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A learning community, a local community, a

community with a purpose

We are one, but we are many. We are diverse, but we are the same. We have come for dierent
reasons, but we share a common purpose. We are a community of learners, connecting locally and
nurturing multi-cultural friendships and joy.
In the realm of international schools, Green School is special. There are many reasons for this,
but one of our core points of dierence is our commitment to being local. Wherever we are
from, we are nourished, by the deep and meaningful connections we are able to establish with
our Balinese friends, through the School and by being in beautiful Bali.
The opportunity for all our children to experience learning, playing and establishing real
friendships with local children is rich and rewarding. The opportunity to learn and apply Bahasa
Indonesia, play gamelan, dance, be inspired by local art and craft, learn about local history and
tradition as well as participate in special ceremonies can be a life-changing experience.
Our overall purpose in Making Our World Sustainable can only be achieved by starting locally,
through relationships and respect, and branching out to touch other communities, countries
and the world.
Since the school was originally founded, we have embraced the philosophy of being local. From
the very beginning, our Local Scholars Programme has been at the heart of this.
We have learned that only by embracing and being inclusive with our local scholars and other
Indonesian children, our Indonesian faculty and sta, our hundreds of Kul-Kul Connection
children, and friends in our village (desa) of Sibang Kaja, could we ever be successful in making
Green School and our world sustainable.

The local Balinese Scholarship Fund was founded in 2008, by John and Cynthia Hardy, to
support 19 local Balinese students. In 2012 it was expanded to the Indonesian Local Scholars
Programme known legally as Yayasan Kul Kul. We currently have 27 full time students through
Primary, Middle School and High School. We are proud of our 5 graduate scholars, who are all
pursuing tertiary studies, art and a life of purpose.
Our program is unique, from the out-set, we have sought to establish partnerships with Local
Scholars parents. This partnership not only supports the scholar student to maximize the
opportunity of a world class education, but also to establish an exchange in understanding of
sustainability challenges and opportunities and foster generational change within Bali and
Historically it has been funded through donations, bamboo pole sales, events and 100% of
school tour income. Until last year we have always had a shortfall between money raised and
the cost of the program. Typically, the shortfall was funded by the school and in the many years
the school did not have funds to cover the shortfall, it was funded by John and Cynthia Hardy or
members of the Board.
Last year, under the leadership of Chris Thompson and for the rst time, the fund generated a
surplus over the program costs. This was the result of a Crowd Rise which generated $113K, a
one o single donation of $100K, contributions from Board members and trustees of $25K, as

Income Sources
The very foundation of the Program is one of mutual obligation. Green School makes a
commitment to students and scholar families and each year strives to meet the real costs of the
program to ensure scholarships continue and students are supported through to graduation.
In turn, scholar families commit to the ethos of the School and the important role they play in
bringing local culture into our shared community.
Every year, each scholarship is reviewed in respect of the social, emotional and academic
growth of the child, to ensure every scholar is supported and is thriving. A review of the
nancial standing of each family is also conducted. Where we determine that a scholarship
family has a capacity to contribute (even if only a very modest amount), we seek a contribution
to the costs. In the past a few families who were assessed as being capable of contributing,
have chosen to remove children rather than contribute. Others have willingly committed to the
school and a Green School education for their child and have paid what they can aord.
All scholar funds are accounted for separately and an individual P&L is posted on our website.

A recent review of the Program resulted in a suite of recommendations being adopted by the
Board. The Green School Advisory Council is now empowered to govern the program under an
expanded strategic goal of being local. Other recommendations pertain to the support provided to scholar students, achieving a better gender balance, establishing clearer criteria and more
timely decisions of annual reviews and recruitment of new scholars. These elements are now in
place for 2016/17.

Moving Forward
During the course of this year we have moved forward with our commitment to being local.
Initiatives under the leadership of Tim Fijal, as part of the Kul Kul Connection, have expanded
and deepened our local relationships and mutual learning opportunities. English language
classes for some 200 local children, shared sustainability initiatives, intermural sports with local
schools, shared language exchange classes, enterprise opportunities through the Green School
Shop and many other initiative are uniting our community.
A bright future lies ahead for the Local Scholars Programme and all existing and expanding
initiatives around being local. Just as we, as parents and our children are grateful for the contribution our local students and families make to the school, our scholar students and their families are grateful and thank-you for your continued support.

Green School Bali has been awarded by The U.S. Green Building Councils Center for Green
Schools as the 2012 Greenest School on Earth. This was an armation of the program we provide to enrich and nurture our students and our community.

In June 2014, Green School Bali was honored to have Dr. Jane Goodall visiting the School for 4
days, and delivering inspiring lectures. In September 2014, we had the honour to have United
Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon visiting our School and showing support from the
international media to our Education program.
If youd like to receive more information about the Local Scholars Programme please send us an
email to
Green School Bali . 2016