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1 Personal Values 2. 2.0 Suggestions 4.0 Reference 2 .Table of Content 1.0 Summary 5.4 Problem-Solving/Reasoning/Creativity.0 Introduction 2.2 Communication Skills 2.0 Important Skills Employers Seeks in Graduates 2.5 Leadership/Management Skills 3.3 Computer/Technical Literacy 2.

In other word. leadership skills.0 Introduction Education is the most important mean to build a healthy and developed nation for many countries around the world. This can be referred to the communication skill. In this paper. Knowledge and skills that we gained from schools largely depends on the curriculum made by the policy makers and stakeholders. Next. 2. date and time where the interview will be .1. There are many job skills that can be categorized into few groups such as personal value. government bodies and educational institutions in Malaysia regarding the skills that graduates need to equip and master. the company will first post the job offer in the newspapers or through the existing employees regarding the post being offered and venue. society and individual. Indeed that education is very essential to us as it inculcates self development in terms of knowledge. there are some specific knowledge and skills that the employers seek in the graduates to ensure that they are qualified for the post offered. problem solving skills and computer literacy. there are some suggestions for the future graduate. Besides. we should receive the most up-to-date and modern education as possible in order to compete with the other countries. interpersonal skill. However. discussions were made about the importance of the graduates to master specific skills that meet the requirement of the employers. the employers require their employees to have many skills that might not been stated in the paper. accountability and responsibility. In fact. employers need to counter check whether the person is qualified to be hired through face-to-face interviews.0 Important Skills Seeks in Graduate According to many foreign countries. communication skills. As the world’s trend is changing rapidly. skills and also to be a better individual with high morality. Before the interview session is carried out. it is also very important that the graduates should know the skills that they need to master before hand in order to be competent in any field of employment. the curriculum in any education system ought to be revised from time to time to meet the current needs of the country.

personal values. After some researches.e. It is not easy to overcome the tense and pressure from work especially for those who have family commitments. dedicated in their job area and hard-working with minimal or no complaint received from them. dedication or hard-working. Most of the time employers are looking forward to meet people with good working attitude. Many employers claimed that it is difficult to get a truly responsible employee whom they can rely on whenever they needed one nowadays. Adaptability deals with the ability to manage multiple tasks or assignments. skills that most employers seek in graduates are the most basically the academic qualification. Of course there are times when employees would face problems in their work and this is the time to show that they are having tenacity to endure until the problems solved.1 Personal Values According to Hansen & Hansen (2012). self-motivated and independent i. A flexible person could thrives by effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects. Furthermore. ICT literacy. 2. Apart from the personal values mentioned above. Whereas flexibility in terms of long working hours or over times which is sometimes inevitably in certain job area will get the better impression from the employers. good work ethic. set priorities and capability to adapt to new working environment or changing conditions with fast pace. ability to work with little or no supervision. reliability and responsibility. a graduate should carry the value of reliability and responsibility. a person who is self- . leadership skills and problem solving skills. flexibility. communication skills. Also. the most significant personal values that employers seek in job seekers are adaptability.conducted. the basic requirements will be stated in black in white as well as documents that the interviewees need to prepare upon the interview. tenacity. Punctuality has always been the main characteristics of a responsible employee.

English and Chinese) fluently in terms of listening. have confidence. Good personality can be trained and mould since young age. knowledge or experience that they possessed. Due to their well-beings and appropriateness that meets the requirements of a professional. to accept any good or bad comments with open heart. speaking and writing in context of Malaysia. graduates should be able to communicate using at least three languages (i. There are times when the employers choose to hire graduates with good personalities over the skills. There are some more characteristics that underlie good personalities such as professional outlook.e. Therefore. write introductory summaries and wrap-up statements and illustrate ideas in tables or graph forms. A perfect listener refers to the ability of using active listening skills without interfere the speakers or having any prejudice towards the speaker or any topics discussed. Those who could effectively convey information verbally and in writing gets high opportunity to be hired. and always speak with appropriate voice tone especially in servicing and openness i. humble. therefore it is wise to inculcate good behaviors in school children during younger age. A person with good personal values are the most desirable employees that a company or organization would ever wanted. communication skills include presenting ideas clearly and persuasively. Bahasa Malaysia.e. In another word. and well behaved. any individual with good . they usually get more attention from the employers compared to those who carries less values of a good worker.motivated and independent is another characteristic that most employers give extra credits. friendly. 2. Communication skills that are sought by employers include language literacy.2 Communication Skill Communication skills are the skills most needed skills by the employers when looking for the potential employees. graduates should be able to communicate in as many languages as possible for example in Malaysia. Some opinions from Lloyd and Kennedy (1997). perfect listener and influential speaker.

spread sheet program and sending emails using internet. For example. Many job areas required their employees to at least have basic computer skills such as typing. graduates who claimed to have computer skills shows proficiency in word-processing program. spreadsheets. altering and printing documents. retrieve. According to Lloyd and Kennedy (1997). Mastering all these skills will help to beat out other job candidates. converting audio and video files. 2012). computer is no longer an unachievable tool like in the past few decades. Computer-literate performers with extensive software proficiency are able to cover a wide variety of applications. plan projects. enter database information. Therefore. Hence. Some jobs required more specific skills like programming. especially word processing. computer literacy is one of the skills that no graduates could avoid from mastering it. communication using internet and ICT gadgets are video conferencing and file sharing through networking. create slides for presentations. Apart of that. download or search for relevant information. making full use of the ICT tools and internet is one of the most important skills that employers always seek for. There are more and more software and hardware to enhance the usage of computers in helping people to solve day-to-day routines or problems. preserves (backup important data) and sending out picture files and text files with ease.” (Hansen & Hansen. Unable to perform good computer literacy or at least moderate skills of basic commands using computer will be washed out by the society in no time. computer literacy became one of the compulsory requirements that the employers seek in graduates. and email. webpage building and so forth. 2. “Almost all jobs now require some basic understanding of computer hardware and software. .language commands would have more advantages compared to those who are not as good in their language skills.3 Computer/Technical Literacy In recent society.

Once the graduates could fully utilize these tools. Root Cause Analysis and decision matrix are the tools that can be used in problem solving. employees who possess skills in problem solving will make own judgment and decision creatively. Hence. Of course there are plenty of ways in problem solving skills. cause and effect diagrams brainstorming. inspire others to participate. It would be interesting if the graduates could have the chance to show their ability in problem solving. cooperation and supports from the employees is very important to any company to ensure the continuous growth in terms of profit and development. however it still needs experience to make problem solving an easy skill to be mastered. he or she will need to have good relationship with the coworkers and subordinates. As a leader. There are times when problems occur and no one to refer to. If one can solve problem without involving excessive money or manpower would benefit the employers in many ways.4 Problem-Solving Skills Problem solving skills refers to the ability to solve problems independently without offending any grounded rules of ethics. It is essential to graduates to strengthen their leadership skills so that they could easily pull the co-workers together and work as a team. employers love to know that the job candidates are able to describe how he or she solve problem that occurred. First. one has to be observance enough to see the whole picture or situation that company faced. otherwise worsen the situation. Next. understanding the problems thoroughly and figure out the possible ways to solve the problem.2. There are steps to be followed in problem solving skills. they are better problem solvers than the others. Most of the time. most freshly graduates would . 2 5 Leadership/Management Skills Graduates who have leadership and management skills are capable to relate co-workers. and mitigate conflict with coworkers effectively. Flow charts. Therefore.

The survey shows that the reasons behind employers not being able to hire qualified employees include job candidates are lack of certain skills that are very much needed to perform the job. (Vercillo. (Vercillo. As mentioned in the paragraph above. 2012). 3. graduates should make the skills they possess easy-to-see and up-to-date. leadership skills can be trained by learning through experiences. Some graduates with excellent results might not mean they are the best . A leader has to be able to make decision by choosing the best option by looking at the various paths open available. 2012). students or school leavers hardly can find a job with great future and highly paid. here are some suggestions for the future graduates. Future graduates should know the importance of being a leader and how to be a good leader who gained respects from the co-workers. (Loughborough University. especially issues that are relevant to their own future. As for those who had at least two or three years working experience with other companies would definitely attract the employers’ attention. Another features for leadership skill is decision making. identifying the pros and cons and making a balanced judgment. government bodies and educational institutions to enhance the current education system by revising the curriculum and courses that has to be offered to the students ranged from school leavers to universities’ graduates. leadership skills always come in line with working experiences. However.’ (Quoted from Malay proverbs). In order to stand out from the other competitors during interview.0 Suggestions In order to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. Future graduates should understand and be alerted all the time about the current issues in all aspects. 2012).1 Suggestions to future graduates It is always wise to ‘prepare the umbrella before it rains.have less working experience filled in their resume. Nowadays. 3.

adult classes and colleges which provide opportunities or platforms for the future graduates to learn. facilities. any alteration of education system will affect the end products that have been produced each year. There are many courses offered by local or private institutions such as universities. the government and the education department should plan according to the needs of the society to assure that future graduates are able to find themselves a career and reduce the unemployment rate of the country.2 Suggestions for government bodies Government does play an important role in producing capable. In fact. subsidiaries and set policies for the schools and educational institution to ensure schools run well and smooth at every education level. 3. the local universities can cooperate with the foreign universities in organizing student exchange program similar to internship for a semester. Therefore. Also. just to let the future graduates to gain working experience in different .3 Suggestions for educational institutions Educational institutions.employees because skills that employers look for in a person should be balanced between academic wise and job skills. Schools and universities curricular should meet the requirement for employment. 3. Therefore. either government or privatized need to consider providing more courses and trainings regarding job skills for the future graduates so that they are given the opportunity to engage in work-based training programs. government worked hand in hand with the education department in preparing sufficient allocation. responsible and competent well being to the society. learn more about job skills from the newspapers. to train. to experience and to master the job skills required by employers. articles or scholars’ writing can help the future graduates to equip themselves before they come out to the society and search for their dream jobs. Future graduates gained knowledge and skills according to what has been planned ahead by the government and education department. In Malaysia.

Besides. 4. Schools. master few languages. (2510 words) . Some vocational schools do provide not only basic and specific knowledge about certain job area but also train the students with specific job skills. they should ensure they hire lecturers in terms of the qualifications. These skills are all elements that can be learned.0 Summary Many unemployed graduates were still searching for suitable jobs outside. it increases the quality of the employment in our country. developed and maintained over lifetime. leadership skill and many more. Meanwhile. Mastering the job skills is inevitably important as it helps the graduates to get a better job offers. creative and flexible in managing the course contents. It is the responsibility of the policy makers and the education institution to bring out future graduate with good personality and equip with excellent job skills that the employers seek for. Universities as well should emphasize job skills in the offered courses. the higher possibility that he or she gets the job. Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits the lead to succeed in the workplace. Later. this will reduce the rate of unemployment. However. cultivated. The main reason for the unemployment was graduates are not able to perform specific skills or even basic skills to meet the requirement for the job areas. the more job skills that a graduates can master. Being a good student is no enough. Many schools and educational institutions faced teacher shortage however it is not an issue to be discussed if the graduates are well equipped with job skills that the employers wants.environment. intelligence. enhance the quality of work at workplace. Besides. he or she must be able to show selfconfidence. higher education institutions and the government should work together in developing job skills and basic knowledge in the students since they are the future citizens of our country. Many schools and educational institutions faced problem with shortage of educators.

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