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Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World
While there was a total of 6 to 8 million deaths in World War II, every year almost 3.3 million
people die only of pollution, let alone 7 million people died in the year 2012. (Figure presented
by World Health Organization) not only this, these figures are expected to double in another 3
decades if the pollution continues to trend. Although these figures attribute to land pollution as
well as air pollution, but according to latest research air pollution is the biggest environmental
risk that the earth is facing right now. It is largely due to the CO2 emission, in the form of
smoke emitted from automobiles, waste gasses from factories and CFCs i.e. Chloro Floro
Carbons which are emitted from refrigerators, spray cans etc. and lead to depletion of the ozone
In order to find a solution, it is always the first step to reach the root cause. Although the reasons
behind the escalating pollution are known, it is also important to locate those countries and cities
that have the highest amount of populations so that strategies can be devised and targeted to the
most polluted areas first.On wayside are the underdeveloped countries where pollution is taking
its toll because of an uncontrolled population and poor sewerage and cleanliness systems. On the
other hand, the developed nations are not far behind because of increasing urbanization and
increasing the number of vehicles on the road and developing industries. Some of the most
polluted cities in the world are:

1.Delhi (India)
Whereby many of us
will expect to hear
cities like Beijing as
the top most polluted
city in the world, in
actual Delhi steals the
show according to
2014 report by WHO
with a level of 153
(micrograms per cubic
meter).In fact
amongst the 20 most
polluted cities in the
world, 15 are only
from India. Other
cities from India with
the most pollution
include Patna with a
level of 149 and
Gwalior which is not
far behind from its

sister cities with a

pollution level of
144. Unfortunately,
the level of pollution
in these cities is almost
six times the level of
air particles matter that
is thought to be safe.

2. Beijing (China)
Smothered with
smoke and dirt, this
city of China is on
the verge of red
alert forcing
factories, vehicles
and other pollution
bearing sources to
shut down. The city
has pollution to
such a dangerous
limit that in some
areas of the city,
pm2.5 exceeds 900
micrograms per
cubic meter.

3. Karachi (Pakistan)
Since Pakistan and India has a lot in common, the recent trend in growing pollution adds to the
list of commonalities.The metropolitan City of Karachi being the capital of Sindh province, as
well as the hub of business activities has a pollution level of 117 and co2 emissions in Karachi
is rising. There is something with the capitals of India and Pakistan considering Delhi, Raipur,
Karachi and also Peshawar which is the capital of KPK province. The pollution level in
Peshawar amounts to 111.
Called as the twin city to the beautiful and green capital of Islamabad, the city of Rawalpindi
proves to be the opposite. The amount of pollution is in complete contrast to the beauty and
cleanliness of the city of Islamabad, Nevertheless Rawalpindi scores a level of 107

4.Khormabad & Ahwaz (Iran)

So finally India,
Pakistan and China
spare some space for
another country i.e.
Iran, however, some
studies point towards
Khorramabad; the
Capital city of
Lorestan province
(continuing with the
legacy of Capital
cities), while some
other point towards
Ahwaz according to
the most recent
research. Not only
that; these recent
studies allocate the top
most position to the
city of Ahwaz.

5.Ahmedabad & Lucknow (India)

India comes back
into the game with a
pollution level of
100 in the city of
Ahmedabad and
also What was back
in history, a hub of
literature and
architecture, the
capital City of Uttar
Pradesh is amongst
most polluted city in
the world.

6. Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
This city of Mongolia accounts for almost 45 percent of the overall population of the country and
one of the most polluted cities in the world. The pollution in this area attributes to coal-fueled
boilers and stoves as well as congested traffic.

7.Cairo (Egypt)

With extremely high

air and water
pollution, extremely
dissatisfactory garbage
disposal systems, the
city of Cairo in Egypt
has a PM2.5 pollution
level of 73.
Alexandria is another
Egyptian city with
extreme levels of
pollution including
sand and dust storms.

8. Dakar (Senegal)
With a pollution
level of 179
milligram per
cubic meter,
various cities in
including the
city of Dakar
come under the
list of most
polluted cities in
the world.

9. Kabul (Afghanistan)

War with Russia

and War on terror
has left the city of
Kabul, in fact, the
entire country into
ashes. The
economy has
deteriorated and the
survival conditions
are even worse.
The pollution has
increased to

10. Narayonganj (Bangladesh)

Air pollution is really takes a toll on this city as it has carbon-monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, ozone
and methane-ethane pollution.
However, this list is not final and the level of pollution varies time to time-based on the amount
of pollution in changing weather conditions.