Contract for Legal Services

and the

September 26, 2014
City Attorney
City of Pensacola
P.O. Box 12910
Pensacola, Florida, 325

Contract for Legal Services

Dear City Attorney:
The purpose of this engagement letter is to confirm and contract, based on our conversation. that
Beggs & Lane, RLLP (Firm) will represent the City of Pensacola (City) in providing non-exclusive
legal services as needed. Specifically. the Firm will provide the following services: Contract and
Real Estate Law and additional legal services as needed.
Attached for City's use in Schedule A is the fee, billing and reporting information for the Firm.
including the fee for services performed by lawyers of this Firm and the fee for services performed
by non-lawyer staff, and any identified expenses to be billed by the Firm.
Also attached hereto as Schedule B is the declaration page of the Firm's malpractice insurance.
The City and the Firm agree that the term of this contract shall be for a period of up to three (3)
years, commencing October 1,2014 and terminating no later than September 30, 2017. The City and
the Finn further agree that during the term of'this contract, there shall be no increase or change to the
fee, billing and reporting information identified in the attached Schedule A. While it is impossible to
predict how long Jegal services may be required to resolve any particular matter, the intent of this
Section is that no new matter may be assigned to the Finn after the termination date, however,
particular matters assigned prior to the termination date shall be continued by the Firm up to
completion of the particular matter.
During the term of this contract, each invoice submitted by the Firm for payment by the City shall be
in such detail as is deemed sufficient, and approved by, the City's Chief Financial Officer .


The City may terminate this contract for convenience at any time upon written notice to the Firm.

-:(. /t1IX~~~
The City's primary contact with the Firm will be [inser/lawyer's name]. Should the City have any
questions, the City may contact himlher directly.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and intending to be legally bound, the Firm and the City hereto subscribe
their names to this contract by their duly authorized representatives.







Hourly Billing Rates
J. Nixon Daniel, '"


David L. McGee


John P. Daniel


Terrie L. Didier


Charles T. Wiggins


John R. Zoesch, III


Jodi D. Cooke


Debbie L.Turner


In addition to the hourly rates described above, the firm bills for expenses
incurred at the actual rate of the expense with no markup.