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Precision-Strike Capability in a 2.75-inch/70mm Missile



DAGRs rail-mounted canister integrates

seamlessly with HELLFIRE-compatible digital
and analog launchers.


DAGR delivers a multi-mission capability and

increased loadout on a single platform.

The DAGR system puts HELLFIRE II missile and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile
technology in a 2.75-inch guidance section that integrates seamlessly with legacy
Hydra-70 rockets.
The result is a laser-guided missile that offers capabilities beyond those of a simple
guided rocket. Like HELLFIRE, DAGR offers lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) and lockon-before-launch (LOBL) capability, target handoff, enhanced built-in testing, and
laser coding from the cockpit. The seekers 7 degree field of view provides a large
engagement envelope, enabling DAGR to acquire and launch at targets off-axis,
maintain contact with a laser spot in high winds while in flight, and zero in on pop-up
or moving targets.
DAGR is compatible with digital smart launchersready to integrate with HELLFIRE
systems today and modernized rocket launchers tomorrow. The DAGR rail-mounted
canister (RMC) mounts to HELLFIRE-compatible digital and analog launchers (e.g.,
M299/M310 and M272). The RMC readily integrates with all HELLFIRE platforms,
including unmanned aerial vehicles and Apache, Kiowa, Little Bird, Cobra, and Tiger
Plug-and-play HELLFIRE II compatibility allows aircrews to mix loadouts between
HELLFIRE and DAGR missiles on the same launcher, providing the flexibility to meet
any challenge on an ever-changing battlefield.

DAGRs missiles can safely launch and

separate from a moving, diving platform
while limiting collateral damage.


DAGR missiles can be launched from

modified M260/M261 launchers.

Range from
Sea Level
(1.5 km Max: 6 km)
Range from
20,000 ft
(6.1 km Max: 12 km)

Semi-active laser


M151 warhead with

M423 fuze


36.0 lb (16.3 kg),

fully loaded launcher:
190 lb (86.2 kg)


75 in (1.9m)


2.75 in (70mm)


8.75 in (222mm)

The precision-strike DAGR delivers a 10 lb warhead within 1 meter of the laser spot, defeating highvalue non-armored or lightly armored targets while minimizing collateral damage.

PD079-200; PD079-201; PD079-202




The 2.75-inch/70mm DAGR missile is a precision-strike, multi-role, multi-platform

munition that effectively neutralizes non-armored and high-value targets close to
civilian assets or friendly forces. DAGR offers the reliability of a HELLFIRE II while
further limiting collateral damage.

Compatible with all HELLFIRE platforms Soft target technology activates the
fixed- and rotary-wing manned and
legacy M423 fuze when missile hits a
unmanned aerial vehicles
soft, yielding surfacesuch as a car door
Operates like HELLFIRE on
compatible launchers

LOAL and LOBL modes provide operational flexibility

Leverages off-the-shelf 2.75-inch/70mm 7-degree off-boresight feature provides

rocket motors and warheads for low-cost, large engagement envelope and capalow-risk capabilities upgrade
bility against fast-moving and pop-up
Low-cost alternative to destroy non-

armored and high-value targets close to DAGR can hit its targets after weathering
civilian assets and friendly forces, while
adjacent fire obscurantsin both LOBL
limiting collateral damage
and LOAL modes

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