Show that (ii) Find (iii) Find k= 1 9 .4. (iii) 4 ] 3 . [2] P(1 ≤ x ≤ 2) . Where k is a constant. [2] 7 3 E( X) . The continuous random variable X has probability density function given by f ( x )= { k (3−x)2 for 0 ≤ x ≤ 3. 0 otherwise .

5 is carried out.0547. [4] [Ans: (a)0. where p denotes the probability of a randomly chosen baby being male. For the test.5. [3] (b) Calculate the probability of a Type II error if the true value p is 0.833] 4 .5 against the alternative hypothesis p>0. a random sample of 10 babies is taken and the null hypothesis is rejected if 8. 9 or 10 of them are male. (a) Calculate the probability of a Type I error in this test. A test of the null hypothesis p=0.6. (b)0. It is thought that more baby boys than baby girls are being born.

6. on a particular Wednesday. (ii) State the probability distribution of T. (ii) P0 (33. [4] [Ans: (i) 0. [2] (iii) Use a suitable approximation to find P(30 ≤T ≤ 40) . (i) The accident and emergency department at a city hospital keeps records of the numbers of cases arriving between the hours of 2200 and 2300 throughout the week.623. [3] The total number of cases that arrive between 2200 and 2300 hours during one randomly chosen week is denoted by T.9 ) . each day. Calculate the probability that. at least 4 cases will arrive between 2200 and 2300 hours. The numbers. (iii) 0.647] 5 .2 for Saturday and Sunday. have independent Poisson distributions with mean 4.3 for Monday to Friday and mean 6.

One man and one woman are chosen at random. Men: mean 75. [Ans: (i)0.0024] 6 . (ii)0. Find the probability that their total weight is greater than 140kg.7.0861. Find the probability that the woman’s weight is less than half the man’s weight.4. (i) (ii) In a certain population. the weights in kg of men and women have independent normal distributions with means and standard deviations as follows. Women: mean 54. standard deviation 4. standard deviation 6.9.