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How to make an album in a box decorated with a few sheets of paper, a piece of cardboard and a box of embellishments MakingMemories?

Making Memories products on Simply Scrapping Store! Here is the method to follow ...This method is universal, you decide the size of your album! 1. Cut 5 pieces of cardboard, with these dimensions (slightly smaller than the box): two pieces 5.5/5.5inches (equivalent to 14/14cm) two other pieces of 5.5/0.8 inches (14/2cm) and one last piece of 5.5/2.36inches(14/6cm)

The number of 1 to 5 and put them in this way. 2.Use 3 sheets 8 / 8 and have harmoniously. Help you pieces of cardboard, trace their locations, leaving a little space to bend the cover. Each space corresponds to a fold.

Once you define the locations of pieces of cardboard in numbering, glue the sheets.

Then paste the pieces of cardboard in the spaces provided. Now, we must fold the excess leaves to the inside of the album. And bend angles.

Help you with a clip to keep paper folded and glued.

3.It is time to think of a way to close the album. Use another piece of cardboard, and even a clip(yes!) to recreate the thickness of the flap, and glue with a glue gun, a piece of ribbon(note the distance, your back should slide under the ribbon!).

Ok, at this stage, it's not very pretty, and you are probably upset with the clips, but you're on the right road! 4.use a sheet of paper 12/12 to get inside your album. In this paper, cut a piece of 12/5.4and 5.4/3.94 another.

Fold the first piece to be installed on board number 1, 2, 3. This piece of paper that we use to fix the pages. So we will drill in the middle of the second part of the needle holes (do you help the picture, it may be easier). 5. We will prepare the pages of our album: we need in paper 12/12 duplex, one page measuring 5.40/11 another 5.4/11.1 another 5.4/11.2 ....

So I cut 4 pieces of paper, which I then folded in half.Using a tape double-sided, keep the center of the largest page where you pierced the inside cover.Drill again in the same places. Repeat the operation for each page of the largest to the smallest. The pages are kept together, holes drilled, you can now sewing. Once you have firmly sewn sheets of paper on the inside cover, you can paste the piece of paper 5.4/3.94 right, inside of the album, then your assembling sheets of paper sewn to the left(use clip and glue).You get this:

congratulations, we are soon to end!

You can decorate your album, with the contents of the box MakingMemories!

Check the box to keep your album: remove separations and paste a piece of paper in the background. Use the liquid pearl to create swirls on the lid.

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