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LABIA VERSATILE COOKING FAT PRIZE PIES HOW TO USE THIS INDEX Sache tte Note at 3 pastay tsb cd on poe BY DAINTIES FINE FAVORITE conKIES: isco VAMATIONS YEAST BEAD AND NOLL DEEP-PAT FRYING POINTS ON MAKING PIES 1, Keep lard in tlrigerator until ready to nse, Hive water cold Th warm weather, itis good plan to chil the flour and lard tnture before and after ading che Water. Twill cake a Kite 2, Cat lard into four wail the mixture js coarse and granular X dough blender or knives are beter than fingers and qulck ‘fork fea vriue at this pot 3. Cold water should be added a lithe at a time, tossing the Fnistere with foot until ll parucles are motstened, Pres inte balla Wise into e90 part 1g out the dough cals for a delicate touch, Place ball May foured board or cauva, roll with, short stakes ‘he Edge Lecpang it round. Roll 46 inch dick Never cagh seule rolling. Lalt wich spatala and dst boar! mits it ticks. "The dough forthe pper crust olla Thinner tan Ve inc 5, The oer ct soo bs tow 24 inchs eater nam fanger than the ic fh iovovers 4 The lower crust should be placed in the pan so tha it coves the sunace smonthy. And be sure no ait inks beneath the Sirlace forthe ai expaning in aking. will push the 7. ‘The short slashes cut in center of upper crust are therefor tie purpone of permiing the Meant to Sxape, but they enay Be decathe, 0 8. Ate rolling out dough for pie sell, the entve surface should Be prictd to flow sirtio expe: ‘The pastry & put into pan and rimmed ich Larger than pan, the he ele ral ana tite, 9. The perfect fruit pie keeps the fling within bounds the Tower crust i as tend and flaky asthe upper. A deep pie plate should be uscd to prevent che juices fran exaping. With very juicy Irvits, the lower cnet may be brushed over wth ege white Ade uch Tht men those judges of gan do not lke ind, so me i apariegy 10. aking cw pics, the crust shoul be baked ata high ‘en te filing ade aml ee baking cn perature wal ia done PIE Me west American desert spicy apple glad to uly cerry, blueberry, blackbery, lemon, mines, old iomed custard, and chitfon of varied shades and hues, a erny feminine version of many oldsime favorite. What the filing the cust fs meltingy ender and lak, oo, ple fe a ‘linary tiumyph ane bappy the homenaker who can achieve i 1 and al the rhe shortening spell success i pie baking ‘other fo i the shortening power of fat so important Land fas the greatest shortening value of any plastic fat and so itis the logical choice of homemakers who pride themselves on the escellence of ther pis be pepe ore by eeping on ant» sapely of Abas the work of measuring amd mining dane ahead af time, a pie may Realy Lard Pie Mix; the recipe i given on page 4. With the made easily and quickly andto the delight of the Eaily—