New comers in GPS technologies

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New comers in GPS technologies
By froa0112 Created 23/05/2008 - 23:24

BLOG Gps For those of you lucky enough to have attended CeBIT2008 [1] this past March in Hanover, you might have seen another series of GPS devices debut: the next two additions to the GPS lineup for Navigon [2] Max series: 2100 and 2120.

They come complete with maps of the USA and Canada (for only the 2120). For those of you like me that get lost in our hometown, a device like this is a blessing. And at the certainly most accessible price of just CAD $ 329, they are a bit more affordable than the devices coming out from 800 pound GPS-gorilla, Garmin. Garmin devices


They are still shy of the features that Garmin-powered auto and track GPS units like the nuvi series or the Edge series the Edge 607 or 705 can deliver in terms of features, storage, interactability, etc.

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New comers in GPS technologies



Anyway, the engine behind the GPS units from Navigon is a chip from Nemerix, codenamed the NX3. [5] From their site "NemeriX' new A-GPS chipset is a hosted design optimized for integration into mobile phones, personal navigation devices (PNDs) and PDAs etc. The navigation software runs on the processor already built into these devices, making the best re-use of available resources with no incremental system costs. This design reduces both power consumption and total system cost and size. The NX3 represents the next generation of NemeriX single-package GPS receivers that incorporate RF and base-band. It combines unmatched power, performance and accuracy, with the industry's smallest size and form factor, to deliver autonomous or assisted GPS capabilities to mobile devices across an array of wireless networks. NemeriX' new NX3 exceeds the 3GPP 25.171 and TIA-916 performance requirements. This allows mobile phone emergency applications (E911, E112) and provides the performance and flexibility required to develop emerging Location Based Services (LBS) with indoor requirements. The host-based NX3 requires only 5-10 MIPs on the host processor, and delivers a power savings of more than 50-percent of competing products, all in a small 36mm2 (6mm x 6mm) form factor." Quoted from Nemerix site [6] Like the description shows, this design allows to package the two essential functions needed int he GPS units, RF and baseband chipsets, in one single unit with savings in footprint and height. Obviously this design is very competitive and provides access to unmatched features with significant savings which should allow for fast adoption and more predominance in providers outside of Garmin, whose GPS units might want to embed this technology.


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New comers in GPS technologies

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