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Source: Gabriella Ellrich

UMDs Oldest All-Female A Cappella Group

Become a Treblemaker!

Audition for the

group this

Table of Contets

Become a Treblemaker

Pitch Perfect Ex.

What Does Trebs Mean

Tradition of Trebs

Trebs Most Pop. Tunes

Treb in the Spotlight

Song Selections

Do you love music, singing
and the a cappella style? If so you
should audition this semester
for the Treblemakers. The UMD
Treblemakers will be holding
auditions for new group members
this semester, and are looking for
singers like you!
Initial auditions will be held at 5
p.m. on Sept. 16 in The Clarice. For
the first audition, please prepare a
30-second portion of a song that
shows off your voice and style. At
the audition you will preform the
piece, and complete some rhythmic
and melodic sight-reading exercises.

The callback audition will
be held at 5 p.m. on Sept. 18 in
The Clarice. Callbacks are not
guaranteed, and are invitation only.

For this audition, you will

prepare another 30-second
song selection to preform for
the group. During the callback,
the potential Treb will learn
one of the Treblemakers hit
songs and will preform along
with the group.
This is an exciting opportunity
to become a part of not only
an amazing musical group, but
also an incredible sisterhood.
The Treblemakers hope to see
you there!

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Pride inside...

Pitch Perfect Experiance

This semester is an exciting time to become a Treblemaker, following the third place
ranking of the group at the ICCAs. In January of 2016, the UMD Treblemakers hosted and
competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). For all of you
Pitch Perfect fans, it is the a cappella competition on which the movie is based. It was only
the second time that the Treblemakers participated in the exciting competition.
Trebs competed with three songs, Elastic Heart by Sia, Buzzcut Season by LORDE
and What You Dont Do by Lianne La Havas. All three songs were accompanied with
choreography that took hours of dedicated
practice to master.

We had the most amazing time
practicing for the competition, the
long hours of rehearsal brought us so
much closer, Treblemaker bass turned
choreographer, Sara Cavanaugh said.

On the day of the ICCA competition,
a film crew for John Legends show Sing it
On, followed the Treblemakers and other
UMD groups to document the spirit of
a cappella competition for a Netflix series.

Trebs preform Elastic Heart on the ICCA Stage

Source: Gabriella Ellrich

It was such a great day, the presence of the
film crew was nerve-wrecking, but added another
element of excitement, Junior Treblemaker Tori
Hawkins said.

After their flawless performance, the
Treblemakers waited eagerly at the award
ceremony to find out their fate. Amazingly,
the hours of hard work paid off and they were
awarded third place in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
This was an incredible feat for an all-female a
cappella group, and had not been accomplished
by past Treblemaker groups. Its truly an exciting
time to be a Treb.
Trebs pose with their third place award
Source: Gabriella Ellrich

Tradition of Trebs
In the fall of 1989, the universitys all-male a cappella group, the UMD Generics, wanted some female

company in the spotlight, and so, the Treblemakers were born. The Treblemakers are the universitys
oldest all-female a cappella group, making them a special university tradition. Since their foundation,
the Treblemakers have preformed countless times, released albums of a cappella music, and competed
across the nation.

The Treblemakers first album, TMone, was released in 1996 and included tracks that were
nominated to be on the Best of Collegiate A Cappella album for the year. Since then, three more
albums have been released, all of which can be purchased on iTunes.

In 2010, the Treblemakers took first place at the Rocking the Forest a cappella competition. In
the same year, Treblemakers song Thats What You Get was nominated for Best Female Collegiate
Song, which was an incredible accomplishment. Finally, in 2012, the Treblemakers competed in their
first ICCA competition where they placed fourth in the quarterfinals. The Treblemakers have a rich
history that adds to their credibility and tradition here at the university.

What Does Trebs Mean to


Treblemakers not only prides itself on exceptional music, but also an incredible
sisterhood. Heres how Treblemakers answered the question:what does Trebs mean to

Trebs is more than

just a singing group,
its a sisterhood.
They keep me sane!
said Sophomore
major, FarahVejzagic

Trebs is an
opportunity to make
music with my
best friends, said
Senior Supply Chain
Managment major,
Sara Cavanaugh.

Trebs is
incredible, I
love rehearsing
with this group,
said Sophomore
Marketing major
Sarah Ballow.

Trebs Most Popular Tunes

#1 E


00 v


#2 Some Nights -3,500 views






#6 Arm -1
650 v

#7 To
00 v i

#3 Jum
pin - 2
,600 v

Previous Treblemaker preformances

can be seen on YouTube. The most
popular tunes from Trebs are shown
above based on their YouTube view

Treb in the Spotlight

Mackenzie Happe
Nickname: Mackelmore
Hometown: Boston
Major: Journalism
Semesters in Trebs: 4
Favorite Movie: One Direction
Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter

Song Selection Process

Twice a semester, the UMD Treblemakers choose a new set list. The process involves every members suggestions and opinions.

Changing the set list keeps things fresh and exciting. With everyone suggesting different music, we
are able to cover all genres, said Treblemaker Music Director Abby DiVito.

Each member is able to submit two song selections, the entire group then listens to each song and
talks about the pros and cons of including that in the new set list.

One of the biggest things we have to take into consideration is the translation of the song into a
cappella music, Divito said.

Not all music is created equal when it comes to a cappella adaption. Every song selection must be
translatable into the a cappella style, which makes sounds like trumpets and electronic noises impossible.

After the set has been selected from the list of suggestions, Treblemakers go to work and create
sheet music of the piecesa cappella style!

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