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If you really wish, you can beat Fatal Archana Shantanu Das doing it.

September 2014, I have found her on FB finally. I knew her since so long when she was associated
with Hedgewar Blood bank here in Nagpur. A very good singer, writer, Social worker, friendly lady
and a smiling personality. Later joined Saksham an NGO for blind and disable people. Here she wrote
a book Salam and organized musical group of disabled people to perform on stage and got them in
the mainstream of life. A girl born in a typical middle class Brahmin family who lost her only earning
hand, her father when she was in 12th standard and a lady who was trying to bring some light to the
blinds suddenly thrown into the dark by destiny as she was diagnosed with a breast cancer in 2008.
With this monster of illness she successfully came out after getting operated by Dr. Ajay Mehta. But
during her treatment it was again became a victim to a black game of destiny and she lost her mother
who had cancer. The fatal game of destiny did not stopped here, just after a month she lost her
mother, she lost her husband too. Now Archana was totally discouraged.
Somewhere now she realized the massage behind all this. She completed her medical transcription
course and joined Central India Cancer Research Institute as a counselor. Now she started arranging
workshop, seminars, Awareness Campaigns for cancer patients and early detection of Cancer. She is
very inclined towards educating women regarding this monster disease. She not only takes the camps
in Nagpur but wherever she identifies, she visit and conduct the sessions. She is associated to Sadhana
Charitable Trust, an NGO working for women welfare and rehabilitation of cancer patients. This trust
honored her with fearless award. Archana not only helped poor people but she devoted herself for
such good causes. People are getting benefited from her all out efforts. She helped people to be in
reach to Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojana and she is constantly working to motivate people to get rid
from the fear of Monster Cancer.
How good it is when you realize the massage behind your life. In spite of all the problem and
challenges from childhood she battled well. It is said that you are the creator of your destiny, what
you sent out you get back. Archana is the live example for this. She did all good without cursing
anybody for her fatal and she started receiving the good too. In the year 2012 she took a very tough
decision to getting married again. Santanu Das gave her a trust to believe in it. Shantanu liked all the
good in her and became companion in her mission too.
Archana is really fearless... Her participation in transformation of such scenario is worth appreciating.
She has a long journey to go she saysLet us too believe that fatal is not final, show must go on
Dr. Mrunal Naik

Archana Shantanu Das

Archana while conducting session

Archana received Fearless Award from Sadhna trust

Archana Nominated for My FM Dil Se Award

Archana While conducting Early Cancer Detection Camp.

Archana Invited for the Veglya Vata an Event organized by cultural organization Saptak