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Chapter 1: The Law of Intentionality Growth Doesnt

Just Happen Life is now in session.

Eight misconceptions about growth

1. The Assumption GapI Assume That I Will
Automatically Grow
2. The Knowledge GapI Dont Know How to
3. The Timing GapIts Not the Right Time to
4. The Mistake GapIm Afraid of Making
5. The Perfection GapI Have to Find the Best
Way Before I Start
6. The Inspiration GapI Dont Feel Like Doing
7. The Comparison GapOthers Are Better
Than I Am
8. The Expectation GapI Thought It Would Be
Easier Than This
People create their own luck. How? Heres the
formula: Preparation (growth) + Attitude +
Opportunity + Action (doing something about it) =

Heres how to make the change:

1. Ask the Big Question Now
2. Do It Now
3. Face the Fear Factor
a. Fear of Failure
b. Fear of Trading Security for the
c. Fear of Being Overextended
d. Fear of What Others Will Say or Think
e. Fear that Success Will Alienate Peers
4. Change from Accidental to Intentional Growth

Chapter 2: The Law of Awareness You Must Know

Yourself to Grow Yourself
Three kinds of people when it comes to having
direction in life:

1. People Who Dont Know What They Would

Like to Do (Confused)
2. People Who Know What They Would Like to
Do But Dont Do It (Frustrated)
3. People Who Know What They Would Like to
Do and Do It (Fulfilled)
The first step toward change is awareness. The
second step is acceptance.
How to Find Your Passion and Purpose
1. Do You Like What Youre Doing Now?
2. What Would You Like to Do?
When you tap into your passion, it gives you
the E&E factor: energy and excellence.
a. You will never fulfill your destiny doing
work you despise.
b. Passion gives you an advantage over
others, because one person with passion
is greater than ninety-nine who have only
an interest!
c. Passion gives you energy.
3. Can You Do What You Would Like to Do?
Three questions you can ask yourself to
identify if what you want to do is possible.
Ask yourself:
a. Do you know the difference between
what you want and what youre good at?
b. Do you know what drives you and what
gives you satisfaction?
c. Do you know what your values and
priorities are, and what your
organizations values and priorities are?
4. Do You Know Why You Want to Do What You
Would Like to Do
5. Do You Know What to Do So You Can Do What
You Want to Do?
To move from what youre doing now to what
you want to do is a process.
a. Awareness
b. Action
c. Accountability
d. Attraction
6. Do You Know People Who Do What Youd Like
to Do?
a. Get committed.
b. Be consistent.
c. Be creative.
d. Be purposeful.
e. Be reflective.
f. Be grateful.
If you find a potential mentor, know that
the following are your responsibility:
a. Possess a teachable spirit.
b. Always be prepared for the time you
get with your mentor.
c. Set the agenda by asking great
d. Demonstrate how youve learned from
your time together.
e. Be accountable for what youve

7. Will You Pay the Price to Do What You Want to

8. Will You Pay the Price to Do What You Want to
9. When Can You Start Doing What Youd Like to
10. What Will It Be Like When You Get to Do What
Youd Like to Do?

Chapter 3: The Law of the Mirror You Must See Value

in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself